Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alaska, Land of the midnight sun!

Oh what a GREAT weekend! I cant even begin to tell you how WONDERFUL it was to get away with Jason and see and do new things! I know that for a lot of people 20 hours of driving in two days doesn't sound like fun at all, but honestly Jason and I never see each other ever and we never get a chance to do anything, not to mention the fact that I never get any time off. This weekend was MUCH needed and so greatly appreciated!!

Unfortunately on Sunday when we got up it was pouring rain, we didn't let it get us down though we hit Starbucks and then the road! I'm not kidding we were BARELY out of Anchorage and we saw a Mama moose and her babies.. her little little babies! They were sooo cute, I so badly wanted to see little baby moose and there was two of them! Jason said they looked about a week old!! I got one picture but when Jason pulled over they ran into the woods! We drove maybe another 10 minutes, still in the pouring rain and all the sudden I was like "JASON BLACK BEAR!!" There was a freaking black bear on the side of the road, I couldn't even believe it! Of course Jason pulled over and I got a few pictures before it took off, I mean rain of shine this trip was starting off in the best way ever!! Jason and I were pumped!!

Regardless of the fact that it was raining it was honestly a great drive, our next major attraction was the Matanuska Glacier! It was so hard to get good pictures of it because it was such a crappy day but its pretty amazing. Glowing blue snow.. I mean how often do you get to see a glacier? However when we stopped at the look out to take a good look at the glacier there was a bird stuck in the front grill of the truck! I almost cried I couldn't even believe it! Than I caught the plague from the public park washroom. Fuck.

The rain and fog continued, it wasn't the clearest drive but it was still great. We hit dirt roads which I think is unbelievable and if you can imagine we also had no cell service most of the time, which is fine because I didn't care about my phone but I kept thinking if god forbid something happened we would be soooo screwed!! There was literally nothing for millions of miles at a time! If you can imagine it we also hit snow, lots and lots of snow! I'm not talking just a few feet here and there, I'm talking about FROZEN LAKES with tons of snow, I'm talking winter in almost June! I guess when you're at an altitude of 3500 feet that happens, I was in shock!

Speaking of being in shock gas was $4.78 which is absolutely unbelievable! Jason almost had a stroke, believe it or not though the truck averages 18.7 miles a gallon which is pretty awesome so we didn't spend a fortune on gas which is always great! Naturally as you can imagine being in the middle of no where we also had no radio stations, and as you can imagine if you know me at all no radio stations of course means a front seat dance party at which I am of course the DJ! This only lasted so long though before Jason totally took over! Jason recently found a way to download free music for our Ipods and therefore my "recently added" play list is some of the songs Jason downloaded for his Ipod but put on mine! WELL.. it was like reliving my childhood.. Beach Boys all the way! I kept looking over to make sure it was Jason singing along and not dad!! Haha!

We saw quite a bit of wildlife, unfortunately not brown bears, caribou or elk but still lots of wild life! We saw stopped somewhere in the middle of no where because a Mama moose and her baby were on the side of the road. She stood out there and then listened and walked into the middle of the road, she stood in the middle of the road until here baby crossed and then she crossed too, it was so cute!! So Jason pulled over and went to get out and she put her ears back and looked fierce! Jason naturally got back in the truck and left her alone, they are absolutely not to be trusted when they have their off spring and on top of that the moose around Anchorage are a lot more socialized than those anywhere else, therefore a lot more friendly.

There were ton of waterfalls as well, one in particular was restricted access by the military since 1954, obviously that meant nothing to Jason.. he's such a rebel! Illegal activity doesn't scare him at all, haha probably because we hadn't seen another car in at least an hour!

We decided to stop at Birch lake for Jason to do a little fishing, it was starting to clear off and was only sprinkling and as we were driving by there was a bunch of people fishing and catching little fish so we figured why not, it would be a good chance to stop and stretch out legs anyways. It was a really beautiful lake, tons of cabins on there. It reminded me of Gull Lake where Jason and I rented the cottage so many years.. I really miss our time there! Unfortunately Jason didn't catch anything but it was still nice to stop and get out.

Now this next little tid bit about our trip is a big one, I know many of you are going to be extremely envious and I'm not going to lie I cant blame you! Are you sitting down? Jason and I went through THE NORTH POLE! Seriously, look it up! North Pole, Alaska! Right before Fairbanks! I didn't meet Santa because as you can imagine we are well into the year and he is so busy. But the North Pole was pretty awesome, statues of Santa everywhere.. Santa's house which as you will see in the picture is quite amazing, the towns street lights are also all on CANDY CANES! I mean besides the obvious cold, who wouldn't want to live in such a magical place?

Finally we made it to Fairbanks. I'm not going to lie the place was a dive! It is significantly smaller than Anchorage but it was a dive.. There was absolutely nothing there, everyone besides those in the military looked sketchy if not stumbling drunk.. I couldn't believe it. To be honest that is was I feared Anchorage would be like before we arrived. At this point we were starving though so we stopped at the restaurant we had picked out in advance.. haha well wasn't it a surprise! First of all we stood in the door FOREVER because the waitress/hostess/bartender was having a hard time multitasking. We finally sat down and the first thing I noticed was that the menu was not the same as the one we viewed online and neither of the items Jason or I had selected were not on this menu! Apparently their Sunday menu is different from any other day, its more family oriented, she said it not me. So we ordered something else. Honestly this restaurant was the epitome of a small town restaurant in that the owners LITTLE girl was running around the restaurant aimlessly with a baby doll that had no clothes on and her mother was plying her with food to get her to sit down and shut up, I couldn't believe it.

We left the restaurant and drove around town, my opinion definitely didn't change! I was more and more thankful that we are here and not there. After our little venture we headed to the hotel, which was in a super great location, right across from the Fred Meyers and literally right next to the on ramp towards Anchorage. We stayed at a Best Western Plus which was great because it wasn't directly in the city like the other hotel we had debated and I wasn't so worried about the truck being jacked in the night! The hotel was GREAT! The best was SUPER comfy and we were so happy to get in bed after such a long day! It was also great to have the really good black out curtains which were much needed on account that Fairbanks is in the interior of Alaska and therefore they are already at 21 hours of daylight.. let me tell you its something to wake up at 4:15am and it be complete daylight out! Hence, land of the midnight sun!

The next morning when we got up it was so great to see the sun!! We woke up a little late and got ready, had breakfast at the hotel, hit Fred Meyers to get gas and some premade sandwiches for a picnic and were on the road! The interior of Alaska gets a lot more rain, sunlight and heat and therefore is so green, it was great! Its amazing how different areas in Alaska can look, Ive never seen anything like it!

We arrived at Denali only two and a half hours after we left Fairbanks and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing!! If you come to Alaska it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you see Denali National park! Here is a link to some information, its pretty amazing! The park is over 100 million acres!


At this point in the year you can only drive your own personal vehicle into the park 15 miles rather than the 30 miles you could have last weekend. We we drove in and it was great, we saw a moose cross the road! We got to the 15 mile mark and stopped and had some lunch and did a little hike! It was pretty amazing, we actually got to see Mount McKinley! Mount McKinley is the highest Mountain in North American so therefore most often it is behind the clouds, 90% of people who visit the park don't get to see the mountain!

We did a little hiking which was great, Jason finally saw some Dall sheep which was another thing he could check off his list! They were super far away but he had binoculars so that was great!

Overall we had a really amazing weekend, even the drive back was great! It was so great that it was sunny! Honestly we couldn't have asked for a better day! Everything was perfect!

Jason went back to work today and I'm just getting caught up on things around the house!! I'm going to attach a few pictures I took on my cell phone and then send you all the pictures we took through snapfish. I uploaded them earlier and will send them off right after this!!

Check these out in the meantime though.

 See REAL WINTER! Almost June!!
Haha Jason peeing.. never fails!


So that is our trip!! I hope you all enjoy the pictures!!

Back to reality tomorrow.. ugh!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long Weekend?

Just wanted to give you all a heads up!! Jason and I are heading out of town as of first thing Sunday morning! We are heading down to Fairbanks and than Monday we are going to make our way to Denali National Park!! We couldn't be more excited!! Not only am I sooooo excited to have a 3 day weekend but we've been pretty stationary for awhile which you all know is not like us at all and I'm getting antsy! I'm really looking forward to the 8 hour drive to Fairbanks! Jason has already done a bunch of research about the drive and the park and tonight we completed the search for "must know information" with where we will eat! Haha Jason has picked a BBQ joint and his meal!!

Anyways its been a super long week and I work for a bunch of lying rat bastards who said that they actually wouldn't be back until tomorrow but were caught driving around the properties checking shit out today.. who the fuck are they? I HATE GAMES! If they knew they were coming back why the hell would they lie? More than that why wouldn't they call and say they are back and is everything OK and did anyone need anything? Christ this is their second 3 week vacation in the last two months!! She screwed herself though because she is going to be back in the office on Tuesday after being away for 3 weeks and she isn't going to have a clue! I'm going to book every move out I can for her just because I'm a bitch like that! I hate that they cant just be half decent people, EVER! On a good note I will be off on Tuesday, she will be at Town Square on Wednesday and then Thursday Ive scheduled a bunch of stuff and she doesn't work on Friday or Saturday.. genius.

Well Jason and I are both working tomorrow, yes we are both working the Saturday of a long weekend.. that's just how it goes! Jason is still quite sick, it doesn't seem to be going away and he swears its because he doesn't have any Buckley's! I filled mom in today though and shes going to rectify that! Jason said tomorrow we are grilling with Rob and Jason so I didn't think I would have time to blog before we leave but I promise to make the effort on Tuesday. Kevin's wife wanted to go out but I think I want to stay home and do nothing so if that's the case I will make sure to post all the pictures and blog about what I'm sure will be an amazing weekend!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trout..? Prime Location!

Good Morning all!

So first and foremost I am making a promise to respond to all my outstanding emails today, I'm really sorry to those of you who are on the list of unanswered emails but the office has actually been busy and as usual there is just never any time at night so today is the day that I make the time for it!

Not a whole lot has been going on, work as usual! Last night Jason and I went on a walk.. he is starting to feel better but my kidney stone pain has inevitably turned into a kidney infection that I seem to be maintaining with gallons of water and some "rest" or best I can. I'm confident its going to go away! Anyways last night we set out to walk the creek because Jason heard rumors that people were illegally fishing in the creek and of course he needed to check it out! We did not find any illegal anglers but we found TONS of really great fishing spots and while Jason was scoping that out I was teaching myself to whistle, unsuccessfully!

Today I plan to answer emails as previously mentioned AND I plan to call Lululemon and rip them a new one for not refunding my money yet for their fuck up of a lifetime with my online order so I can place yet another order! Although the longer I have to wait the more discouraged I feel. I plan to invest in a new North Face jacket this week as well, because its still winter weather here.. and no I'm not kidding. All you assholes can stop going on about how HOT it is at home and how you all have SUNBURNS! The extent of the heat that I get is from warm sweaters and blankets!

This weekend is a 3 day weekend for me! This will be the first time I have had two days off in a row since I started this job! We were hoping to get down to Fairbanks and hit Denali National Park but I don't know what is going to happen. We had started planning but than Jason might have to work Memorial Day now.. go figure! He said he will know by tomorrow so we'll see! It would be so great to take a trip somewhere.. we never stay in a place very long and being here and having a "real life" is getting old, I need some adventure!

Anyways I have to get ready for work, it better not rain until I get there or I'm not going to be impressed! I will leave you with some pictures of our adventure last night, hope you enjoy!!

 This is Jason over the weekend while he was still sick! Poor thing laid on the couch most of the afternoon drinking hot water and honey!
 The water is going down in the river but its really flowing! The river is so long and winding it surprises me how fast the water is always moving.

 This thing is cool, if you can see it looks like a fishing rod, there is a hook at the top and the chairs are shaped like fish! So it looks like the fishing rod catching fish when it is really a street light! Haha only in Alaska!

 Jason checking out prime Trout spots! He needs to scope out his potential fishing spots! Haha he was going to work today to ask Josh did he want to go fishing tonight!

 Jason and I at the Campbell Creek, May 21, 2012.
 I just LOVE that face!
 Taku Lake!
 Check out the beaver dam we found! Its right on the side of the lake! I don't think I have ever seen one this close up until now.
 This little buggers are crafty, and destructive.. there are trees down everywhere around here!

Alright I'm off to get ready for work! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! More blogs to come I promise!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day off? I forgot what that was for a second...

Well hello all.. its been awhile! Don't worry there hasn't been anymore earthquakes!! However Jason is quite sick with a cold and I believe that I am suffering from some pretty bad kidney stone pain! Jason's been sick for quite a few days now and Friday night we were at Fred Myers grocery shopping and I was like.. OH GOD NO.. the pain from kidney stones is pretty distinct! I was having such a good night too!! Jason went out to watch the Celtics game with the guys from work, I came home and ordered Guido's pizza which is my favourite and laid on the couch watching whatever I wanted and vegging.. it was GREAT! So yesterday wasn't such a great day, Jason and I both worked, Jason went fishing after work and I came home and made dinner and then we went on the hunt for Buckley's, which you cant get here! Big surprise! Not to mention I have to get up and pee every 6 fucking seconds but whatever.. I feel better than I did!

That's really about it going on, we both worked all week and didn't really do much else. Went to the gym and stuff. Jason and Josh went fishing last night which was hilarious because Jason came home and said "the guys beside us caught a big fish and we caught nothing, my feet got wet and my line on my new rod is shit!" LOL so Josh writes and says that Jason was using corn as bait and he must have gotten that off "fishingtipsforsuckers.com" I laughed sooo hard! I think I will probably laugh about that all week to be honest.

Nothing exciting going on today, we got up this morning and went to Bed Bath and Beyond in hopes of investing in an eye mask to be able to sleep but I cant find one I like! I had one before, Tasha you remember the one you sent me with Penguins on it? Well I cant find it anywhere and I also cant find one like it, I'm pissed. So then we went to go to the lake so Jason could try his rod again.. its still shit! But we found a couple of garage sales on the way and Jason is all about the garage sales these days, Kristy and Aunt Bren, you would be so proud! After that we went over to Sportsman's Warehouse because whats a Sunday without that store? And now we are home doing nothing!

I'm making Mexican for dinner, homemade burritos, rice and nachos! Burritos with spicy chicken, Mexican rice, cheese, black beans, home made guacamole! SO EXCITED! Jason wouldn't go to one of the millions of Mexican restaurants around here so I'm bringing it to us! I did all the laundry and stuff last night so I can do nothing!

Honestly working 6 days a week is fine but being on call 24/7 sucks! It seems like Ive been getting calls ALL THE TIME about the stupidest shit, the same lady calls every morning.. its ridiculous! I'm so done with it! I am so happy that today I have nothing to do, I can just do whatever I want at my own pace!

Anyways I'm going to crochet for a little while, but I will leave you with some pictures Ive taken over the last couple of days! Hope you enjoy!!

 I mean of course they are Canadian, why would you bother fishing with anything else?!?! Haha Jason and I loved this!
 Sitting outside the grocery store waiting for Jason, not a bad view now is it?
 Literally where we are there is a panoramic view of the mountains, its pretty amazing.. crappy days though! Haven't seen the sun in awhile!
 Jason spotted someone had got a weight stuck on this branch and he was trying to get it.. check out how hes holding onto the tree for dear life! haha
 Jason's new rod has the worst line ever, he couldn't cast out more than 6 feet! He's holding out for some Trilene blue, haha tell me where he gets that from??
 Just handing out.. I was a little ways back.. I didn't fit in at all.. one it was cold and Jason neglected to tell me we would have to hike into the lake, so I wasn't dressed for it at all, haha carrying my orange snake skin purse, at least I had a Starbucks, Jason knows how to keep me happy! :P
 See that thing that you had to walk on to get to the dock.. YA RIGHT! I wasn't going on that thing!
 The lake was beautiful, lots of beautiful homes on it! A couple of float planes too! I REALLY want to take a float plane ride so bad!
 I don't think you can see it but when I took the picture there was a little otter swimming around here! IT was the cutest thing ever!
 See the lake was beautiful, it was Sand Lake I believe! Makes me miss our summers at the cottage on Gull Lake, we've talked about that a lot lately...oh memories!

So I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will blog again soon!! Miss you all tons!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Details Now Available....





I FINALLY manage to get some sleep after two days of not sleeping and I get woken up first thing in the morning to a ridiculous EARTHQUAKE!! The bed was shaking uncontrollably, the medicine cabinets were opening and slamming shut, the windows were rattling.. I woke up totally dazed wondering what the hell was going on. We get earthquakes here all the time, sometimes a couple small ones a day but that one was by far the worst Ive felt. Nothing seems to be broken so that's a good thing, but I could have gotten another 45 minutes of sleep.. I'm not impressed.

Yesterday was a good day, a slow day at work! However I had a WONDERFUL surprise when at the office working my usual day off on yet another night of no sleep.. check it out..

Barb sent me the most beautiful flowers and a wonderful card.. absolutely made my day!! Sometimes its the unexpected things in life!! Thanks again Barb! I love you!!

Last night we had dinner and went to the gym, and I must tell you the most interesting thing happened last night! We went to the gym and I was doing cardio and all the sudden out of the mens changing room came these two old men.. and I mean old.. and they were both wearing jeans that were way too big with suspenders and one of them had their pants rolled up because they were too long. Honestly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. I instantly saw Papa in his Jeans that were too big, rolled up at the bottom and his suspenders. I just stared at them, I watched them walk all the way out the doors, I couldn't help myself.. a little part of my wanted to cry because somehow even after all this time I still miss Papa so much it hurts and thinking about him isn't always easy.. but I couldn't help but smile, I could hear him in my head commenting on how dapper they looked, something smart ass and classic. We came home and I did laundry and made lunches, had a bath and couldn't wait to get into bed! I actually managed to sleep pretty well last night, until about 7am this morning.. when the house started shaking!! Kevin just wrote me and said it was a 4.6 magnitude.. little is what he also said, but it didn't feel little!!

So today should be a long day, Cynthia is taking the day off apparently.. I got up to a message on my facebook wall letting me know! Its actually suppose to be nice out though which is great. Jason said he is planning to grill tonight but our taxes are all fucked up STILL so I think he was also going to try and get an appointment to meet with the accountants tonight, this whole process has been the biggest bunch of bullshit Ive ever encountered in my life!

Anyways I have to get ready for work unfortunately.. LONG WEEK.. but its hump day.. haha for those of you who don't have to work Saturdays like I do! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


So I thought I would give you a little preview of pictures to come!

The neighbours cancelled for dinner last night so Jason and I went to Wild Wings for dinner which honestly wasn't all that good! After that we went to REI.. another outdoors store that everyone around here talks about! After that we decided to take a drive to Earthquake Park and although I took a bunch of pictures on the camera in the truck I took a few on my cell phone to post until I upload all the other ones!

So here they are, this is the view of downtown Anchorage from Earthquake park! I will make sure to upload the pictures from the camera in the truck soon and send them via snapfish like I usually do!

Hope you enjoy and everyone has a great day!

PS - make a point of checking out this website I'm going to post below.. bear attacks at Turnagain Arm.. so close to here.. I don't see a lot of hiking in my future!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh Sunday... You go by so fast!

Good Morning all,

I didn't have time to write last night so I thought that I would do so this morning because I don't see myself having time this afternoon!

Yesterday was a good day, a good day but a VERY COLD day! I got to sleep in which was GREAT and than we went to a GREAT lunch at the City Diner! We had a great breakfast there a couple of weeks ago and like the genius's we are we decided to get brunch on MOTHERS DAY!.. HELLO LINES! We went to a different place first but everywhere was packed so we went to what we know is good! Lunch was awesome and then we headed to the shooting range. It was pretty miserable outside but the closer we got to the ocean the colder is got.. yuck!

I'm not going to lie the beauty didn't outweigh the cold! It was sooo windy at the range and so cold.. I could barely see because my eyes were watering so bad.. not that it is an excuse for my terrible performance yesterday. I didn't have a lot of fun there yesterday, there was a group of 6 morons and a child beside us and the kid was so little that he should have never been there! Not only should he have not been there kicking dirt and being a little bugger but he ABSOLUTELY should NOT have been shooting a gun with a bunch of people who thought guns were a big joke.. the kid was no more than 4 at best.

We decided to leave after awhile, which was a good thing because we were only in the truck 5 minutes and it started to rain! We didn't feel like heading home just yet so we went for a little drive out to Beluga Point! Jason really wants to see some mountain goats or doll sheep but with the miserable weather there wasn't much out! We did drive for awhile and saw some amazing views, found a few good places to take the fam when their here!

We got home around 230pm and there was 15 missed calls and 7 messages! God I hate being on call!! Worst of all they were all from the same person!! Let me tell you, your toilet running is NOT an emergency and it sure as hell isn't worthy of leaving 7 messages.. honestly. So I got that all straightened out!

The afternoon flew by of course, we did some cleaning and made dinner, lunches and I decided to have an early bath so I could lay in bed and crochet and watch TV.. I was pretty tired yesterday and semi convinced that I am developing a head cold of some sort! Anyways I was in the tub and I hear Jason outside yelling to someone, I figured Rob or something! But then I came out of the shower and got my pajamas on and Jason said he was talking to Aaron, those people who just moved in and bought me the Walmart gift card! As Ive said before they are beyond nice!! Anyways they invited us for dinner tonight and Jason readily agreed, which sounds great to me! Unfortunately at that moment Jason decided that we should DEFINITELY bring something and he needed me to go with him to pick so we HAD to go out right then and get ice cream and get something to take!

I got dressed and when we were going out the door I asked Jason to blow out the candle.. well he picked it up and honestly I don't know what happened but this is what resulted...

The wax is also all over the couch and pillow.. and who knows where else.. haha I have no idea what he was doing!

So we headed to Cold Stone Creamery because Jason wanted ice cream but we couldn't find it, so we ran into Carr's to get something to take to dinner tonight and ended up with Cheesecake.. oh how I love cheesecake!! It was nice to go out to be honest, the weather had gotten so much better and it even seemed a little warmer!

So we got home and I headed to my planned seat in bed to watch TV and crochet for awhile before going to bed, well Jason came in just after 10pm and we kept the TV on until just after 11pm and honestly it was STILL light out!! It stays light until about 11:30pm now and last night it was really bothering me, I just COULDN'T sleep! I barely got any sleep last night which is not a good way to start the week! Buying an eye mask is on the top of my life of things to do!

Well I should get ready for work, should be a long boring day! I'm in desperate need of a hair cut because its taking me 16 hours to do it in the morning.. flippin' mess! Plus Ive got to check the weather before I get dressed, theres a rumor around here that it might actually get nice this week, I think its probably bullshit but I figure its worth checking it out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tomorrow.. a day off??

I'm not going to lie Saturday night dinner is starting to give Sunday night dinner a run for its money.. lets be honest most often Sunday night dinner is the dinner night we all look forward to, its the bigger dinner night.. well not when you have my hunny who is becoming a top notch chef! Tonight we had home made Stromboli's in puff pastry instead of regular old pizza dough! Jason's had buffalo chicken and blue cheese and mine had chicken, pepperoni and bacon.. SOO GOOD! I should have taken a picture of them when they first came out of the oven but I forgot that mom had asked me to take pictures so I took pictures after we had already started to eat! Jason said they didn't look nearly as good and mom would think they probably tasted like shit.. haha but I am here to set the record straight.. they were AMAZING! Check it out!

So dinner was spectacular... totally outdoing our thoughts on tomorrows dinner, but I'm really not sure how to top this and I am responsible for dinner tomorrow night as its really my only day off to help out in the cooking department!

Today wasn't terrible, the morning hazelnut creme coffee really helped! Then I had a bit of traffic but now Ive rented everything for May, June and July and I have no move ins or move outs until the end of the month.. I'm screwed! I'm going to be so bored for the next two weeks and seeings how I am the only one who works there with a conscious who feels the need to actually be at work when I'm suppose to I'm super screwed!

I cant wait for tomorrow!! Sleep in, going out to breakfast.. possibly the shooting range.. I just cant wait not to have to go to work!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and again Mothers Day!

She's gone!!!

Well I am officially by myself for the rest of the month!! Not that I'm not usually by myself at work but they are out of the state and I get to run the show.. basically! I'm pretty glad their gone, Tom pissed me off yesterday! He comes in to get some bank deposits I put together and when he walked in the door Deanna said "Want some money honey?" and I laughed and said "I wish someone would say that to me" and he gets this stupid look on his face and said "Ha lets be honest you don't need our money".. what the fuck is that suppose to mean? That's harassment.. they THINK they know our financial situation because of the information we had to put on our application.. honestly I wanted to tell him "You're right I don't need your money.. remember that.. I don't need this god damn job either! REMEMBER THAT!" Asshole! What is with these people?!?

So they left last night which means I'm on call for the next two weeks straight.. and I'm running the office all by myself! So guess what.. first thing this morning Mike isn't working, he takes a super long lunch and did nothing all afternoon.. stellar.. and I get all these calls saying that nobody at Town Square will answer the phone! Am I the only one that's going to work while their gone? I didn't even see Clayton all day. I'm not going to deal very long.. I'm going to call Mike on his shit.. I know hes going to quit but he wouldn't pull this while Tom and Deanna are here and there is a huge list of stuff that they left for them to do so it better get done! So we'll see how that plays out.

Really there isn't much going on at all, Jason and I are getting super irritated by how expensive things are here.. groceries are costing us a small fortune to say the least! Not to mention gas is now $4.35 a gallon.. BULLSHIT! Honestly we couldn't feel better about the fact that I'm working and making the money I am because if that wasn't the case we wouldn't be saving anything! I thought Saskatchewan was expensive but this is WAY WORSE!

On a really good note Tom and Deanna are coming back on the 26th which is a Saturday, so I work that day but I will have Sunday off as my regular day off, Monday which is Memorial Day and then my Tuesday off.. THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! WOOHOO!!!! So Jason and I are hoping to get out to Fairbanks and Denali for the weekend.. it would be GREAT if Jason could take Tuesday off, I'm sure he wont even though he has the vacation time and EVERYONE on this job is taking time off left right and center and plans too.. so I don't know why he couldn't take one day.. but we'll see! We both are hoping to have time off with mom and dad, Uncle Stick and Aunt Bren!! We have so much planned to do with them I don't know how we will get around now!

That's really it around here, I have to work tomorrow which SUCKS! Today was DEAD.. so I bought some coffee tonight at the grocery story.. ya huh I did! So I plan to drink coffee all day and read tomorrow! Its making me feel a lot better about the day. Honestly its been MISERABLE here the last week.. SO COLD, overcast and calling for rain every day even though we have yet to get it. In the last couple of days the wind has picked up majorly.. MAJORLY and so winter coats, gloves, scarves, mittens and fur boots are still a must! Its never going to get nice here.. never. I hate Alaska.

I wondering when mom and dad are going to come home from up north.. if they are going to come home.. dad met Megan for the first time this weekend.. Jeffery and Lisa's new baby.. I'm pretty sure she will be the end of him.. honestly this child is so gorgeous that I seriously had a gut wrenching moment of baby fever.. naturally it passed but its rare someone else's child makes me want my own. Dangerous!

Not sure how the weather will be this weekend, again they are calling for rain but they are liars, they should just call for cold and call it even! We are planning to go to the shooting range if its not raining but that's really it! If I don't get a chance to blog before Sunday or on Sunday than I will cover my basis now and wish all you WONDERFUL MOTHERS a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! I have great admiration and respect for all of you, being a mother is a challenging job everyday! I hope you are all spoiled like you deserve!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tomorrow will be better than today, Im sure of it!

Boy am I tired!! I don't know what happened to me but I woke up at 5am this morning and just could get back to sleep! I went to work with the realization that there is absolutely no point in me having a day off because when I go back the next day I have to do twice as much work. There was a desk full of sticky notes when I went in this morning saying "I didn't touch this".. "I didn't do this"..."Can you make sure you do this"... "So and so needs this"... "Make sure you take this to so and so"... What the fuck did she do all day? Then I talked to her and she said that it wasn't a busy day.. oh well lovely!

I walked home and made dinner because Jason was playing basketball with the guys, when he got home he showered and we went to FedEx to take the lulu stuff they sent me by accident! Then we went for Jason to get a hair cut! On the way there I took this picture for mom, you would be so proud.. I know its not the great picture but you get the point.

Nice shirt isn't it? Haha - For those of you who don't know mom bought this shirt and another for Jason for his summer birthday last year and believe it or not he wears them all the time.

Anyways we are watching Criminal Minds and I am uploading all my new books that my WONDERFUL sister sent me!! Ive got a nook full of books to get me through the next couple of weeks at work if its dead like it was this afternoon! I'm SOOO EXCITED!! Let the reading begin!!

Hope everyone had a good hump day, I hope everyone at home travels safe tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you all on Friday. <3

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping up with things.. like I said I would

Oh how I love days off.. and will inevitably miss them as I wont see another Tuesday off for 2 weeks!! Today was a good Tuesday to have off though, the weather was pretty decent for here so I picked up Jenny this morning at 11am and we headed over to the Dimond Center Mall! We got EXCELLENT Lattes NOT from Starbucks and then toured around the mall! I got new shoes, a new shirt for work, and a few other things! I got a BIG Yankee Candle for $10.. that's a friggin steal for those of you who don't buy Yankee Candles!! I was super happy!

I got home and Jason and I decided not to go to the gym tonight but to go for a walk instead. So I chatted with Barb for awhile and made chicken quesadillas for dinner! After dinner Jason watched the end of the Celtics game and was super upset when they lost! So we decided to go for a walk, well when I went to put my new runners on they didn't feel right! Well to be honest I didn't try them on today before I bought them because I was just at the mall last week and wore them around! Well they didn't feel the same so we decided to take them back! Turns out they were the right size that I had on last week because the guy who was helping me was there.. haha so I kept them.. WASTED TRIP! haha needless to say Jason was super impressed!

When we got home it was still early so we decided to still go for a walk, on our way out the new neighbours I moved in yesterday were just coming out of there apartment which was great because I really wanted Jason to meet them! Well they were so super nice and gave me a really nice card with a Walmart gift card in it! I told them they didn't have to get me anything that I was just doing my job and I know what its like to move around not know what you're getting into! I am very grateful that they are so grateful but I really feel like I shouldn't accept the gift card! But we talked about grilling together one night so maybe we will just buy the stuff for that or something! They are super nice people!

Anyways we left them and went for a walk around the lake, all the ice is finally gone! It was so nice to walk around the lake, SO NICE! It kind of reminded me of home! We even saw a beaver!! We're not totally sure if it was a beaver or an otter but honestly with all the beaver cut trees around here (HUNDREDS) it was probably a beaver! Little buggers are making a huge mess around here!

Anyways I took a bunch of pictures.. check them out!

Here is Jason checking out the creek! He is determined to find the ideal fishing spot..

Here are my new shoes!!! SO BRIGHT! I absolutely LOVE them! They are New Balance runners, super light weight.. I absolutely LOVE them!

The lake.. with no ice.. FINALLY!!

Fiona these are for you.. you said that Jason and I should take pictures together.. here you go!! The first one we took Jason said the sun was in his eyes so we should take another one, haha well the second one the sun was in my eyes!

It really is so pretty here.. super pretty!

So we got home and had showers and a few bites of Jason's caramel macchiato ice cream.. yes we even buy Starbucks ice cream.. haha or Jason does! I'm on my own at work tomorrow, should be a good day!!

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday!!