Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fashion Trends I Can't get on Board with...

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Fashion trends are forever changing and truthfully I love that, however it can be hard to keep up with. I love seeing what people are wearing, how they are using certain pieces in different ways, dressing things up and down. Pinterest is a great way to keep up with what people are doing with clothes, what they are loving, changing and making their own. My Pinterest board dedicated to clothing which you can view HERE is ever changing. I got through it every month or two and delete some things and add new things, because fashion is ever changing and so is what I like.

Sadly there are some trends I just cannot get on board with, I see people sporting them and cant help but wonder if they looked in a mirror before they left the house. I mean, what are they thinking?

1. The Crop Top

First of all I cannot sport a crop top I do not have the body with it and I am OK with that so that is not why I don't like them. I will admit in certain circumstances people can really pull them off and I think they actually look cute, but most often they do not. The crops tops that don't actually show a lot of skin, or are worn with high waisted pants for skirts often come across looking a little better. I honestly just personally don't feel the need to show so much skin and that leads me to the bigger problem of crop tops. Everyone wears them. I am a huge believer and supporter in loving your body and embracing it but can we not do it in a crop top? I am envious of girls who love their bodies so much and wear whatever they want and don't care what people think, you go girl.. but please, not in a crop top! 

I remember being younger and my older cousins who were tiny wearing them and thinking they were so cool and I wanted to wear them when I was older. Then they went away for ten years or at least weren't nearly as popular, now every time I go to a store they are everywhere and I want to hide them under stuff so people spare themselves the humiliation of wearing them. Too much of an opinion? I'm sorry but its true. I really wish we could do away with the crop top!

2. Acid Washed Jeans

All bad. Every shape size, wash.. just bad. Honestly Tanya and I have joked about these forever.. we seem some that we are like.. "you think? Maybe?" like they might actually be cute but I have absolutely never bought a pair and honestly don't think I will. Don't get me wrong they were good in their time, they were.. people wore them in all their glory and loved them but today I just cant see it. I don't know why they came back but I truly feel like they should go back in the vault. 

If you wear them and love them, all the power to you!! I honestly don't judge people I see wearing them, people wear all kinds of different things, its the great thing about fashion, people make it their own. Having said that no where in the near future, or ever probably will I be wearing acid washed jeans. 

3. Socks with Sandals. 

Just stop it. Seriously. Stop it. 

4. Barefoot Sport Shoes

I am aware this is not a fashion trend and my real issue with these shoes are they just plain creep me out. I never liked toe socks, they are weird and feel strange and I want to rip them off and let me tell you these are no different. These are meant to be worn for certain sports and I am all for that but people wear them to the grocery store! I mean they aren't technically wearing out shoes.. not to the grocery store or the mall at least. Wear them for the sports of your choice, then put some Lysol in them and put them in the closet, put your real shoes on and go to dinner. Ok? Ok!

5. Hats with Bling

I guess I just don't get it. I am not really a blingy kind of girl and I feel like people with bedazzle anything, but I just don't get it. I am all on board with a hat but why does it have to have jewels on it? Again if you wear one I wont judge you or anything, to each their own but I just wont be sporting one anytime soon. 

I am also not loving:

Turtle necks
Sequins (when you put those in the washer they are ruined)
All things transparent
Wedged Sneakers (I'm on the fence but leaning away from them)
Skirts that your ass hangs out of
Body Suits

Need I go on?

What are some fashion trends that you aren't big on? Am I alone in these ones? Come on don't leave me hanging! 

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