Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas Party!

Well hello ya'll!

I hope you and all your families had a wonderful Christmas holiday and are still enjoying time off if you have it and if not are preparing for the fabulous New Year ahead!

Our Christmas was fantastic, however this is not my Christmas post.. this is playing catch up and quickly because I haven't been here, I have a lot to tell and we have company due to arrive today and I still have shit to do to prepare! HA! So I thought I would stop in while I had a minute (not really but I am making a minute) I would go back to the 23rd and tell ya'll how that played out!

Jason and Evan were suppose to head to the Hurricanes game that night but long story short Evan didn't end up making it so Jason and I went! I don't know why I didn't pay attention or maybe had a continuous blond moment while Jason was talking about it, but I didn't realize until we were on our way that it was an NHL game (Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus Blue Jackets) and it was Jason's first NHL game! So although I felt bad that Evan didn't get to go when he was looking so forward to it I was pretty excited to go with Jason, being his first NHL game and all!

Anyways it rained cats and dogs ALL DAY that day and I'm not sure if it was due to the weather or not but my hip had been killing me for days and walking was not my strong suit. Luckily despite to rain and TERRIBLE North Carolina drivers we made it to the game in GREAT time and got fabulous parking!

Because we made such good time we decided to grab beers before finding our seats! I couldn't believe the variety of beers the stadium had and was not at all surprised about the price but color me surprised when I found LABATT BLUE ON TAP!!! Hello happy Canadian!!!

I mean if that isn't the start to a great night I really don't know what is! I was so thrilled that I really couldn't wait for the game to start. 

We found our seats and watch the Zamboni drive around and get the ice ready for the game, I was pretty impressed with the set up but these guys were TERRIBLE drivers. 

Then it was GAME TIME!

I'm not going to lie the Hurricanes SUCK! It wasn't like any hockey game I had ever seen before! None the less it was 2 days from Christmas, so we decided to eat, drink and be merry! Honestly we really did enjoy the game, it was a great time.. we both love sport events! There was a lot of snacking.. I felt so guilty after... check out this bad boy!

Overall we had a great night, it was nice to get out and do something instead of sitting around waiting for Christmas!

I will be back with a Christmas update and then get back on track in the New Year but I'm not going to lie I am not sure when I will make it back. You see my Dad, Aunt and Uncle are currently on their way and although we haven't heard from the traveling trio they are due to arrive anytime after 6:00pm for a week! Jason and I couldn't be more thrilled, we miss them terribly and they haven't seen the house yet! So although I really miss you guys and want to fill you in on whats going on in our world, recap Christmas and all that jazz I really want to soak up every second of family time I can, as I really don't get a lot of it! 

We are hoping they get here hungry, we plan to introduce them to some good Southern BBQ to start their trip off right, and who knows what the rest of the trip will bring!

I promise I will be back soon! In the meantime if you want to leave a comment and tell me about your Christmas I would love to hear about it!! I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year and stay tuned as I promise to return!!!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Light... BUST!

Good Evening all,

I was hoping to get here today with news about all of our Christmas adventures this weekend but things didn't exactly turn out like I had planned!

First of all it was QUITE warm here yesterday, we got up to head to our traditional holiday breakfast at IHOP and before heading out the door we had to change! I wasn't expecting that kind of weather first thing in the morning and after enjoying amazing eggnog pancakes and doing out grocery shopping for the week we came home and got into shorts and washed the truck!! Honestly I am not taking this weather for granted at all, especially considering the ice storm they have been experiencing at home! After another gorgeous day we were also lucky enough to have another gorgeous sunset!

Last night we planned to go to Lights on the Neuse, we had an early dinner and got changed anticipating cooler weather. When we got in the truck is definitely wasn't any cooler outside, we stopped at Target to get chocolate chunks for baking and Starbucks for our outing! We drove clear to Clayton (really not THAT far) and let me tell you I was not at all expecting to see what I did. The line up to get tickets to get into this place was 3 miles long! No word of a lie I would say thousands of people!! There was no where to park, it was absolutely NUTS! I guess I never gave much thought to the fact that it really is the only Christmas thing that has been advertised so of course everyone would go! We just didn't think it was worth waiting in line for lord knows how long and then once we got in there with that many people I couldn't imagine that the lines for hot chocolate, hay rides, etc would be any shorter! We decided to extend out Christmas light drive and skip the light (line) spectacular.

We got to see some beautiful home decorated, I love that people take the time and effort to decorate their home for the holidays. Every year when I was a kid we would walk around and look at all of the lights and Jason and I always take a drive before Christmas to see as many as we can!

We got home last night and watched The Santa Claus 2 which is a fabulous Christmas movie, but sadly when we went upstairs it was miserable hot! Jason thought it would be a good idea to open the window in the bedroom and close the door, well when I went up there and opened the door it was like a sauna in there.. needless to say no one got a lot of sleep around here last night!

I was up earlier this morning then usual, I really wanted to just relax and do whatever as we are expecting company for the next while, that didn't exactly happen but I wont complain too much as I made my way to the garage early to enjoy the summer weather before football started. I didn't make it far into football before I needed to lay down for awhile.. I am generally not a napper, I feel like its a waste of a day but I really felt like crap today from no sleep last night.

Really the rest of the afternoon has been a bust, nothing exciting to report.

Tomorrow the Seavey's will be here in the early afternoon and Jason and Evan are heading to a hockey game tomorrow night. I highly doubt I will be around tomorrow as I am not anticipating having much to talk about and I really want to enjoy the holidays with everyone. I don't know when I will be back, most likely Christmas Day with at least holiday well wishes! With all the company we are going to have over the holidays I don't think there will be much going on around here until they are over!!

Although I will be back on Christmas I am wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! Stay safe and warm and I hope Santa is good to all of you! I will leave you with this little gem I believe Steve sent me the other day, I think its hilarious!! Enjoy!!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Turkey... Burger!

Greetings all from an extremely warm Raleigh!

This weekend we are suppose to see 90 degrees, the warmest its been this time of year for 126 years! Don't get me wrong we tend to be places when they set weather records and this is one I couldn't be happier to be apart of! I am a huge fan of the warm weather and although I can't get over how easily the weather fluctuates and the extremes I am absolutely not complaining. Yesterday morning we had frost and today its suppose to get up to 77 degrees! Crazy! Obviously we will not be having a white Christmas.. kind of sad, but kind of not!

I didn't make it around here Wednesday, truth be told I was just too tired! Wednesday afternoon the Seavey's arrived, I tell ya a week of not seeing the baby it is amazing how much she has changed! We had some good bonding time and then headed to the most amazing dinner! We headed to the Tribeca Tavern which we were so convinced someone had been to before, but it turns out none of us had. The atmosphere was really great, the hostess and waitress were super friendly and welcoming! We ordered fried pickles and nachos as appetizers and everything was amazing!! We had a really hard time deciding on what to have for dinner because everything on the menu sounded absolutely incredible! While looking through the menus we enjoyed a GREAT variety of beers and all finally decided on burgers! I naturally went with the turkey burger that was just INCREDIBLE, not at all dry.. beyond juicy and FULL of amazing flavor! Evan and Jason got the Wolfpack which was HUGE and Brianne went with a Bison burger! If you weren't sure they were enjoyed.. please see for yourself...


Amelia didn't know what to thing.. she sat and enjoyed her mashed potatoes and drink cup lid!

I'd say all the excitement of dinner wore her out because we weren't in the truck to head home 5 minutes and she was out like a light!

Too cute! Needless to say when we got home the little lady headed straight to bed! I would like to say we did the same but we stayed up for awhile, got in bed not too late and Jason still had me awake and was wondering around the house at 2:30am.. lord knows why but with little sleep I was up early for Brianne and I to head out and complete our Christmas shopping. I really honestly thought with the fact that it was a Thursday morning we would have good luck and not encounter the crazy hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.. no such luck! Thankfully we managed to finish quite quickly and get home before patience were lost. 

Jason and I have been to Walmart to pick up a few little things we may need for the holidays and will finish out grocery shopping tomorrow for Christmas dinner. While we were at Walmart the other day we came across this baby...


Yes Lindor is by far the BEST chocolate but isn't this a little excessive? Is there not an obesity epidemic in the States? Good lord, wonder why! In case you were wondering.. we did not buy it. 

Last night after the Seavey's left I made an AMAZING lasagna with sliced zucchini instead of noodles, its not the first time I made it but let me tell you the more I eat it the more I absolutely LOVE it! It is just so delicious and so good for you! 

We had a really low key night, we didn't even watch any Christmas movies and headed to bed at a decent time after enjoy this incredible sunset...

Tonight we are making pulled pork and just going to hang out. We went out and bought ELF the Christmas movie because I love it and it hasn't been on TV so I think we will watch that. Tomorrow we are heading out for our annual Christmas breakfast at IHop! I know its silly but I absolutely LOVE their Eggnog pancakes! Tomorrow evening we are going to Lights on the Neuse for a hayride and whatever other wonderful Christmas activities they have on the go! On the way home we will take our annual Christmas driving to check out people's Christmas lights! Christmas really is just around the corner. 

Sunday is football naturally and getting ready for our company to arrive Monday. Jason and Evan are going to a hockey game on Monday night and Brianne and I are going to hang out with Lady A at the house. Tuesday is Christmas Eve and some Christmas baking is definitely in order! I will try and post pictures and recipes! Wednesday is CHRISTMAS!!!! I am super excited, as I truthfully am most years! This year it is a little extra special because although we don't get to spend the holidays with my family my Dad, Aunt and Uncle will be here on the 27th!! We are soo thrilled, they haven't seen the house yet and we always welcome a visit from family as they are so greatly missed!

So that's how our holiday is shaping up, it is my intention to get here as much as possible but lets be honest my intentions are always good but how it pans out tends to be another story! We will see how it goes and how much time I have to sneak away and get on the computer. I may try tomorrow and Sunday to have a few blogs ready to just post when I get a minute! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm.. unless you are in the south in which case try and stay cool!! 

Have an absolutely wonderful Friday and god help you if you have to go to the mall this weekend!! 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas came early for THIS GIRL!

Good Morning lovelies!

Well its chilly in the south this morning, I came downstairs this morning to my lovely hubby drinking Tim Hortons coffee in the warmth! Usually he has this house colder then it is outside so I was very pleasantly surprised! I was anxious to get around here today and tell ya'll how Christmas came early to this girl yesterday!!

Our plans for yesterday took a little shift so we headed out in the morning and did some running around, grocery shopping, all that fun stuff and then came back for Jason to do some painting in the garage! While I was doing some things throughout the house he wiped down the walls and while that was drying we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood as it was GORGEOUS yesterday and we have not done so in quite some time! There are so many more houses up around the area, truthfully there are very few lots left, which is surprising seeings how KB HOMES SUCK SO BAD! Regardless it was great to get out and walk around and look at all the other back yards and how people have utilized small spaces.

When we got home and Jason got to painting I decided to park myself in the garage to supervise, and drink beer... I thought that was helpful, all in all I was keeping him company! Really I was looking for a good excuse (as if one is needed) to try the new beer I got at World Market the other day! I got Wood Chuck's Hard Cider the Limited Edition Winter! This beer is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE, its not at all your typical cider and I am going out to get more today because of its limited release. Did I mention its 5%! Good stuff that beer!

Alright I am getting side tracked! Although this was EXCELLENT, this is not how Christmas came early! 

I was sitting out in the garage and Jason decided he wanted to run and get a Mega Millions ticket, it was something ridiculous like $535 million and truthfully I don't want to win that kind of money but none the less we decided to get a ticket. While I was sitting there waiting for him to get back and enjoying my cold beverage the mailman showed up.. again! We had already received packages earlier in the day so I was really surprised to see him. We exchanged pleasantries and I went out to get the packages he dropped off! 

Well ladies and gents.. CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY THIS YEAR!!! To my surprise one of those packages was a BIRCH BOX! Honestly I swoon over the idea of a Birch box and find myself extremely jealous when Kate at The Small Things Blog often talks about the monthly goodies she receives! I have seriously debated getting one and looked into the Canadian version as a gift, because lets be honest who doesn't want a monthly box full of surprise goodies? Having said all that, I didn't order it. I knew I hadn't ordered it and was extremely curious as to where this bad boy came from, naturally I did not hesitate to dig in!

I could not have been more surprised when I opened the box. This Birch Box was gifted to me by my WONDERFUL and oh so THOUGHTFUL friend Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World! Let me just say I refer to Tanya's blog when I mention her strictly as a shout out, Tanya and I have been friends for quite some time, in real life! If I haven't said so before her husband Josh works with Jason and we often travel together on the same jobs! We were legit Bonnie & Clyde in NYC! Anyways I was so overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude, because although she is in a foreign country and not looking to have the most wonderful and traditional Christmas she thought of me. This really does not surprise me! Tanya is an amazing friend, when we are apart she ALWAYS makes the effort to keep in touch with letters and cards, Facebook messages and face-time dates... this seems to be a rare trait amongst friends, effort!

I could not be more thankful that she thought of me, knowing that I could not reciprocate for the actual holiday because of their location and the option of sending parcels. Jason and I gave it a lot of thought and knowing what its like to be away and have to bring gifts back, etc we thought we would wait until they were home and send them something we didn't have to worry about not getting to them or that they would potentially have to leave due to travel space, in their case... suitcases! 

This really is the best gift for me, I absolutely love to try new products, I feel like it couldn't have been anymore thoughtful and personal! There are so words to express just how much I appreciate this gift and the friendship it stems from! Thank you Tanya so much for always thinking of me and making our friendship a priority! I love you tons!

So.. ya'll want to see whats in the box? I know you do! 

This is a Birch Box!

It actually came in another box that looked like a present (which one would have thought I might have just put under the tree.. if they didn't know me at all!!)

When you open this beauty, this is what it looks like...


Now I will say that when you go on the Birch Box website you must make a selection as to what you would be interested in receiving samples of in your boxes! Also I MUST mention that before even opening the box you could smell this amazing aroma coming from the box, these products smell INCREDIBLE!

This month I received the following...

This gem is a leave in conditioner for your hair that also acts as a protector and detangler.. right up my alley! Plus is smells DIVINE!

Shimmer lotion! This may just help my legs look less ghostly on Sunday while I am rocking shorts in the 75 degree weather we are suppose to be having!


I was quite excited about another little surprise box within my surprise box!

Nail polish!

Citrus body spray! Heavenly!

This little card is also included within your Birch Box to inform you what is inside and how much it would cost you to purchase these items if you enjoy them! 

This really is the most fabulous gift, the gift that keeps on giving if you will! I can't wait to see what next months box will bring! 

So Christmas is a week away EXACTLY and I must say I am pretty excited! My last gift arrived today and I have one more thing to pick up and then I am good to go! It was so wonderful not to have to deal with the mall this holiday season and not feel so extremely overwhelmed by last minute shopping! Jason and I have been taking full advantage of the season and never pass up an opportunity to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. Last night around 9:00pm we decided to make sleepy time tea (were old) and popcorn and watch A Christmas Story (Jason's favorite Christmas movie). Today we are going out and buying Elf, because that's one of my favorite Christmas movies and it HAS NOT been on TV.... I know, let your shock be heard around the world.. what the hell!! 

The Seavey's will be up later on this afternoon and I believe we are going to head out for dinner! The kids headed back to Canada with Brianne's mother this morning so its just them and Millie G for the holidays! I am super excited to see her little face today! 

I hope you are all done your Christmas shopping and are really enjoying the Christmas season, and great friends! 

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remember When?

No I'm not going to bust out into an Allan Jackson song, although truthfully when someone says "remember when" that songs starts playing in my head... funny how that happens.

Lately I've been reflecting upon the absolute bliss of being a child, this may or may not have something to do with Christmas and my over the top obsession with cuties... I kid you not its taking on a life of its own. The other day I only had 3 left and had to make a special (not so special) trip to Target (I could go to Target every day) to get more. Last night for dinner I had a glass of wine (obviously not child like) and 5 cuties! I suppose in all fairness its helping my waistline!

Anyways before this post goes off in a completely different direction... I've been thinking a lot about being a kid again and how life seemed naturally far less complicated. I don't remember worrying about war and terrorism, but now its hard to remember a day where you could drive down the interstate and not see a billboard of a woman wanted for murder and her connection with terrorism. Side note - This actually happened, we were driving back from Saskatchewan and we were in New Jersey and I saw the billboard and said to Jason how sad it made me, that this is the world we live in. I actually wrote it down that night for an idea for a blog post and lost it in my ridiculously large purse. I don't remember worrying about terrorism as a kid. Obviously war is not anything new but I don't remember it being so prevalent in everyday life, I definitely don't remember the fear. I can't help but wonder if that fear of the unknown came directly from 9/11 and that's when a kind gesture was looked at suspiciously, when you always looked twice at the person standing next to you, wondering who exactly they really were. It's as though the good is gone.

Politics definitely take on a life of their own when you are an adult, or maybe people just care more now then they did years ago because as it seems things are so screwed up. Politics are often in your face and not in the usual way. Everyone hates Obama and feels the need to say it, post it on social media, advertise it on the bumper of their car, don't get me wrong people are entitled to their opinion, but there is a little part of me that wonders where the hate and distaste stems from. Then you have good ol' mayor Rob Ford.. need I say more? The infamous mayor of Toronto who made headlines around the world for his crack addiction and heinous comments about the things he does at home with his wife... yes he is still in office. What the hell?

Do you remember the days when everyone wasn't dieting? That the 'perfect body' wasn't 100lbs, the days when 8 year old kids didn't have eating disorders. At one time Marilyn Monroe was said to be beautiful, the body you wanted to have... that woman was beautiful, curves and all. Speaking of dieting, when I was a kid I also don't remember everything being organic either, or Paleo... people jump on these band wagons and don't get me wrong I am ALL ABOUT clean eating and being healthy, you only get one body.. take care of it, but people.. a carrot is a carrot I promise you a $5.00 difference in price means nothing but that you are willingly getting suckered! A CARROT IS A CARROT!

I miss a world where not everyone had cancer. I'm not naive, I remember as a kid people having cancer and I guess you have the luxury as a child of being shielded from the hurt of sickness and loss, but it seems so much more prevalent now. I appreciate that a cause brings people together, I have great admiration for the fighters and survivors and great sadness for those who lost their battle. I think its important to donate because lets be honest in one way or another everyone has been affected. Donate, participate, raise awareness because the sad truth is sooner or later it will hit closer to home then you can bare.

When did the world fall apart? When did it stop being safe to send your kids to school because you had to worry about kids bringing guns to schools, killing their parents and each other. The disgusting amount of school shooting that have taken place in the last 5 years is heart wrenching. Why? Where is a safe place? Is there a safe place? Is there a place to hide from guns and violence, cancer and war?

Its sad to think that violence seems to be the answer for so many, politeness and manners, using your words has completely gone out the door. Helping hands are what seems foreign to us now. The new and social media blast the smallest good deeds like they are an act of heroism because they are now so few and far between, this makes me sad.

I remember the days when my biggest worries were waiting for school to end and maximizing the little bike riding time I had. Those last few LONG drawn out school days waiting for the freedom of summer where life was filled with swimming and bike riding, out with your friends until the street lights came on. No worries because everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood and there was no fear that someone might take your child and do unspeakable things, there was no fear. When did it all change?

Sometimes now the idea of having kids seems to scary, is this a world you want to bring children up in? Things aren't the same now as they were when I was a kid, not in cities or small towns.

I often wonder where this all came from, how it changed. I watch shows like Criminal Minds and CSI (everything.. lets be honest there is like 12 CSI shows, right?) and cant help but wonder are we putting ideas in peoples heads? Are we giving the already unstable individual the "perfect crime". Maybe I'm grasping at straws but so many believe that violent video games make children violent (that is a basic statement, not reflecting an opinion of my own), so does violent shows make adults put violent thoughts into action?

Mental health, that's something we could talk about for days and I think the big question is whether or not there are enough resources, if there is enough awareness out there about the things that are ailing people. We have come a long way and no longer live in a world where this is something to be ashamed of, where asking for help is something to be ashamed of. Ask for help, its out there.

I wish often I could be a kid again, living in a world where bad things didn't happen. Those days of curling up on the couch with Mom to watch a movie, building snow forts in the backyard with Dad.. trying to fly under the radar so I didn't have to get out of the pool and go to bed. Cherish the small things, because sometimes the big things just don't allow for it.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Quiet Time

Lately I have been reading more and more blogs where the blogger apologizes for taking time away, being away with family for a weekend and not making it around to let their readers know whats going on, missing their weekly H54F posts! I use to do that a lot and on occasion still will just to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you, or that while I am away I don't take for granted that you take time out of your lives to sit down and follow along in my neck of the woods. Your readership means the world to me, that you think what I have to say matters, that you take the time to comment and let me know your thoughts, there are no words for my appreciation. But sometimes you just need some quiet time, time to deal with things going on in your own world and there is definitely no need to apologize for that.

I started this blog so that I didn't have to write 50 of the same emails every week updating friends and family on where we were and what we were doing. On one of our major road trips I started emailing a group nightly to update them and it snow balled from there.. having said that this place has become something totally different for me at times. Don't get me wrong as much as I absolutely LOVE new followers and the blog world in general I don't by any means think I will make money off this thing, I don't care to make it a job. I really love to write and this is a place I get to do it, and sometimes its an outlet which is much needed.

This weekend I wanted to get here. We got the laptop back with a brand new mother board the other night (still on warranty - SCORE) and then it wasn't working when we got it home. Jason took it back the next day and they thankfully straightened out a few things in the store and he was able to bring it right back home. While it was gone I wanted to blog about new products I'm using that I love, I wanted to rant about things and couldn't and then it was sitting here and I just couldn't bring myself to get on here and write about products when I by no means felt like things were hunky dory in life!

If you know me at all you know that I am a person that pretty much tells it like it is and hopes for the same in return, or in a way I guess I use to be. I really thought about getting on here this weekend and just venting, saying what I was thinking about.. getting it out there and I didn't. I didn't use one of MY favorite outlets on account that someone might read it and be upset. I hate that. I hate that sometimes expressing yourself opens up the flood gates to people having an issue with your opinion. I was raised that honesty is always the best policy.. but is it? If someone pisses you off and you feel your reason is valid do you say something or keep the peace and let it go? And if you always choose to let it go does it turn future issues into something bigger then they are because you are still holding onto the past ones? I'm not saying something because its the holidays.. I'm not saying something because its better not too.. I'm not saying anything and that's pissing me off more! I am a dweller dammit and the more I don't say something about something that is bothering me the more I want to fly off the handle about it. Don't get me wrong I actually wouldn't say that I have a bad temper by any means I am actually a wicked bawl ass! I've ranted to Jason like its my job all weekend and he has graciously listened and at times laughed.. but at least I could talk about it.

So in the spirit of the holidays, or whatever I will say this. Sometimes people need to think with their head and not their heart, sometimes people just need to think period!! You can't expect people to help you if you aren't willing to do anything to help yourself. Often the hard decision is the best decision and when you least want to hear other peoples opinions that's when you probably need to hear it most! Sometimes you cant see what is when you are sitting on the inside, so let the people on the outside give some advice. Often if you are willing to listen, or have confided in this person in the first place you should know that they only have your best interest at heart.

Don't be a door mat, people will always take advantage of that. Take a step back sometimes and look at the big picture, your big picture and if your present situation and actions are going to get you to your future goals. Don't let someone else turn you into someone you don't want to be, no one is worth changing who you are. Take some time for you, having the option of focusing solely on yourself is a luxury, don't let it pass by without giving it the attention it deserves.. you deserve. Being alone isn't always the worst thing, sometimes its the best.

Tragedy happens, life is hard and although its not always easy you have to take the good with the bad. I will analyze every situation up and down and in the end I usually take a lesson from it, try not to dwell, look for what you are meant to take away from what you are facing and try to make it a positive. I tell myself this everyday. Embrace being a kid, but always be responsible... this is a life skill that is always helpful. Take initiative when you can and when its not necessary sit on the couch with a beverage of your choice and enjoy the little things because sometimes the big things just don't allow for that, take advantage of it while you can.

Life will never be simple, it will ALWAYS be full of hard decisions, have the guts to make the right one. Move on when its necessary, put in hard work when its worth it and be smart enough to know the difference. Your actions have consequences, even if you don't see them at the time. Often your actions affect other people, be the person you wish to see in this world! Life is too short to be unhappy. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Ok. I'm done. Sometimes a girl just needs to rant a little. I am by no means an expert on life, nor do I claim to be.. sometimes I just feel like things need to be said.

On another note in speaking of not being honest and consequences of your actions. I really want to get rid of Facebook. Truthfully I think Facebook is the devil and most of what is on there is CRAP anyways! But we move around all the time and meet people and then leave! We don't always travel with the same group of people and neither of us live in the place we are from.. therefore getting rid of Facebook means forfeiting keeping up to date on all the people we love, and then we go back to sending 50 emails a day and lets be honest we may get 10 responses (don't get me started on friends and bad communication). I don't want to miss out on pictures and updates but I often go back and forth about deactivating my account and just occasionally signing on quietly to check things out.

Honestly if I could delete half of my 'friends' (with zero consequences) I would happily keep Facebook but as much as it is my account you have obligatory friends that you just really don't have a choice about keeping. Oh being an adult is crap sometimes. You only think that when you get older you can do whatever the hell you want... that is a lie. Do you know social media is responsible for such a large amount of divorces (that has nothing to do with why I hate it, Jason and I have no issues in regards to trust and social media) what a pathetic statistic!

Anyways I am off to deal with the house people again.. a week before Christmas and shit still isn't done! To be expected I suppose! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR... DON'T BUY A KB HOME!!! Seriously.. if you take anything away from this blog ever, know that I would never lie to you and you should absolutely NEVER EVER BUY A KB HOME!!!

Alright I'm off to unload parcels that just came for Christmas, SUPER EXCITING! Also a huge THANK YOU to Miss Cathy, Jason and I are so grateful for your house warming gift, I think you are an amazing photographer and I couldn't be more proud to hand your work in our new home! Thank you so much for always thinking of us, we are so grateful!

Have a wonderful day all! Just over a week until Christmas!!

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sometimes You Need to Laugh Until You Cry

The other night Jason and I were laying in bed at 1:00am watching Flashpoint and we just looked at each other and broke out laughing in the most hysterical laughter! Tears rolling down our faces and we just couldn't stop... For absolutely no reason at all! As I laid there laughing I couldn't help but think that was the very best medicine!! Sometimes you need to laugh like that for no reason, until tears stream down your face and your stomach hurts, with someone you love!

I know I've been a little mushy around these parts about Jason lately! Don't get me wrong all this time together were not use too I'm sure at times were driving each other nuts (however I'm quite quiet and very pleasant to be around) but how I love it all! 

We have been finishing up shopping and I'm waiting patiently (not really) for the laptop. Geek squad sends progress reports and apparently it's due to be delivered to the store tomorrow so hopefully at the latest we can get it Saturday! I swear lately I haven't felt like I've had much to say on the blog because truthfully were not that interesting right now, but the laptop disappears and I've got a million things to say.. Go figure!!

Last time I was here I said I was going to get my hair cut the next day... We'll let me tell you...IT SUCKED!!! First off, when I come to get my hair cut please by all means recommend products! I so greatly appreciate that but do not tell me what I need, have your coworker go and get it and put it in my hands, don't do that! Secondly, I greatly appreciate people telling me I have beautiful hair but please do not tell me what I can and can't do with it... Last time I checked it was still attached to MY head. You can probably see where this is going. I didn't get a good hair cut! 

I wanted to take off some hair and do a side swept bang. She only thought it was necessary to take off an inch, ok I get that but I want to take off more... Apparently we compromised at two inches? If you know me at all you know I have being biased around and so a stranger doing it was severely pissing me off! Long story short I got a crap haircut, shoved all her "recommended products" on a random shelf, paid and hot the hell out of there. I did not leave feeling like a million bucks and I hate my hair! Thank god for bobby pins!

Yesterday bad haircut and all we went to the mall to walk around and hit a few other stores before heading home for Jason to make pizza. He was really anxious to try his grandfathers dough recipe and see how the pizza turned out! Although I prefer veggies on my pizza it was very good!!

This morning we worked out in our home gym (which I have yet to share pictures of) after stepping on our new scale yesterday I was ready to sob and knew a daily work out was exactly what I needed! It's so hard getting back in the swing of things when you haven't been at the gym in awhile! I know I'll feel way better with a daily bought of exercise!

This afternoon we headed out on the hunt for a TV console for the living room. We've looked for one in the past and hadn't had much luck finding something we loved in our price range (which I thought was reasonable). We learned quickly we were way off point on price and decided to wait on it as we didn't feel it necessary to spend a fortune for something we wanted vs needed. Well it's been bothering Jason that it's the last piece (minus an accent chair) that we need for this room so we headed out again! We went to a few stores and ended up in front of the one we had fallen in love with months ago! We talked a lot about it and decided that we would bite the bullet and get it! We are super excited and without a laptop I can't share a picture but it will be delivered on the 23rd and then I will!!

After spending a nice chink of change we decided to get beers at our favorite pub on the other side of town! They brew their own beers and their chipotle barbecue wings are flippin' amazing!! So this is what our afternoon looked like!

I love afternoon beers and wings!! I also love getting home before traffic starts and the wind picks up making it even colder out!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NICE WEATHER?!?!? We are curled up watching North Woods Law, Jason loves this show and subsequently develops a thick down east Maine accent while watching it.. so it's not often! I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Greys and Scandal tonight, sad that it is the fall finale because I am addicted to Scandal! I am looking forward to a quiet night!

Last night I took some melatonin and slept better then I have in ages!! I even slept through the builders working on the house next door this morning! That's a win in my book!

I am off to turn on the fire and grab my couch blanket, it really is cold out and Jason keeps the temperature in here on meat locker so all of that is needed! 

Have a great night!! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Motivation Sucker!!!

The rain!! I'm talking about this cold rainy weather Raleigh has been privy too since Friday night! It's been really hard to want to go out and do things during the day when running from the house to the truck will ensure a quick unwanted shower! 

I'm not going to lie for the last couple of days Jason and I have hunkered down in the house and been extremely lazy! I'm not going to lie I feel like it's justified... Yes because of the weather but also because we rarely get this quality time together in mass doses and I never take it for granted! On a job we never see each other it seems, we'll we do but not in the same way and generally when were not on a job were traveling and visiting at other peoples homes!! I can't tell you how much I love our home and the quality time together it allows us! The joy it brings my heart is too big for words! I am do grateful for our time here!!

Our nights have pretty much looked like this...  

Hot chocolate and Christmas movies by the fire! Who could complain about that! 

It has finally stopped raining this afternoon after the monsoon that ensued this morning, so I am headed out to get some stocking stuffers before my hair appt at 3:15pm!

I'm super anxious about getting my hair cut! I always am and although I've been growing my hair out it is so long, heavy and dry I need a change! I've been trying to no avail to shake this dry scalp, nothing seems to be working and I have to much hair it really just takes so long to do anything with it if at all possible! Those of you who envy long thick curly hair, don't! I haven't been straightening it because of the rain, it will just curl and it's too heavy to curl with an iron it just pulls out! So today I'm looking for a change, some thinning and possibly a new style! I'm not looking to loose a ton of length!

Still no laptop which is a real pisser!! Christmas shopping is done though which is awesome besides a few things I hope to finish tonight! Plus waiting in deliveries! I will admit Our first Christmas in our new home has really put me in the Christmas spirit!! 

I must head out now to get a few things done before I head for my hair hacking appointment! Wish me luck!! I will report back tomorrow with good news hopefully!!

Have a wonderful day! Keep warm!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things...

Mother natures being a tease! It's so cold a miserable today that after a quick annoying trip to Walmart Jason and I came home and curled up on the couch to watch The Hatfields & McCoys! It's a quiet simple afternoon, and I'm so in love with it.

I hope you are all having a warm cozy Saturday!! 

Happy weekend! <3

Friday, December 6, 2013


Today is my not so little brother’s birthday and although our relationship is based mainly on sarcasm amongst a few other things I thought this morning that because we are so far apart I would write him a letter, just not a legit letter I thought I would write one to him here. So all of you could read it too… how personal!

Dear little brother,

I remember before you were born I wanted a sister, Britney Katie to be exact! When Dad brought me to the hospital to meet you, boy was I pissed! I honestly didn’t know what to make of you, what the hell was I going to do with a brother? What did brothers do anyways? I soon learned.

Brothers push you on the ground, stand on your hair and try to pull you up… brothers tease you, kick you and screw with elastic bands Mom told you a million times not to that would eventually end up almost taking MY eye out. Brothers sometimes let you dress them up, they are great at taking the blame for crap you did. Brothers are secret best friends that although you may not recognize it every day, they are always on your side.

Kids will be kids and that we were, but being four years older then you I got to appreciate you from a whole different perspective as we grew. In so many ways we were complete and utter opposites which is why still to this day we bicker and fight, curse and swear, and I give you the silent treatment and you relent (like how I got that down?). You were not always the easiest kid to live with, I swear you’re the reason Mom has grey hair, but you taught her patience, you taught me perseverance. When you took an interest in something you mastered the craft, you learned it backwards and forwards, I admire your determination. You were always good with your hands, would take anything apart anyone would let you (and sometimes not) and put it back together all on your own, you always seem to do this with ease.

As we got older we had more in common, music, activities, and I looked forward to spending time with you. I loved TGIF on Friday nights, the times when we could play board games and actually get along. Those days when a gold ol’ fashion sing song was exactly what we needed and singing at the top of our lungs was the best part of the day. Some of the best memories I have are smiling and laughing with you.

I look at you now, a young man and I cannot even begin to describe the mixed emotions I have! Watching you grow I knew that you would make something of yourself in your own time, as you always danced to the beat of your own drum. I watched you learn to drive, as Jason taught you in the new truck, graduate high school, get a job, party…I was with you the first time you got drunk and begged Mom to take you to the hospital! In all of that I knew that no one would ever been good enough for you in my eyes, but I never expected to feel as protective of you as I do. Maybe being away has made that so, I never knew I could miss you so much. There are days when I am driving in the truck and here a song and sob because it makes me think of you and at that moment being apart from you seems unbearable. There are days when we are all sitting around having beers and I wish more than anything you were here, because it just doesn’t feel the same. Who knew I would consider you a best friend?

I so appreciate our time together, although I feel it is never quite enough. I love that Jason loves you as much as I do and truth be told its competition when we come home for your time! Haha this should not be surprising as you partake in our facetime events as well. There are no words for how much I miss you, front seat dance parties, beers on the deck, movie nights with popcorn, TGI Fridays.

You are not a little boy anymore, and haven’t been for quite some time, I think I will always seen you as 5 years old for the most part but man I couldn’t be more proud of the man you have become. You make me proud to call you my brother every single day, I will always have your back no matter what, and our home will ALWAYS be your home.

Although you may not be little anymore, I am still older then you (even if most people don’t believe it) so I will leave you with some words of wisdom as you grow another year wiser.

-       If something seems too good to be true, it probably is (I’I'm sure you hear this from Dad, he taught me and he was right).

-       Life is too short to be unhappy, make decisions that have consequences that make you smile. Sometimes you need to put you first, like only you can.

-       Be smart with your money, it doesn’t grow on trees. Make wise decisions now for the amazing future I know you have in store.

-       Say I love you as much as you can and mean it, tomorrow is not promised.

-       Make time for the things that are important to you, again, tomorrow is not promised.

-       Stand up for yourself when you know you are right, don’t be arrogant, be firm… you are intelligent and strong, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

-       Stay young while you can, live at home, save your money and let Mom make your lunch some days, being an adult is hard… don’t rush it.

-       Share your humor; it is one of your greatest attributes! If someone doesn’t find you funny, they are probably deaf... Don’t be offended.

-       Be appreciative and grateful for all that you have, it didn’t come out of nowhere. We are SO FORTUNATE to have had the upbringing we had, always remember where you came from.

Last but not least know that I love you, know that I miss you every day and look forward to every facetime, text and phone call because living away from you will never be easy. Know that no matter how far apart we are I am always just a phone call away. I will get on a plane and be there for you as fast as I can, but know that if you act up I can be on a plane just as quick! You have taught me so many things in your short years; I cannot wait to see what your future brings!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and celebrate in the best way possible!

Ps – I think this should be the year you quit smoking.

Haha Love ya Goober!

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