Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE a good shopping spree!

Beyond my control I got a job that requires me to wear only dressy clothes, which if you know me at all you know that I would just as soon live in my yoga pants and lulu sweaters and therefore dont own many if any dressy clothes! This however is not an option at this job and my boss was quite spiffy when I met her before therefore I don't see her being at all lenient about the dress code. So tonight I got to go out and buy all new clothes for my new job!! :D

We decided that we wouldn't go to the big mall downtown we would go to the Diamond Center Mall close to us which was fine because I scoped out The Gap online today and I found a lot of stuff I was interested in! For those of you who are skeptical about The Gap, its completely different in the States, weird I know but much better! Anyways thankfully Jason was in DESPERATE need of a hair cut, his caucasion fro was getting old and when I went on my way to shop he went his own way! So I hit a few stores before I arrived at The Gap and JACKPOT! They were having a sale up to 70% off!! I scored big time here in regards to granny cardigans which is what I live in here because its so damn cold! I'm super happy with all my purchases! I absolutely cannot wait until I can wear my new duds with real shoes instead of Uggs!

Jason is trying to convince me to get some "creepers", before understanding what he was talking about I was like "Look Ive got enough fucking creepers on facebook...." haha apparently that's not what he was talking about. He wants me to get these stupid little rubber traction things that would go over my boots and make me look like a mountain climber.. no thank you! I will probably regret that when I fall on my ass which is bound to happen, but I just cant wear those things!

My lovely husband took me out for dinner tonight to celebrate my new job, we went to the Firetap Alehouse in Anchorage and it was AWESOME! I had brick oven pizza and Jason had a burger! We have blue corn chips and guacamole to start that was great! Jason also got Glacier Brew house Blond Ale beer that was super good! I however stayed away from the beer on account that when I bought new pants tonight I am officially a size two and quite happy about it!

Speaking of sizes, did I mention that Jason and I started dieting and working out yesterday? Obviously today was an exception (Yes this early on, don't judge we had something to celebrate!) we are preparing for our after Superbowl detox and trying to get back into some kind of work our regime after having not been to the gym since we left North Carolina! So we worked out last night for 90 minutes and I'm not going to lie by the end of it I could barely lift my arms! I was so scared to go to sleep last night in fear of what I would wake up feeling like today! Surprisingly I was great! Makes me feel good about tomorrows work out!

So I work until 6pm tomorrow, I will be interested to see what my hubby makes for dinner! Haha!! I think he feels like that's is the worst part of this job.. the household responsibilities are going to be shared now! I think I might kind of like that, Jason is a really good cook and I don't get to enjoy it often!!

Alright I am going to hit the sheets, I haven't slept good in the last couple of nights and I need to be fresh to make a good first impression tomorrow! Hope you are all having a great week!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Alaska might actually be a good thing???

I GOT THE JOB!!!! Tom called tonight and offered me the job and I happily accepted!! I start on Wednesday!

I'm not going to lie I had pretty much talked myself into not getting my hopes up because at the interview he told me that I was the only person he was interviewing that didn't have 10+ years experience in the field. Obviously that was a huge downfall on my part, on top of that he knew that I will be leaving in a year and he had said that this is something that most people get into for a long time. I did the only thing I could, I went in there knowing I had no experience, was myself and hoped for the best!!! Turns out that was enough!

With everything that has gone on with our situation and not being able to work I have an abundance of emotion, I am so super excited to have secured a job so soon after we have arrived, this is not something I expected. I am so grateful that I didn't have to go through the whole process of looking for jobs, sending out resumes and going to interviews and then facing rejection!! Somehow things have fallen into place so much better than I ever expected.. I feel so lucky!

I'm now so anxious to start, the position requires dressy clothes which I actually don't have so tomorrow night we will go out shopping which of course is exciting news to everyone but Jason! Haha! I am anxious to feel useful again, and contribute! We knew that the wages were low out here and it wasn't a big deal, Jason has suggested something part time, but I really wanted something to occupy my time out here because otherwise I might go nutty! This is more money than we ever thought I would make which even better, plus we get FREE RENT!!

There is a lot of bonus' that come along with this job and I couldn't be happier! I thought I would fill you all in as promised!!

Now lets hope I don't get eaten by a moose walking to and from.

Life as we know it...

Isn't it funny how we go through life and things change so drastically, when you are young your mom takes you on play dates with what she refers to as "your friends" and you sit on the floor beside "your friend" saying nothing because neither of you know any words while he or she steals your toys. Thankfully your mom is always there to recapture your beloved block from the grubby little hands of your so called "friend". Lets be honest as the next few years go on things don't change much in regards to friends, you play together and often fight over toys, watch shows together but the conversation is pretty limited. However you have learned that wonderful word that will so often be thrown back and forth "MINE!" Then you go to school! School is where things change, the beginning where real friendships are formed. You will spend years gabbing on the phone, depending on your era chatting online, having sleep overs and gossiping beyond your own control. Some of these friend will last until high school, maybe even through college and if you are lucky enough maybe forever.. but lets be honest that's rare.

High school is the first big transition in regards to all relationships, you start to figure out who you really are as a person, what your interests are, who you want to be. This new found self realization allows for a whole new group of friends to go along with your all new surroundings. These friendships will seem like the most significant friendships that will ever be, these friends will get you through anxiety provoking tests, relationship troubles, hang overs, breakups, makeups, college applications, etc.. and saying goodbye to these friends when you part ways for college will a huge loss... because 5 years after high school how many of these friends will still be that good of a friend? Will you talk to them every week? Meet for dinners? Make time for them amongst your busy college schedule? New college friends?

College is a whole new level, you are again in completely new surroundings and facing a plethora of new life choices that will attract a whole new group of friends. These are the friends out of all the friends that will somehow last the longest.. they will be the friends at your wedding, the god mothers and fathers of your children, the person you call to consult about stock tips before investing a large amount of money that will one day bite you in the ass and force you to start saving for retirement all over again! Those are the best friends!

However when all is said and done and life really starts who is beside you? Who is the friend who makes the effort to call you and see how life is? Who is the friend who sends you a Christmas card, birthday card, post card.. if your not catching my drift, some kind of card just to keep in touch! Who is the friend is bothers to pick up the phone and not just send a lame (ya I said "lame") text message to see how things are.

People change, life changes.. people move and people grow apart, that doesn't diminish what once was, it doesn't change what kind of friendship you have. Sometimes the best friends are the ones you drift away from and then somehow drift back.. because one of you made the effort. People get busy and due to circumstances beyond any ones control sometimes you cant be the friend that you want them to be, know that you can be.. but its the true friends that look beyond what they are not gaining and See's the circumstances and stand behind you anyways.

I'm not that old, I'm not that young anymore sadly but I'm not that old and at this point in my life my friends are all different ages, all different places and place all different value on what our friendship means. I will admit I'm not always the best friend I should be, can be. I don't always pick up the phone, email, facebook or text when I should. Sometimes its because I'm busy, moving all over as we do or getting settled somewhere new like we often have to... sometimes although it is no excuse I don't have the time to be the attentive, email sending, phone call making, text responding friend that I should be. My circumstances are what they are, as all of your circumstances are what they are.. and although I may not be the friend I should be all the time I am the friend that will always stand back and look at the circumstances surrounding life, not only mine... and understand why things may be the way they are.

Ive learned in life that you shouldn't expect things of others that you aren't willing to do yourself, Ive learned that sometimes no matter how hard people try they don't know how to be there and be supportive of certain situations and that doesn't make them a bad friend. Ive learned that for me its often the friend who you come together with occasionally, send a random email once a month and catch up on life that can be one of the best friends. As we get older our needs changes, our lives change and although I don't think having a sit down conversation about the expectations you have of each friendship is necessary.. a quiet understanding is a good thing.

I don't know about you but as I get older I have a lot less patience for bullshit, I refuse to continue to do for others when it is obviously a one way street. A friendship is meant to be mutual, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual care. Sad to think that at every age there are friends that don't get that and take advantage! Well I am done with friends like that, I am lucky to have great friends who all bring something different and special to my life and those are the friendships that deserve to come first, to be put on a pedestal because they bring something so wonderful to my life.'

To all the wonderful friends I have, and you know who you are! Thank you for being who you are, being there for me when I need you and bringing something to my life that no one else does! I love you all!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Anchorage at its Best..

Today's news in Anchorage.... Light snow.. many accidents..bull moose causing problems on Arctic Blvd! I bet none of you can say that your news is that exciting!

Alright so I'm catching a little slack for not posting yesterday about the job interview, but I had some thinking to do and on top of that I found a dresser on Craigslist and when Jason got home from work we went to pick it up! So the interview was good, its literally less than a 5 minute walk across the street and the job would be good and pays really well. Unfortunately the hours would be 10am - 6pm which is fine because we all know I'm not a morning person but right now Jason is only working until 3:30pm (although on that note he could make me dinner.. haha!!) but I would work Monday - Wednesday, Thursday off and then work Saturday and be on call Sunday.. and it would be like that every week! I'm not against working all the time, in fact thinking that Jason would be working all the time soon I thought it would actually be a great thing.. but when I told Jason about the hours he said that they are putting a limit on over time on this job so he wont be working all the time like usual.. still he should work most Saturdays.. so whatever! The guy who interviewed me was super nice and said that my only downfall was that I didn't have the experience but at the same time he said that someone who does have the experience may not have a good personality. So I was his first interview and he said he would let me know either way at the beginning of the week! So I'm hopeful but at the same time wouldn't be totally heart broken if I didn't get it on account that I really haven't looked at all because we've just gotten settled. So that's the scoop on that, I will keep you all posted!!

Jason has the weekend off which is great, we got a dresser yesterday so we officially have all the furniture we need! We went to Target tonight and got bed side table lamps (Jason wanted them for reading at night?? I think he will soon be tackling his new Patriots book Bubba & Jen got him for Christmas) Anyways while at Target we were browsing around looking for weather stripping for the door because the front door of the apartment has a wicked draft and Jason tried to fix it but said the weather stripping would be the best way to go. So while searching around Target I came across their duct tape section.. which I have talked about before.. but honestly.. it kills me every time! Look at this.. and its only a small portion of what they have...

I told Jason one day he is going to come home from work and we are going to have a zebra print coffee table, haha he gave me a pretty interesting warning look.. haha!

So as I sit here and blog Jason, god love him is fixing my bath tub!! Every god damn time I want to go for a bath the hot water doesn't work and it pisses me off.. I need to be able to go for a hot bath without the hassle of having to boil pots of water.. fuck that! So I noticed that the nozzle doesn't turn all the way, not because I couldn't do it.. it just wouldn't! So Jason had to take the whole thing apart and FIXED IT! I am so lucky he knows how to do things, I wouldn't have the patience to have to call someone every damn time something needed to be fixed. However as you have all seen, I'm pretty handy at heart myself.. *cough cough* the bed frame!

Not much planned for this weekend, tomorrow we might go check out the mall and best buy! Jason is dead set and determined on getting a bedroom TV, we would like to get a wireless router for the Internet because they dint offer wireless Internet here either (not I'm not kidding, its bullshit.. especially for how much Internet cost!) Besides that we got a SUPER warm and comfy new couch blanket so we might try out the fire place and watch a movie.. its suppose to be super cold tomorrow. Sunday is Pro bowl and Jason is going to make Chili for dinner which is great!

Monday we are starting to diet.. ugh! I'm not really upset about it.. Ive become a porker in all our traveling and not going to the gym, everyday I feel fat and I'm pestering Jason about it. So we are going to start dieting on Monday and start looking for a detox. One of the guys Jason works with, his wife works for some company that has something to do with fishing and they can get us an abundance of halibut for a really great price.. I think 10lbs or something so that's great because a detox all you can really eat is salad, brown rice and fish!

Oh before I forget.. My WONDERFUL friend Paula is making me an AWESOME crocheted scarf! I'm so excited, she too blogs and posted pictures of a scarf she made for a girl she works with and it was beautiful!! I really wish I was crafty like that, I have always wanted to learn to knit or crochet but I know that I couldn't teach myself from a book. Oh well, I have a great friend who is going to make me one anyways!!

Alright I'm off to curl up on the couch with my new couch blanket and watch Diners, Drive-ins and Drives.

Hope everyone had a great week and a stellar weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ive got a job interview for that job at the apartment I previously mentioned TOMORROW!! I'm not going to lie when that woman sent me the email saying that she had sent my resume to the "higher power" I had pretty much forgotten about the whole thing really. Then with moving and unpacking and trying to get all the things that we needed to be completely settled I just never even thought about it! So today the guy came and set up our house phone and and I was talking to Barb this afternoon and my cell rang and low and behold it was the guy calling and asking me to come for an interview tomorrow!! So I am meeting with him tomorrow at 1pm and I'm super excited!! It would be the PERFECT job for me, its literally right across the street, and with Jason only working right down the street we would save so much on gas which is CRAZY expensive here! Plus because the position is working for the company that owns the apartment that we live in we would get a discount on rent.. WOOHOO!! I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up just in case but I think it would be so perfect!

So that's pretty much is here, we got the rest of the furniture put together last night while watching the movie "Taken" with Liam Niessan.. if you haven't seen it you really should! This morning the guy came and set up our phone which was great because it was the last thing on our list, now all we need is a dresser and we're done! Jason said that no matter what we will be getting one this weekend no matter what.. and let me tell you its not because some of his clothes are still sitting in a suitcase and its bothering him, its because he is desperate for a bedroom TV and without a dresser he has nothing to put it on.. haha!

On another note we went grocery shopping tonight and for really what would usually cost us $100 or maybe $115 at most was $162... I almost died!!! After standing in line for like an hour because the woman at the cash was slow as shit when we got up there we just wanted to get out of there and when we saw the total we both stared at each other.. unbelievably expensive here!! The grocery store was interesting all in itself though, it was like its own personal walmart, Fred Myers! They even sell hand guns.. kills me..

Anyways its snowing here.. I don't know where they are going to put the stuff if it continues.. its suppose to snow tomorrow to.. so I will attend my interview if I'm not snowed in.. HAHA!

OK wish me luck! :)

Northern Lights at their best!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I guess I wont be venturing to Mexico anytime soon! What is wrong with people!?!

Calgary woman emerges from coma after Mexico attack Sympatico.ca News

Bed Assembly!

Frame assemebled!!! ALL BY MYSELF!

Getting the mattress and box spring out of their bags was a bitch but the bed ACTUALLY FIT on the frame that I BUILT!!

TA DA!!! FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!!! Boy was Jason surprised when he got home!!! I think he went to bed with a little hesitation! Wondering would the bed collapse when we got into it! Haha no dice though, lasted the whole night!!

Moving Day!

You know moving day never gets easier.. one would htink that at this point in time we would be pros at this moving all over thing.. truth be told we might be just that, but it doesnt mean we have to like it!

Jason actually got out of bed this morning which was the first shock of the day, he not only got out of bed, he took all the stuff he said he was going to take to the apartment before work.. way more than I had expected out of him due to his state last night! So I got up after him and got a few things done and had some coffee when the phone rang.. it was Jason who was on his way to get the truck and take the rental car back to the airport. He stopped to put gas in the rental car and realized that he had at some point last night lost his debit card.. AWESOME! He was freaking out.. so I called both the bars that he was at last night.. closed! What a mess! So I continue getting ready all the while cursing Jason in my head for being irresponsible, but I said nothing knowing that he was for sure way more upset about it then I was. So he came and got me, it was so nice to have the truck back! Nothing was missing which was even better!

We drive over to the apartment Jason was sick about the whole debit card situation, didnt want to unload the truck, just wanted to go back to work and check the account online to make sure that no one had charged on the card. At this point I had gotten ahold of the first bar and they didnt not have the card. As soon as we arrived at the apartment Jason ran upstairs and ripped apart his suitcase looking for it.. no dice! So we unloaded the whole truck.. I thought I was going to fucking die!!! Im not a smoker and would like to think that I am in relatively good shape but 3 flights of stairs carrying heavy things numerous times in the freezing cold.. my lungs were burning, my nose was running.. my whole body hurt.. fucking Alaska! When we were finally done you couldnt get in the door of the apartment but the truck was empty and Jason was on his way back to work!

I took my jacket off, looked at the mess in front of me and dove right in! Not long in Jason called and asked me to call the second bar he went to again because although he had no recollection of using his debit card there the online account said otherwise.. So I called and BINGO they had it! Thank god!! Jason felt a lot better! So I started unpacking.. besides a few wet and frozen boxes, a frozen toaster (haha ya thats a new one isnt it) everything was fine! I got pretty much everything done by the time Jason got home, when he came in the guy was here setting up the cable, internet and phone! So Jason left to go and pick up his card and go get the bed! When he got back I was talking to mom on the phone and the lunatic brought the frame, mattress and box spring up by himself! UGH!  Anyways Jason wasnt in the door 10 minutes and Kevin called and said that he was ready to go and pick up the couch! Sooo.... get ready for it!!!!

While Jason was gone I not onyly put the bed frame together all by myself but I took the mattress and box spring out of the packages and assembled the whole damn bed all by myself!! ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was so damn proud of myself, I have never successfully put anything together in my life! I once had a really awful failed attempt with a dresser and it turned me off for life! AMAZING! It looks great, so through dinner all Jason, Kevin and I talked about was building stuff! Or me building stuff rather! When Kevin was refusing to take left over pizza home for lunch tomorrow I threatened to build something and hit him with it.. haha needless to say he took the pizza home!

So the couch and love seat are here, the tv is up on the assembled tv stand. The dining room table is together, bed is ready (thanks to me!) everything is put away besides the clothes that we need to get hangers for.. I feel pretty good! Tomorrow we will go and get bed side tables and hopefully a dresser, and move all the empty totes down to the storage unit and I think we should be good to go. Hopefully Jason will put the coffee table together and I think we will be all set.

Im hoping tomorrow is mostly a couch day, this cold really hurts me.. my hips and knees hurt all the time, my hips mostly.. these last couple of day it hurts to just walk. We have a wood burning fire place in our apartment and we can use it but I dont think Jason will ever go for it, he said its dirty and although I may be able to build a bed I dont cut wood.. not happening!

So thats our scoop.. I have part of our address, I will have to look up the zip code sometime and get back to you all. Hope everyone had a great Monday!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Honestly Im going to start thinking "MOOSE" is my name! It seems like Jason is yelling it every 5 minutes! We saw another moose the other night sauntering down the sidewalk in front of our new apartment! I swear they are everywhere.. Im not sure how I feel about it just yet! On top of that though we saw a MASSIVE beautiful bald eagle! Ive seen quite a few in Maine and Pennsylvania but this one was massive and amazing!

So we move into our apartment tomorrow, we bought a new bed the other night at the "Mattress Ranch" for a good price, a used bed was the one thing I really wasnt willing to do to be honest. We got a couch on craigslist, we went and looked at it the other night, its the couch and the love seat for a decent price.. our apartment is kind of odd shaped so Im not exactly sure how we are going to put it in there but if not hey we have a whole spare bedroom to fill! We also got a dining room table, Jason was dealing with some guy on craiglist and when he finally said that yes we should come and get it we looked up the place on google earth and it was THE GHETTO! So I wasnt crazy about going there, I mean is a few bucks really worth your life??? But Jason being as cheap as he is insisted! So I text mom all the house information that we are going to (because she is our "in case of emergency person") and tell her the guys name and if she doesnt hear from me in a half hour to call the police! So we get there and before I can get out because I am not letting Jason go in alone he leaves the car running, jumps out and yells "LOCK THE DOORS" and shuts the door and leaves me sitting in the car.. I was soooo pissed! Thankfully the guy was fine Jason said and we got a really nice dining room table for only $40!

Today as you all know was Football Sunday! So we went over to Humpy's (Ya I know, who the fuck named that place? honestly!) and got breakfast for the 11am Patriots game. It sucks that the games start so early here and that we dont get them on TV, but naturally they often place west coast games here unless you have Direct TV! So we went over and I had some toast and Jason got a mega breakfast with a side of reindeer sausage.. GROSS! We started with drinks before noon so naturally it being 8pm now Jason is BEYOND shitfaced!! When the Patriots won against the Ravens Jason jumped up SCREAMING and yelling, banging on the table spilling everyones beer EVERYWHERE, he was hugging some random guy at the table behind us.. honestly I have never seen him act like that ever in my life.. I knew it was time for him to eat again. We before he would agree to eat he had to buy our table a round of shots.. then he had wings that he said were way too hot. The drinking continued throughout and when one of our last tabs came he was at 15 beers, 2 vodka crans and 2 jaegger bombs! At this point he is really annoying me, he has repeated himself 50 million times and no one else is noticing because they are all just as drunk as him! So the NY Giants take the NFC Championship and Jason yells as loud as he can "PATRIOTS AND THE 49ERS IN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!" Umm.. no? Apparently he didnt notice that it was the NY Giants who had kicked the field goal... so JT decides to buy shots.. well this turned out to be hilarious! I drink my Jaegger (I really dont know if Im spelling that right) like a champ, Jason is gagging.. literally trying to get his down.. and I look over at JT and he is literally going to throw up on the table! I was like.. OK TIME TO GO!

So we just walked back to the apartment, because JT left about 5 minutes before us and when we left we found him outside.. so we walked back over to the hotel actually and I said that I would call him a cab.. well I guess while him and Jason were trying to make it up the stairs behind me they talked about it and decided that maybe, just maybe after using the washroom they would go to another bar down the street.. I told Jason pretty clearly that I didnt think he needed another beer as he really hasnt drank this much and a long time and has to not only go to work in the morning but he was suppose to get up extra early, take some of our bags over to the new apartment, then go with Kris his boss to get the truck, return the rental car and then pick me up and take me to the new apartment, unload the truck, go back to work and then after work pick up the couch and the new bed.. HAHA bet he is going to LOVE tomorrow!! I foresee Jason being QUITE hung over.. to say the least! But I tried to warn him, I have said to him many times today without being a nagging bitch wife that he needed to have some water, pace himself a little better or maybe just stop drinking all together, he is however an adult and can make his own decisions.. good luck tomorrow sucker! HAHA!

I will keep you all posted on the new apartment, address and phone number as we get things in order! I will also let you know if Jason makes it back from the bar tonight and to work tomorrow.. somehow Im doubtful about tomorrow but we'll see! If I have to go and get him at the bar tonight he might not survive the night!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The gods are conspiring against me.. I just know it.. not this many things go wrong in one day for one person without it having to do with some kind of karma bullshit!
So I wake up this morning to my cell phone NOT WORKING, I didnt realize it at first but then I remembered that Jason's phone isnt working at all and I tried to send Mom a BBM and it wouldnt go through.. fuck! So whatever I get up and start the coffee, waiting to hear from this woman about the job, praying I already have an email.. hotmail still isnt working on the god damn laptop.. this is a joke! I call Jason and flip about the phone and the laptop! I take the battery out of my BB and ignore it for awhile in my fit of rage.. put the battery back in, turn on wifi and it works! I finally get an email about from said woman about job and she says that shes passed on my resumes to a "higher power" and thats it.. great.. thanks! So I go into the fridge to get milk and notice that the bag of lettuce (for tonights dinner, FROZEN).. there goes tonights dinner.. is this really happening!!! I cry.
I decide to ignore everything and go for a hot bath, a hot bath is a cure all.. There is no hot water in the hotel... Im losing the little patience I ever had! So I run some water and start boiling a pot on the stove, I need a hot bath, period. As I reach for the pot I need to boil the water I slice my arm on the cupboard.. I cry again.
I finally get in the tub which is basically full of luke warm water but Im sick of screwing with it and I just want it to be done and over with! So I grab my favourite pair of joggers.. I cant go wrong with this.. and they literally are falling apart.. I cry again! These are my favourite pair of pants ever, Although they are no longer their original colour (black) because of years of wearing and washing.. I dont care, I love them just the same! Besides its not like I can afford to part with any sort of warm clothes at this point, nor can I replace them because they are from ROOTS! This day is bullshit!
So Jason went to look at one of the apartments from yesterday, its a 2 minute drive from his work and he wanted to look at the furniture in the actual furnished unit so he went over there and we think we might take the unfurnished unit and should hopefully sign the lease tomorrow! I feel better that its one less thing we have to worry about, although it still doesnt compensate for this bullshit day!
Side note - the maid just came in to vaccuum and was followed but who I can only assume is the head maid (this little spanish chick that calls me "mami" everytime she sees me") and they started screaming at each other.. LOL! WTF!
If I dont blog tomorrow, check the Anchorage newspaper!

Jason is never going skiing again!

Sarah Burke

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Apartment Hunt.. Day 1...

Oh what a day, what a mighty fine day! Still bullshit cold but none the less it was a good day! Because of this damn 4 hour time difference I am still all screwed up and have been going to bed before 10pm and getting up before 6am which I suppose is enough sleep for one but it feels like odd hours to me! In North Carolina we never went to bed before 2am! Anyways Im rambling.. Jason got off early today so we could go look at apartments! First place we saw a bunch of the other guys from work live there so we figured we would try it out! The lady was nice and ever so randomly she asked for my resume when I said that I was looking for work because she is looking for an office manager! HOW PERFECT! We could live and I could work in the same place!! We would save on rent majorly and wouldnt have to worry about sharing a vehicle and all that jazz.. SUPER! So after that looking at apartments sucked because I just wanted to come back and email her my resume! Anyways the apartment we looked at after was farther from Jason's work but totally remodelled, super view of the mountains.. blah blah blah. I want the damn job.. Third one.. no dice! Im not living in a shit hole that smells like mold and was dirty! The girls shows us the laundry room and I felt like I should be dropping peanut shells on the floor to go along with the rest of the mess.. WTF! The last place we went happened to be the first person I had talked to and made an appointment to view. I didnt like the look of the outside but whatever we were already there. We went in the buddy had an attitude I didnt like from the beginning, totally rubbed me the wrong way so we left without seeing the place.. dick!
So on our way home, we are in the middle of the city waiting to turn left at a light and Jason starts freaking out and pointing.. all the sudden I see this MASSIVE moose standing on the sidewalk eating the tree!! I couldnt even believe it.. literally right in the middle of the city on the side walk!! Jason thought it was the best thing ever, pulled over, took pictures.. talked about it the whole way home!! Too funny!!
Anyways we are waiting on basically that lady to get back to me about the job, if she got back to me tomorrow we would take that apartment, if not I dont know! I would hate to take the other apartment because its cheaper and then get the job and be screwed! I dont know.. Jason talked to a guy a work today that we know and apparently his wife has had 4 jobs already!
Im going to try and post pictures soon, Jason wants to save them on a cd so Im trying to just wait until we get one because unlike dad I cant stand 5000 pictures on the computer, its such a pain in the ass when it comes to up loading them!
So wish me luck with the job, something good has to come of all this.. with the cold, bullshit moving across the country and shit being so expensive! If a job and apartment came tomorrow I would be stellar!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seeings how I have been updating you all via email on our travels and you seem to all be enjoying it so much I thought that it might be a good idea to have something available that I can update at my leisure and you will all be able to check at your convenience so that you can keep up with what is going on with us. Our lives aren't exciting enough to continue on with a nightly email, so I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch. I am considering deleting Facebook on account that I hate the bullshit that comes along with it. I would love to go on a deleting spree and get rid of everyone I don't want on there but lets be honest that isn't going to happen without some kind of backlash that I cant be bothered to deal with!
So as you all know we have arrived safely in Alaska and its flipping cold! I am going to have to make a trip to the mall to stock up on fur lined everything otherwise I probably wont survive the rest of the winter. Jason was up early this morning and off to work, I think he was excited to get back and feel like he is doing something again. Jason is one of the lucky ones who actually loves his job and looks forward to going to work everyday!
We are in a hotel for now, Dukes on W 8th Ave in Anchorage! We will be here until we find an apartment which is on my list of things to do today! We definitely wont be able to move in anywhere until we get the truck with our stuff in it which wont be until next Monday sometime. Kris (Jason's boss) told us that it wouldn't take long to find a place at all. Jason just called and said he is working until 3:30pm so by the time he gets home and showers we will head out for dinner and then grocery shopping so I can start cooking which will be great!
So I thought I would post something to get started, I might not post everyday.. but I might on account that I might be so bored I will have no choice but to keep you posted on the mundane details of our life! Feel free to post back and let me know what is going on with you guys! We miss you all so much!