Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Confess...

Good Morning,

I see these posts all over blog land and if I remember correctly I might have even done one once but I figured I would stop in and tell y'all a little about whats going on lately in a simpler form. Shall we?

I confess...by the time you see this post I hope to be done reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and working on a review for you. I have heard nothing but amazing things about this book and movie and therefore I have to read it, and then see the movie!

I confess... my birthday is this week and I'm am not feeling overly psyched about it. Getting older at this age isn't all that exciting.

I confess... my arm is still not better and I have not yet seen a doctor, and I am not sure I want to. Its funny growing up in Canada where health care is free you tend to go to the doctor for every little thing, and although we have great insurance here you tend to think a little more about when it is really necessary.

I confess... I really actually like the climate in New Jersey but so far I don't have great things to say about their autumn. We have hot days, then cold days, then hot days again. I have only once walked outside and smelled that amazing fresh, crisp autumn air.

I confess... I am not overly into Thanksgiving but I am into sales. Canadian Thanksgiving = Columbus Day sales.. LOVE. American Thanksgiving = Black Friday sales... LOVE!

I confess... I might actually be addicted to coffee.

I confess... My new glasses are taking a little longer to get use to then I had expected. They are a little heavier then my old ones and I just seem to notice it a lot. Don't get me wrong though.. I love them.

I confess... I am obsessing over fall scented candles, and I love re-purposing the glass holders when they are done!

I confess... I love Scandal but so far this season hasn't been as exciting as I had hoped, and while we are on the topic of TV shows I honestly don't know how I feel How To Get Away With Murder.

I confess... although I hate winter I don't like any of the Starbucks fall drinks so I cant wait for the holiday drinks to make an appearance.

I confess... at some point every day, I want to go home.

I confess... I need to lose weight, none of my jeans fit.

I confess... I've been working really hard on keeping my opinion to myself about things, which I have never been very good at. Truth be told I have a big mouth but I am working on changing that and so far I am pretty impressed with myself.

I confess... I have some great ideas for Christmas this year and my goal is to be done shopping for everyone but Jason by December 1st. This is ambitious for me as I am usually a last minute shopper but truthfully I just cant deal with the stress of it.

I confess... I have been down for the count with all this crap with my arm, its really hard to do things with one arm, let alone the one that I don't usually use (my right hand is the one I am having problems with). Through all this time, Jason works a ton and then comes home and makes dinner and does so much to make my life easier and I couldn't be more grateful.

I confess... I had more to confess then I though. HA!

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  1. Go get your arm looked at!!! I know it can be expensive, but living like that is the pits. My Mom fell & finally went to have her shoulder looked at as she is having quite a bit of pain (and no one to help her dress!). They suspect it is her rotator cuff and did an x-ray (which will only show bone spurs) and she is now waiting for results from an MRI. Hopefully if that is what it is, they can set her up with some physio. DON'T WAIT - you could be making it worse. Do I sound like a mother?? LOL

  2. I know I know.. honestly its not even expensive its just a pain! I know it will go away! Its honestly not feeling worse and I do have good days but when I do a lot I have a bad day. I'll give in and go, I swear! I hope your Mom is ok! Keep me posted!
    Haha and yes you absolutely sound like my mother, in a good way though! XO