Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Fall is officially here and I am really super excited about it! Last weekend was the first day it was chilly enough in the morning and was going to stay that way all day that I got to dress cozy and put on my comfy fall boots.. it was FANTASTIC!

Fall is by far my favorite season, I obviously really enjoy summer but I love nothing more than fall! I look so forward to this time of year and all it has to offer that I thought I would stop by today and share my fall bucket list with you! 

I have high hopes this year that Jason will continue to get one day a week of and we will make the most of it. I am planning nightly walks because although we are in the city there are tons of little parks that are bound to start changing their colors anytime! 

I want to drink warm drinks and wander around and breathe in every single moment of this perfect season because it will be gone far too fast!

Here are some things I am looking to do before that horrific S word makes it appearance and ruins everything. 

  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch! There is something wonderful and so fall like about visiting a pumpkin patch. Because we are in an apartment we wont carve pumpkins this year but I just want to go and walk around and take it all in. 
  2. Make pumpkin bread. I don't love anything pumpkin really but it is Jason's absolute favorite thing and so I try really hard around this time of year to bake all things pumpkin and I have never tried Pumpkin bread before. I came across THIS recipe on Notes from Nessa and I plan to give it a try. 
  3. Get new boots. Because I don't really have any fall boots. From this year at least. 
  4. Take pictures of all the changes leaves. I absolutely love to take pictures and since not living in somewhere that I can take pictures of gorgeous things all the time I miss it, and I think fall is the perfect time to get back into it. 
  5. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. These are by far Jason's favorite and its always great when hes working at this time of year because all the guys really love them too, I always love when he takes them in and I receive text messages all day with thank yous! I use the same recipe always which you can find HERE from a previous post!
  6. Wear as many over sized sweaters and cardigans that I can get my hands on. I think I need to do some shopping. 
  7. Drink apple cider. I love all things apple and there is something about a nice warm cup of apple cider, preferably from a pumpkin patch but I will take it anyway I can get it.       
  8. Go on a hay ride. I actually haven't done this in years but I love it, its one of the best fall activities and I really hope this year we can make it happen.                                      
  9. Horse back riding. We actually do this almost every year for our anniversary when we are at home. This is one of my favorite things to do, god love my hubby who does it strictly because I love it. If you are in the Raleigh area I HIGHLY recommend visiting Dead Broke Horse Farm!
  10. Corn Maze. Do they still do this? I was watching Gilmore Girls the other day and it was the one where Taylor turns the whole town into a hay bale maze and I suppose its really the same thing. Either way I want to do this. 
  11. Have a bon fire. Seeings how we live in the city right now I am hoping we can knock this out at some kind of fall festival because otherwise I can see it causing some trouble.                                                                                                                              
  12. Jump in a pile of leaves. Because I have 6 years old at heart. 
  13. Attend a craft show, because I seriously love pretty much all things hand made. 
  14. Make soup, lots and lots of soup. 
  15. Attend a farmers market. I wish they had these all year round. We get crap produce here and they have hand made stuff, nothing bad about a farmers market in my book. 
  16. Country Road Drive. Jason and I talk about this often, growing up in the city this was one of my favorite things to do always but especially in the fall. We love to get a coffee and go for a drive, to absolutely no where in particular just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
  17. Burn fall scented candles. I have been taking care of this for weeks already. We don't burn candles at the house so I am taking FULL advantage here, and re-purposing all the candles holders. (Stay tuned for a blog on that.)                                                        
  18. Enjoy every second of that crisp fall smelling air. 
  19. Take lots and lots of walks. 
  20. Wear/ buy scarves. 
What are you great plans for the fall?? Please do tell!

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  1. Hi Nicole...just a note re pumpkin loaf. A friend of mine makes a wonderful and tasty loaf. Like you, I'm not a huge pumpkin fan, but I could eat this entire loaf by myself! I have the recipe somewhere if you want me to look. The only thing I remember is that she said not to use pumpkin pie filling (in a can), but to use REAL pumpkin. I'm just not sure where to find it or exactly how it differs from pumpkin pie filling!
    I love fall too, though not as much as spring and summer - and it's only because winter is coming and I absolutely detest winter and cold. I haven't even mustered up the energy to go take pictures yet which you know is not like me! LOL

  2. Hi Cathy! Thank you so much for your comments I absolutely love getting them! Honestly I would love to see the recipe but I won't lie I don't know how likely I an to actually cut up and cook pumpkin haha especially because I don't like it! I love fall too minus the pumpkin stuff but honestly were not really getting it here. I've worn flip flops most of this week and Jason's still sporting shorts and tees! I'm afraid were going to get screwed on fall this year and have a miserable winter! If so I'm going home, you're welcome to join me! Are you going to be coming to New York this year??
    I'm going to try and get out this weekend and take pictures, it might be hard with my left hand but I'm going to try! You should too then we'll swap haha! I think you're getting better fall colors though, maybe we'll have luck upstate!!

  3. You better get started on these, there may not be too much fall left here! I know of some great craft sales coming as well FYI. I have already done a few of these things and as you know am totally stocked up on sweaters and boots ;)

  4. I can't tell if fall has started here Tan! It goes back and forth and the damn wind is causing the leaves to fall before they change! I'm definitely working on sweaters and boots and I want to go to all of the craft shows you know about, they are my favorite! I've convinced Jason to go to a pumpkin patch the weekend I think where they have cider donuts! I wish a bunch of us could rent a cabin upstate for a weekend!! Why didn't we plan that??