Monday, October 27, 2014

Birch Box Store Soho New York

Good Monday Morning!

I thought I would start off this week by telling y'all about last week when Tanya and I visited the Birch Box store in Soho! I will warn you now, I will most likely rave about this for weeks or months to come!

I will back track a little and tell you that my first experience with Birch Box was last Christmas when Tanya bought me a three month Subscription. It was the most fabulous gift, and if you are not aware exactly what it is, you can read back on my blog or visit their website. I really truly felt it was such a smart idea as products are really expensive, make up and otherwise and the idea of being able to try new products from a variety of price ranges was great. I looked so forward to getting my box in the mail every month and discovered some really great products that I most likely otherwise wouldn't have.

So fast forward to this month for my birthday and Jason got me a subscription and Tanya said we would go to the Birch Box store and I could make my own box, how lucky am I right? I can't say I go into the city all that much but I was really looking forward to a change of scenery and getting into the city! For some reason I thought it would be a pain to get there from Jersey but it was so easy and we were there before I knew it.

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)

We got off the Subway at the Christopher Street stop and wandered toward the Birch Box store taking in all the beauty the city has to offer. I'm not going to lie, I forgot how beautiful the city is!

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)

We decided to have coffee at Starbucks before going over, because.. obviously! I think we were both a little anxious to get there and see what the store had to offer. I want to say Tanya had been there before.. I don't quote me on that because I'm drawing a blank but I definitely had not and couldn't wait! 

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)
The outside was absolutely no indication of what was awaiting us inside. 


Instantly it was just overwhelming! The place was extremely clean and all of the associates were all so knowledgeable and friendly. They didn't bother us or pressure us but made sure we knew they were there and ready to help if we needed it! We really explored the store and checked out everything that we could before going on and building out boxes! 

When you go in you can pick from three box colors and then you can choose 5 products from 5 different sections. Each section has 3-5 products to choose from, they are laid out for you to view, read about and try. I actually didn't have a hard time choosing my five products at all and was so excited for what I received. Keep in mind these are the products offered in the store and they do change each month.

I'm sorry for some reason this picture wont flip! 
I have five products in here that I chose and one little sample I received because I bought a full size product with my purchase, I'm sorry I meant to take that out. 

The products I chose in my box are:

1. Supergoop Forever Young Hand cream: This berrylicious hydrator plumps skin and blocks UV rays. (Body & Nails Section)

2. Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water: Botanical formula that gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup. (Skincare)

3. Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume: Grapefruit- sandalwood blend that leaves skin smelling youthful. (Fragrance Section)

4. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Natural Tint: Brunette friendly dry shampoo for instant texture and volume. (Hair Section)

5. ModelCo Powerlash High Impact Black Mascara: Inky-black formula for luxurious long, thick lashs. (Makeup section)

I felt they had a great selection to choose from, there was definitely something for everyone in each section which I believe is a hard task to accomplish but they definitely do so and well. 

After building our boxes we went back out into the store to choose any other products we would like to purchase and let me tell you this was the hardest part. I decided quickly on the Smashbox Try it Kit, it had multiple products I was interested in trying and it was a great deal! 

Again.. I don't know why I cant flip the picture! 

So as you can tell the box was $19.00 but a retail value of $52.00.. crazy right? It contained the following products:

1. Photo Finish Foundation Primer: Smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores while creating a flawless canvas. 

2. Photo Finish Lid Primer: Instantly smooth and perfect lids with this ultra luxurious formula to help keep shadow last all day. 

3. Full Exposure Mascara: Expose your longest, fullest lashes, no clumps or flakes just maximum impact, scene stealing lashes! 

4. Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx: Get bold definition with this waterproof, long wearing eye liner that wont smudge or budge for up to 8 hours. 

5. Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume: Drench your lips in color and shine with this luxe gloss in a best selling shade. 

Too good right? I cannot wait to try all of these products and will let you all know what I think about them when I have! 

After the Birch Box store we toured around the city a little, making another stop at Aritzia and let me tell you I couldn't have been more excited to be there. I have loved Aritzia for years but in the States they are really hard to come by, so the fact that they have one in New York is amazing. I could spend a fortune there but right now I was mostly in the need of some new tights and that's exactly what I got! 

All in all the day was a huge hit and I think we are planning to head back this week to take in some more, so stay tuned! 

If you get the chance to visit the Birch Box store I highly recommend it and if not try out a box, you don't have to commit to a year or even three months, you can purchase one box or even just a specialty box they come out with here and there. They have plenty of options and its a great way to try different products. 

I also purchased a full size bottle of Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray which I will be posting a full review on later this week! 

The second box here is the one I got for my birthday from Jason. 

Thanks for popping in, I hope you have a great day!!

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