Monday, October 13, 2014


Yes I am a worrier, and everything gets to me just a little more than anything actually should but I am working on it. I am trying more and more to let things roll off my shoulders and not make them into something they are not but sometimes things just stick with you, they make you uneasy and that's exactly what happened on Friday.

Thursday night Jason and I decided to walk over to Target after dinner because we needed to get a few things and mostly because I wanted to go the book Gone Girl. Well what do you know we went to Target, I got side tracked and forgot about the book all together and didn't realize it until I got home. Sometimes this forgetfulness is super annoying.

Friday morning Tanya wasn't feeling up to an outing so I figured I would just walk over to Target and get the book and then make a stop at the mall on my way back to check out the Columbus Day sales, especially at Loft where the day before I had gotten an amazing sweater for super cheap. I was about half way to Target when Tanya sent me a text and told me they were evacuating Target due to a bomb threat. WHAT?

I won't lie where we live in Jersey City is really safe but that can change in a matter of a block. The areas surrounding where we live aren't so great and it sometimes happens to seep in a little closer than I am comfortable with. There is crime everywhere and I don't ever feel unsafe walking around here alone, but a bomb threat? I seriously go to Target 2-3 times a week, who threatens Target? Its like America's happy place!

I was honestly shocked! So I turned around and just went to the mall, I didn't feel much like waiting around outside of Target hoping their wasn't a bomb so I figured I would change my plans and wait to see if I heard anything on the news. I went into the mall (about 2 blocks from Target) and went into Loft. I walked around for awhile, went to a few stores and as I came off the escalator on the second floor there were cops and fire fighters everywhere. I take terrorism and anything close to it very seriously, there is nothing to indicate empty threats a lot of the time and why risk it anyways. There didn't seem to be a lot of commotion really, they were just there. I went to another store and when I came out I started to see more and more security, feeling a little uncomfortable I decided just to leave. When I got out of the mall there was Port Authority everywhere and I heard they had shut down the trains temporarily just until they made sure nothing was going on.

Honestly I walked home feeling really crappy, really crappy that things like this happen. I mean I was going to Target down the street? Why would someone call in a bomb threat to Target? In the end it was nothing, they didn't find anything but the commotion just left me feeling really uneasy.

I avoid the news because all of this terrorism stuff really upsets me, it terrifies me to be honest. People should feel safe at home, they should not have to think twice about going to Target or taking the train into the city. We shouldn't fear walking alone by ourselves or checking out holidays sales at the mall. Sometimes I forget that these fears never use to be an issue, we didn't worry about all the awful things we worry about now and I miss those simpler days.

There is good in the world, more good than bad I truly believe. But on days like that you have to wonder what kind of world we actually live in.

Thankfully it was nothing and I believe more of the commotion was precautionary and for that I am grateful. It is better to take things like that seriously then to ignore them and hope for the best. We really are safe, I hope things like that are always just a scare if they have to exist at all and never materialize.

On a better note HAPPY THANKSGIVING in Canada Today.. I plan to shop my little heart out with all these Columbus Day sales and make the most of my Monday! I hope you do the same!

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  1. Hi Nicole, I agree, it is sad and disturbing that this type of thing happens but there is way more goodness in the world than bad. People like you and Jason. The Bible refers to the goodness in people who resist evil as " salt and light" . Salt that acts as a preservative to keep things going that are good and light, well that needs no explanation.

  2. I really like that Steve, Thanks for sharing. I truly do believe there is more good in the world than bad, we see it every day.. I just wish they put some more of that on the news than all the bad!