Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Like Quiet!

What can I say I like the quiet! It might be weird to some people but I like the quiet, its peaceful. 

I think I have kind of always been this way, I wouldn't necessarily say that I am an introvert but I would take staying in for a quiet night with Jason over going out 95% of the time. I like the quiet, I like to read, take a bath, have a glass of wine. I like quiet. 

I hate vacuuming strictly because I hate the noise of the vacuum itself. In this apartment I hate doing laundry because the washer isn't enclosed and it makes so much noise. The TV being loud is enough to drive me batty, literally every single night I say to Jason "can you please turn down the TV", I don't know why but I just really don't like it. I dislike background noise of any kind, if I am talking on the phone I need to turn the TV completely down because its bothersome when I am trying to hear/talk someone on the phone. The sound of the smoke alarm makes me extremely anxious even if I know there is no smoke to worry about, I run around the apartment doing everything I can possibly do to make it stop immediately.  

I'm not a morning person and because Jason works so much most often I wake up to an empty apartment but I still need to have "quiet time". When I was working I would get up hours before I had to actually leave for work and Jason thought it was absolutely ludicrous because he gets up at 6am and is out the door by 6:10am, I could honestly never ever do this. Every morning I wake up and spend 15 minutes to a half hour in bed on my phone with emails and social media, its my time to wake up and adjust.. its just quiet. Then I get up and make a coffee, on the days when Jason is home which at this point is one day a week he is usually at the gym so I basically still have my same routine. 

It wigs Jason out that I don't always have the TV on. If we are out and come home the first thing he does it turn the TV even if he doesn't plan to watch it, he says he likes the background noise. I can spend the day at home and never turn the TV on at all. 

I believe the above statement is true, not in the creepy way Stephen King is quiet and freaky as hell but honestly my mind truthfully never stops, maybe that's why I don't care for outside noise.. I've always got enough of my own noise going on. Seriously though, I don't mean voices or anything. 

I use to be someone who hated awkward silences and although I truthfully still feel somewhat uncomfortable during those times I am very good with silent. I don't mind being alone, I use to have a hard time when Jason worked sooooo much but I am really use to being alone and now totally take advantage of it. I am happy to sit in a restaurant by myself, get a coffee and read in Starbucks, it doesn't bother me not to have someone with me. Not to say that I don't enjoy company, I do. 

This may sound crazy to some people but because I am so use to it being Jason and I or just me I have a hard time when we visit family and stuff because its extremely overwhelming. Don't get me wrong I love to see everyone but when we visit because it is not often we are pulled in a million directions and its a lot. We go to peoples home, family included and I almost find it chaotic sometimes, just because there is always so much going on and so many people, its loud and that's not how our life is at all. 

Now having said all that I am a talker, always have been.. anyone who knows me will tell you that. So when I am with people I have absolutely no problem carrying on a conversation, but if there is no one to talk to I do just fine. I find ways to fill my time when I'm alone and don't often find that my days drag on and on or are necessarily boring when I'm alone. 

When I think about having a child this is a really big thing for me.. I fear after the first 8 months I would never have quiet time, except during naps and after bedtime and how would I deal with that? Don't get me wrong other factors play into that great debate but I feel like a lot of people wouldn't even consider that. 

So there's just a little tid bit about me.. it may be strange to you but that's just me! I haven't been around here much talking about our lives and although I really do enjoy writing about different things I sometimes like to stop by and share little things about me too! 

I have some new readers which I love, welcome to my little space on the internet! I will try and get back here with more updates on our life and who I am for you to get to know me! 

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