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High Five for Friday 10.31.14

Good Morning,

Happy Halloween, let me tell you just to get it out of the way I absolutely do not like Halloween! I don't like anything scary at all, I don't watch anything scary on TV and even peoples costumes freak me out! Having said that I do know someone who waits all year for this day and goes above and beyond with his house and costume! Jev I hope you have an AMAZING Halloween and everything is exactly how you hoped it would be!

I honestly had a Halloween post started and I just never got around to finishing it, if I get the chance to do that I will try and post it tomorrow or Monday at the latest!

Anyways lets get on to the weeks events shall we?

1. If you read around here regularly then you probably saw THIS post about how I was at Target this week and met Taylor Swift! It seriously was the craziest thing ever, I went to get stuff to make Rice Krispies and she was there for the release of her new CD. It was a pretty crazy thing, go read the post if you have a second!

Crazy Right?

Yesterday Tanya and I headed into the city, when we arrived we travel through Washington Square Park by the NYU campus and when we entered the park we realized quickly they were filming something. We hung around for a few minutes just to see what exactly they were filming and when we realized it was a commercial or something we decided to leave. On our way out of the park Tanya was looking at her phone to make sure she knew exactly where the store was we were heading to and I was just looking around. When I looked over here comes ANDERSON COOPER! The conversation went like this..

Tanya: "Were headed this way."
Me: "Stop!"
Tanya: "No we have to go this way"
Me: "That's Anderson Cooper"
Tanya: "What? We need to go this way!"
Tanya to me: "OMG!"
Tanya to Anderson Cooper: "Hi, Anderson Cooper.. How are you?"

HAHA! He was really nice, it was all very funny! We didn't want to bother him for pictures on his way to work.. but man I wish we would have!

2. Sunday! Sunday was a really good day, I had really wanted to go out and do something fall like because we just haven't had a chance this year sadly. We soon realized because today was Halloween that everything last weekend was very Halloween oriented and I don't like any of that stuff. So we decided to stay home and none of it was bad. Jason got up in the morning and made biscuits for biscuits and gravy for breakfast! Then he made a big pot of chili for dinner! Although it wasn't a fall outing it felt very much like a fall day inside. I am so super lucky that Jason likes to cook and is good at it! 

3. Wednesday night was dinner at this new place by our apartment! We have been waiting for Taphaus to open for quite some time now and it did so a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't wait to try it! Tanya and Josh went over the weekend and said it was fantastic so we were even more anxious. Honestly I charged my phone to make sure I had enough juice to take pictures of my meal and then I didn't... go figure! Anyways I had a turkey burger and disco fries and it was INCREDIBLE! It is a new business so there are some kinks to work out but the staff was great, the food was excellent.. I would definitely go back! If you live in the Jersey City area, give it a try.. the food is amazing and so is the view!

4. Yesterday Tanya and I headed back into the city.. me with more appropriate shoes so we could spend more time. As I mentioned we got off the train to some movie set, then headed through the park to some commercial or something filming. Honestly the day was pretty funny, when we got off the subway I said I wanted to see another celebrity and then we saw Anderson Cooper. Then I said I wanted to find cute moccasin shoes for $20 and I did! I mean honestly! We had a great day, it was gorgeous outside and we just toured around going in and out of stores and checking things out! It was a great day!!

5. As I mentioned yesterday I managed to get new shoes in the city. I know winter is quickly approaching.. as much as I hate to say it but with not being able to tie my shoes because of my arm and stuff I have been in desperate need of some slip on shoes and I absolutely LOVE mocs! Its really hard to find ones that aren't fur lined and that have a comfortable sole! Tanya and I both got a pair yesterday and I couldn't be happier with mine! It took me a really long time to figure out exactly which ones I wanted, Tanya and the sales guy were so gracious to continue getting me different colors and sizes and Tanya kept tying them up for me! HA! I am really happy with the ones that I got, and Tanya got ones that are a little higher and a different color and they are GREAT too! 

Sorry for the crappy Iphone picture. I just took the picture when I realized I forgot to do so last night! 

I hope you guys all have a happy and safe Halloween! I am off to do some running around and pick up some packages! Jason is working tomorrow and the weather for Sunday isn't looking great so I'm not sure what our weekend will hold! I hope you guys have a great one!

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