Monday, October 20, 2014

High Five For Friday 10.17.14.. on Monday?

Hey Guys! I'm sorry, somehow this didn't make it up on the blog on Friday. I had it all ready to go because we were heading out of town and I guess it didn't post! This is seriously why I never schedule posts! So its late but I am still posting it because I wrote it! I will be back tomorrow with something new and will recap our weekend away before the weeks out probably!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

This is high five for Friday birthday edition because its my Dad's 60th birthday!! It may also be my birthday but that's not as important! I absolutely LOVE sharing a birthday with my Dad, it has always made the day that much more special. We cant always be together on our birthday and that's sad but unfortunately living so far apart it happens. Dad I hope you have the most amazing birthday today and you are spoiled as much as you deserve.. and more! I love you and will be thinking of you all day!!

So shall we chit chat about this week gone by? I will say one thing about this week was the freakin' weather! It has been so back and forth, cool fall weather and then Tuesday and Wednesday I wore flip flops! Just crazy!

But lets get into the good stuff!!

1. Last weekend was Columbus Day and so there were sales!! I had been eyeing these scarves at Charlotte Russe  for awhile and couldn't decide which one I really wanted, plus I was still weighing my options and waiting to see if anyone else came out with something better. But last week they had BOGO scarves so I bought both! :) Totally the right decision right? Right!

Aren't they PURTY?!?!

2. Sunday Jason and I went to breakfast in the morning at City Diner, Jason loves it there and its kind of funny that our breakfast place in Alaska was also called City Diner. Anyways it was a cool Fall like morning so we bundled up and went on our way. We came home with the intention of baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies because they are Jason's favorite and its that time of year. Unfortunately my arm is still out of commission so Jason did most of the work. I don't really care for the cookies but the house smelled amazing all day and it was really fun to bake together. If you are interested in the recipe you can view my post HERE from last year with the recipe! They turned out pretty good!

3. I decided last weekend to buy the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn for my Nook, I have been hearing so much about it from everyone and I decided that I just absolutely HAD to get it and ready it. I wont say much more about that, but that I couldn't put it down because I will have a full review for it next week!

4. As I mentioned I got my new glasses last week and I absolutely love them, it was definitely taking a little while to get use to them but now I am in love. I decided to post a picture this week for my Mom to see what they looked like on and I posted it on Instagram and you guys were just unbelievably kind! Your kind words absolutely made my week and I am so grateful for that! 

5. Tuesday night Jason and I decided to have salad for dinner which I was excited about but let me tell you it was IMPOSSIBLE to find strawberries that weren't already half moldy and I was extremely disappointed. You know how I feel about trying new things but I was already really looking forward to the salad so I decided to try raspberries instead. I might actually like this better! You really can change up a basic salad in so many ways for new flavor.. I am not going to jump into like mandarin oranges or anything yet.. although a fresh peach might be good. We used the dressing recipe I posted HERE awhile ago. TOO GOOD! Eating healthy doesn't have to be bad guys!

Usually I would link up here but this week I am skipping it because I'm not even posting on the right day sadly. If you are interested to see who else participates in the High Five for Friday link up please see last weeks post! 

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