Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Canada - 2... US - Still Fucking Expensive!!!!

Well I was going to write this lovely blog about what a great morning I had thanks to Barb's wonderful parcel but I have to put that off for a minute to tell you that I am in shock YET AGAIN! So we go to the pharmacy tonight to pick up my prescription and for 3 months of birth control pills it was $186.00 WHAT THE FUCK! Then after picking my jaw up off the floor because I pay $20.00 a month for it at home, I then realize its the GENERIC BRAND!!! I pay $20.00 a month for the good flashy shit at home! Honestly no wonder there is so many illegitamit kids in the States no one can fucking afford birth control! I have to call the insurance tomorrow because Jason is freaking out. I assured him that this obviously isn't something I take for shits and giggles.. and I honestly think if it was anything else I would have to suffer.. this is highway robbery!!!!

Anyways I woke up this morning to a WONDERFUL surprise!!! I guess the mailman (another thing the US doesn't have going for them, the postal system) took our parcel to someone else.. YET AGAIN! Luckily Jason saw it this morning on his way out to work and brought it upstairs! So when I got up this morning here was this amazing parcel sitting beside the couch! YAY!

This parcel was pretty impressive, it had a theme! SUNSHINE! Barb knew that I was having such a hard time with the shit weather we so often get here and so she sent me a box full of sunshine.. everything was yellow!!! I get pretty excited about parcels, but this one exceeded my expectations! Ive never ever had a parcel with a theme!!! Check it out!!!

This parcel was full of amazing little treats but I will have to admit that my favorite part was definitely the balloons with little messages in them.. brought a huge smile to my face! That and the fact that everything was wrapped in bows!! Haha I had to laugh too that a few of the balloons were popped, I could only imagine them going through customs and popping! haha!!

Thank you Barb so much for thinking of me, this parcel absolutely brought the biggest smile to my face on a super crappy day.. I have all the sunshine I could need with you in my life! I miss you more than you will ever know and I appreciate that near or far you are always thinking about me! I love you tons.

Today ended up being a pretty long day, crappy weather, work was slow and Jason ended up working until 7pm tonight so I actually had to make dinner, haha its been awhile for that! I didn't disappoint, meatloaf muffins, mashed potatoes and green beans waiting on the table when my hubby came through the door! Good thing too because Jason almost had a heart attack when the guy said $186.00 for my prescription.. I still cant believe that.

We haven't really been up to much, Friday night we went up to Flattop to hike around, I refused to hike any further after we hit snow though.. FUCK THAT! I'm not leaving the rare warm weather to put on hiking boots and a sweater and hike around in the snow.. not happening! Its beautiful up there but look at this!

Im sure you saw all the other pictures of Jason playing in the snow from the album I sent through Snapfish!

Saturday Jason and I both worked, Jason went out after work with the guys WAY FAR away to do some shooting. All the guys have bought new guns on this job so they all headed way out past the Matinuska Glacier and found a big pit and went shooting for hours! I got off work early and came home and cleaned, did laundry and just enjoyed a quiet night! Jason didn't get home until after midnight and I was already in bed, then when I woke up the next morning he was gone! He had to work on Sunday too! Jason went in for a couple of hours so when he got home I was ready to head out! We went downtown to the midtown market, they have different things every weekends and then we went for lunch at the F Station. Jason had super fresh halibut and chips and really enjoyed it!

After lunch we went grocery shopping and came home, Jason had a nap and then cleaned his gun from Satruday night events. We really had a quiet night which was great, it doesnt happen often, but it was miserable weather than too so why not!

Tomorrow is my day off which is great, Im so excited!! No one is here to do anything with, its going to be crappy weather so I cant wait to have a quiet day!! Poor Jason will be working late again, we are finally at a critical point in the project and Jason is going to work real hours again.. YAY!

So thats our scoop, nothing too exciting! Jason is going to bed early so I think Im going to have a hot bath and watch Teen Mom!

I hope everyone had a great Monday!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Well Hello all,

As you all know I got my hair cut yesterday, SHORT! Thank you for all the lovely comments, I think I like it! I woke up this morning second guessing the whole entire thing but theres obviously not much I can do about it now! Its different and SOOOO much lighter! I think I really do like it, it will just take some getting use to it and what I can do with it.. I cant remember that last time I had hair this short!

Today was a beautiful day, it started off cold and miserable but it turned out to be gorgeous and sunny! Work was super slow today so Deanna and I sat outside chatting for such a long time this afternoon and than at 4:45pm she said, screw it I'm going to take you home! SOLD! It was so great to get out of there an hour early!! I came home and sat on the balcony reading until Jason got home and then we headed to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. We didn't get out the door without much drama.. haha I'm terrible but I tried on 12 outfits and cried before decided I look fat in everything so I might as well pick something and just go. Ugh.. serious serious diet and exercise start tomorrow. Then we go to Walmart after dinner to get stuff for salad tomorrow and Jason is looking at cheese cake and I said I didn't want anything and he says "because your fat?" and than bust out laughing.. hes sooooo funny!

So we came home and sat on the deck and played a game of cribbage, after I whooped Jason he decided we would go down to the lake and see if he could do some fishing! It really is beautiful tonight and the lake was fill of people! There were people swimming and having picnics, floating in rafts, having fires.. I couldn't believe it! I really do love the saying "Alaska, land of the midnight sun". We are so lucky to live to close to this beautiful lake and creek with the trail! Jason fished for awhile and I got bit by mosquito's! On the way back guess what we saw.. A BEAVER! I cant get over these things!

Tomorrow is back to work, I will be happy when this week is over. I hate the mid month lull when nothing is going on. I'm hoping she will call and see how the day is going and let me go home early tomorrow too! Sunday its suppose to rain all day of course, we'll see if that changes. Not sure what this weekend will hold as this point!

Anyways I will leave you with a few pictures from tonight's walk. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

This isn't a good picture but its the friggin' beaver walking down the path!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Canada - 1 ... United State - Fucking Expensive!

Well hello all,

I really have nothing to report but I had to blog and tell all you Canadians about my doctors visit today! I finally broke and made a doctors appointment today because I needed a physical and had some questions, I found a really amazing doctor who I really like a lot and Jason took me this morning.. well wasn't I totally flippin' shocked when I went to check out and the bill was $472.00... PARDON ME! Naturally we have really good insurance so we didn't have to pay anything but man was I shocked! I always think god forbid something serious ever happened the money it would cost for people who don't have good insurance, unbelievable!

Nothing much has gone on this week at all. Sunday after I blogged Jason and I headed out and had a TERRIBLE breakfast at the oldest place in Anchorage and it was crap! Honestly we couldn't even eat all of it, it was so gross! Then we headed to Kincaid Park for a walk.. it was such a beautiful day but the trail wasn't all that great... not to mention there were ton of bikers! We saw one girl take face plant into a tree and get her bike wrapped around her, poor thing she was just a young girl too! After that we headed downtown to walk around the outdoor market which was GREAT! We checked out ship creek but the salmon are late this year because of the crazy winter we had and high waters!

We came home and invited Jason Goodwin over for a BBQ and that was great.. it was so nice that it was such an amazing day! I even got a sunburn! Monday was nothing special, we went grocery shopping and all that good stuff!

Today was my day off, so doctors this morning and then a lovely skype date with Ms. Caite which is always great! Then Jennie and I went for a walk and came back to the apartment and had tea until it was almost dinner time! We had tacos for dinner and then were going to go have a beer with Rob for his birthday but that didn't work out.. so I went to get my hair cut instead. Well Jason dropped me off and when I went in they were closing early and Jason had left to go to the gym with no cell phone so I was stuck at the mall until he came back.. so I shopped! haha. I didn't buy much.. actually I only bought at one store.. that mall sucks!

So Jason and I came home and it was so great outside that we sat on the balcony at the new table we bought last night and played cribbage, it was great!! I'm absolutely loving this amazing weather.. I'm actually not wearing a sweater everyday!! Its great, I'm so happy with it!

Anyways I had a lot more to say than I though, I'm heading to bed.. back to work tomorrow!! I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful fathers out there, especially my wonderful Dad!!!

I was laying in bed last night thinking that I should find a nice fathers day poem online and post it to my blog this morning and then I thought that was ridiculous because no poem could depict the relationship I have with my dad better than I can!

There isn't a point in my life where I don't remember making memories with my dad, I remember him being away for work and when he would come home I would have a million things to tell him, haha my parents thought it was stall tactics so I wouldn't have to go to bed but really in all the time since I had seen him last there was so much to tell and any piece of information seemed significant and worth him knowing.

I use to look so forward to weekends.. no matter what the season dad and I had something to do. I'm not going to lie.. I know you might not believe it with my current feelings about the cold weather and snow but winter was my favourite time of year with dad. We would spend HOURS and HOURS outside constructing gigantic snow forts, or large bunnies.. we were obviously to creative for a regular old snow man!! Dad would have the fire going and we would make hot chocolate! On the really cold days dad would put the wood stove on in the shed in the backyard and we would sit in there and make Christmas crafts.. I think I get my creative gene from dad. I bet you mom still has a bunch of those Christmas crafts in the totes downstairs.

Dad and I use to do everything together... believe it or not I use to go fishing, ice fishing, dad and I would go down to the lake all the time and in the winter he would write my name in the snow as big as he could.. I haven't always been a priss bag about the outdoors.. Thankfully he got Bubba though because it was inevitable that I probably wasn't going to be a hunter.

Growing up dad was always someone I could count on, of course we had our differences as all father daughter duos do, the teenage years are rough for all of us! But I never doubted that if I ever needed anything I could always turn to my dad. Being a teenager is an adjustment phase for everyone, now that I'm older and can look at the situation more objectively I cant imagine what it would be like to be a parent of a teenager! The thought of your kid drinking, meeting boys, driving, all these new things that you once experienced your self and probably quite irresponsibly to an extent! Dad use to tell me no matter where or when, no matter day or night NEVER get in the car with someone who had been drinking.. always call him, no matter what time he would never be mad, he would always come and get me and ask no questions. I never had to because they raised me right, I never put myself in a situation to need to call him, but never the less I knew he was there.

I guess that was a pattern in my life with dad too, when I was baby he use to pick me up and I would sleep on his chest, when I was little and would fall he would pick me up when I would cry, when I was a kid and I went to spend a week at Nan's and I lasted two days and wanted to come home dad made the two hour drive there and back to get me! And now I'm halfway across the world (the last frontier) and dads taking plane rides to come to me! How lucky am I??

How lucky am I that not only do I have this amazing dad who I couldn't love more, I get to share my birthday with him?? My whole life I hated when people would sing happy birthday to me, I hate being the center of attention, I hate everyone looking at me.. but Dad always saved me because we got to share the day! When people would say it sucked that I didnt get my own day, I would laugh, I think it sucks for them that they don't get to share it with their dad. When Jason and I were getting married the most nerve racking part was walking down the aisle, when everyone would be looking at me.. but I got to share that with dad too.

Its funny to mention Jason in this blog because they say that you tend to marry someone like your father, well man did I do a good job. Jason has many good qualities like my dad, he hunts, fishes, loves the outdoors. He says things like dad all the time and has a lot of his mannerisms, their sense of humor is quite the same... so sometimes being so far away doesn't seem to far away because I look at Jason and things he does and cant help but laugh.. because its something dad would do.

There are no words, no poems, no cards that could ever describe how lucky I feel to have my dad.. there are not enough pages to sit and write the memories I have and cherish with dad.. So I will say this.. there is no better, I couldn't imagine asking for more.. my dad has been the greatest dad I could have ever asked for and I only hope that he knows how much he means to me.

20 days and dad will be here and I honestly cant tell you who is more excited, Jason or I. That's another great thing about Jason.. he loves dad just as much as I do.. how could he not? Ok well maybe not as much as I do...

I hope dad you have an amazing Father's Day! I'm sorry that your gift will be late, I hate the US postal system and wanted to cry when I saw the card returned on the table last night when I got home from work! I cant wait to chat today and more than that I cant wait to see you!! I miss you tons and love you more than words can say, Thank you for being a great role model, a great person and a great father to Bubba and I.. we are so lucky!

On a side note from Father's Day it was a beautiful night last night and Jason and I went and saw the new Adam Sandler movie, don't waste your money it was the stupidest movie I have ever seen, but it was so nice out after, the sun was shining.. it was great! So naturally I took some pictures! Enjoy!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week of wildlife!

What a week its been in regards to wildlife.. let me tell you! So yesterday Deanna and I went out after lunch because one of the craft stores was having a big sale on yarn so she thought because it was dead in the office we would go and check it out. I was obviously thrilled because believe it or not yarn is pretty expensive and with all my slipper making and blanket on the go a deal is a deal! So when we got back we were sitting in the office and we kept hearing this awful screeching! So the phone rang and I answered it and Deanna went to check out what all the noise was about.. it was a huge bald eagle in the tree outside the office. I tried to get some pictures but he was so high up in the tree my phone just couldn't zoom that far but honestly it was amazing! I watched him for such a long time, he was squawking at the ravens and stuff to get the hell away from him! haha!

So today pretty much sucked, it was raining again and I was extremely miserable about it. I seriously think that I have cabin fever or something because I cried on and off all day.. everything just upset me beyond belief! Good thing I was alone in the office and really no one stopped in. I really honestly cant take all this crappy weather, and seeing everyone on facebook post pictures of being at the beach and stuff makes it that much harder.. I just cant deal!! The funny thing is coming home from the gym last night the forecast said "tonight sunny and warm" WHAT THE FUCK!?! Mother nature has her days and nights mixed up.. I need to know how to fix this!

Anyways work was a joke today.. tonight 3 squad cars showed up at Creekside and everyone and their mother was calling to see what was going on and I didn't know.. I knew they were there but unless someone calls me and tells me why even if I was to go there and ask someone they wouldn't tell me what was going on, they don't have to. Then I got a call from one of our Foxwood properties and they had their storage unit broken into and all they took was their two new snow boards, they didn't take the boots that go with them, or the bikes or anything else that was in there.. just the snow boards. I felt terrible, first of all I have no idea what to tell her because really there is nothing we can do.. unfortunately we cant replace them, she needs to call and make a police report and call her insurance company.. hopefully she has renters insurance. I felt awful but that's all I can do. I find it so strange that all the break ins they pick and choose the stupidest things that they take.. I just don't understand.

Anyways I came home ate dinner and started cleaning! I scoured the bathrooms, scrubbed everything on my hands and knees and then I pulled out the appliances and and cleaned under them.. note to self: don't pull out the dryer and unhook the pipe that vents it outside.. especially if you cant fit back there when its close enough to hook it back up.. oops! We got it fixed though! Then I scrubbed the kitchen floor and finally at almost 9pm Jason and I decided to go for a walk because it was actually sunny!!

Well we didn't go to far because the bugs were so bad and Jason was getting bit BUT we walked around the lake and you wont believe what we saw.. a friggin beaver.. let me tell you this little bugger had no fear at all, he came right out of the water up on the bank and was 2 feet from us.. no matter how close Jason got to him he didn't even care that we were there! He was filling his mouth with stuff for his house.. those things have HUGE mouths! Even Jason said he had never been that close to one! No animals here have any fear of people at all, I couldn't believe it! I took a bunch of pictures.. ready?!?!

I still cant believe how close he got, not caring one bit that we kept getting close to him.. haha when he came out of the water and was walking towards us even Jason moved back pretty quickly.. we just thought he would be scared of us and that wasn't the case at all. Jason even clapped really loudly and he didn't even flinch.. brazen little bugger!!

So that's it around here.. its almost 11pm and its still sunny out.. weird! I'm not sure I will ever get use to it.. no fear though it will be miserable and overcast in the morning. Jason is working a half day tomorrow and I am in until 6pm. Tom and Deanna are away fishing so I'm on call.

I'm going to head to bed now, I sleep in a little later on Saturday mornings even though I start at the same time. They are calling for rain all day tomorrow and Sunday so I don't think we will be doing much. I might go and get my hair cut or something! I will make sure to blog though and wish all you wonderful fathers a Happy Father's Day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Workin' 9 to 5...

Well hello everyone,

First of all I think you all suck, except Cathy! I sent you all these awesome pictures from our hike on the weekend and not one of you commented.. THEY WERE GOOD!

Nothing exciting is going on here..its been fucking raining everyday for the last two weeks.. kills me! HELLO SUMMER.. NOT! We went from Alaska winter right into California winter and its just not going away. On my day off I planned to get up and go and get my hair cut and scope out some potential summer work wear and I woke up to it pouring rain so I said screw it! I ended up going over to Jennie's and having tea! It literally POURED rain all day yesterday.. at 11pm I was laying on the couch watching TV and naturally it was still light out but POURING rain.. it never ends.

Jason and I did go scope the rental house everyone is staying here when they get here, Jason already went and checked it out on his own but he took me last night and it looks great, super great location and its super close to us.. all good things! I feel like June is so in the way of them getting here.. honestly!

Oh I learned how to make booties on Monday, Deanna brought her crocheting stuff after lunch and she showed me how to make slippers.. I rocked at it too! I really enjoy an afternoon when I get to do something I like and learn new things.. plus is makes the day go by so much faster. Check it out...

So I believe Tom and Deanna are off to Homer as of tonight, no one told me for sure! I did talk to her however before she left and I said that because I would be working basically the whole month of September on my own and I would obviously not get the time and a half required by Alaska state law that I would really like to have those days as well with my parents. I don't see why not, Its going to be so hard to work at all while they are here so I don't think this is asking a lot considering what I do for them ALL THE TIME. She didn't give me an answer she said that she would talk to Tom and let me know and I haven't heard anything from either of them.. I will make sure to ask again next week.

I cant believe tomorrow is only Thursday.. FUCK! These dark and dreary days make everyday so long.. I cant handle it.. Ive been researching hot vacations and although we know that we are going to Hawaii as soon as this job is over Ive been looking at Bora Bora. however apparently no matter what state you want to fly there from its over $3000 per person.. Jason would never go for it.. but for a second.. I saw us snorkeling in the crystal blue waters.. it made me smile.

I guess that's really it, I finally gave in a made a doctors appointment with an American doctor for next Tuesday.. I'm not happy about it. I would so much rather fly home but that would be a little more expensive!

Oh.. tonight we went to the Olive Garden, I LOVE the Olive Garden! Neither of us can remember if we went when we were in North Carolina but we've been to Olive Gardens all over the lower 48 and we absolutely loved it in New York! So they just opened the first one in Alaska a month or two ago and so we thought we would let it die down and then give it a whirl.. so we've been talking about going for a long time and finally tonight we went! Jason picked me up from work and I had taken clothes to change and off we went, its WAY on the other side of town and when we got there the place was PACKED!! 45 minute wait for a party of 2, we knew this would probably be the case but we planned to wait.. Jason said he dressed up he was having Olive Garden. Luckily we were smart and kept an eye on the booths in the bar and we got a table in 10 minutes! I'm not going to lie we waited FOREVER for a drink, FOREVER for salad and bread sticks.. which lets be honest in the Olive Garden should be on the table when you get there. Our meal took FOREVER to get there, our waitress was amazing at hide and seek. Jason ALWAYS gets the taste of Italy but decided to go with cheese ravioli and of course I always get spaghetti.. mine had sat under a heat lamp for awhile. Overall it was Olive Garden so I was happy but the service could have been a lot better. She was really nice at the end so she suckered a better tip out of Jason.

On the way home we drove through Town Square, the other property we have, Ive never actually been there so I thought while we were over that way I should check it out. Its nice, the area is shit but the apartments are really nice! So when we were leaving there and Jason BUST out into the most profoundly amazing front seat dance party singing along with Dolly to 9 to 5.. It was amazing. And now its in your head, you're thinking about the song aren't you.. here.. have a listen!


Anyways I'm going to go to bed, I slept maybe 20 minutes last night.. Jason said I was worrying about the Patriots but I'm pretty sure that wasn't it! So I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight which should make tomorrow a much better day! I still cant believe tomorrow is only Thursday.. honestly! Not that it matters they are calling for rain here for the next 4567 days.. mother nature what did I ever do to you?

I will leave you with a few pictures from a walk we took the other night and I guess I forgot to share!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

 Look what the beavers did to that tree in the back.. little bastards, you wouldn't believe all the trees that they have down around here.. no word of a lie its over 50 by far!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winner Creek Trail Hike

Well hello all,

I thought I would quickly blog tonight because Jason and I were out all day and I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone today at all, my apologies for that.

I'll be honest Ive been having a really hard time in Alaska this last week, everyday seems to be cold raining or overcast.. everyone else is getting real summer weather and all we get is shit weather everyday! Not to mention all we do is work, so we talked about it this week after I had a crying fit and we agreed that we need to get out of Anchorage every chance we get and make the most of our time here. So today we went down to Girdwood and hiked Winner Creek Trail behind the Alyeska Resort.

Well lets be honest I am not really an outdoors kind of girl, I'm trying really hard to make the effort to do things that I really don't like because Jason loves it.. but today.. let me tell you... I was not in the best of spirits! Majority of the trail was covered in SNOW! I mean SNOW and ICE.. I couldn't even believe it! I was slipping and sliding all over the place which was naturally just pissing me off! Besides the trail wasn't great, there wasn't a lot to see while hiking but trees and bugs! We eventually would encounter beauty like no other but after so much walking. I like to think that I'm in half decent shape but my hips are screwed! Honestly on the way back I wanted to cry, I felt like my hip joints were going to explode.. it was bad! But overall it was a really good hike!

Afterwards we headed to Chair 5 for dinner, I have heard a bunch of good things about it so I thought it would be a good thing to try out.. and it was GREAT! Jason and I decided then and there it was going on the list of places to take everyone when they get here!

On the way home even though Jason had fries and an elk burger, plus some of my pizza AND halibut chunks for an appetizer he decided he HAD to have an ice cream! So we stopped at Baskin Robbins but they didn't have what he wanted.. actually it was hilarious.. when he asked the girl if they had whatever it was he wanted and she said no he swung his hands up and said "COUNT ME OUT THEN!" haha! So we had to go across the street to the mall so he could get a blizzard. Turns out he said he ordered too much but none the less it was gone!

So were home now, and back to work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. I had a little meeting with Tom on Saturday because Ive been doing a lot of work in regards to advertising for Town Square because they are hemorrhaging money with all their vacancies and not being able to fill them! So Ive been doing as much as I can to help while basically running all three of these properties by myself all the time. So I go in to take in an information package I put together and go over it with Tom and this is what he thinks. He said that he is greatly appreciative of all the hard work I'm doing and that he knows it not my responsibility to do for Town Square as well but they are having such a hard time so he needs more help. Honestly get ready for this because its fucking ludicrous. Instead of me giving people a map and a information package for Town Square and sending them over there he wants to me TO GO WITH THEM! He wants me to get in their car and go the 30 minutes across town, show them the units and then wait for someone to come and pick me up.. Are you serious? I mean I know hes getting old but this really seems like a good idea? First of all its dangerous for me to get in the car with a STRANGER, second of all what the hell is Cynthia going to think of me coming over and trying to rent her units??? Besides the fact, if I'm doing all the advertising and now I'm going to start renting her property out why the hell are they paying her?? So stupid. So he says there would be an incentive.. like $50.00 for every unit I rent.. so I told him I wanted the $100.00 for the two units I already rented then!! That will never happen.

He also decided to tell me that they will be going away on Wednesday so Deanna will be in the office Monday and cover my day off on Tuesday but than they will be on. They didn't ask me to take the phones but they are going to.. they will leave a note on the desk Tuesday.. I will bet my life. Its such bullshit.. I don't think I should have to be on call 24/7 every time they take a vacation. So I'm going to talk to her tomorrow because I'm going to be working all this extra with no pay, taking over everything while they are away fishing all summer, not to mention they are leaving September 5th and will "hopefully be back for month end" so if I'm going to work that time while they are away I want that time off with my parents as well. We'll see how that goes.

Well I'm going to head to the tub, lunches are made and ready for tomorrow and I really want to go to bed early. Jason is curled up on the couch watching Duck Dynasty.. we love that show but I'm so unimpressed with their store! I tried to order dad stuff off www.duckcommander.com for Father's Day and the rat bastards want $29.00 to ship to Canada.. so I figured although it wouldn't be fair I liked the stuff so much I would just ship it here and give it to him when they get here.. WELL.. they don't consider Alaska to be one of the US states so they want $29.00 to ship it here too.. FUCK!

Anyways Ive already sent all the pictures from today, I think you will really love them! We played with all the settings on the camera and the pictures are so clear now and the color is GREAT! Let me know what you all think!!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well Thursday turned out not too shabby!

Good Evening all,

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day! I wasn't sure what to expect with Deanna being back in the office today after having not been around all week because Cynthia was off sick.. and I figured it would be a slow day on account that the beginning of the month rush is pretty much over!! But Deanna was in a GREAT mood and the day didn't drag too much!

I came home tonight to my NEW FLAT IRON!!! I couldn't be happier with it or to see it for that matter!! I have been dying without it.. I know that sounds dramatic but most of you are aware of the head of hair I have and in all honestly it desperately needs to be cut.. which is my plan Tuesday probably! Well are you all ready to see it? Naturally I took pictures as though its my new child or something.. haha!! Get ready for it...

I mean come on isn't that the greatest thing you've ever seen? I couldn't be happier with it.. I got the Scarlett collection because it was cheaper than the normal one that had nothing going for it in regards to style.. I got mine on EBay though.. still brand new, in the box, etc but I paid less and that always makes Jason happier.. HAHA! You thought I was going to say it always makes me happier! It does but in the case I seriously would have sold the truck for it.. I just need one and that's not an option!

Not only did I come home to my new flat iron but I came to my wonderful husband having made a GREAT dinner! Jason wanted to make this hamburger helper stuff which I think is the most horrible crap on the face of the earth.. well besides a few people I know.. I KID!! haha.. well kind of. ANYWAYS.. I obviously was not going to eat that so I said that I would just have a sandwich! Well not only did Jason stop at Fred Meyers and get me the coconut chicken Ive been DYING to try forever but he also got me a chicken Cesar pasta salad.. I didn't like that but that's fine because Jason actually did like it and said he would take it for lunch tomorrow but he also anticipated me not liking it and made me some spaghetti.. how thoughtful!! I'm a very lucky girl!

So we are just watching the Celtics lose miserably which is not a good thing at all, I'm not sure if we will be going for a walk tonight or not.. I'm not thrilled about the idea of getting eaten alive by mosquito's but we'll see. Last night I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing and tonight I figured I would tackle our closet but I don't know. I'm actually pretty tired on account that I went to bed about 10:30pm and woke up at 1am, got up and got a drink and than I just couldn't get back to sleep.. I was tired and comfortable but no dice.. so maybe I'll just go to bed early tonight!

Did everyone see the pictures I sent last night?? I thought for sure someone would have commented about the pictures from Earthquake Park.. you're all slacking!

Well I thought I would blog about my wonderful hubby and my new flat iron! Ive got laundry in and the dishwasher going.. thinking I should really make good use of my time and look at that closet.. I have to get off the couch first. Honestly Ive been feeling like such a fat ass that I'm pretty motivated!

I hope everyone is having a great week.. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!! For all you assholes that don't have to work Saturday.. MUST BE NICE! Haha I love you all anyways!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I spoke too soon?

Well hello all,

I must have spoke too soon, I opened my big mouth and posted on facebook yesterday what a BEAUTIFUL day it was in Anchorage yesterday, so much so that I was actually sitting outside on the balcony reading while dinner cooked! The apartment was so hot last night, I believe at 10:30pm Jason, Jason Goodwin and I were sitting here and it was 80 degrees in the apartment! Then today it was cold and raining.. go figure! Just when I think things are going to look up here!

Yesterday I spent my day off baking for the guys on site, I made two different kinds because Jason Goodwin is not a fan of the Reese's pieces ones so he got chocolate chunk.. I made an ABUNDANCE of cookies.. more than was actually needed but naturally they were all gone before lunch time.. haha well that's not exactly true. My Jason screwed Jason G out of cookies last time I baked so I made Jason his own container full and put his name on, well he came over last night and got it.. took it home and than didn't take it to work today.. haha so hes sitting at home right now eating cookies and everyone else is out.. pretty clever on his part! haha!

Not much else going on around here to be honest, Ive been doing as much organizing around here as I can, although people keep saying we live so minimally with nothing in the apartment I always feel like there is just so much clutter around here! Its hard to make room and get rid of things when Jason refuses to part with anything!

So although we're boring I thought I would post something to let you all know what is going on.. nothing.. nothing but shitty weather! Oh and Jason's dog is growing still haha! He had me take a picture of you Fiona!!

Can you see how much bigger he is? I really wonder how much he will get!

Anyways I'm going to track my flat iron, should be here tomorrow or the next day.. THANK GOD! I seriously cant wait!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Oh and I also sent out the pictures from our spare camera we keep in the truck!!! Hope you all enjoy!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Already...? Ugh!

Well hello all!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!!

Friday night I actually got to leave early which was great, Deanna booked me a walk through at 5:00pm so I specifically asked her did she want me to come back to the office after I was done or could I go home and she said I could go home. So Jason picked me up and after all was said and done I came home to get ready. I was SOOOOOO HAPPY that me new Lulu sweater came!! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I didn't even know  but it has this beautiful embroidering in the hood that says "you are beautiful" I absolutely love it! Its my new favourite piece of clothing! Not to mention the fact that the tags on it said $168.00 and I paid $95.00 with shipping, SCORE! So we met the guys at the Peanut Farm for dinner and the Celtics game! I had to go out with everyone because Jason Goodwin said he was starting to think Jason had offed me because I was never around! We had a good time, although I really think their food is bad or something because after we left I was so sick! It was unfortunate too because we were at Fred Myers!

Saturday I worked and the day was pretty crappy, however Charlie showed up in his paddling outfit which was hilarious! I love my Saturdays with Charlie, honestly he always makes me laugh!! Jason picked me up from work and we came home, on the way in he saw the neighbours outside and said we would go over. I couldn't really focus on that though because Jason had told me that there was a parcel here from Fiona and I was soo excited!! I absolutely love getting mail, and apparently when you're an adult the only thing you usually get is bills! Well Fiona went ABOVE and beyond in the area of parcels.. the loot was amazing!! She sent us TONS of goods and we couldn't be more grateful!! She sent Jason socks too which is hilarious!! Everyone knows Jason's sock issues!! There was sports eggs in there for Jason and guess what they have in there... ROCKETS! You know, rockets.. the candy!!! Well Americans done know what Rockets are, because what we call rockets they call smarties.. crazy I know! So for the record.. THESE ARE ROCKETS!!

Fiona also sent us pets! haha.. as we cant travel around with pets she sent us the pets you put in water and they grow! Well Jason thought those were the greatest thing EVER! He is having me take pictures of the progression to show Fiona. I only have one picture so far but his ears have definitely grown, I will post another picture of him tomorrow. But here he is for now!

 We absolutely LOVED our parcel and EVERYTHING in it.. oh, there was also the mini Ritz sandwich crackers that are SMORES! I LOVE SMORES! They are stellar, and Jason and I are already fighting over the honey spoons for tea.. haha!! Thank you again Fiona we are absolutely sooooo grateful!!

So to be honest I wanted to go to Target instead of the neighbour's, but I really want to meet people here however I always have it in the back of my head Tom and Deanna telling me I cant be friends with the residents. Anyways in the end Jason went over and then Louisa came over here and said they really wanted me to go over. Long story short we all drank way too much and today wasn't so pretty. I should have known better, I cant drink anymore.. I get drunk so fast and I'm so sick the next day. Always. So I decided today that I'm seriously never drinking ever again... maybe a beer here and there but there is absolutely NOTHING good about being drunk. I always feel like shit at the time, I feel fat and bloated for the days following and now I get hang overs where I puke.. what in god names is fun about that?!?!

Today although neither of us were feeling well it was kind of nice to do nothing and lay around.. neither of us look at our cell phones or anything it was great! After I had half a sandwich I felt a lot better anyways.. Jason however is not feeling the same! He has been a pretty sick all day, cant get off the couch, cant eat.. not good! I gave him the same speech about how drinking like that is not wise.. however I stuck to one drink all night and had not that many, Jason however had many beers and authentic moonshine.. he was asking for a hangover!!

I hate that tomorrow I have to go back to work! The weekends just fly by, probably because mine only consist of one day! But whatever.. tomorrow should be a busy day and I have to make some calls about a flat iron, Ive decided on a GHD but have not decided where to get it as I am looking for a bargain. Unfortunately I cant buy a cheap one because I have so much hair and I don't have 6 hours in the morning to get ready.. so tomorrow is decision day and I'm pretty sure this week might be the time for a haircut!

Tuesday I am baking for the guys at work, I'm fine with that! I know that they appreciate it. Jennie wants to go out but I think I might either go for an hour or so and then come home and bake or I will just invite her here for tea or something. I don't have time to bake all kinds of cookies at night, but I Ive always found time before so Tuesday it is!

Anyways I'm going to go and watch Wicked Tuna with Jason for awhile and go to bed! I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Walmart with Jason.. always an Adventure!

So I wasn't going to blog tonight, I figured by the time I got home from work tonight and then we went to Walmart and got back and put everything away, made lunches and all that than I would just want to go to bed! But I absolutely HAD to blog about our trip to Walmart tonight!!

Jason picked me up from work and he was super quiet, he thinks that he has mono or something because he is always so tired! But we ate dinner and he must have caught a second wind! I swear I decided tonight he is like the Skinny pig the boys had, he eats to keep warm!! Hes always so hot and all he does it eat, there has to be a correlation.

Anyways so we go to Walmart and as soon as we get in there the makeup section is right there and I needed blush and eye shadow, naturally this is not the place that Jason wants to be but Jason likes to play hide and seek in large stores so I hate for him to leave me. So I asked him to wait for me and I would be really quick, well there was this redneck woman with her 7 redneck kids in the makeup section and her 5 young girls were picking out everything blue in sight so therefore I was having a hard time getting around them all to find what I needed! So Jason took off. I'm not even kidding you I walked through that whole entire store forever!! FINALLY I found him, after seriously considering going to the front of the store and having him paged, haha which would have been absolutely hilarious but he definitely wouldn't have thought so.

So we wandered around the store forever and we were finally looking at a new virus protector for the computer and the FUNNIEST thing happened! There was this woman, this morbidly obese woman riding around on a motorized scooter and she was being completely reckless, to cut to the chase she hit our cart! haha Jason is ALWAYS the cart pusher anywhere we go, which is good because I would likely hit absolutely everyone with it if it was in my possession.. haha so she hit the cart and although I was standing behind Jason I could absolutely see his withering stare! I gave him a little whack before he said what you can all imagine Jason would have said. What was even funnier is that I'm sure she saw him giving her death eyes and she still flew around this aisle backwards and forwards being totally reckless... oh the words Jason said.. I had to walk away..

Once that was over we went on to the sock aisle, Mom bought Jason socks for Christmas and he got holes in all of them SO FAST, so she bought him socks for Easter, ALL have holes! He's just so hard on socks and I honestly have no idea why. We have searched for really good work socks and I have found really good ones with reinforced heels and toes but if you know Jason as all you know he is a complete tight wad and thinks anything more than mass packages of socks are a waste of money! So he couldn't decided and its so weird but Walmart had a RIDICULOUS amount of "big & tall socks" I mean really? so we were going back and forth between a whole bunch of socks which is ridiculous to begin with but than Jason pitches a fit because he wants to try them on. PARDON ME?? You CANNOT try on socks in the middle of Walmart! First of all who tries on socks? and you cannot take them out of the package and than not buy them.. like is this really happening? We settled on some work socks and left, who knew? Although I think Ive won the battle and Jason will spend the money on the good socks, it would be totally worth it and he knows it.

Ive been nominated to bake on Tuesday so we spent quite a bit of time in the baking aisle because Jason likes his cookies with peanut butter cups but Jason Goodwin is pitching a fit because he prefers chocolate chips! So Jason gets chocolate chunks so I asked if Jason G would be good with that, haha well Jason didn't seem to care what Jason G wanted.. haha! Cookies on Tuesday!

So we got home and put all the groceries away and I was running the bath when I realized I forgot to leave the night message with the emergency information on the phone at work.. FUCK! I honestly do this all the time and I have had to go back to work on more than one occasion because I have forgot! I even have a big sign on my computer with black lettering and its colored with yellow high lighter reminding me.. I suck! So Jason took me back, haha he wasn't impressed, he said it earned him half of my frozen yogurt.. ya right!!

Now here I am, back to work tomorrow! Deanna was in today and it was the first day with her since she's been back and she was actually in a really great mood. Both her and Tom have been overly appreciative of all the work that was done while they were gone and have been super great. Deanna isn't in tomorrow because she said she would be planting all the flowers around the properties which is fine with me, however she better watch she doesn't blow away.

Its cold and miserable and crazy windy around here today.. BIG SURPRISE.. this is what is looked like pretty much all day.

Anyways tomorrow has to be better than today! My day started off ridiculous! My hair straightener broke a quarter of the way through my hair! That is the WORST way to start a day! I spent the day the whole fucking day looking like a raggedy Ann doll!! I'm officially ordering 50 headbands so this will NEVER happen again! Plus I'm trying to track the new lulu sweater I ordered online and it all the sudden dropped on the face of the tracking earth in the black hole that is New Jersey! How is it that every time I order something online it magically disappears in New Jersey or Elk Grove Village, IL.. EVERY TIME! I don't know what the hell is going on in these places but they better not keep my loot long.

So tomorrow my mission is to find the best of the best hair straightener and not break the bank! Haha for the sake of Jason's heart of course, however I made him aware of what a catastrophe something like this is and how it absolutely MUST be rectified IMMEDIATELY!

I will keep you all posted on the status of my hair.. it can only get worse until I find a new flat iron. period.

If I don't blog again have for a couple of days I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!