Thursday, October 2, 2014

Little Life Update

Hi guys,

Its been awhile since I have actually been around here and talked about whats going on in life, I didn't post about our weekend this week because truth be told nothing happened worth talking about. Jason has been working 6 days a week and usually having Sunday off so on Sunday it was a nice balmy 82 and we headed out to small town New Jersey to meet Rob and Zach at Famous Dave's for a little football and BBQ. Before we even arrived at the restaurant we decided we were glad we hadn't chosen to live in a small town as we sat in traffic on their quaint little one lane each way roads.

It was actually funny, we love Famous Dave's when we lived in New York we went quite a few times and we have also been to one in Washington. When we found out they had one here we decided we would definitely pick a weekend and make our way out there. Well it was Sunday football and they had run out of every beer I asked for, who runs out of beer on football Sunday? Lets be honest it was a bad sign. Then Jason found hair in his food, long hair.. GAG! He complained a little and the manager came over and offered to bring him a new meal, he declined but they did take the meal off the bill. I could have killed Jason though, as he was talking to the manager he was like "its OK, I find hair in my food all the time" - I mean good lord!

After the game we headed back to the apartment and just had a quiet evening. When Jason works all week we don't generally do a ton because he likes to rest and watch football.

This is the truest of true statements. This week was the first day of October and let me tell you how it is my absolute favorite month! I have been really looking forward to fall in the North and wish I have had the chance to enjoy it more. 

My week hasn't been going on that great, if you have been reading here for awhile you know that last summer I tore my rotator cuff and it was awful. It seemingly got better on its own but since then I have noticed that I cannot carry my purse on my right shoulder or it ends with a lot of pain. Well this past week it has been quite painful and yesterday it was the most painful its ever been. I have spent the last two days on the couch with a heating pad because I can barely move without wanting to scream or cry, which I did a lot of yesterday.. crying. Nights are the worst, Tuesday night I ended up on the couch with my arm propped up and a heating pad which got me no sleep but made the pain tolerable I guess. 

Tuesday morning I met Lindsey and we walked over to Bed Bath & Beyond, I was surprised at how chilly it actually felt. When I arrived home I went to meet Tanya for coffee as I hadn't seen her in two weeks and let me tell you I nearly froze to death sitting in the park! 

Tuesday night Jason and I went over to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum which I plan to blog about Monday! 

Like I said for the last two days I haven't been doing much because truthfully I cant get dressed myself which is pathetic and trust me I feel that way. God love Jason who has been tying up my hair for me, switched sides of the bed because I like to sleep facing the edge of the bed but cant lay on my arm. I will say I got a little more sleep last night but every time I tried to move I woke up in horrific pain. I still have pain killers from the first time this happened but left them at home and have yet to see a doctor this time. I don't honestly know if its worth it, besides to get pain killers to give me some relief. If it persists I wont have a choice but they don't have one doctor covered by our insurance where we live so I feel like its a hassle and I honestly don't think they will do much anyways. I know what it is, I don't believe they will do anything but give me something for pain and recommend rest which I am already doing. 

This was the result of me trying to do my makeup Tuesday morning. I kept dropping my makeup brushes, this one didn't fair well. Apparently I am useless with my left hand.

So that's our scoop, I am thinking seriously that I will get up in the morning before Jason leaves and have him help me get dressed so I can at least go out for awhile tomorrow and get some fresh air! I am going crazy sitting in the apartment let me tell you that much! 

I will be back tomorrow with my weekly highlights, but I warn you they wont be all that exciting and back Monday with our experience at the 9/11 Memorial. Hopefully next week I am feeling better and will have some more upbeat posts!

I hope you are all having a great week, I am sure looking forward to curling up tonight for Thursday night shows. 

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