Friday, August 31, 2012


Like seriously.. they are out to screw anyone on a diet!!

Such is life...

Well hello all,

Ive been meaning to blog for days but it just hasn't happened, as once mentioned our lives seem to get so hectic sometimes that I find myself wondering where the days go. Ive thought that same thing recently about the whole month of August, I remember thinking that I wanted August to last forever, make the most of it because September would be a steady decline back into winter... if it didn't rear its ugly head before planned. Now its the end of August, I have no idea where the month has gone and I'm hearing we are in for an early winter that may just be just as bad as last year. I wouldn't be surprised either, we were in Palmer the other night and the mountains out there got a CRAZY amount of snow already! Stay tuned for pictures!

So Tuesday was my day off and I was so looking forward to it with how slow things have been at work lately. In the morning I picked Tammy up and we went and had pedicures.. GLORIOUS! We so enjoyed ourselves and than headed to lunch! After lunch we toured around for awhile and than met Mel and Myles for tea! After tea I picked up Jason from work and we headed down to Palmer for my very first State Fair! Before we even got down there Jason saw the snow on the mountains and was in love.. it totally made his night.

In going to the fair I figured it would be basically like any other carnival but I was super excited to see the Don Sheldon exhibit. The idea of walking around human cadavers is super exciting to me.. When we got there that was the first place I wanted to go.. any opportunity to learn I'm there! Jason however was really unsure of the whole thing, but once we got in there and he could see all the muscles, nerves, bones, etc he was super into it.. he was asking questions and reading all the boards and I think even he was impressed.. it was honestly amazing! How often do you get to see completely dissected human bodies displaying every aspect of its diversity and capabilities.. that was the best part of my night!

The fair was great, Jason indulged in carnival food and even though we didn't pay for the concert we got to enjoy JoDee Messina LIVE! The night was absolutely beautiful, the drive home there was a beautiful sunset.. I absolutely love nights like that! Not getting out Anchorage once a week.. seeing things like that make me happy! I so enjoyed my whole day off, you think it would make me refreshed for work the next day.. but no such luck.. it makes it harder to go back!

Check out a few pictures from the night.. I will send the rest soon!

Check out the moon over the mountains, I kick myself for not having my good camera with me, I completely forgot it at home so we took a few pictures with the spare camera we keep in the truck but these are from my cell phone!

Yesterday was dead at work, I don't know what is going on.. its end of the month and things should be super busy but the only units we have are almost $2,000.00 a month and there is only a certain number of people who can afford that, especially here. I swear 65% of housing in Anchorage is low income, its crazy! I came home last night and got ready for the gym but Jason ended up not getting home until 7:30pm so by the time he ate we really just had to go grocery shopping because we were out of food!

Tonight we worked until the same time so we had dinner and then went to the gym! Unfortunately Jason is working all weekend because this job is a mess and they are short a guy this weekend into next week so someone has to work. I actually get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off which is great although I really wish I was spending it with Jason. Not sure what my plan is yet.

Tomorrow is Mr. Myles first birthday.. absolutely crazy! We saw Jason and Mel about a week before Mel had him and now all the sudden he's a year old.. where does time go? When they got to Alaska Myles was JUST crawling and now hes talking more, crawling all over, taking steps on his own.. I don't see him for a week and hes like a different kid! I saw him on Tuesday and today I saw him and he pinched me HAHA apparently that's new! He really does have such a little personality, its so cute!

Really I suppose that's it, Ive been looking for time to blog about my life issues but I just haven't found it.

I'm having a hard time lately with people.. I feel like with most people I can never say what I really feel or really think.. and the more I think about it I have a feeling its not just my issue. I know that social etiquette implies that you aren't rude unnecessarily and that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.. well in my case my parents taught me that long before I had any concept of social etiquette.

With some people telling them what you really think of them is useless, telling them that the things they say or do to you are hurtful and you don't appreciate it. Some people just don't know any better, some people didn't have parents to teach them right from wrong, but for those of us who did I find it really hard to comprehend that people don't know any better. I don't want to be a person that says mean things to people, I don't want to be a person who thinks mean things about people either, but how many times can you be kicked before you stand up for yourself?

Some things are worth letting go, some things you have to just consider the source or humor the ranting/ignorant party.. its not like I think by any means I don't rant about unnecessary things and people don't want to tell me to shut up or that I'm ridiculous.. who doesnt have moments like that.. what I'm really referring to is direct disregard for someone elses feelings! Why are people so mean? As an adult do people really not know that to some extent respect should always be given? You may not agree with everyone someone says or does but basic civility is necessary..

Really though this is a topic for another day.. I'm running out of battery and energy for today and I feel like I'm not even making sense. I suppose my whole point is that sometimes lately I feel like I'm sitting silently nodding and smiling when I really want to flip someone the bird. Period.

If I don't get back here before the weekend I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, the last official weekend of summer.. I absolutely plan to make the most of my time off as I will then begin my month of only getting one day off a week.. YAY! It better pick up or I'm going to start selling all the slippers I'm making!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

NEVER a dull moment...

I really hate my job some days! Honestly its not that I have an issue working, I would be so bored here without it and this job may not be what I would love to be doing but for many reasons as previously stated it is benefiting us majorly so I suck it up! But let me tell you on days like today I want to tell them to shove this job up their asses because its not worth the bullshit!

My day was pretty quiet, I managed to get us a new washer and dishwasher that will be delivered and installed tomorrow. I'm pretty sick of doing laundry and listening to the washer freak out and sound like its going to take off, I feel bad for the people below us too. Our dishwasher is just old and needs to be replaced, so I talked to Carl this morning and he came in and checked things out and we are getting new ones tomorrow!

Anyways the day was quiet until tonight rolled around.. It was about 5pm and Dana was in the office with Jayden and we were chatting away, Carl came in to let me know that he had been to one of our units and fixed her leaking sink. He then proceeded to tell me that this girls mother had a dog there and Tom and her got in a big fight about it. Well our properties are not pet friendly and people know that BUT we cannot discriminate against service dogs, which this dog is. Although this woman and her dog do not live there we have to see papers stating that its a service dog because we have committed to having a no pet environment for our residence. I guess Tom flipped out and was rude and aggressive about the situation and the woman was rude back.. well her daughter just moved in a month ago and shes very young and pregnant, trying to do good for herself and she was so upset. He should have asked for the papers and not demanded she leave immediately. Because all the calls are routed to my office of course I received her calls. I tried to straighten out the situation and managed to calm down this girl and her mother. Unfortunately her mother than came to my office to tell me that she will be pressing charges against Tom. Well let me tell you this woman knew him to a T.. she knew all the shit they do, there was no doubt in my mind he did and said all the things she said. She also told me that he was so pissed at her that he told her she couldn't park in the handicap parking areas and if she didn't move her car he would have it towed.. SHE HAS A PERMIT! We cant tell her not to park there.. I mean what the hell is he doing? So now this girl is going to move out and who knows what will happen with her pressing charges.. and this is definitely not the first time this has happened. Since I have been there so many people have moved out on account of how he has spoken to them or how they were treated, its awful. Even Carl said that the residence tell him bad things about them all the time.. I just don't get it! So basically I ended my day being screamed at and called names, trying to smooth over a situation that I was never apart of to begin with.

Jason and I went to the gym tonight and now are just relaxing before bed! Tomorrow is a usual day for Deanna to be in the office with me but Cynthia is taking a vacation day so I am on my own again which is fine.

I will keep you all posted on what goes on tomorrow, I swear the drama never ends!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day off gone..

Greetings followers,

I hope everyone is well, I am feeling much better since my last post!

Work was slow on Saturday and to be honest I was still feeling really awful so I decided to leave early! Tom and Deanna were away AGAIN and so I figured seeings how they left knowing I was sick and I only got worse but still had to work if there was nothing going on I could make a judgement call on leaving early! So I left about 4:15pm, got home and put on my favorite of Jason's sweaters and my favorite sweat pants and curled up on the couch.. only to get an emergency call!! No kidding I had to get up, get changed and go back to work!! Lesson learned, leaving early gets you no where.. but more work in the end!

Sunday Jason woke me up and we decided to go for a drive, it was suppose to be crappy out all day and it really didn't look great out but we decided to head out anyways. Although I was still under the weather we really don't ever get any time together to go out and do anything and there is still so much to see and do especially before winter so we decided to get out! We have been talking a lot about going to Homer but its 4 and a half hours of driving each way and although we are no strangers to long drives it just wasn't something we have managed to accomplish in awhile. So we got up and headed out the door! We stopped along the way a couple of times at different places that we had never been, the world famous Kenai River being one of them!

We made it down to Homer, the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!! Honestly it was beautiful which I totally expected because all of Alaska is but it wasn't special in any other ways. We have been to Seward and I really liked it there, the water was this amazing color and the town was cute.. but Homer wasn't anything special. The harbor there was a lot smaller than we thought, and we didn't get to see the Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch like we had hoped! A fish and chips dinner was $30.00 a plate.. ya you saw it right.. $30.00.. OUTRAGEOUS! So really we went down, toured around a little bit, ate and left! I hadn't eaten all day so I was STARVING and there really wasn't much more to see anyways. Like I said it was beautiful, a little peninsula like surrounded by mountains.. but that's most of Alaska.. and lets be honest small town charm doesn't appeal to me really, not like southern charm! :)

On the way home we really just wanted to see a bear! Jason has been dying to see a grizzly bear and I'm all for it as long as its from a GOOD distance or from the car! We weren't seeing anything but decided to make a quick stop at the Russian River because a ton of people we know have been up there and see a ton of bears! When we pulled up to the gate and told the guy we really wanted to just take a quick drive through, so he gave us a little pass instead of making us pay and told us not to be too long! So we drove down and parked in the Pink Salmon parking lot like we were told and took the little trail down to the river.. on the way down I could see the red salmon in the river from a distance! I was so excited to get down there and see them, for so long we have wanted to see Salmon like that, and honestly I was starting to doubt that it even existed! We got down there and talked to a few fisherman and watched the fish.. heard a few bear tales and then decided to leave. When we were headed to go back up the trail I saw a couple a little bit down the trail the opposite way take a little cut off down to the river and I told Jason we should just go down and check it out.. WELL.. we got down there and a little down the river was a grizzly bear!!

Honestly the closer that thing got, the more amazing and surreal the experience felt! Jason was absolutely glowing.. totally in aww and absolutely LOVING every minute of but I felt feeling more and more uncomfortable. It seems like its not just tourist here that don't understand the severity of a bear attack but Alaskans too! Everyone kept saying that there were so many salmon that the bear wouldn't bother us, and really he was just playing around in the fish but I couldn't help but think to myself that at any minute that bear could decide he didn't like us there and attack... being less than 25 feet away the situation obviously wouldn't have ended well. After the bear took off down the river I felt better, it was really exhilarating but I don't think I feel the need to tempt fate and go back there hiking around hike around in the woods where there are MANY MANY bears, especially mama's and their cubs! I feel like having boundaries with bears is very important! There has been so many bear attacks this year because people think that they are alone in the woods are something, THIS IS BEAR COUNTRY for frigg's sake!

Anyways we didn't get home until late but really had a super awesome day! I absolutely need those days, I need those days away from the city, away from the world with just Jason out in this amazing beautiful place! The weeks of both of us working all the time and going to the gym and nothing but routine feels so mundane.. I love our adventures!

Monday was the usual at work and it was raining out! I forgot to take something out for dinner again.. its not a regular occurence but more than I care to admit to, so when I got home I started throwing together a hodge podge dinner or left overs, etc! Sometimes nights like that don't hurt! After dinner I did all the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc so I could spend my day off anyway I wanted!

I had planned to go grocery shopping today and to Barnes & Noble either by myself or with Mel and Myles if they were up for it with their recent lack of sleep! Unfortunately Kris didn't pick Jason up this morning so he had to take the truck, I was going to walk to site to get it but Mel and Myles were up for Barnes & Noble and she had their truck so we headed out! We had a great morning touring around the bookstore.. anytime spent at a bookstore of any sort is amazing! We had a quiet afternoon which is always welcome, especially on a crappy day and than I headed home to make dinner! Tonight I was ready, fresh halibut.. JAson had rice and I had salad.. very good!

After dinner we went grocery shopping to stock up on all things good for the week! Everything healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy protiens, super excited for a week of clean eating!

BAck to work tomorrow, I never look forward to that! As September nears I dread having to work the whole entire month! Jason will be going into first fire and therefore working 7 days a week, I will be working 6 minimum.. going to be a long month.. and then winter is going to be here :(

Anyways I will keep you posted on our week! I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures from our trip to Homer and the grizzly!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sick... so freakin' sick!

Greetings all,

Well I'm sick, as you know Jason was sick and although I never ever seem to catch what he has this turned out to be different! I felt really tired on Tuesday night and just kind of crumby.. but I really didn't think it was the start of this horrendous sickness, I just thought I was tired.. well Wednesday I woke up feeling like hell. I went to work and when I talked to Deanna she said and I quote "well call me tomorrow in the morning because if you are sick I don't want to get it, we are going away this weekend".. not "Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better".. no of course not! So yesterday I woke up feeling worse and ended up staying home all day! I had pretty much figured that I wouldn't wake up feeling cured so I made a point to go to Walmart the night before and get some yarn so I would have something to do being home all day!

So I pretty much spent the day yesterday making slippers on the couch and watching Sex and the City.. I haven't seen it in awhile so I figured what better time to catch up! Ive been on a slipper making frenzy.. I'm getting a head start for everyone for Christmas.. the latest ones are my favorite color.. what do you all think??

Today I woke up feeling MUCH worse but unfortunately I had absolutely no choice but to go to work! I made it through the day and Jason actually got off work earlier than usual and made dinner tonight which was fabulous! He is off at the gym right now and I am just hanging out and doing some laundry until he gets back and than we were thinking about taking a drive over to Point Woronzof because someone at work told me that there are a bunch of huge bull moose hanging around over there! I feel like if we just stay home I will go to bed at 8pm and probably be up at 5am. Besides its suppose to rain all weekend and the sun is out tonight.

Check out Point Woronzof.. its so pretty there.

So really that's it with us, we are very much enjoying preseason football and are so looking forward to this years pool!

On another note, before I sign off I would like to take a moment to mention a very special occasion.. the 27th birthday of Jason's grandfather Mr. Bob Marston!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!! We hope you had a WONDERFUL day, we miss you tons and love you lots!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, in weather a lot better than the crap we're getting!

Police locate two hands downstream from where head and foot recovered | CP24

And it keeps gets worse!! What is this world coming to!!

Police locate two hands downstream from where head and foot recovered | CP24

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salmon Fishing..

Hello all,

I thought I would blog tonight while I had a few minutes and tell you all about my week thus far! Yesterday was a slow day at work and Deanna really wasn't around at all. It kills me that she is in the office with me 2 times a week and at least one of those days she doesn't show up. Whatever Ive been on a slipper making kick, I have 3 pairs sitting and ready and have been on a roll.. I think we are going to need to go and get some more yarn soon!

We didn't go anywhere last night because Jason is sick, we decided to stay home last night so he could rest which was probably wise because he felt a lot worse today!

This morning I got up early and Mel, Myles and I headed to Bird Ridge and Bird Creek.. Mel saw her first Alaskan Moose! We had lunch and toured around.. took a long walk this afternoon! It was a good day! Poor Myles was a little out of sorts this afternoon.. poor guy is going to be a year old at the end of this month and still hasn't gotten a tooth! His poor mouth has to be killing him.. A little quality time and a rare glimpse at the TV seemed to help!

We had just gotten back from a walk and I opened his cup with a straw so he could have a drink and sprayed the poor guy right in the face! As you can see he was like.. What the hell are you doing?

Mel really doesn't have the TV on for Myles ever, but he LOVES Sesame Street.. this is Myles in the zone!

You could seriously talk to him and touch him and it was like you weren't even there! Isn't he so freakin' cute!

Tonight we had a pretty AWESOME dinner, we have been talking about making skewers forever! We bought the skewers awhile ago and just kept forgetting, so we decided the other day while at the grocery store to get the stuff we needed to make them. Check it out.. soo good!

Definitely no point in buying them already made at the store, this took me all of 10 minutes to put together! They were honestly soo great, reminded me of the cottage where we use to make them all the time!

After dinner I was feeling exhausted, hoping that I'm not getting sick! Jason still isn't feeling good at all but really wanted to go for a walk so we decided to head down to the river and Jason brought his fishing rod. Check out what he caught..

Isn't it a decrepit looking little thing!

Jason thinks this is possibly what they look like towards the end of the run, and this year was a bad year.. I don't know... it is a salmon though!

Haha bad picture..

God love that face, Jason was honestly so friggin' excited to catch this fish!

So we're home now, I'm honestly not feeling so hot.. I REALLY REALLY hope I'm not getting sick.. so off to bed I go! Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but what else is new!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Days Like These...

No I'm not going to bust out in song.. although I do love Jason Aldean and his song "Days like these" I'm referring to our day today!

Well I suppose all around its just been a really awesome weekend! Last night Jason and I had dinner and headed over to play basketball for awhile! Jason wanted to play this game "around the world" for all I know he made it up because Ive never heard of it but turns out I wasn't too bad at it.. because I won! haha Any of you that know Jason well know how he felt about that! He said I cheated, tried to change the game, wanted to play again.. and than plain and simple wouldn't let me play anymore.. HA HA so we came home! It was a lot of fun though, another form of exercise and we always love that! So we came home and I talked Jason into watching a chick flick with me! Let me tell you these nights are few and far between, we never ever watch movies anymore because we are never home but when we do Jason usually picks.. until last time. Last time we watched a movie we went to see that new Adam Sandler movie.. STUPID! It was a waste of my life.. time I will never get back, so after that I said I was picking! I'm not going to lie I feel bad because I knew Jason really wouldn't love the movie but I was dying to see it and Barb and Mom watched it so I really had to see it! We watched Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.. SO GOOD! At the end I just laid on the couch sobbing.. I love a good movie like that!

This morning Jason slept in, I think its his allergies because he is severely stuffed up! I woke up at 8:30am and he was snoring! Jason NEVER snores unless he is sick or exhausted.. I think it might have been a combination of both! So I snuck out of bed and quietly watched TV and had a coffee in the living room so he could sleep! Jason got up at 9:30am and we really didn't rush to get out the door like we usually do. We took our time getting ready, had breakfast and headed out! We stopped and got a Starbucks and got on the road to Hatchers Pass which is just outside of Palmer!

We made a few stops along the way around the Little Susitna River;
we took a bunch of pictures and really just enjoyed the ride up there! There was so many beautiful places to stop, we even ran into a couple with their young daughter who were panning for gold!

We literally JUST pulled into the Independence Mine visitor parking area and Jason, Mel and Myles pulled in right behind us! GREAT TIMING! We had planned to just see where we were and if we happened to be around the same place try and get together but we realized as we drover further from Anchorage that none of us had phone reception.. fate!

Check out some information on the Independence Mine...

We really had a great time there and we got there at such a good time on account that the fog was JUST starting to set in and by the time we were leaving you really couldn't see anything. Actually it was kind of funny because I really hate the fog, every time we are in Maine I complain about it because it creepy.. it makes me nervous.. straight out of a horror movie! Well Mel said the same thing when we were there today, and it made it worse that it was a creepy old decrepit falling down Mine and it was surrounded by thick fog.. creepy! Jason was telling me on the way home that he was reading the signs in some of the buildings that said about ghosts.. EEK!

After leaving the Mine we stopped at Thunder Bird Falls on the way home and hiked to the gorge and than the falls.. honestly I wasn't overly impressed. The hike was fine, short really but I didn't feel the need to make it longer on account that there really wasn't much to see!

Leaving there we decided to stop at the Peanut Farm and have dinner on the patio! I had really wanted to go to the Glacier Brew House but it seemed like a waste to sit inside when we have this BEAUTIFUL weather! Unfortunately I didn't take my purse because we had been out hiking all day and they wouldn't serve Jason a beer because I didn't have my ID.. that started things.. haha than there were bee's EVERYWHERE.. if I haven't mentioned it before the yellow jackets are in abundance here! I don't know what the deal is but honestly no matter where you go you see a bunch and on a patio with beer and food, they were swarming! They screwed up Jason's wings to finish things.. but honestly I'm not complaining about any of it because it really was just such a great day!

We left there, hit the car wash and walmart on the way home! Jason started pork in the crock pot to make pulled pork for dinner tomorrow and I made lunches for tomorrow and got all the fruit washed up and ready for the week! I already sent out the pictures from today so I hope you all enjoy!

Its days like these that make me feel lucky to be here and see all these beautiful amazing things! Its days like these, however few and far between that prevent me from packing all my shit and heading as far south as I can go! Its days like these that make me so happy, so lucky for all that I have! Jason and I had such a great day today, saw and did so much! I always say that we need to make more of an effort to get out of town every chance we get and make the most of all that we are surrounded by! Its kind of easier said than done with both of our schedules but days like this make me want to find the time somehow!

Tomorrow back to work and then Tuesday is suppose to be beautiful as well so Mel and I are thinking a hike in the morning with Mr. Myles and than a picnic lunch at the park and play time for the little guy.. sounds like a good plan to me! I need to hit Best Buy in search of case for my Ipod with a strap so I can wear it around my around at the gym and when I run. I'm going to REALLY try and push myself to get up and go for even a half hour run in the morning before going to work.. I said I was going to try, don't hold me to it just yet! Haha maybe if I win the long sleeve lulu running shirt on Ebay I'm bidding on!

Anyways I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did! Enjoy the pictures!!

PS - Mom we went into Starbucks this morning and here is a woman sitting there with a Brady Jersey and a Patriots hat! I told Jason I wanted to take a picture and send it to you and he said "Football season has begun, no more joking, no more fun!" HAHA - Then I came home to find out that Chad Ochocinco beat his wife last night and Miami cut him today! HAHA Jason was worried he would be an issue playing in the same division as the Patriots.. I however was not worried on account that I think he sucks, apparently at life as well as football!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Always an exciting night at the lake..

Hello all,

I really have nothing to report, but Jason and I went for a walk last night and who was out.. THE BEAVERS! I swear every time we go to the lake we see a beaver which is great, but last night there were TWO! I wish I took my camera, but I had my phone so these were the best pictures I could get and I thought I would share!

Usually the beaver flies out of the water not caring one bit who is standing there.. not scared of people one bit! But apparently it is scared of dogs.. haha the poor beaver tread water about 10 feet from shore terrified and than said screw it and took off!

Anyways here are a few pictures! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sun to Rain.. just like that!

Greetings from dreary miserable Alaska!

Clearly I was in a better mood yesterday than I am today.. so I think I will start off with the good side of things!

Yesterday Mel, Myles and I headed to Target early in the morning, than to the post office and then Downtown! Myles had a cat nap on the way downtown which was great because when we got there it was lunch time! We decided to go to the Glacier Brewhouse, Jason and I have tried to go before but its always an ridiculous wait so we've never actually made it in! But lunch time isn't nearly as busy as dinner so we got seated right away. Mel had a citrus wasbi salad with fresh pacific salmon and I have a garden salad with fresh pan seared halibut.. amazing! Honestly their menu has a million things to choose from but I couldn't have been happier with what I got! The fresh fish here is amazing, and I don't even like fish! Stuff from the Pacific Ocean seems to taste a lot better than stuff from the Atlantic Ocean.. even Jason agreed, as weird as that may sound!

After lunch we headed over to the mall, Mel was on the hunt for a pair of Toms! Those shoes are friggin' cute, they even have them in Myles size! Unfortunately for me it wont get warm enough to wear them, and I work all the time.. plus we have no room to take them.. besides I think I might hold out for the boots because they are what I really want! We also found some excellent deals through out the mall which is always a good thing! On the last floor of the mall Myles had pretty much had it with shopping, cant say I blame him.. its not nearly as fun for him and we weren't exactly at babies R us.

We left the mall and headed home, not before seeing a cruise shipped docked in town.. that's a first. Not sure what cruise line it was but it was a really huge boat! Anyways we got home and decided to go for a walk, it was a beautiful day and Myles didn't nap on the way home so Mel kind of figured he would nap while we walked! Well we walked for a long time and he didn't nap, haha poor guy was sooo tired! By the time we got back to the apartment his eyes were sooo red and he was exhausted.. no napping though!

I hung around at Mel's for awhile and then headed home to get the truck to go and pick up Jason!

Through the day Jason had suggested we go out or pick up sandwiches and have a picnic dinner at Beluga point and then maybe tour around Girdwood or Bird Creek! So that's just what we did, I picked Jason up and he went and picked up the company truck from Kris, came home and changed and we headed out the door. We stopped and got a sandwich and than headed down to one of the lookouts along Turnagain Arm.. I cant remember which one we stopped at! We had dinner and than toured around and took pictures. We decided to go to Bird Creek because the Salmon are in so Jason could do a little fishing. Honestly I'm so nervous going there because there was a bear attack there at the beginning of the summer and it freaks me out!

On the way home we saw 3 Dall sheep in the mountains.. that was the first time Jason has ever seen them and the first time I was able to get some pictures! I sent out all the pictures last night, I hope everyone enjoyed them!

I had a super great day off yesterday although unfortunately I didn't get much sleep last night and woke up feeling pretty crumby.. haha compared to yesterday when I woke up from dreaming that I was suppose to be delivering papers for Bubba for his paper route and I couldn't seem to get them done and I was so scared because I kept seeing bears! I told Jason that and he said that he had been dreaming that he was being chased by fox.. and they could talk! haha!! See what Alaska does to you!!

Anyways I came in to work and there was a million things for me to do, as usual! Sometimes I wonder if its worth having a day off seeings how I have to do double the work the day after! But I'm going to take advantage while I can because I wont have many days off at all in September!

Hopefully in the next two weeks Mel and I are going to head to Whittier and go on the 26 Glacier tour!!! Its like the Major Marine Tour we did when everyone was here but different, I'm super excited for that!

Well I hope everyone is having a great week, its hump day!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Weekend come and gone..

Well hello all,

Unfortunately another weekend has come and gone.. for those of us in the US at least because I believe at home you are all taking advantage of another long weekend!!

Nothing much has been going on here.. its been shitty weather.. GO FIGURE! Honestly I swear if we get one nice day its followed by 4 shitty days! I don't know what the hell, this morning I woke up and the apartment was FREEZING! More than usual!

Anyways I had a really bad week at work, everyday I was getting screamed at by residents strictly for being the messenger. I don't get to make major decisions and trust me if I did I would do things so different, 99% of the time I agree with the residents on their dispute! Its just been everything this week. We have a resident who in May had her kitchen flood, a drain line above her kitchen split and Deanna wouldn't take her seriously when she was repeatedly calling and saying that it was raining in her kitchen. In the end they had to cut a huge hole in her ceiling and take her appliances out and her kitchen was basically out of commission for a week. There was no compensation, nor did they bother to rush and fix it.. when they were finally did Tom had to go in and help Clayton and was EXTREMELY rude to her and she was sooo upset, understandably. Well this week a drain line split above her master bathroom and master closet.. soaked everything.. had to have her carpets cleaned.. HUGE pain in the ass.. she wants compensation on her rent. Last time she had to eat for a week and this time she is having to dry clean a bunch of stuff and rewash everything in her closet, I don't blame her! WELL they said that they would give her $25.00 on her rent and they thought that was MORE THAN FAIR! Its honestly insulting to this woman in my opinion.. they don't care!

I had another TERRIBLE move in, Deanna rented to them and the people who lived there before were evicted and there were stains on the carpet! OF COURSE they wouldn't replace them and OF COURSE I have to do the move in and get to listen to people be upset, angry and disappointed.. its awful and I'm sick of it!

I also found out on Friday that apparently they are planning to go away in January or February down to the lower 48 to tour around in their motor home! I AM NOT GOING TO WORK AND BE ON CALL FOR ANOTHER MONTH!! I agreed to do it in September strictly on account that there was no other way they would give me time with everyone was here.. but this is taking advantage.. in the biggest way ever! NOT HAPPENING!

Anyways.. Friday night Jason and I went down to Ship Creek because the Silver Salmon were suppose to be running! Well they really weren't, not like I had expected at least! We saw a few people catch some but it wasn't like I thought! Here is a kind of crappy picture of one but its better than nothing.

We left there and hit Walmart before coming home! Yesterday Jason and I both worked all day, and it was raining and crappy! For some reason my knees were aching sooooooooooooo bad! My left knee hurt the worst its hurt in years! I came home and made dinner and than sat on the couch for the rest of the night with a heating pad.. I assume its the miserable cold and rainy weather but it was awful!!

Today Jason had to go into work this morning for a couple of hours so I got up and talked to Barb for a couple of hours! I got ready and cleaned up the apartment and when Jason got home we headed out to do a few errands. After that we decided it wasn't TERRIBLE out so we would head up to Arctic Valley and see if there were any bears hanging around, Mel and Jason saw 2 last weekend up there!! We didn't see any bears but we did see a great view! Check it out!

When we got home we decided to have a visit with the Goodwin's! Its so VERY RARE that both Jason's have the same day off, if there is any time off at all, so we like to make the most of it and Jason never gets to see Myles! Not to mention I haven't seen Myles in a week and I really miss him... at this age in a week he changes so much! Today he learned to drink from a straw, had ice cream for the first time.. haha see you miss a day and you miss so much! He has really only seen Jason a couple of times, but they seem to get along.. haha what do you think??

You know how kids love Jason! Myles seemed pretty impressed with Jason too.. or he figured no one was hovering or trying to take him away so it was all good.

Anyways Jason is just making dinner and we have a pretty quiet night planned, nothing exciting! I'm reading a really good book right now and Jason is tired from getting up early so we'll probably go to bed early.

Back to work tomorrow unfortunately! I honestly might lose my shit tomorrow and get fired.. last week was so bad and I'm sick of doing everything by myself! I'll try to be on my best behavior though and keep in mind I have Tuesday off and its suppose to be nice out!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend or are enjoying their long weekend!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Saved by the Grace of Southern Charm

Good Morning all,

Thought I would send out a quick message tell you all how AWESOME the Miranda Lambert concert was last night!! As the day went on yesterday I was super excited to go! Jason ended up being later than expected so we were kind of rushed! We parked across the street, which was Jason's idea and quite wise because the line of cars to get into the arena parking was unbelievable.. C street was backed up forever!! We got in line and then someone came out and said if you had floor seats to follow her.. SCORE.. I love skipping the line!

I'm not going to lie, I'm super disappointed that Chris Young and Jerrod Niemann did NOT open for Miranda like mom said they were going! It was some local guy.. SUCKS! His name is Ken Peltier and he plays at a lot of local dive bars.. not to say he isn't good but still. I guess the just of not bringing out more big acts is that the venue here is so small and its not worth the money.. makes me sad but I get it. If you feel like it, check out.. Ken Peltier!

So Miranda lit up the stage, she was AWESOME!! Jason really wasn't thrilled about this concert but he was a really good sport about going and I don't think he hated it by any means! Miranda Lambert isn't Kelly Pickler... as she said "I like to hunt, fish, I eat chicken fried stead and I like a cold beer. I'm a proud size 8 and its never seem to hurt me. I don't give a crap about much bigger than a beer bottle" haha. Not only was her concert great but she is super down to earth and speaks her mind!

So overall awesome night! Unfortunately yesterday morning when I got up and it was soooooo terribly cold and miserable outside I turned on the heat in the apartment! Well I was rushing to get out the door in the morning because I decided to drive, and then when I got home from work I was rushing to get ready and make a quick dinner and Jason was late.. forgot to turn off the heat! Lets just say it was warm in the apartment last night! Not to say that I ever seem to sleep good anymore but whatever! So I got up when Jason went to work this morning and cleaned the apartment, did laundry and worked out.. haha I feel quite good!

I wish I didn't have to go to work today, I hate that I have to do absolutely EVERYTHING there! I'm going to try not to complain though because the sun is actually out today and that never happens so I figure I should look on the bright side!

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! I think Jason might have Sunday off and therefore if its nice we plan to go up to Hatchers Pass! We'll see how it goes!

Here are a few pictures from last nights show!!

PS - $50.00 to anyone who can find me a shirt that says "saved by the grace of southern charm"

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best Day Off!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

What a GREAT day off! I got to sleep in this morning and lounge around in the quiet which is always great! I got some laundry done and cleaning before Jason got home just after lunch to pick me up for our dentist appointment. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely terrified of the dentist, and it doesn't help that we never stay in one place so I always have to see a different dentist, which means new xrays, new assessment.. which is the worst! The lady who did my cleaning was absolutely AWESOME though, she did an absolutely amazing job and I didn't get the urge to bite her.. not once!

After the dentist Jason and I decided that we were going to head to the Alaska Zoo! It was great, both Jason and I always compare all Zoo's to the Toronto zoo which isn't really fair because the Toronto Zoo is the second largest zoo in North America! It was good though, all of the animals have been rescued from a bad situation and are being cared for there, which is always a good thing! We always enjoy the zoo anywhere.

We did grocery shopping before heading home and Jason made halibut for dinner.. honestly nothing compares to fresh Alaskan halibut. Tonight we baked it with salt and pepper and a little bit of lemon juice and it was honestly amazing! I really am not a fish lover but Ive never tasted fish that is so good.

So that's about it Jason got a cord for his camera so I was able to upload the videos from their halibut fishing trip! I got everything ready for tomorrows dinner because we are both late every night now and I got stuff ready for Thursdays dinner because its going to have to be so super quick because we are heading to the Miranda Lambert concert!! SO EXCITED!

That's our scoop, back to work tomorrow unfortunately! Its suppose to rain for the rest of the week.. GO FIGURE! I guess one sunny day a week isn't bad!

Anyways I have to run, Jason is waiting to put a bunch of our pictures from the computer on Cd's and I'm going to go for a shower! Hope everyone had a great day!