Friday, October 31, 2014

High Five for Friday 10.31.14

Good Morning,

Happy Halloween, let me tell you just to get it out of the way I absolutely do not like Halloween! I don't like anything scary at all, I don't watch anything scary on TV and even peoples costumes freak me out! Having said that I do know someone who waits all year for this day and goes above and beyond with his house and costume! Jev I hope you have an AMAZING Halloween and everything is exactly how you hoped it would be!

I honestly had a Halloween post started and I just never got around to finishing it, if I get the chance to do that I will try and post it tomorrow or Monday at the latest!

Anyways lets get on to the weeks events shall we?

1. If you read around here regularly then you probably saw THIS post about how I was at Target this week and met Taylor Swift! It seriously was the craziest thing ever, I went to get stuff to make Rice Krispies and she was there for the release of her new CD. It was a pretty crazy thing, go read the post if you have a second!

Crazy Right?

Yesterday Tanya and I headed into the city, when we arrived we travel through Washington Square Park by the NYU campus and when we entered the park we realized quickly they were filming something. We hung around for a few minutes just to see what exactly they were filming and when we realized it was a commercial or something we decided to leave. On our way out of the park Tanya was looking at her phone to make sure she knew exactly where the store was we were heading to and I was just looking around. When I looked over here comes ANDERSON COOPER! The conversation went like this..

Tanya: "Were headed this way."
Me: "Stop!"
Tanya: "No we have to go this way"
Me: "That's Anderson Cooper"
Tanya: "What? We need to go this way!"
Tanya to me: "OMG!"
Tanya to Anderson Cooper: "Hi, Anderson Cooper.. How are you?"

HAHA! He was really nice, it was all very funny! We didn't want to bother him for pictures on his way to work.. but man I wish we would have!

2. Sunday! Sunday was a really good day, I had really wanted to go out and do something fall like because we just haven't had a chance this year sadly. We soon realized because today was Halloween that everything last weekend was very Halloween oriented and I don't like any of that stuff. So we decided to stay home and none of it was bad. Jason got up in the morning and made biscuits for biscuits and gravy for breakfast! Then he made a big pot of chili for dinner! Although it wasn't a fall outing it felt very much like a fall day inside. I am so super lucky that Jason likes to cook and is good at it! 

3. Wednesday night was dinner at this new place by our apartment! We have been waiting for Taphaus to open for quite some time now and it did so a couple of weeks ago and we couldn't wait to try it! Tanya and Josh went over the weekend and said it was fantastic so we were even more anxious. Honestly I charged my phone to make sure I had enough juice to take pictures of my meal and then I didn't... go figure! Anyways I had a turkey burger and disco fries and it was INCREDIBLE! It is a new business so there are some kinks to work out but the staff was great, the food was excellent.. I would definitely go back! If you live in the Jersey City area, give it a try.. the food is amazing and so is the view!

4. Yesterday Tanya and I headed back into the city.. me with more appropriate shoes so we could spend more time. As I mentioned we got off the train to some movie set, then headed through the park to some commercial or something filming. Honestly the day was pretty funny, when we got off the subway I said I wanted to see another celebrity and then we saw Anderson Cooper. Then I said I wanted to find cute moccasin shoes for $20 and I did! I mean honestly! We had a great day, it was gorgeous outside and we just toured around going in and out of stores and checking things out! It was a great day!!

5. As I mentioned yesterday I managed to get new shoes in the city. I know winter is quickly approaching.. as much as I hate to say it but with not being able to tie my shoes because of my arm and stuff I have been in desperate need of some slip on shoes and I absolutely LOVE mocs! Its really hard to find ones that aren't fur lined and that have a comfortable sole! Tanya and I both got a pair yesterday and I couldn't be happier with mine! It took me a really long time to figure out exactly which ones I wanted, Tanya and the sales guy were so gracious to continue getting me different colors and sizes and Tanya kept tying them up for me! HA! I am really happy with the ones that I got, and Tanya got ones that are a little higher and a different color and they are GREAT too! 

Sorry for the crappy Iphone picture. I just took the picture when I realized I forgot to do so last night! 

I hope you guys all have a happy and safe Halloween! I am off to do some running around and pick up some packages! Jason is working tomorrow and the weather for Sunday isn't looking great so I'm not sure what our weekend will hold! I hope you guys have a great one!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispies

Good Morning,

As you all know we are in full swing fall mode and what does that mean? Pumpkin everything! As I have mentioned before I don't actually care for pumpkin anything but Jason does so I am always looking for ways to get as much pumpkin stuff into his life/belly during this time because it makes him happy which in turn makes me happy and this time of year definitely doesn't last very long!

I have been told that the States has way more pumpkin stuff than anywhere else, and I will admit there is no shortage! Pumpkin spice oreos and M&Ms are two general staples in this house during this time of year, not to mention the mandatory pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.. Jason is now forced to wear dark clothing when we go to Starbucks because, well.. like me, he spills!

Anyways a couple of weeks ago at Target I was wandering around the Halloween treat section and I came across Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows!

I don't like marshmallows but I do like Rice Krispies, so then and there I thought it might be a good idea to make my own rice krispies using the pumpkin spice marshmallows. Genius right! Don't get me wrong, I am not taking credit for this.. although I have not heard of anyone doing this I am sure people have! 

Anyways yesterday one of the guys Jason works with went to the Patriots game in Boston and he bought Jason a bumper sticker for the truck which I thought was incredibly nice, so I decided to make him some of these rice krispies as a thank you and I'm sure everyone else will enjoy them too! 

So Monday morning I got up and Mel and I headed to Target (where we met Taylor Swift) to get the stuff for her new place and my rice krispies!! I knew I would have to make two batches so I got two of everything. 

I came home and got started, let me tell you I have been making rice krispies for years but I forgot what a messy job it is especially when you are down an arm.. your good arm! None the less I am impressed with the final result! 

I went to the box for directions because they have always had them on there, apparently they no longer do.. so I went to the website and here is what I found!

Rice Krispies

3 Tablespoons of Butter

1 package of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (10oz) 
4 Cups of miniature marshmallows

6 cups of Rice Krispies

(Sorry, bad picture)
I measured out my 6 cups of Rice Krispies before I started because once the marshmallows have melted you don't want to waste time measuring when you need it for mixing. 

I melted 3 Tablespoons of butter in a large pot and then 1 package of Pumpkin Spice Jet Puffed Marshmallows.  (There are a few rice krispies on the spoon because this was my second batch!)

You want to stir the marshmallows continuously as they melt, keep at a low heat so you don't burn them. Once they have melted entirely you will add your 6 cups of Rice Krispies. 

You want to mix them pretty quickly and thoroughly! 

Once you have mixed everyone thoroughly you can put them in a regular pan, make muffin ones, or mini muffins. My first batch I was a little ambitious with the mini muffin idea, they were way too sticky and it was hard to get them the shape I wanted. I will recommend going over whatever pan you choose with a nonstick spray or a little bit of butter so once they set and you go to cut them and get them out easily. The marshmallow makes them quite sticky!

My second batch I did bars like I should have in the first place, It was easy, I spooned the mixture out of the pot and into the pan. I used a spatula to press it all down evenly. I let them set for a good 20 minutes on the counter and then I cut them into squares and put them in a Rubbermaid container to keep them fresh and for Jason to take them to work tomorrow! I have no doubt they will all be gone, but that's the point! 

So there you have it, honestly I don't really like pumpkin anything but they turned out really good! If you are looking for a quick and easy snack, even something to do with your kids this is the recipe for you! The actual process of making these takes about 10 minutes, let them set for about 20 and you are good to go!

Hope you enjoy!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray: Review

So as you guys all know Tanya and I ventured to Soho last week to visit the much anticipated Birch Box Store! I do follow Birch Box on Instagram as well as receive their emails, I have a subscription for their monthly boxes right now as well so I generally know what they are promoting and went into the store looking for a few specific items. 

Amika is a somewhat new line they are carrying and I was extremely anxious to check it out and see if they recommended it or not. I will blog more about our experience at the Birch Box store this week but I will say that the associates were so knowledgeable about all the products and had great information to make you confident in your purchase. 

I have a ton of wild hair and therefore I wont buy just any hair products. This is something great about the Birch Box is being able to try sample/travel size and make sure you are a fan before you spend the money for a full size bottle. I cannot wash my hair everyday because it really dries out my scalp, I am very particular when picking shampoo and conditioners because I need something that will keep my hair feeling clean and fresh for a few days. 

I will say that I don't use a ton of product in my hair like some people may, I do wash with a separate shampoo and conditioner, I use a heater protector for when I am using my blow dryer and flat iron. Generally the day before I wash my hair I use some dry shampoo just to freshen up the look and feel of my hair to get one more day out of it. That's about as far as my product use goes regularly because I don't like my hair feeling heavy, dirty or most of all greasy! 

I have been really interested in finding a product that will protect my hair and cut my blow dry time all in one if possible. I have been really thinking about purchasing the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry spray, I have nothing but good things to say about the KMS California products I have tried but when I saw these new Amika products advertised I had to investigate. 

After building our boxes at the store we decided to explore the products (which let me just say I could have stayed there all day.. everyday.. really). I made my way around and finally came across the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray and while I was reading the bottle and of course smelling the product because that is just as important one of the associates came over to see if I needed any help. She said that this is actually a new favorite product of her and after explaining why I knew I had to buy it. 

I couldn't have been more anxious to try it out, I got some recommendations on how to best utilize the product and so the next night that is exactly what I did. I had a shower and washed my hair just like I always would. I put my hair up in a towel long enough to make sure I got as much of the water out of it as possible, my hair tends to hold as much water as possible and therefore it takes a ton of time in a towel to get the water out. When I let my hair down I sprayed my hair generously with the product and got out my blow dryer! Let me say I have a really terrible blow dryer but I without a doubt I noticed a huge difference. My hair dried quicker and without as much frizz, it smelled and felt great when I was done. The product didn't make my hair greasy or decrease the amount of time I could go without washing. 

Another great thing about the product is that instead of using dry shampoo the day before washing or any day in between washes I can spray more of the blowout spray in my hair and then give it a quick blow dry and my hair is good as new! 

I really cant say enough good things about this product but let me just say, what works for one person may not work for another. My hair is thick, heavy, curly and can go days without washing. Someone who has thin hair that they wash daily may not have the same results. In my experience your hair is unique and what works for someone else may not work for you. But if you are looking for a new product and you think the things I have talked about would suit your needs I highly recommend getting a sample size and giving it a try, you can find one of these on the Birch Box website (let me warn you I could seriously spend a small large fortune on there). If you live in the New York area, visit the store and speak to an associate, they are so extremely helpful. 

Amika carries a wide variety of products that you can view HERE at the Birch Box website or HERE at the Amika website.  

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be sure to answer if I can, or at least try and steer you in the right direction if I cant! 

Hope everyone is having a great day!! 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Day I Ran into Taylor Swift at Target

I'm not even kidding. I honestly had a whole other post planned for today and then yesterday I went to Target and met Taylor Swift so I thought I would blog about that today instead!

Yesterday was your typical Monday, I got up and got ready and was planning to visit with Mel and Myles because they are moving today and I'm not sure when I will see them again. We were texting back and forth getting ready and I mentioned that I needed to run to Target if she was up for a walk! Because she had to pick up some larger items she said she would drive us down. I met them in the play room and we caught up a little before getting in the car and heading to Target, which is literally 5 minutes away if that.

We got into Target and were wondering around, I swear the store was basically empty! At one point I heard a bunch of clapping but didn't even give it a second thought, I wish I could tell you I knew her new CD was releasing today but I didn't have a clue. Even if I did I would have never thought she would have been in Jersey City at Target on a Monday morning for it!

Mel, Myles and I toured around the store, back and forth all over looking for different things. As we were walking to the toy section I noticed a large group of people coming from the CD section, I swear I didn't even see her in the crowd. Then Mel waved at someone and said "Hi, How are you?" and kept walking, I looked at her and and was like.. who are you talking to? and just like it was her best friend she said "Taylor Swift, that was her" Ummm what? I spun around and she wasn't lying.. it was Taylor Swift!! I could have died. I didn't know what to laugh at first, that Taylor Swift was in Target with us or that Mel acted like they were long lost friends! HA!

We decided to go to the front where she was headed and see if we could get a picture. Not only did we manage to get pictures of her we managed to get pictures with her.

Let me just say I haven't been the biggest fan of a lot of her stuff, although I have been digging Shake it Off! I didn't know what to expect meeting her but let me tell you she seriously is the nicest person ever. She took time with everyone who asked for a picture with her. When I went up to her she asked what happened to my arm and said it sounded painful and she was really sorry and hoped I felt better soon. She was incredibly nice, down to earth and taller than I could have imagined!

She had incredibly long arms, which she was laughing about when she was the one who took all the pictures! I thought that was pretty nice of her, everyone wanted a picture and she took them more than willingly!

Mel going up to get a picture! Sorry some of them aren't fantastic quality, it was a little hectic! 

Mel & Taylor Swift!

You know.. just chatting! 

She was seriously so gracious! She took pictures with everyone and chatted away like she was just there shopping like anyone else. Although she obviously gets praise so often she seemed so humble and grateful. I have heard that she is super down to earth but it was still amazing to see! 

So after all that excitement I sent my Mom and Jason pictures and went on to get what I needed. Mel and I laughed about it for the rest of our time there, I mean honestly what are the odds of running errands at Target and meeting Taylor Swift? 

You know how much I love Target, but now I feel like after today it will never be as good! I really wish I would have seen her there earlier and got her to sign a CD or something.. but hey, I'm not complaining! 

Anyways, I met Taylor Swift and it was pretty cool! I like her, we could totally hang out! 

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Birch Box Store Soho New York

Good Monday Morning!

I thought I would start off this week by telling y'all about last week when Tanya and I visited the Birch Box store in Soho! I will warn you now, I will most likely rave about this for weeks or months to come!

I will back track a little and tell you that my first experience with Birch Box was last Christmas when Tanya bought me a three month Subscription. It was the most fabulous gift, and if you are not aware exactly what it is, you can read back on my blog or visit their website. I really truly felt it was such a smart idea as products are really expensive, make up and otherwise and the idea of being able to try new products from a variety of price ranges was great. I looked so forward to getting my box in the mail every month and discovered some really great products that I most likely otherwise wouldn't have.

So fast forward to this month for my birthday and Jason got me a subscription and Tanya said we would go to the Birch Box store and I could make my own box, how lucky am I right? I can't say I go into the city all that much but I was really looking forward to a change of scenery and getting into the city! For some reason I thought it would be a pain to get there from Jersey but it was so easy and we were there before I knew it.

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)

We got off the Subway at the Christopher Street stop and wandered toward the Birch Box store taking in all the beauty the city has to offer. I'm not going to lie, I forgot how beautiful the city is!

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)

We decided to have coffee at Starbucks before going over, because.. obviously! I think we were both a little anxious to get there and see what the store had to offer. I want to say Tanya had been there before.. I don't quote me on that because I'm drawing a blank but I definitely had not and couldn't wait! 

(Photo courtesy of Tanya)
The outside was absolutely no indication of what was awaiting us inside. 


Instantly it was just overwhelming! The place was extremely clean and all of the associates were all so knowledgeable and friendly. They didn't bother us or pressure us but made sure we knew they were there and ready to help if we needed it! We really explored the store and checked out everything that we could before going on and building out boxes! 

When you go in you can pick from three box colors and then you can choose 5 products from 5 different sections. Each section has 3-5 products to choose from, they are laid out for you to view, read about and try. I actually didn't have a hard time choosing my five products at all and was so excited for what I received. Keep in mind these are the products offered in the store and they do change each month.

I'm sorry for some reason this picture wont flip! 
I have five products in here that I chose and one little sample I received because I bought a full size product with my purchase, I'm sorry I meant to take that out. 

The products I chose in my box are:

1. Supergoop Forever Young Hand cream: This berrylicious hydrator plumps skin and blocks UV rays. (Body & Nails Section)

2. Caudalie Make-up Remover Cleansing Water: Botanical formula that gently removes dirt, oil, and makeup. (Skincare)

3. Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume: Grapefruit- sandalwood blend that leaves skin smelling youthful. (Fragrance Section)

4. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Natural Tint: Brunette friendly dry shampoo for instant texture and volume. (Hair Section)

5. ModelCo Powerlash High Impact Black Mascara: Inky-black formula for luxurious long, thick lashs. (Makeup section)

I felt they had a great selection to choose from, there was definitely something for everyone in each section which I believe is a hard task to accomplish but they definitely do so and well. 

After building our boxes we went back out into the store to choose any other products we would like to purchase and let me tell you this was the hardest part. I decided quickly on the Smashbox Try it Kit, it had multiple products I was interested in trying and it was a great deal! 

Again.. I don't know why I cant flip the picture! 

So as you can tell the box was $19.00 but a retail value of $52.00.. crazy right? It contained the following products:

1. Photo Finish Foundation Primer: Smooth the appearance of fine lines and pores while creating a flawless canvas. 

2. Photo Finish Lid Primer: Instantly smooth and perfect lids with this ultra luxurious formula to help keep shadow last all day. 

3. Full Exposure Mascara: Expose your longest, fullest lashes, no clumps or flakes just maximum impact, scene stealing lashes! 

4. Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx: Get bold definition with this waterproof, long wearing eye liner that wont smudge or budge for up to 8 hours. 

5. Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume: Drench your lips in color and shine with this luxe gloss in a best selling shade. 

Too good right? I cannot wait to try all of these products and will let you all know what I think about them when I have! 

After the Birch Box store we toured around the city a little, making another stop at Aritzia and let me tell you I couldn't have been more excited to be there. I have loved Aritzia for years but in the States they are really hard to come by, so the fact that they have one in New York is amazing. I could spend a fortune there but right now I was mostly in the need of some new tights and that's exactly what I got! 

All in all the day was a huge hit and I think we are planning to head back this week to take in some more, so stay tuned! 

If you get the chance to visit the Birch Box store I highly recommend it and if not try out a box, you don't have to commit to a year or even three months, you can purchase one box or even just a specialty box they come out with here and there. They have plenty of options and its a great way to try different products. 

I also purchased a full size bottle of Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray which I will be posting a full review on later this week! 

The second box here is the one I got for my birthday from Jason. 

Thanks for popping in, I hope you have a great day!!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five for Friday 10.24.14

Good Morning Everyone!!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, you know everyone has those days where they just have nothing to day and that was me yesterday! But I am back today for High Five for Friday to share all the highlights of my week! So lets get started!!

1. Tuesday Tanya and I made our way into the city, honestly this isn't something I do much and forgot how much I actually enjoyed it! We jumped on the subway here at Newport and were where we needed to be in all of 5 minutes which was great! It was an absolutely gorgeous day to start (they were calling for bad rain) and we thoroughly enjoyed the day! We are actually planning on going back next week just to wonder a little more! I really enjoy a change of scenery every once in awhile and New York City really is beautiful!
(Photo courtesy of Tanya) 

2. As I just mentioned Tanya and I went into the city, we actually had a direct purpose besides wandering and enjoying the city. For my birthday Tanya so graciously said we would go to the Birch Box store in Soho and I could make my own box. I had never actually been to the Birch Box store and let me tell you it is AMAZING! The people there are so friendly and helpful, the store is super clean and organized. The whole place just blew me away, we perused products for such a long time and I still think we could have spent more time there. I plan to post on our day there so stay tuned for that! 

3. As you know last Friday was my birthday and I couldn't be more excited about my new watch Jason bought me. I have a really nice more dressy watch that I love but I was looking for something that was more about everyday use and this was exactly it. I couldn't be more in love with it, I have been wearing it every day and I just cant get enough. Its perfect for fall too, the colors go with everything. Jason spoiled me this year!

4.Y'all know how I love pizza and this week we got a BJ's Wholesale membership and they have the best premade pizza crusts! Jason ended up working late last night and pizzas are a great and easy thing to throw together and have ready when he gets home. I like they are almost personal size so Jason and I can have our own kinds because naturally we like different things, and that they literally bake for 15 minutes and its ready to go! 

5. As I mentioned we headed to the Birch Box store and because I have and have had a subscription in the past I always get their emails. They have recently introduced Amika products and I was extremely interested in checking them out while we were there. While I was wondering around I came across this Bombshell Blowout Spray that amongst other things was said to cut blow dry time. While I was looking at it one of the associates came over and we chatted about the product and she really encouraged, so I got it! Let me tell you there is absolutely no regrets, I am in love with it. I am planning a full review this week!!

My week has been pretty quiet to be honest, Tuesday night it started to rain and I swear it poured until last night. I made it over to mall yesterday to drop my rings off at the jewelers and wander around with Tanya, just to get out and walking home I almost blew into the Hudson! The weather was absolutely ridiculous!! 

On another good note my arm is feeling a lot better this week. I feel like I can move it a lot more and although I am still being careful I think its a really good sign. I knew it would feel better, it took a little longer this time but it also hurt a lot worse this time. I cannot wait for it to feel good enough that I can actually lay on my right side, oh how I miss being able to roll over at night!! 

So that is basically my week, nothing exciting.. the weather I swear! Tanya and I are heading to Hoboken this morning as I have a gift card for my favorite boutique there burning a hole in my pocket! Not to mention we have been stuck inside all week and a walk is exactly what I need! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Does Your Zodiac Sign Fit?

Do you read your horoscope? You know, not at the end of a trashy magazine when its just there but do you actually look up your horoscope online regularly because you believe its completely true? I wont lie, I don't. 

I don't really base much on my horoscope and I do believe for some people they can become somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. Most often I think they are either generic and you can take multiple things from it or its just random made up crap that doesn't really apply to you. 

Having said that I will say often a lot of the ways they describe a Libra often do apply to me. I feel if you read the descriptive words used to describe a Libra most people who know me would say more fit my personality than don't. 

I would like to think I am a very grateful person, I appreciate all the things people do for me especially when its strictly out of the kindness of their heart. I often feel however big or small the gesture I don't accurately display my appreciation or that is just isn't enough. I am a huge fan of Thank You cards, I always have them on hand because I feel like its a really personal way to thank someone and show your appreciation. I try really hard never to let a good deed go unnoticed. Heck I find it sweet when someone holds the door for me, because its just not as common as it use to be. 

This pretty much describes me perfectly. I am constantly at war with myself over decision making, honestly I think it drives Jason crazy. I always try to put others first and therefore often make decisions that make others happy rather than myself. This is actually someone I have been trying to work on because I know its not right to put on a happy face all the time for others sake when I could have chose an option that didn't make me unhappy. I don't like people to think bad of me so I will often do things I would rather not because I believe it will make others happy or not let them down. Sometimes the right thing is what makes you happy, and not others as hard as that is to accept. 

This is true as well, I am a wicked worrier.. honestly the worst! I will take the smallest thing and turn it into the biggest issue and then make myself sick over it. I actually do that all the time, about everything. Sad but true when it comes to small decisions I try to avoid them because its not worth making them something more than they are. I debate everything, never in my life I feel had their been a "simple" decision which is sad. If I could change one thing about myself believe it or not it wouldn't be my ass it would be my worry. 

This is true, I can be forgiving to a fault and often am. But a long time ago I decided that if having someone in my life was more of a hassle and brought me down than it really wasn't worth it. I have enough stress and worry in my life and I want to be surrounded by people that lift me up, bring positive things to my life.. not the opposite, if that's not the case than I have a hard time seeing the point. There are certain people in life you just have to deal with, but I honestly cant say I just let things slide over and over anymore, sadly its just not worth it. Its true what they say, when you get older its more important to have a few good friends than it is to have lots of friends. 

I have become better at this. I am a total bawl ass.. I use to cry so easily it would make you question my sanity! Now when something is bothering I tend to internalize a little more and keep it to myself until I know I am ready to talk about it calmly and often now I only talk to Jason about it. I will take time to myself and wallow (fantastic habit) and come to terms with what is before I go to someone so I am not a total mess. I am proud to say I don't fall apart as easily as I once did, I have learned to be more independent, to rely on myself to figure things out and be good with the decision I come to. Most of the time at least. 

This is abundantly true. I absolutely love alone time and I think this is in large part because I have a lot of it.. although in a way I think I have always been this way. I like to be alone, I find it completely refreshing, if its not for a week at a time or something I don't feel bored ever. I like to read, take baths, watch whatever I want on TV, eat at odd hours and have whatever I want. I think alone time is good, I truly believe that you have to be good with yourself, you have to be in a good place and be happy with yourself before you can ever be happy with anyone else. Naturally I love to travel too, I don't care to drive places anymore.. we've just over done that but none the less I love to travel. Although some places we have been have been hard to deal with for long periods of time I am grateful for every experience. 

My personality has changed a lot as I have gotten older, I guess its because I am growing and changing. My life has changed a lot to provoke change in my personality but honestly I am really happy with myself, I am so happy with Jason and our life together, its a really great feeling. 

So tell me, what sign are you? Do you feel like the traits describe you? Do you believe Mars and the Moon affect your mood and what will take place for you in any given month? Tell me what you think!

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