Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thursday Night Line Up, All You Had Hoped?

How many of you were as excited for the much anticipated Thursday night shows as I was last week? Truth be told I feel kind of bad because I added them to my Friday favorites blog from last week but left out the fact that I was also looking forward to Parenthood.

I started watching Parenthood just this past April when I got back from Peru and was terribly sick, Jason was still there and my sickness kicked my ass so bad I pretty much laid in bed watching the seasons. I had always been interested in the show because I am the biggest Gilmore Girls fan ever and therefore Lauren Graham. She stars in Parenthood which made me want to watch but truth be told I am always hesitant to get into new shows because I hate not being able to miss them. Weird I know. Anyways I just never watched it until near death fell upon me and I seriously couldn't do anything but work the remote. I totally fell in love with the show.

I left off waiting for this season to come on and although I didn't mention it on Friday I was really looking forward to it. I didn't get to watch it until Friday morning because after the ABC (this airs on NBC) line up I was way too tired to stay up and watch this as well. Funny thing is this may have been the best show of Thursday night.

So lets back track for a minute and talk about the shows we all waited for, because I am willing to acknowledge I may have been on my own in the excitement of Parenthood returning. Why not just go in order?



First of all can I just say that I actually forgot about the introduction of Richard and Ellis' love child at the end of the last episode! I only remembered Meredith and Derek arguing about moving to DC and Meredith saying that she absolutely wasn't going, and I was very excited to just see how that plays out. So imagine my surprise when her unknown half sister plays a huge role in last weeks episode. Honestly I was a little disappointed in the show, even with big things going on. I know it will take time for it to come out that Meredith has a sister and Richard is her father but so far I feel just OK about her in the first episode. I really liked how Meredith and Alex have gotten so close in the absence of Christina, I had hoped for that. I will say I am a little ticked at this whole Meredith and Derek drama.. the fact that she acts pissed off that he turned down his amazing offer in DC because he was choosing her and the kids over his career, I mean what? Who wouldn't want the man they love to choose them over anything else? Good lord woman get over yourself! 

Don't get me wrong, I was a little disappointed with how the show began but I have absolutely no doubt this will be a great season. I have loved Greys Anatomy from the start and will without a doubt follow it through until the end. I look forward to all the surprises that will inevitably come this season.


Oh Olivia Pope! Lets be honest its not like we didn't know she was going to come back, I didn't expect it to be because Harrison died.. I mean where the hell was the build up to that? Its not like we didn't know he was in trouble but who would have thought he would have ended up dead at the beginning of the season! I feel like her leaving at the end of last season was kind of a joke, the show is so popular and not going anywhere, so lets be honest she wasn't going to leave because what was the show without her? 

I do however want her to stay with Jake so I really hope that her and Fitz really do stay apart, he is not good for her. I wish I could get on board with him leaving Millie and moving to Vermont and having this wonderful life with kids and stuff but isn't it a pipe dream? I mean hes the president of the United States who is married and definitely not going to leave his wife now after losing a child. I just think they need to be realistic and not that I'm psychic or anything but I somehow doubt they will be. 

Having said all that the group really needs to get back together, without a doubt! I mean Huck especially has so much more potential than being 'Randy' the tech guy! However lets be honest that guy can hold a grudge! I am also glad to see Quinn got her shit together, its about time. 

I have super high hopes for this season of Scandal, last year it was definitely my favorite show! 


I won't lie I debated watching this show since they started showing preview commercials to it a couple of weeks ago. Like I said I really don't like getting into new shows but seeings how it was a Shonda Rhimes show and her other two are my favorites I thought I would give it a chance. I truly wasn't convinced until the night before but I did indeed watch. 

I'm not really sure what I think, in a way I wasn't impressed and feel like I could stop watching right now and be fine but there is something telling me this is going to be a really good show and I should keep watching otherwise I will feel like I missed out. I really like Viola Davis so that was another driving factor to watch the show and honestly I thought her performance was great. I have high hopes that the show will live up to all the hype and I do plan to watch and find out. 

They ended the episode eluding to the fact that Annalise Keatings four top law students had murdered her husband but I don't believe this is the case. I am interested to see how that story line will play out and if they are really covering for her, or someone else. 

What did you think of this show? Was it all that you hoped/expected it to be?

Do you guys watch any of these shows? What are your thoughts? What other shows do you watch that I might be interested, maybe I could make an exception to the rule and add another new show to my repertoire!
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