Monday, April 30, 2012

Screw you Monday... Screw you!

Well its not even 8am and I am wishing this day away already.. in fact before 7am I was wishing this day away!! I didn't sleep at all last night and therefore I have a TERRIBLE headache that isn't going away and an incredibly busy day ahead of me!

Let me back track.. what has been going on lately? I should have read my last blog to know where I left off! Maybe I will just skip ahead to Saturday. Jason had to work this Saturday for the first time and let me tell you it made going to work on a Saturday a lot easier! I slept in really late on Saturday and then got up and rushed to get ready.. good thing I got that extra hour because Saturday was UNBELIEVABLY busy! It was so busy that when Jason came to pick me up I had to send him home because I knew dinner was in the oven and there was no way I could leave. I had to stay and finish things up before leaving and then walk home. Saturday when I got home we had a quick dinner, clean up, made lunches and than we had to head to Walmart to get the things that Jason needed to make Chili for Sunday dinner and pick up a few groceries! I took a picture on the way to Walmart - check it out! The snow is even melting in the mountains.. significantly!

Walmart was a good trip let me tell you, we encountered this woman on a scooter who was literally destroying the store! Haha Jason was like "Jesus, you should have to take a breathalyzer before being allowed to use one of those things".. she was all of 4 feet too... she looked irritated by her own lack of coordination and driving abilities.

When we got home we decided to watch the new Mark Wahlberg movie.. Contraband. Jason has been wanting to see this movie forever and we just never made it to the theatre to do so, therefore Jason has been keeping an eye out and it was finally released on demand.. excellent movie.. Mark Wahlberg is a bad ass.. and pretty freaking hot! All in all.. good movie.

Yesterday we were busy, we slept in on account that we didn't go to bed until late and I got an emergency call in the night of course! So we got up and Jason started on the chili while I laid in bed hoping to fall back asleep.. no dice! So I got up and had a shower and then Jason got ready and we headed downtown. We had plans for a drive or something this Sunday but the weather was cold and miserable so we decided that we would just go to the mall because I was in desperate need of a visit to Teavana! So we headed down, naturally making a much needed stop at Starbucks first! We got lunch and then toured around the mall, I got a bunch of new tea and Jason almost had a heart attack about the price! Actually he was pretty interesting the whole entire mall trip, everything I picked out he said it looked like a curtain or a table cloth.. if its not Hollister Jason doesn't have a clue! God love him! Pretty boy that he is!

Anyways yesterday seemed like a really long day with not time for much, and so I am wishing today away so I can enjoy my day off tomorrow!

Well I shall get ready for work unfortunately.. I will leave you with a picture of Jason's gun in its snazzy new holster! Jason took it on a walk last night and was soooo excited to use it!

Hope everyone had a great week!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

All in a good days work...

Well I didn't really blog this morning and I didn't do so last night either so I thought that I would write tonight and tell you all about my oh so interesting day yesterday! I always say that I never know what I'm walking into at work.. could be a slow day, could be a busy day and you really never know who you are going to meet. I have definitely encountered some odd characters who come out with the most ass backward remarks but yesterday really took the cake on crazy!

Usually Deanna is at this office on Monday, Tuesday (my day off) and Thursday! She stopped working Friday's awhile ago although when they were on vacation I was in touch with the owner quite a bit and we were talking about when they were coming back and he said they might be in the office on Friday and I said, "Oh OK, well Tom but Deanna doesn't work Fridays" I guess he didn't know that she was taking Friday's off and getting paid for it.. haha.. so shes been working Fridays!! OOPS!

Anyways so yesterday she decided that she was going to go to Town Square again because theres been some things going on there and I think she is trying to be helpful and is also keeping an eye on things! Usually I'm all about having a day to myself but yesterday I have never wished more that she was there.

The day was quiet and I hadn't really seen anyone and really didn't have many phone calls at all. So I was sitting at my desk and in case I have never mentioned this before my office is actually in one of the units, its set up as a model home so people can see the actual layout.. our office is set up in the second bedroom but instead of having a big window its a sliding glass door, so when someone comes up the stairs we are exactly what they see! So I was sitting there yesterday and I see this woman out in the parking lot in front of the office and she was having some sort of psychotic break.. She was freaking the fuck out for lack of better words! So I jumped up and locked the doors and then went in the other room so she couldn't see me! Well she came up the stairs and was banging on the doors, and ringing the door bell, screaming at the top of her lungs! I was terrified! I knew she wasn't a resident and that something was very wrong.. I kind of peaked around the corner and she was missing teeth and the rest were protruding from her face, she looked wild eyed.. I don't even know.. she eventually left.

After that I closed the blinds so you cant see in the sliding glass doors which I do everyday at lunch and then I got a phone call from Creekside, thinking it was Tom I answered and IT WAS HER! She was in that building and was calling the office from the intercom and those calls are automatically routed to our office! So she asked was the office open she needed to fax something.. I finally got that after A TON of rambling.. I honestly couldn't understand her she was talking a mile a minute! I told her the office was closed for lunch and then I guess she was gone.

So I was just sitting down to have lunch and all the sudden I hear someone come up the stairs and start banging on the door and trying to get in, she was yelling again and trying to force her way in and I don't know why but I was so scared. I guess I couldn't tell what was wrong with her and she was being so forceful and so I called Clayton and told him what was going on and that I was really scared could he please come down, so he did and by the time he got there she was gone. While all the commotion was going on Tom had called and left me a message, so I called him back and told him what was going on and he said he would be right down. I guess he left his office and drove around the neighbourhood and then came to the office and said he couldn't see anyone but he would hang out for awhile. He hung out for about two hours and was very pleasant, and I greatly appreciated him taking my concerns seriously and being there.

After a couple of hours Tom left and about 20 minutes later Mike showed up, he wasn't working yesterday because his son was getting out of jail but he had his grand daughter and wanted me to meet her. He stopped by and we were standing outside the office because he grand daughter was playing around and I was telling him about this crazy woman and who shows up.. HER! I couldn't believe it, I was so thankful he was there though! We were standing on the stairs and she tried to get past us and I asked her if she was going to the office and she said yes and I asked her what she was looking for and she said she needed to fax something, she seemed a lot more calm but I wouldn't fax something for her, I didn't want her to think she could come back all the time.

I guess I feel bad that I might have over reacted and she is probably harmless but I was scared, she was banging on the doors and trying to get in, the fact that everything was closed and locked up seemed to mean nothing to her! Needless to say I kept the door locked for the rest of the day.

Deanna was in to work today which I was pretty grateful for, we spent the morning unwinding the mess of Yarn I had... literally 2 hours of untangling a ball of yarn! haha made the morning go by a lot faster to be honest! Overall it was a really quiet day today, tomorrow I have a few things on the go but I anticipate the same thing. Jason is working tomorrow as well, first Saturday work on this job which is great! Its suppose to rain on Sunday so I don't know what we will do now!

Anyways I thought I would share my story with you.. we went to the gym tonight and the grocery store and now I'm heading to the shower before bed!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! I'm SUPER JEALOUS of mom, Fiona and Jen going to St. Jacobs tomorrow!!! Hope you guys have a great time!

Also Cathy, I'm absolutely LOVING the Iconic Pictures on Whispering Souls Photography.. the rocks in the shape of feet.. That's amazing, I would frame that!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Haha Im a tool!

I just realized now that if I click on the pictures I post it will bring up a slide show and you can see them bigger! I thought I would share that in case someone else didn't know!

I will blog about my terrifying day yesterday later! Maybe something interesting will happen today and the blog will be a real whopper!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A walk is never just a walk around here..

Good Evening all,

Tonight instead of going to the gym we decided to go for a walk since it is so nice outside. Jason has been wanting to walk towards Josh's house and check out the basketball hoops over there and see if Taku lake was completely unfrozen yet! So I came home and we had the pasta dinner Ive been looking forward to for days and then decided to take a walk. I'm not going to lie I wasn't really into it at first, I'm not feeling my best today and I'm completely exhausted.. this being light out all the time is fucking with me. I cant sleep!!!!! I cant sleep because at 10:30pm at night its still daylight out, so I don't feel tired really at all but I force myself to go lay in bed. Then its light out again at like 5am.. I cant handle it. We are going to have to invest in black out curtains for every room!

Anyways it wasn't too bad because I had yesterday off and basically lounged around and did my own thing and let me tell you it was MUCH needed!!! I feel all the time like we are so busy, probably because we are and that I really never have any time to do anything I really want to do, or do nothing at all for that matter. When I do have time off I have to call this person and email this person and to be honest I'm finding people for the most part aren't overly understanding of the time difference/work schedule/I have a life and don't want to sit at home in my spare time and talk on the phone all the time problem! For all of you that aren't understanding that I really am sorry, I do try my best to make time for everyone and when I send an email instead of make a phone call it isn't necessarily because I don't want to talk to you on that phone, its most often because I don't know how my time will play out and I think something is better than nothing.. and on top of that I can email from work and not call.

I'm getting off topic. So tonight we went for a walk, the opposite way that we went last time and it was really nice! A lot of people utilize the path which is great and the river is really flowing.. the whole walk is really nice.

The basketball nets at Taku Elementary really aren't far and Jason wanted to check them out and compare them to the ones at Campbell Elementary.. well they sucked! But was absolutely HILARIOUS was Jason trying to touch the rim! Honestly I was killing myself laughing.. Jason really isn't short but he was less than an inch off and it was pissing him off beyond belief and I just stood there cracking up!! SO FUNNY!

Check it out!

On the way back I made a friend.. we were walking along and behind us came this woman and her two dogs, one on a leash and one not! Well the German Shepherd that wasn't on a leash started out getting closer and closer to us from behind and then he would stop.. then he started to get a little closer at my side.. and then he would get ahead of us and stop and turn around and look at us like.."umm are you coming".. so finally his owner said, "he's trying to adopt you!". So then he got himself in a place that if he walked in front of us if he stopped my hand would brush his head! haha.. this went on for awhile!

We were almost home, crossing the bridge over the creek and who do we see when we get on the bridge.. Charlie! Jason finally got to meet Charlie! I think he impressed Jason with his knowledge of Maine and he asked Jason questions about where he went to college and stuff.. you know how much Jason loves it when people want to know all about him! haha!

So we just got home and Jason had a shower and I'm heading that way now, lunches are made and Idol is on! Mom got me all excited that they were singing Prince songs tonight.. but she lied!! ;) haha!

I will leave you with a few more pictures from our walk.. pure beauty!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

 This is Taku lake which is right behind our apartment! Its so beautiful, I think it will be really nice when all the ice melts and we can actually really see the water!
 No Jason is not peeing.. haha he is just checking things out!!

This is Taku Elementary.. not a bad view eh!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So I had my blog all figured out, knew for awhile what I was going to write about when I had a chance to sit down and write but now all I can think to write about it what happened tonight on the way to the gym and when we got back! haha!

So on the way to the gym tonight Jason yells "MOOSE!" and swings the truck around.. I see no moose and have no idea what hes talking about, then I look all the way back into the woods and there WAY FAR in the back is a baby girl moose... not a real baby, she was last years baby or possibly the years before baby.. but she still wasn't really that big.. compared to other moose! So off to the gym we go!

So to not confuse two different stories I will get back to the gym story! We went grocery shopping after the gym and when we came home I see the moose laying in front of the apartments across the parking lot, so naturally we drive over there and Jason scares her and she gets up! So we came home and started putting groceries away and all the sudden Jason comes FLYING through the house from the balcony yelling.. "WHERES THE CAMERA, WHERES THE CAMERA?!?!" Haha I figured she might be back! Well not only was she back but she was practically right outside the door! So we went outside and were taking pictures of her and then Jason disappears, he came back with a hand full of carrots and started feeding her!! HYPOCRITE! Remember back a couple of weeks when Bruce was on the stairs at work and Jason said it was a really bad idea to feed him my apple and that he would keep coming back... HA! Check her out.. she was a pretty little thing!

Clearly she had enough and was getting out anyway she good. For their odd shaped body they really do get around pretty well, stairs and everything!

I think she enjoyed the carrots, I have a feeling that we will see her again, and come hell or high water if she is out there again I am going to feed her an apple, I don't care! Shes not having babies and shes by herself, I honestly don't see what the harm could be.

So back to the gym.. I LOVE THE GYM! One Ive been hit on the last couple of times we've been there and whats best about that is that Jason is ALWAYS with me.. haha! But it gets better than that.. WAY BETTER! There is this guy who lives at our apartments and I moved him in about a month ago or so and he is SO fucking weird! Everyone said he was gay although I really didn't think so and usually I'm good about spotting that.. well apparently I wasn't! I could care less about that though.. what I care about is that we run into each other at the gym every night, and he completely avoids me.. and if I worked out the way he did I would probably avoid me too!

This guy (young Sinatra) IS HILARIOUS! First of all he wears gym clothes straight out of a Jane Fonda work out video and looks like a complete tool! Second of all when he has his ipod on and is doing cardio of some sort he closes his eyes and mouth's the songs and basically dances in the most awkward way Ive ever seen.. its the best. I can barely work out because I laugh so damn hard and honestly I cant even help myself!! Ive never seen anything like it!!! There are some characters at the gym of course but this guy is amazing! When he is finished cardio he aimlessly walks around.. in his sweet shorts none the less eyeing the different machines and then he will pick on and just sit there.. not working out.. not even using machine.. just sitting at it.. its epic really.

I had to call him into work today because his disposition from his last apartment saying what he owed after leaving came to our office for some reason so he came in and took it and left like hes never met me in his life.. and before he moved here he use to call me everyday and talk to me on the phone about nothing.. haha. I'm not disheartened by that by any means but I cant help but wonder if he knows I'm laughing at him.. I doubt it!

So really nothing else going on around here, we aren't getting the shitty weather the nor'easter is bringing to the rest of you.. it was pretty decent today actually! I'm SO HAPPY to have a day off tomorrow.. I'm sleeping in, skyping with Miss Caitlin and then going to shop until I drop.. I swear if Starbucks delivered my day would be SET! No such luck though, I will just have to whip something up here.. however I have faith that Starbucks will one day get it together and deliver!

Ive got pretty big hopes for pizza at the Moose's Tooth for dinner this week too.. tomorrow if I'm lucky! Ive been craving it like no other and I REALLY want to have it!

Oh mom.. mention to dad that while Jason and I were at the grocery store tonight he found him and dad "morning cake to have with their coffee" for breakfast.. its called "sock-it-to-me" and he swears its like the coffee cake they love that dad gets at home. I told him that if it was for breakfast than he couldn't have ice cream with it.. it didn't seem to discourage him.. however I'm pretty sure he would try it if we weren't around!

Well I'm going to go and crochet for awhile before bed.. I'm making great headway on moms blanket!!

I hope no one is snowed in! HAHA NOT! You assholes are all getting the winter I suffered through this year.. GET YOUR SHOVELS OUT!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Campbell Creek Trail Walk

Good Day all!

I only have a few minutes because I have to get ready for work but because I don't seem to have time ever I thought I would take a quick minute and post the pictures I took last night when Jason and I went for a walk. We have been going to the gym every night or doing some kind of exercise because neither of us are feeling great physically and last night we decided to go for a long walk!

Check out some pictures!

 When you walk out of our apartment this is what you see! Its nice to start a walk knowing the view is only to get better!
 Jason gets in all the pictures! haha he needs to be close to the water and check everything out, he apparently needs to get close to moose droppings too, to be aware of how old it is!
 The water is so much higher than it even was last week! It was really flowing too!

 The snow is almost gone!!! Hence how high the river is I suppose! I cant wait until everything is green!

 See the Mountains in the back? My reflection makes me look like a porker but in my defense I had a sweatshirt on and my vest!

 I'm not exactly sure what this is.. there was a pond on the other side that also had one of these.. the water was really rushing out. Jason got right down there and stuck his hand in there and I didn't realize it and then he went told hold my hand and thought it was hilarious!
 Theres the pond! You cant see but on the other side there was a ton of geese!
 See the moose laying down by the tree in the back? There were two of them laying back there!!

 We encountered this moose on the walk back, as you can see he was super close to the path and I absolutely refused to just walk by him.. he wasn't big, last years baby but you just never know. So we went on a safari and crawled through the bush.. I was knee deep in snow, I got smacked in the face with a pine branch and came out feeling SUPER ITCHY! You think he would have saw us and went the other way but NOOOOOO...

So that was our walk last night.. we went a couple miles and it was great! It was 56 last night which is the warmest weather we've had. It was nice to change it up from the gym and take advantage of a beautiful night!

I still have 2 more days of work this week and let me tell you I CANT WAIT until Sunday! I feel like I haven't had two minutes to sit on the couch and do nothing in forever!! I'm really sorry if I haven't responded to peoples emails or something, I promise to get to it today or tomorrow. Next week things will go back to normal and I should have more time hopefully!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Long Week...

Well its been the longest week ever and its only Wednesday.. I'm super busy at work and we've been going to the gym every night and grocery shopping, etc.. when I go to bed at night I haven't been hearing anything until that bitch in the building has someone pick her up at 5:45am and honk the horn until she comes out.. I gave her a nice friendly reminder the other day on her door that at a quiet time like that in a small community the magnitude of noise like that is disruptive to many.. her next notice is going to say KNOCK IF OFF OR GET THE FUCK OUT! I can deal with a lot but don't screw with my sleep!

Work has been rough this week, maintenance guys don't want to do anything.. Ive been absolutely swamped for the most part and dealing with a bunch of crap that comes along with month end! Its nice to deal with the owner on most issues though instead of someone who brushes everything off and doesn't care to actually deal with the problem.

So Tom and Deanna fly in tomorrow night I think but most likely wont be to work until Monday... I might see someones face on Friday but who knows!

That's really it with me, I thought I would write something while I had a minute.. sorry its not something more but I'm going to hit the showers and then my bed early.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Monday, April 16, 2012

A sad sad day...

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal...

When someone dies there are no words of solace, nothing can be said to comfort those who have lost a loved one. So in times of loss you should be there for each other, share your feelings and remember the good even though its hard to see past the pain.

Today I will remember the years of laughter, shit talk and lessons. I believe everyone who comes into your life leaves a mark, makes a memory, gives you something to hold on to. I learned this at a young age, some people make it count.. become family and somehow you cant picture your life without them.. or what it was like before they showed up.

Today the world lost a man who brought laughter to my life. Wayne, no one will ever compare to you my friend, you were one of a kind. I admire the way you lived your life as a free spirit, a rebel if you will... in style none the less. The thought of your face will always bring a smile to my face. You've always faced adversity head on, dealt with the highs and lows with determination, you taught me strength. You lived your life passionately, all in or not at all.

You left us today with sorrow but great love. I hope you are at peace in a warm safe place, with fashionable slippers. You are no longer sick, just happy and healthy and for that I have peace. I know your mom greeted you with open arms that you have so greatly missed.

I know I'm not alone when I say not to worry, You and Fiona have always been family and she is in good hands. Her loss is great but her heart will be whole again in time. I promise to do what I can to ensure happiness one day prevails.

Although its difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.

I know you are listening to Biggie, and I know he'd call you "Big Poppa" because you's a true playa!

For some moments in life there are no words - David Seltzer ~ Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I love you and will miss you forever... <3

You can take the boy out of the country but you cant take the country out of the boy!!!

Two blogs in one day.. I get extra credit for that don't I??

So Jason made dinner and it was great and then we decided to take a walk.. thought I would share some pictures!

 This was dinner.. excellent! Mom has taught Jason well!! Half pepperoni and half barbecue chicken!
 This is the creek behind our apartment, honestly last week you couldn't even see the water and now look! Its actually really beautiful down there, if you walk about 5 minutes the other way Taku lake is right there! We are actually in a really great spot!
 I cant wait to see what it will look like here when all the snow is gone and things are lush and green! We are suppose to get a ton of rain tomorrow so that might happen sooner than later!
 I don't know how long the trail is, I think miles and miles.. remember the pictures I posted 2 weeks ago or so? when you couldn't see the bench's?
 Hence the title, this is my husband peeing right off the trail.. I couldn't even believe it.. haha he says the outside makes him have to pee!
 There are signs all along the trail about Salmon and Trout fishing! One of the guys Jason works with who lives here as well caught a King Salmon last year right behind the apartment. On average a King Salmon is 25lbs.
We walked over to Campbell Elementary school to check out the basketball courts.. this is pretty much the view we see every time we walk out of our apartment.. its pretty amazing! Jason's not bad looking either! haha!

So I thought I would share these pictures, I still have to upload the ones from Flatop & Chugach State Park from last weekend.. I promise to get on that and send them out!

I hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Range is HOT, Proceed to Fire!

First I will apologize for having not blogged in so long.. Ive been working a lot and we've been going to the gym every night and this last week has just flown by! I have been crazy busy at work.. you wont even believe it!

Its definitely been a good week though, Ive gotten so much accomplished.. however I couldn't wait for last night to come. Jason and I decided to grill last night.. legally though not to worry... we took it downstairs beside the building and grilled awesome turkey burgers! I made myself a nice little (or not so little) mixed drink that was apparently a little strong.. haha.. so I had a second to make it the right way. We didn't really do anything last night, got in bed early.

Today was the day though.. Today was the day we finally made it to the shooting range! We got up and went to breakfast at the City Diner, Jason got this HUGE omelet and loved it. He said "Ya I'll be back, your dad, Uncle Stick and I will definitely be back" haha. After that we hit Starbucks (naturally) before going to the range.. The Rabbit Creek Range!

It was kind of miserable this morning so we went to breakfast to see if the rain would hold off but really come hell or high water Jason was shooting that gun today! When we got there I was really nervous, I was pretty confident in shooting on account that its obviously not the first time I shot a gun (do you know my dad?) but it was the first time that Ive shot a handgun. Jason and I have talked about it a lot but the other night he decided to show me videos of girls shooting handguns and them coming back and whacking them in the face! I was sooo scared! So we got there and although I liked the fact that it was outside it was soooo loud!! We got all ready and went out to the handgun section and waited to set up. The gentleman who runs the range yells "CEASE FIRE!" and then you unload your weapon, remove magazines and step back.. then he asks everyone to raise their hand that they understand the instructions before he allows everyone to go out and change the targets.

They are super strict about not letting you anywhere near the counters and weapons while people are changing their targets which made me feel a lot safer. When the range is cleared he asks that everyone understands the instructions and are ready to shoot.. he then walks off the range and yells "RANGE IS HOT, PROCEED TO FIRE!"... take a look...

 See it was a pretty crappy day out.. but that's the mountains and the ocean in front of us! To the right is actually the parking lot to the range, you can kind of see the sign behind the trees.
 Rabbit Creek Rifle Range, there was quite a few rifles and shot guns as well and an AR 15.. like a machine gun.. BANG BANG BANG BANG!!!
 This was Jason setting up the first targets, we didn't have those black targets but we are going to get them next time! They are all black and when you hit them they splash florescent orange or yellow depending where you hit it!
 Jason was so excited.. READY....AIM... FIRE!!
 Done I look fierce? I had to wear the protective glasses over my glasses because I wasn't 100% sure that my glasses were shatter proof and I didn't have side Shields. Its not like I couldn't not wear my glasses.. I wouldn't have been able to see dick all.
 The targets were about 18 yards away.
 BOOM! It didn't kick nearly as bad as I thought it would! I actually had a really great time!!
Dont I have good posture? haha Probably because Jason was behind me saying.. "Stand straight, hold it tight.. move your feet apart.. hold it tight!"
I hit the black part of the target.. if that was a bear I bet I would have killed it! haha!

We had a really good time!! After we left we headed to Sports Authority so Jason could get some stuff to clean the gun because the fact that it was dirty was driving him crazy! We also picked up a basketball because it was on sale and its definitely out plan to play!

What else has been going on? We went to an Alaska Aces game the other night, Jason, Rob, Josh, Jason and I! - Whatever genius decided that it was wise to encourage people to shake cow bells like maniacs indoors should be shot.. honestly! It was a pretty good game though, the guys were totally into it and the Aces won! Believe it or not a good portion of the team was from Ontario somewhere.. obviously.. Canadians and hockey go hand in hand!

That's really about it though, besides work and the gym not much has been going on! I work all this week again because Tom and Deanna don't get back until Friday and neither of them work on Fridays so I will be there on my own! I really don't mind it, I don't love working 6 days a week but it will be worth it to have the time off when the fam is here!

So to those of you that I have been slack responding to emails.. I'M REALLY SORRY! I promise to answer all of you this week. I also thank you all of you who actually answer me back.. because there are definitely a few people that I try with all the time and always get back "I have nothing to tell you"  or "I'm just really busy" which I honestly do understand.. but after months I really feel like I am completely out of the loop and don't bother writing you anymore.. so if you never respond to me and I haven't written you.. that's why.

I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.. we are finally seeing 50 on occasion and I couldn't be happier!!! The snow has melted WAY faster than I ever expected and although I don't want to jinx it I think we have seen the last of the snow here!

ALSO.. bad new.. Josh went for a walk the other night and saw bear shit on the path.. obviously I want no part of that and don't have any intentions of walking down there without my knew friend the RUGER 357!! Haha I would never shoot a bear.. well.. probably not!

In case you were wondering I haven't seen Bruce all week.. its starting to look like Bruce and Brenda aren't brother and sister but maybe partners! I'm assuming because I haven't seen Brenda in weeks she is pregnant and getting ready to have her baby.. do moose have more than one baby at a time? Jason said he think they can have 2 but I don't know. I'll keep my eye out for her babies and try and get pictures from a distance.

Anyways Jason is making pizza for dinner and afterwards he wants to go try out the next basketball.. I'm not thrilled, I would rather have a hot bath but we'll go for awhile! I will try to be better about blogging, we've been boring though!

I hope all is well with everyone! I miss you all tons!!