Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit?

Do you read your horoscope? You know, not at the end of a trashy magazine when its just there but do you actually look up your horoscope online regularly because you believe its completely true? I wont lie, I don't. 

I don't really base much on my horoscope and I do believe for some people they can become somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. Most often I think they are either generic and you can take multiple things from it or its just random made up crap that doesn't really apply to you. 

Having said that I will say often a lot of the ways they describe a Libra often do apply to me. I feel if you read the descriptive words used to describe a Libra most people who know me would say more fit my personality than don't. 

I would like to think I am a very grateful person, I appreciate all the things people do for me especially when its strictly out of the kindness of their heart. I often feel however big or small the gesture I don't accurately display my appreciation or that is just isn't enough. I am a huge fan of Thank You cards, I always have them on hand because I feel like its a really personal way to thank someone and show your appreciation. I try really hard never to let a good deed go unnoticed. Heck I find it sweet when someone holds the door for me, because its just not as common as it use to be. 

This pretty much describes me perfectly. I am constantly at war with myself over decision making, honestly I think it drives Jason crazy. I always try to put others first and therefore often make decisions that make others happy rather than myself. This is actually someone I have been trying to work on because I know its not right to put on a happy face all the time for others sake when I could have chose an option that didn't make me unhappy. I don't like people to think bad of me so I will often do things I would rather not because I believe it will make others happy or not let them down. Sometimes the right thing is what makes you happy, and not others as hard as that is to accept. 

This is true as well, I am a wicked worrier.. honestly the worst! I will take the smallest thing and turn it into the biggest issue and then make myself sick over it. I actually do that all the time, about everything. Sad but true when it comes to small decisions I try to avoid them because its not worth making them something more than they are. I debate everything, never in my life I feel had their been a "simple" decision which is sad. If I could change one thing about myself believe it or not it wouldn't be my ass it would be my worry. 

This is true, I can be forgiving to a fault and often am. But a long time ago I decided that if having someone in my life was more of a hassle and brought me down than it really wasn't worth it. I have enough stress and worry in my life and I want to be surrounded by people that lift me up, bring positive things to my life.. not the opposite, if that's not the case than I have a hard time seeing the point. There are certain people in life you just have to deal with, but I honestly cant say I just let things slide over and over anymore, sadly its just not worth it. Its true what they say, when you get older its more important to have a few good friends than it is to have lots of friends. 

I have become better at this. I am a total bawl ass.. I use to cry so easily it would make you question my sanity! Now when something is bothering I tend to internalize a little more and keep it to myself until I know I am ready to talk about it calmly and often now I only talk to Jason about it. I will take time to myself and wallow (fantastic habit) and come to terms with what is before I go to someone so I am not a total mess. I am proud to say I don't fall apart as easily as I once did, I have learned to be more independent, to rely on myself to figure things out and be good with the decision I come to. Most of the time at least. 

This is abundantly true. I absolutely love alone time and I think this is in large part because I have a lot of it.. although in a way I think I have always been this way. I like to be alone, I find it completely refreshing, if its not for a week at a time or something I don't feel bored ever. I like to read, take baths, watch whatever I want on TV, eat at odd hours and have whatever I want. I think alone time is good, I truly believe that you have to be good with yourself, you have to be in a good place and be happy with yourself before you can ever be happy with anyone else. Naturally I love to travel too, I don't care to drive places anymore.. we've just over done that but none the less I love to travel. Although some places we have been have been hard to deal with for long periods of time I am grateful for every experience. 

My personality has changed a lot as I have gotten older, I guess its because I am growing and changing. My life has changed a lot to provoke change in my personality but honestly I am really happy with myself, I am so happy with Jason and our life together, its a really great feeling. 

So tell me, what sign are you? Do you feel like the traits describe you? Do you believe Mars and the Moon affect your mood and what will take place for you in any given month? Tell me what you think!

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