Monday, March 30, 2015

Disappointing Products 3.30.15

Good Morning,

Well we are back in New Jersey and let me tell you I am none to happy about it so lets not even go there. I figured today might be a good day to talk about some disappointing products I have recently discovered. I really love sharing products I love and why I love them but I find it equally important to share the products that totally sucked or didn't work for me and why so you don't waste your money.

As I always say this is just my opinion, hair, makeup, skin care and so on works differently for everyone so what didn't work for me might work for you if we have different skin types, hair types and so on!

So lets get started, these are just a few things that I wouldn't bother to pick up again!

1. Febreeze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender Scent

We all know how I have sleep issues and I am always looking for something that may help me catch some Zzz's at night. I knew Febreeze had come out with this awhile ago and I use Febreeze every single day around the house so I thought why not give this a try in the bedroom. Logical right? It would have been if this smelled at all like lavender, or anything good really. I don't know what this stuff smelled like, something burnt maybe? I don't honestly know but I think it was disgusting. Maybe I got a bad bottle and should try spraying some in the store from a different one or something but I won't lie I have zero intention of purchasing this again. Not only did it smell awful, but it didn't help me sleep either. 

This was actually a free gift from Ulta for my birthday which I thought was very nice of them. I was really excited to try it because generally I don't spend the money on high end mascara! It also had the option to twist the wand as seen above and have the brush itself become fuller. I have never tried any Calvin Klein makeup so I was going in blind but honestly had pretty high expectation. I was so disappointed. I thought the mascara itself made a mess when I was trying to put it on, it seemed really liquidy and clumped up really quickly. It wouldn't hold a curl on my lashes and by the end of the day was flaking majorly (biggest annoyance). On top of all that whatever managed to stay on your lashes was a bitch to get off at the end of the day. I decided that I definitely did not like this mascara so much so that I didn't plan to use the rest of it and so I gave it to Tanya thinking maybe she would have a different opinion and she did not. This mascara retails for $18.00, but I wouldn't waste your money. 

I received this candle for Christmas and I love candles so I was excited to burn it, I stuck it with the rest of my candle stash and only recently did I come to it. I will admit I am a little bit of a candle snob, I only buy Bath & Body Works candles but its not like I wasn't going to burn this one. It has no smell at all, in the jar is smells fresh like coconuts maybe.. but when you burn it you get absolutely nothing. I can burn this thing all day not smell it, leave the apartment and come back and still not smell it.. nothing! Yankee Candles aren't cheap, not by any means so if I am going to spend the money (I didn't on this particular one) than I want to make sure its worth it, and I cant say that it is. I have had trouble with Yankee Candles before and MAYBE just MAYBE I might still by them if they were on sale but for the ambiance not the scent. 

I wanted to try this stuff SO BAD and I was super excited to get it for Christmas. I did pretty good at Christmas didn't I? Ha! Anyways. I was specifically interested in this eye remover because it said it was gentle and my skin and eyes are super sensitive. This stung the crap out of my eyes, and before you say I shouldn't put it in my eyes.. I didn't! It irritated around my eyes, made my eyes water and I found that when I was using it my eyes would sting and water for quite awhile afterwards. I'm glad I got to try this so I know it doesn't work for me but I definitely won't be purchasing it. If you don't have sensitive skin or eyes this may be a great option for you but sadly it did not work for me at all. 

I did not hate this mascara. I especially did not hate the fact that I got it on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2.50 which if you buy makeup you know is SUPER CHEAP! I don't love this stuff, I definitely don't get 3 times the volume and I find the bristles on the brush to be super dense and therefore I have a hard time getting it to separate my lashes, I find more clumping than anything. Besides that its not terrible, it doesn't flake or anything but putting it on is messy therefore extending my morning routine and trying to quickly separate my lashes before they dry is annoying and also extends my morning routine. I'm already not a morning person. If you find this on clearance, buy it.. but I don't know if I would recommend paying full price. 

So those are just a few things that didn't tickle my fancy the last little while, I had one more but I cant seem to find it anywhere online and I don't have a picture of it so I will just add it in next time. I love trying new things and you are bound to find duds in and amongst it all, I'm not complaining. Like I said what works for some may not work for others!!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Fill In

Good Morning,

I know generally you would come here on a Friday expecting the High Five for Friday linkup but I'm sorry its just not happening today. As you know we got home on Wednesday night and I just haven't had time to type up my usual Friday post!

I have to tell you my heart is so full being home! We managed to get here about an hour earlier than we had anticipated on Wednesday night which was fantastic! We were pretty much over tired so while Jason got everything opened up and turned on I unloaded all our stuff out of the truck, we figured we would come in and go straight to bed but we knew pretty much right away that we weren't going to sleep so we decided to just unpack. We weren't in bed long when a massive thunderstorm started and so we got very little sleep. That sounds like I'm complaining but honestly I love a good thunderstorm and thoroughly enjoyed laying there listening to it and watching the lightening.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day! It got up to 78 degrees and we wanted to enjoy every minute of it because we have definitely not seen that type of weather yet this year. Jason had shorts on, we did some yard work and running around. We went and had BBQ for dinner and sat outside, got an ice cream and walked around, it was absolutely fantastic! I got in bed last night feeling so happy and fulfilled, I already don't want to leave!

This morning we have the gutters being cleaned, I am getting ready to head out and chop off all my hair! We have really managed to get so much done here already so hoping to just enjoy the rest of our time. The weather is actually quite nasty today, cold, wind and rain (yesterday was just too good to be true) so I think we will have a cozy afternoon, which sounds perfect to me!

Again I'm sorry if you came here looking for a different post, but at the same time I am not sorry because the times when I cant find the time to write those posts its most likely because things are so busy and wonderful! My weeks has been great though, if you really want the 411 Tanya and I found summer shoes at Sears on Wednesday for $6!!! Also Jason is in love with Buddy Holly right now and he keeps watching the movie on repeat so I found the CD for him, which actually contained 2 CDs for $4!!! It was a good deal but I had to listen to it the whole way home! You win some, you lose some! HA!

Anyways I must run, I am feeling quite tired this morning and have to get ready to leave! I hope you guys had a great week, enjoy the weekend and I will be back on Monday!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Books & Reading

I live in two worlds.  One is a world of books. I’ve been a resident of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County, hunted the white whale aboard the Pequod, fought alongside Napoleon, sailed a raft with Huck and Jim, committed absurdities with Ignatius J. Reilly, rode a sad train with Anna Karenina and strolled down Swann’s Way. - Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls 

That is one of my favorite quotes from what is obviously the best show ever! Any other true Gilmore Girl fans? If you're not I don't think we can be friends anymore. KIDDING! But seriously, I love that show!

I also love books, I love the escape they bring to my life and all the wonderful things I can vicariously experience. I never understand people that don't read, how they can't manage to get into a book. I can literally get into any book about anything and could tell you every little detail, what the characters house looks like even if it's never been described, because in my head I just know. It's hard to explain but I love or hate the characters I'm reading about, or sometimes it's something in between. I relate and sympathize, criticize and am confused, when I'm reading that book to me they are real. Often I can't wait to see what happens so I fly through a book and then instantly regret that it's over because I miss the characters.

I definitely have books I have read many many times (Danielle Steel: Lone EagleWally lamb: She's Come Undone and Louisa May Alcott: Little Women) and there are a lot of books I'm glad I read but will never pick up or think about again but I believe that each book is worth my time even if it taught me nothing.

I go through phases where I will fly through 8 fluff reads in a month, or I'm into a certain genre, classics, war and that's all I want to read. Generally I can't put a book down once I've started it, some books are worse then others where I find myself laying in bed with my book light at 3am absolutely exhausted but I just.cant.stop. Books are an amazing gift, can't afford to travel? Grab a book, they will take you anywhere you want to go.

I don't generally have a preference about reading a book or seeing the movie first, because I know the book will always be better. However I will say if I see the movie first when I read the book it's just not the same because it's not just whatever I choose to picture in my head it's the scenes from the movie.. I hate that! Its not like I spend time trying to decipher a characters attributes and overall appearance, that's the funny thing they just appear in my mind that way.

I guess I've always read, pretty much any book I could get my hands on  and I encourage Jason to read all the time, and anyone really. I'm always looking to share or trade books with anyone and everyone and ereaders also make that a lot easier! I love that you and I could read the same book and take two completely different things away from them. I love reading the same book as someone and talking about how we felt about it together. The last book that I remember that sparked great conversation amongst everyone I encourage to read it was Kathleen Grissoms: The Kitchen House, if you can get your hands on that one I highly recommend it!

I have mentioned before that I have a nook and I won't lie I love it, it's so great for travel, but nothing compares to a real book for some reason. But traveling and small apartments make it really hard to lug books! If you are looking to buy books I recommend looking on Amazon, buying from Target of BJ's believe it or not! No time reading is time wasted, you're never too young or old to learn!

Have a great day! Read a book! :)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thoughts on Writing a Blog 3.25.15

Writing a blog is a funny thing, I can be very private and I don't want people knowing my business yet I put my life in a place where everyone and anyone can read about it. Is it weird that I feel perfectly comfortable with absolute strangers reading it then I do people that know me? Is it fear of judgement? I don't know.

Sometimes/ a lot of the time I feel sad and disappointed in the lack of support I get from the people I do know that read. It hurts my feelings that most of them have barely ever commented if at all. But at the same time I guess I should be thankful they stop by at all? I started this blog with absolutely zero expectations, I didn't do it because I wanted to write although I did, but I did it because we had just moved really far away and instead of writing 50 of the same emails a month filling everyone in I thought what better way for all of them to find the information in one place!

It's such a strange thing blogging.. I will admit I've become oddly attached. I might not always feel like writing but then I miss it when I don't. I think part of my writers block comes from my lack of honesty. I use to write a lot more personal/ honest things than I do now. Not that what I put hear is lies but it's more of a superficial aspect of my life, I don't talk a lot about how I feel about most things because I don't want to complain, hurt someones feelings or have the whole "oh she thinks shes got problems" comparison. I appreciate that my blog has evolved from being just about my/our life to  about more things I love because truthfully it probably wouldn't have lasted. I like talking about things I'm interested in, sharing my thoughts on books and recipes I enjoy. My life isn't always exciting enough to just talk about and besides do you really care about half of it? Probably not, and that's ok.

I'm sad to see that a lot of bloggers I have followed for years have trailed off and barely blog at all, but I get it. A lot of them do it for page views, followers and ultimately money and I have always weighed the pros and cons of that heavily. I really don't advertise my blog of any kind of social media because as I said my comfort level of people I know reading it isn't really there. I also don't really have any social media (No facebook, no twitter, no snapchat) and social media is a huge source for promoting your blog! I do have instagram but I won't lie its private, and although I share a lot on here I guess I just doubt a lot of people actually read.

This isn't meant to come off that I don't welcome new readers, I love seeing that new people are following me on bloglovin' or comments from new people it means a lot to me but I don't know what the fine line is between putting it all out there, posting my blogs on Pinterest and opening my Instagram and advertising and still maintaining some sort of privacy. I am already a person that takes everything to heart, mean and hateful things really upset me, sometimes even when they aren't directed at me (haha yes I'm not kidding) so I'm also not sure I could cope with the hate that comes with having a ton of people read your blog. I stop by here and say what I want and although I always welcome comments and critiques there is a big difference from things I have witnessed other bloggers experience.

I will say the blogging community is absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs and when someone is going through a hard time how so many rally to do all that they can. Bloggers share their experiences, they share helpful tips and tricks about what works for them and so on. Its really a great thing to be apart of and experience. I am hopeful we will eventually be in a place that has the blogger get togethers and events because I think that would be amazing.

Anyways I started this post the other night in bed and I didn't really finish it, but when something comes to me if I don't write it down then and there I will most definitely forget it. At the time this came to me I was probably exhausted and thought it to be profound. But there you have it. Sometimes blogging is a really funny thing, but let me say this. If you have the slightest inclination to start a blog.. do it! Keep it private if you are not sure and just document your life.. what an amazing thing to be able to look back on. Every blogger is different and offers something different.. whether you have 5 followers or 500 followers, you are doing it!

Have a great days guys!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Products I'm Loving 3.24.15

Well hello there!!!

In case you were wondering.. WE'RE GOING HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!! I'm not excited at all, if you cant tell.

Anyways I haven't been sleeping the last few days which isn't necessarily anything new but man it has made it really hard to get motivated to get here and blog. I told myself all weekend to get my shit together and write some posts so I wouldn't have to do so when I was at home but that didn't happen! I am going to try and get a few done today but I believe I may.. just may miss High Five for Friday this week.. but you never know!

As you know I really like to share products with you that I am loving, when there is enough to share that is. I have a few things to share today so I thought I would stop in. However before I do so let me just say something, we all love Bath & Body Works candles but there are a lot of people who love Yankee Candles as well, I use to be one of those peoples. Recently I ran out of all my Bath & Body Works candles and I am not buying anymore as we are moving soon so I am just going through whatever else I could find in the cupboard. I had a Yankee Candle from Christmas in 'Christmas at the beach' it sucks!!! Guys you cant even smell it at all, so I am giving you a word of advice, do not waste your time on Yankee Candle, they are also more expensive then Bath & Body Works as well.

Ok lets get to it.

1. Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps

Why not stick with the theme right? Jason and I are both pretty big on having hand soap everywhere! Obviously in all the bathrooms and in the kitchen! We are both weird and particular about smells but we are somehow never disappointed by Bath & Body Works. I raved before about our favorite one for the kitchen, Kitchen Lemon and now we have found new favorites! If you are by chance near a store (they are having a sale right now) or care to peruse online (they are doing free shipping on orders over $50.00) then I highly recommend purchasing Perfect Beach Day, Gentle Foaming Hand Soap and Citrus Sunshine which sadly I cant seem to find online! Their selection of scents is amazing and if you are not a fan of the foaming hand soap they have a deep cleansing version as well! These soaps last forever because a little goes a long way and the smells are just phenomenal! I honestly cant tell you the last time I purchased a dial hand soap or anything other than these and people always comment on how nice they are when visit!

2. St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub

I have gone back to using my Philosophy Purity Cleanser and therefore I really wanted to find a good exfoliator to use a couple times a week. I came across this one from St. Ives that said it clears blackheads while calming redness and it was under $5.00 so I figured, why not give it a try! I really like this stuff a lot, I definitely feel like I get a good clean when using it but not like its sand paper on my skin. I think St. Ives is a really under rated brand, their products are great and significantly expansive and you really cant beat the price. I purchased mine at Target, but they do carry it at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond as well as most drug stores. 

The Body Shop Body butter is a rediscovery for me! I have been so obsessed with the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Creams that I haven't used much else in quite a long time. I got some for Christmas and recently put it on my nightstand and I am in love with it. When I get in bed at night I cover my hands and arms in it, it soaks up nicely and keeps my skin feeling so soft and hydrated. I use it pretty much every night and I haven't even put a dent in it. The smell of this one in particular is also pretty amazing. Keep an eye out because The Body Shop is always having sales, in fact I believe right now in stores it is buy 3 get 3 free!! Check it out! 

I really love water but sometimes I just get bored and want to change it up, I was really excited when I came across this in Target a couple of weeks ago because not only do I like to change up my water every once in awhile but I really miss Iced Tea like they have in Canada! I used to drink peach iced tea like it was going out of style and its just not the same here, until I found this! I swear it reminds me of high school, I love it! The extent of water enhancers they have now is absolutely ridiculous, so if this one doesn't float your boat than you have plenty of options! If you aren't a big water drinker this is a great way to go! 

Let me first just say check out the whole Vitamin E line from The Body Shop HERE online! I got this as well for Christmas and I am in love with it, it smells AMAZING, it is so moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft! If I wasn't trying to use up all the stuff I have I would be running out to repurchase this stuff. I try a lot of moisturizers and what not but this is at the top of my list right now. The whole line is worth checking out, I was super pissed at the Body Shop when we lived in Alaska so I stopped going there all together (funny story I wouldn't let Tanya shop there either) but since living here and going back in and buying things here and there I am in love again! 

6. Celestial Seasonings Strawberry Champagne Tea

I have been looking for this stuff online so I could share it with you guys for quite some time but it just isn't anywhere, I did however learn that it was part of a Valentine's Day thing which is probably why the only way you are going to get it is if you can find it in the store. I won't lie I was drawn to the packaging, this beautiful tin but Tanya purchased it and gave me some to try and I don't even know how to describe it. I was shocked that it was actually a black tea, the strawberry flavor is so fresh and not fake tasting at all. I got it on sale at Target and with a coupon on Cartwheel so it was super cheap and I have debated purchasing the rest that I can find because I love it that much! If you are a tea lover it never hurts to peruse the tea aisle when at your local grocery store or especially Target because there are always new teas and seasonal teas that may surprise you. I was at Target today and there were a few more as well as Red Velvet black tea. I do not like red velvet but if its your thing that I highly recommend high tailing it to your local Target! 

So guys those are just a few things I am loving right now. I have a lot of things to do around here this afternoon to get ready to go tomorrow. We are going to try and put as much as we can in the truck tonight and then Jason will head back around 2pm tomorrow from work and we will put the rest of the stuff in the truck and get on the road!! 

I hope you guys are having a great week! Thank you as always for taking the time to stop in!!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty: A Book Review

Good Monday Morning,

Is there really such a thing? For me yes because we are just days from heading home (Wednesday) and I am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! That may account for my sleep issues this week, who knows.

Last week Tanya and I were wandering around BJ's and we decided to check out the books, if I haven't mentioned it before they really have a great selection there of books and they are really cheap! I actually went in looking for a book that I had saw there a couple of days before but of course I couldn't find it so I settled on the one I am here to tell you about, so let's chat about it.

The Hypnotist's Love Story
By: Liane Moriarty

The following is the synopsis taken straight from the website, you can find it HERE as well. 

For fans of Emily Giffin, another wonderful book from the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, THE HUSBAND’S SECRET...

Ellen O’Farrell is a professional hypnotherapist who works out of the eccentric beachfront home she inherited from her grandparents. It’s a nice life, except for her tumultuous relationship history. She’s stoic about it, but at this point, Ellen wouldn’t mind a lasting one. When she meets Patrick, she’s optimistic. He’s attractive, single, employed, and best of all, he seems to like her back. Then comes that dreaded moment: He thinks they should have a talk.

Braced for the worst, Ellen is pleasantly surprised. It turns out that Patrick’s ex-girlfriend is stalking him. Ellen thinks, Actually, that’s kind of interesting. She’s dating someone worth stalking. She’s intrigued by the woman’s motives. In fact, she’d even love to meet her.

Ellen doesn’t know it, but she already has.

I will say off the bat that I didn't really love this book all that much, it was extremely long but with no real climactic action if you will. The story is based around a stalker so it keeps your attention because you keep waiting for some big event, and I suppose that kind of happens but not at all in the way I suspected... or maybe truthfully the event was minimized in the book and therefore I didn't feel like it was made as big of a deal as it should have been. 

I liked the fact that it was based in Austrailia, the language or "accent" if you will reminded me a lot of reading British authors which I enjoy but this is where I struggled. There were a few references/comparisons that I found kind of offensive and they were closer to the beginning so they threw me off a bit, threw me off the book and writer. I'm not easily offended but I thought they were kind of insensitive and basically just plain rude. If you are offended easily this book is not for you. 

I don't feel like the book is a waste of time, I enjoyed it despite what I have already mentioned, I don't plan to keep it around to read again though. You're not going to love every book you read but I don't count this as a total fail. 

This author actually has quite a few books that can be found HERE, there are a few on the list that I have seen other people reading recently so I would definitely give a few a try. Have you read any books by this author? What did you think?

I hope you all have a great week and your Monday's fly by! Thanks for stopping in!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

High Five for Friday 3.20.15

Good Morning & Happy Friday!!

Its Friday and we are going to get snow... how miserable is that? Kind of puts a damper on the whole Friday thing now doesn't it! Just when you think Winter is over and Spring is going to grace us with its presence that is just not the case. I wont lie the weather here has not been great all week, rain and a TON of wind! There is always a lot of wind here but in the cooler weather it really makes a huge difference in the temperature. Its going to be a fight to get me to come back here once we get home.. I hope Jason's ready for it!

Anyways onto the top five things of my week!

1. St. Patrick's Day in NYC

If you are a regular around here than you saw THIS post about my St. Patrick's Day in the city! Tanya and I went to the parade, toured around the city and got ourselves Shamrock shakes from McDonald's. I honestly cant tell you the last time I set foot in a McDonald's let alone ordered something but this was a special occasion and my only indulgence of the day was said shake and let me tell you it was worth it. I didn't have the whipped cream that was on top so I don't feel all that bad.

2. AMAZING deals!

This week I got really lucky, just like many of you who love clothes I am always on the hunt for a good deal! This week while in the city Tanya and I popped into a few stores on our way back to the Subway just to look. One thing that I do love about the city is you can and will find any store you could ever want, ones that you may not find around you. We went into Joe Fresh first off, this is actually I brand that I believe (I could be wrong) started in Canada, I remember it being at all the real Canadian Superstores but not having an actual store of its own. The brand exploded and is now many places and honestly their clothes are really great. We popped in and were immediately told that everything in the store that had a orange sticker on it was an additional 70% off! I managed to get a pair of jeans for $3.88!!! Can you believe that? Sadly I cant find the jeans on their website but if you have a store close to you I would definitely check it out, if not the sale is still going online! 

Another good deal that I managed to find was at Target! Lets just take a moment an appreciate Target and all its greatness shall we? Ok. Tanya and I went to Target yesterday and while we were wondering around I came across a pair of flats for $2.08!!! There were 2 pairs and one of them were in my size! WINNING! I actually don't have a lot of flats coming into the warmer weather (or so we are meant to believe is coming) so I was really excited to find such a steal, not to mention I have never owned a pair in this pattern! I not sure if THESE are the same pair exactly but the ones I got look almost exactly like these and were on clearance! You never know what you will find at Target!!

3. Hair Appointment

The great debate of whether or not to cut my hair has been going for quite some time now! This is always a really big struggle for me because it is very rare that I get a haircut and actually like it, generally I regret it or don't feel that it was a big enough change. Convincing Jason I needed to go back to Peru to see the only guy who has given me a haircut that I loved went no where and honestly I just outright refuse to pay the prices here. I am at the point that my hair has become a nuisance, its so long and so heavy that I feel like its more work than I am willing to put into it, not to mention it falls out like crazy and when its not falling out on its own I am catching on something and ripping it out. Fun. I have wanted to find someone at home that I like and can keep so I don't have to stress about going to someone new every time we move and I think I may have finally accomplished that.. hopefully I'm not jinxing it. I called Wednesday and made an appointment for the Friday morning we are home, I explained what I was looking for and actually sent pictures of what my hair looks like now and what I am hoping to leave with and I feel really confident. I need a change and planning to be at home for the summer the humidity will do horrific things to my hair and with the heat its just too much! I will let y'all know how it turns out but this is the pictures I am looking at for inspiration.. HERE, HERE and HERE.

4. My Hubby

I will admit to the cheese factor right now, if you're not into it just move onto number 5. Jason is at a really crucial point in the job and that means working a lot of hours, this is something that we are obviously use to but none the less 7 days a week 12 hours a day leaves him exhausted at the end of the day and in bed early. I don't blame him, I know his days are busy and he's out in the cold all day but I definitely miss our time together. This week I really feel like he has gone above and beyond to make the most of the little time we have together at night, he even curled up on the couch with me to watch a chick flick.. A CHICK FLICK, obviously not at the top of his list of things to do but he knew I would appreciate it. I really appreciate the little things and I am sure that by the time he gets home, has dinner and showers he would love to just go to bed but he really makes the effort and for that I am so grateful, I love our time together and when it cant be a lot I like when we can make the most of it. 

5. Packing to go HOME!

I won't like I have been packed to go home for almost a month! I went through all my winter clothes and packed my suitcase with a bunch to take home. We have a ton of other stuff that needs to go and I have been working away at that all week and let me tell you it hasn't been the least bit bothersome because I am so excited about going home! As I have mentioned we are taking a bunch of stuff as we will be out of our apartment for good in May and are going to spend 4 glorious days enjoying our house and the South, nothing makes me happier than that! Besides I am so tired of looking at piles of stuff laying around the apartment that needs to go home, I hate clutter! 

So that is my scoop for the week! Sadly as I mentioned today is suppose to be a snowy mess so there is not much on the agenda! I am going to try and get some blog posts written over the weekend so I have posts for while we are home, otherwise I am not anticipating being here Thursday - Monday! Lets see how productive I can be! 

I hope you guys had a fantastic week, Thank you as always for taking the time out of your day to stop in here to my little corner of the world and follow along! Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Birch Box Product Reviews

Hi there!!

On occasion I try to get back here and tell y'all what I think about the products I have received in my Birchbox or rather multiple probably because it can take me awhile to try things. I like to share with you what I receive but at that time generally I don't know what I will think of it and I like to report back once I have formed an opinion! This is a collection a reviews from a couple different boxes, and I will try and link all the products back to if you would like to purchase any of them.

Lets jump in!!

1. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

You can purchase this in a travel size, medium size for $9.00 and the large bottle for $21.00! You know I have raved about this line before and let me tell you the dry shampoo doesn't disappoint! I try new dry shampoos all the time and honestly cost doesn't mean anything for the most part, the formula for each is different and there are so many things I am looking for. Obviously you want it to soak up the excess oil in your hair, smell good, leave no residue and if you're lucky gives volume. This baby does all of that!! You really cannot go wrong with any of the Amika products, I couldn't recommend them anymore. If you are in need of a dry shampoo then I highly recommend checking this out! 

Obviously I only received a little sample size of this perfume but it can be purchased on the Birchbox website in 3 different sizes, starting with a roller ball for $22.00 all the way up to a 100mL bottle for $92.00. This fragrance is fruity with top notes of cassis, grapefruit and mandarin! It is followed by a floral heart note of freesia, sheer jasmine and rose noir! It also contains touches of tonka, musk, amber and woods! This is such a gorgeous fragrance, it the perfect balance of musk and citrus, I love a feminine fragrance and this is it. I highly recommend checking this out at a perfume counter or keeping an eye out in magazines for a sample. Fragrances are very personal and this may not be for anyone but I really do love it. 

On a side note fragrances are a really great thing to get in our boxes because it really gives you a chance to actually try out a scent and see if you really like it and would consider spending the money on the full size. 

This is a brand I had never heard of, apparently its Italian. I like getting mini lotions in my Birchbox, especially in the winter because I will throw them in my handbag or on my night stand and definitely fly through them.. as far as I am concerned you can never have enough lotion! When I just signed on to I saw there is a shea almond lotion that I think I would have liked better because I have to say I didn't get on with this one all too well. For me the biggest thing with lotion is that it absorbs and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy! I did not like the smell and it is VERY stong, it left my hands greasy for a long period of time. I am thankful for the sample but I would not buy this. If you are interested in trying this the pot pictured above will cost you $28.45. 

Ok. Let me just say that I am pretty picky when it comes to mascara, I try a lot of different ones although very rarely high end. I stick to drugstore mascara because honestly I find mascara as a whole to be expensive. I am really fortunate to have pretty long and full lashes so I don't need a lot from a mascara, I look for none flaking, long lasting and no clumping.. pretty simple. I really enjoy trying new high end mascaras but stand firm that I can find a drugstore mascara that will do the same thing for a lot cheaper. That is until now... this mascara is really fabulous and I can honestly say that I would probably pay $24.00 to buy the full size. This mascara holds a curl in your lashes, lengthens and volumizes, it doesn't flake or dull throughout the day, its just a dream! If you need a good mascara this is the one for you!! 

How gorgeous is that bottle? I mean come on! You can purchase the above bottle full size for $72.00. This perfume is floral scent with notes of candied apple, white petals and cashmere wood, again totally feminine and totally me. This is another perfume that I really love, I don't really have anything bad to say about any of the Juicy Couture fragrances that I have received. Before I started getting them in Birchbox I would have assumed Juicy Couture fragrances were for the younger crowd but that is absolutely not the case. They run the same price as most fragrances and I would definitely consider purchasing one in the future. If you like something fresh but warm I highly recommend checking this out! 

I was very excited to receive this in my February Birchbox I only wished that it was a bigger size! First of all it is scented with Lemongrass and grapefruit and if I haven't said it enough then let me tell you again how much I love fresh, citrus scents! This lotion is so thick and fragrant, it dried so quickly and really made my hands feel so soft! This is on my list to repurchase next time I visit the Birchbox store, I would say it is more than worth the $20.00, a great scent as well for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!

Ahhh... how excited was I to receive this in my March Birchbox! I will say this was one of the best boxes I have received to date. I have been really looking into Cargo cosmetics for quite some time after I saw a British Beauty vlogger do a haul after being in New York! This blush is absolutely GORGEOUS, its so pigmented, its the most beautiful light tangerine color with the slightest sheen. Its amazing that its water resistant in case you are swimming or sweating in the summer months! I have fair skin and its such a beautiful compliment but I really do believe it would be great on all skin tones! After giving this one a try and knowing it lives up to all its hype I will definitely be trying their eye shadows as well. FYI Cargo products are on sale at Kohl's as we speak! 

So there are just a few products I have tried from Birchbox and what I think of them. Overall I would say that I definitely like more of what I get than dislike and often the things that I dislike I still use or appreciate the sample to give it a try. It breaks my heart that after next month my subscription to Birchbox will be canceled because we will be moving, I absolutely LOVE LOVE my subscription and hope to get another once we settle again. Truth be told though my Mom has recently started receiving an Ipsy bag and sent me a picture of the contents of her first months bag and I was so impressed. I am really into makeup and brushes more than skincare and Ipsy is more of that, I think I would absolutely consider trying that subscription for a change! 

I hope you guys are having a great week, come May when I am going through Birchbox withdrawals I will expect you will all share what you are getting so I can live vicariously! 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Insomnia... helpful tips!

Good Morning,

Or is it? Did you get a good night sleep last night? Sadly most often when someone asks me that question the answer is no.

Oh how the tides have turned, as a teenager I could out sleep anyone! I occasionally had trouble sleeping but for the most part I got a great nights sleep most nights, getting me up in the morning was a feat and I could pretty much nap anytime. I don't exactly remember when that stopped but good lord to I wish it would come back!

I have suffered on and off with insomnia for years and for me I would guess that it is directly linked to stress. I hold onto everything and worry about things that most likely wouldn't matter to anyone else or are so far off I shouldn't even be thinking about them this far in advance but I absolutely cannot help it.

Poor Jason is my sounding board all the time, not while I complain but just because I need to talk about things. Its funny because Jason isn't all that into his feelings and often comes back with something sarcastic such as "OMG you are kidding me!", thankfully over the years he has learned to gauge my demeanor to know when it is appropriate to be sarcastic or not. It can be really helpful, a good laugh!

I am constantly trying new things to help me sleep at night and although they may not all work for me, but they may just work for you so I thought I would share!

1. After Dinner Walk

This obviously is mostly for the summer. I find after having dinner its really great to enjoy getting out and taking advantage of the warm weather and long days. Being here and having the boardwalk literally at our backdoor it has been great to be able to get outside after dinner, walk dinner off and enjoy the weather. I find I am relaxed when I get home, I so enjoy the change of scenery, the sunset and fresh air.

2. A Hot Bath

This is mostly a tactic to relax me. I like getting in a hot bath after dinner with a book or my phone to watch beauty vloggers. I will often use a lavender scented bubble bath or the Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint scent. I have always loved baths, I could seriously lay in there forever, as long as I have a book really.

3. Body Lotion

When I get out of the tub I like to cover myself in body lotion. Most often at night I will use the Bath and Body World Stress Relief body cream.. lets be clear about this too, not the lotion but the cream! This stuff is so thick and luxurious, and I can never get enough of the smell! Although thick this body cream soaks into your skin really quickly and makes you feel so hydrated and smelling fantastic. I will say if this scent is not for you I would try their Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Sleep body cream or the Lavender Chamomile, the lavender vanilla is my go to if I am out of the stress relief but a lotion of any kind will work!

4. Aromatherapy Pillow Mist

This may just be a gimmick but I'm willing to pay the $10.00 for it! I specifically use the Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist from Bath and Body Works (no this is not a sponsored post!) because I find the scent very relaxing and I will take what I can get.  Lavender is said to be great for sleep.

5. Ambiance

Whether it be the living room or the bedroom I try to make the setting as comfortable as possible. I find this to be easier in the winter months because its a darker more cozy atmosphere but it is doable in the summer months as well. We don't burn candles at our house so I like to use dim lighting, I find it helps me to feel ready for bed. At the apartment I take advantage of burning candles, I find them so relaxing! Obviously in the winter time the fireplace going is also a great option!

6. Sleepy Time Tea

I always have a box of Celestial Sleepy Time tea on hand and like to have a cup at night with a tiny bit of honey in it! This is hit or miss for people, and I personally have to make sure to have a cup at least an hour before bed or I will be up all night to pee! There is something about the aroma of this tea and the cozy feeling of a warm drink at night that puts you in a more relaxed place.

7. Comfy Pajamas

I wont lie my favorite pajamas are from Victoria Secret but they are both on the warmer side so in the warmer months I am a huge fan of the Forever 21 pajama sets, they are so soft and comfortable and the set will only run you $12.90! Its important to go to bed feeling comfortable so you're not too hot, too cold or pulling and yanking at things in the night trying to get comfortable!

8. Stretching

Like I said, for me a lot of my sleep issues stem from stress and whether you believe it or not stress will effect your entire body. I can often feel the tension in my neck and especially my back and sometimes doing some simple stretches before going to sleep can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few that I like to try... HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

9. A Good Book

They say the TV and your phone are the worst things you can indulge in at night, I tend to agree with this. When Jason and I first started living together it was really hard to get use to the fact that he needed the TV to go to sleep, I however have always felt the exact opposite. I prefer to have it completely dark and quiet, now that time has gone on as much as I don't like having the TV on I am a little more use to it and sadly spend a lot of time on my phone when I get in bed. Its bad. The better way for me is usually a good book, however it is a double edged sword on account that I tend to get into a book and end up awake all hours of the night reading. Reading for me is a great escape and thinking about a book instead of all the things running through my mind before bed is probably the best thing I can do. I read until I am absolutely exhausted and that can be anytime thanks to my trusty book light, doesn't bother Jason one bit.

10. Melatonin

I tried melatonin years ago and it made me kind of nauseous but I gave it another shot a year or so ago and honestly I mostly find it helps me go to sleep but not stay asleep. I take 5mg but you can definitely get higher doses, when I am really at my wits end with having had no sleep I will most likely try taking two. Melatonin is all natural and can be purchased at your local Target or Drugstore.

11. White Noise

I use to prefer things be absolutely silent for me to sleep, although I grew up in the city so I suppose it was my own version of silent. I like to have a little white noise so that I don't listen to every single noise that comes with apartment living. We generally have a fan running which is helpful and here I enjoy the sound of the boats on the river, natural white noise tends to block out annoying white noise, like the people above us flushing the toilet or Jason snoring.

12. Eye Mask 

An eye mask can make all the difference at night, for me if I am really tired and Jason has the TV on and its bothering me than I find putting on my eye mask can really help.

I won't lie sometimes doing all of these things don't always help me sleep at night, I am seriously considering investing in a sound machine because I think it could be helpful and peaceful to listen to the ocean at night. In the meantime I have recently downloaded the free app on my phone Relax Melodies that has a variety of sounds to check out and see if they will work for me.

I have been dabbling in the thought of read more about meditation. I have had issues with my shoulder for so many months now that it has really inhabited my ability to do yoga which I find so relaxing and I think I could really get into meditation and really why not? I have been checking out an app called Guided Meditation which I cant seem to find online but you can view it on the app store. I may look into a few books as well, if you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Obviously there are things to avoid as well to help you get a better sleep, don't take on a full on work out right before bed, it gets your heart rate up and that's not something you want to do right before bed. Don't drink caffeine before bed or after a certain time of day if you are sensitive to that kind of thing, and try not to over stimulate yourself.. keep the TV sound on a lower setting and things like that.

Do you have any night time routines that you believe help you sleep at night? Are you a bad sleeper who has come up with a few tips and tricks yourself? I would love to hear all of your suggestions!!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day NYC 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Being older I can't say I have actually "celebrated" St. Patrick's Day in quite some time, don't get me wrong I like a green beer just as much as the next person but it just doesn't always work out that I can have one. Now last year we spent St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia and that is one of the largest celebrations in the States or in the world.. we had a fantastic time. I'm not going to lie though St. Patrick's Day tends to be more about annoying drunk people than enjoying your green beer, at least that's been my experience the last few years!

Tanya mentioned this week that she wanted to go into the city for the St. Patrick's Day parade and I was hesitant. Honestly I am not all about parades, I only really like the marching bands and floats and floats don't seem to be a thing in the States, plus it was suppose to rain. I did some reading and saw that they were expecting about a million people to attend at which point I figured it must be good and decided I would go.

I woke up this morning and it was raining.. total bummer! I was still planning on going but hoping the rain would quit. I left getting ready quite late and ended up rushing to throw on a green shirt and make my hair presentable! Thankfully by the time I headed out the door the rain had stopped! We made it downtown and got a really decent spot to watch the parade (at the beginning of the route) and there we stood!

Again I don't really thing parades are the bees knees but I took some pictures from y'all! The one neat thing about this parade is that people truly came from all over the world for it. Chile, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Japan and so on. Fun fact they don't actually celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, in fact the celebration was invented by American's.. who knew?

Here are some pictures!!

The Police, this was the kind of strange thing about this parade. It was police, marching band, church group, police. Then marching band, group from Ireland, church group, marching band. 

Civil war reenactors 

This bunch was from Quebec

This picture does it no justice but I would not be shock if there really was a million people out for the parade. 

Bad picture but I had to include it on account that these little majorettes were so cute! 

More littles!

This group was from Japan! 

The parade was over in about an hour and a half I think, it wasn't all that long and honestly I was ready to go because it was quite damp and getting really windy and cold. I was anticipating it being a lot warmer, as the weather channel did say that the rain would end the sun would come out and it would get to 58 degrees.. lies! All lies!! Tanya and I decided to wander around the city and check out a few stores that we don't always get to go into around here. Turns out Joe Fresh was having a huge sale and I got a pair of jeans for $3.88!!! Yes you read that right.. $3.88!!! 

As we tried to get back to midtown it was crazy, roads were still blocked off everywhere and cops were directing people which seemed a little nuts. Then there was the ever so lovely drunk people, I kid you not people were literally falling all over the place and there were even people playing Frisbee in the middle of the street, I guess they didn't notice the thousand or more people around them.

In and amongst the chaos I had to stop and take a picture of the Public library, it truly is my favorite place in the entire city! 

Now before we could come home we had a mandatory stop.. McDonald's for a Shamrock shake! These things were discontinued in Canada years ago but since living in the States every year I try to have one around this time of year. I don't even want to share with you guys how many calories are in one of the bad boys but I will tell you there are 54 ingredients! That's scary. Having said that it was amazing! 

Overall the day was really good, I am glad we headed home when we did because it got sooooo windy and if its windy in the city its 10 times worse in Jersey City.. which is was when we got off the subway! 

Jason is really busy at work right now and working long hours so sadly we will not be going out for green beer tonight but that's ok! What are you guys up to for St. Patrick's Day? Do you go out and celebrate or make your own festivities at home? 

Whatever you are doing today I hope you have a fantastic day!! I will leave you with some interesting facts about St. Patrick's Day HERE

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Products I'm Crushing On.. MAC

Good Morning!!

Have I ever mentioned that I keep a running list on my phone of all the products I want to try! I come across so many products while perusing Target, watching beauty vloggers and so on but obviously its not realistic to just go out and buy everything.. trust me, the list is LENGTHY! I wish I could try more and more products to share with you all what I think and because obviously that would be amazing, but because that's not possible I thought I would stop in a share a few products that I would LOVE to try! When deciding to write these posts I figured it might be better to break them down by brand because they do very so today I am sharing with you some of the MAC products I am crushing on! There are way more than this but we don't have that kind of time! Maybe I'll do a part two sometime!

Two MAC products that I will rave about and am not sure I could live without are the MAC Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy, this stuff is amazing! I use it to prep my face for makeup and to set my makeup after I am finished so it wont move all day. Recently I have been spraying my foundation brush with it before I put my foundation on to sheer it out because I don't need a lot of coverage. This product is universal and as far as I am concerned an absolute MUST! As well a newer addition to my makeup routine the MAC Strobe Cream, its an amazing cream highlight that does wonder for highlighting your face and in the most natural way! If you are looking for a little extra sparkle in your foundation you can also add a bit to your foundation before applying! Check them out guys!

Ok, back to the point of this post.. products I DON'T have but would like to!

MAC Lipstick in Plumful

Everyone raves about MAC's lipsticks and their formulas. They have such a wide array of colors and they are super long lasting. I really don't think that $16.00 for a lipstick is a terrible price but I have drugstore favorites for half priced so I have never been able to convince myself to give in and buy one. That's not to say I don't have a HUGE list of their lipsticks I would like, there are about 20! I heard of Plumful from the fabulous Essie Button and not only do I whole heartedly trust every suggestion she makes, we have a very similar skin tone (ghostly) and this color looks fantastic on her! If you are on the hunt for a new lipstick I would definitely check out MAC's selection and Plumful for that matter!!

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

I love cream eye shadows, I first fell in love with the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Cream shadows and still use them regularly. However they don't have a color in their line that is close to a nude which is exactly what MAC's painterly is. I feel like this would be a great primer for your eyelid, getting rid of the visible viens as well as a base for your shadow. This is another product everyone raves about, most people wear the nudes but there is a wide array of colors to try at a very reasonable price, cream shadows last forever!

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb

For some reason I can't find this one the website, but I assure you its not the price appearing here on the Amazon link. I first came across this when Brianne was here visiting and she was using it and let me tell you, its GORGEOUS! She used it not only as a highlight but an eye shadow. There are a few colors of these extra dimension skinfinishes that I would like to try, but I think this one is on the top of my list. I have been really into highlighting as it can totally change your whole look and the fact that this can double as an eyeshadow makes it a great bang for your buck! For me this would be a summer use, when I have a little more color to my skin.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Empathetically Blonde or Toasted Blonde

I need a brow gel, I get by without one but I think it would be a nice addition to my brow routine to keep things in plan. I have been interested in a clear brow gel as I fill in my brows with a pencil anyways but because I have managed to grow them out and shape them to somewhat where I want I like the idea of trying a tinted brow gel like these so avoid having to use the pencil. Finding a clear brow gel has been a little hard than I expected and with a tinted one you have to match it to your hair pretty close and I think MAC carries the most options. This is something I haven't purchased on account that its not a must, I get by just fine with what I do now but it is something I am interested in purchasing. Do you use a brow gel? If so which one?

MAC Studio Face & Body Foundation in C1 or N1

I think I have mentioned recently that I switched from an actual foundation to a BB cream because I really don't need a lot of coverage and in the winter I was looking for as much moisture as I could get to avoid dry patches in the cold winter weather. I am really lucky that I don't really have problem skin but I like something that will even out my skin tone because I do get a little redness. Studio face and body foundation is super thin and therefore exactly what I am looking for, it gives minimal coverage. People always rave about MAC's foundation and if I were to buy one this would definitely be the one I would go for. MAC does carry a wide range of foundations from full coverage with a thicker formula all the way down to powder foundation! You can get color matched by a MAC professional which is always the best option as well.

MAC Mineralize Powder Highlight in Soft & Gentle or Global Glow

These are very similar to the extra dimension skin finish as listed above, these would be higher on my list as they are more sheen than super pigmented and I could use them all year round. They are multi use and absolutely gorgeous in color. As I said as any time of year a good highlight can really restructure your entire face and I use them all the time. Because of my skin color and hair color for that matter I tend to stick to neutral eye shadows and always give my face a little more warmth and color with a bronzer.. these would double as a bronzer/highlight in one! Great for a minimal makeup day!!

So guys those are just a few things I would love to try, I could seriously go on and on because there isn't much I wouldn't be interested in trying.. I am so into make up right now! What products do you use and love? Any ones from MAC?

Hope you're having a great day!!!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

High Five for Friday! 3.13.15

Happy Friday y'all!

Its a gorgeous day here and Jersey, I am feeling so fantastic about this Spring like weather let me tell ya! This morning I met Tanya early to head into Hoboken for her to get her hair cut and me to sit and watch.. because we all know of my hair cutting phobia. I really do need to cut it, but I feel like it takes my hair a long time to grow (which it really doesn't) and I do like long hair but I'm just over dealing with it all and if we are going to be home in the summer it will be too hot to have all this hair. So I am going to cut it.. probably when we go home.

Anyways I'm rambling. Basically its a gorgeous day to be out and about and we are so fortunate to be out and about along the water!

So we are here to chat about the highlights of me week so lets just dive in, because clearly I am in a chatty mood today!

1. The Spring like weather.

Big surprise right? As I have mentioned in my last two blogs I swear I feel like a whole new person with this weather. I had dreaded how I would deal with a northern winter and turns out I did worse than I had expected to. The nice weather here has really turned around my mood and how I feel about being here as well, I despise it just a little less! Spring is just such a beautiful time of year, I am so excited its here!

2. Yorkshire Pudding Success!

Do you know what yorkshire pudding is? I grew up eating it and I have to say its one of my absolute favorite foods. I don't really know how to explain it, its like a pastry I suppose but not a sweet one, more savory, I would eat mine with a little butter and gravy! Traditionally we always have it with a roast beef dinner, or at least we did when I was growing up, I cant imagine what else you would eat it with. So when I decided to try it out for the first time on my own last Saturday I made a full on roast beef dinner, even though I wasn't going to eat the roast beef. As I said its truly one of my favorite foods ever, its definitely by no means good for you but when it comes to these I don't really care.. they are definitely a treat and one that I never get anymore! I use to beg my Mom to make them every single time we went home and if she didn't someone else would. Well we don't really get there much anymore and in the past year or more when we have I haven't gotten any yorkshire pudding so I decided I was finally going to try to make it on my own. I assumed this was going to be a feat, they probably wouldn't turn out the first time I tried, it would take time to perfect but let me tell you I was really happy with my first try! 

These things were so good,  I won't even tell you how many I ate. Its pretty dangerous that I now know I can make them because I truly could eat them by the pan! But I wont. Probably. 

3. Dunkin Donuts Butter Pecan Iced Coffee

Jason and I became addicted to these last year I believe. I was never a huge fan of iced coffee until I got one at Dunkin Donuts one time while we were traveling and it was fantastic. Because I was raving about it Jason decided to give it a try and ended up drinking the majority of it. When its warm out and we are traveling (our travel is generally done in the truck) we live off these bad boys! Well this past week it was finally warm enough to enjoy something iced rather than hot and let me tell you I fell in love all over again! Dunkin Donuts has such a huge array of flavor shots for your coffee and iced coffee is really nice for a change, if you are generally not a fan of iced coffee I encourage you to give theirs a try!! 

4. New York City

I had admitted that I didn't feel as in love with the city this time as I was when we lived here years ago. Don't get me wrong its still one of my absolute favorite places but I guess having spent so much time here before the newness has worn off and its just hasn't been as exciting! There are times though that I'll be in the city and find myself infatuated all over again with its beauty and all it has to offer. I am thankful we've had the chance to be back here and enjoy the city all over again and all it has to offer, I will miss it when we aren't here but know that we will at least visit again. This week in the city I had one of those moments of awe when in the Flat Iron district amongst the winter terrarium exhibit, it was amazing!

5. NEW PURSE & Perfume!

So I have been pining over the Louis Vuitton Neverfull purse forever and I finally got it this week and I couldn't be more thrilled. I meant to take pictures but it didn't happen so you'll have to do some googling! I love purses and this one is such a luxury, its the perfect size and shape, I love that it will fit all my crap! I am very excited. I also managed to pick up the Issey Miyake perfume in L'Eau d'Issey and its heavenly! Lucky duck I was this week!! 

So that is what I have been up with this week! Jason and I had a date night last night which was really nice, I never take advantage of nights out and our time together because with the hours Jason works sometimes it can be few and far between getting it. We went out for a fantastic dinner and for a walk afterwards, came home and curled up on the couch to play cribbage. Funny story one of the guys as work taught Jason a different version of playing cribbage and he's been obsessed. We generally love to play and I actually like this version as well but I whoop Jason every time we play, HA! Its fantastic! 

I hope you guys have had a great week, enjoying the Spring weather and have a great weekend ahead. Sadly here it is suppose to rain all day tomorrow but I plan to make good use of the day with a good book! 

Thank you guys for taking the time out of your day to stop in here and peak at what I have been up to! 

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