Thursday, February 28, 2013

Are we there yet?

Well we are officially basically.. well almost.. done packing! We pretty much have everything in the truck that is going to fit, I have cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen and everything else is ready to go.

We are getting ready for bed now, going to have a quick shower and throw in a load of laundry and then we are heading to bed.

Tomorrow morning we will get up and Jason is going to table back all our GCI stuff (cable, Internet and phone) and then he is going to stop off at the post office to ship one last box. While he is doing that I am going to do the rest of the cleaning and getting rid of stuff so when he gets back we will be ready for our walk thru. Once that is over Jason is going to drop me off at the hotel while he takes the truck to the docks. When he gets back I seriously think we will nap and then walk over to the Cattle Company for dinner.

We are planning to be at the airport on Friday at 11:00am-11:30am even though our flight doesn't go out until 2:10pm because we want to do a little more looking around because that will be it for us in Alaska, at least for quite some time.

We get into Honolulu late Friday night after a 6 hour flight.. which with Jason is just miserable.. for all of you that don't already know Jason doesn't really fly well and this is the longest flight we've done before.

We still haven't decided if we are taking the laptop or not, so if I don't get a chance to get here again then I promise to send lots of pictures and blog about all of our adventures when we get back.

We fly into Seattle on the 9th or the 10th.. I cant remember and then we will drive from there. Depending on the time frame we have to deal with my immigration stuff in Maine and for the next job I'm not sure if we will spend time in Seattle or go to Big Sky in Montana like we planned.. that is all up in the air at this point.

So this is me signing off for awhile, not my usual just didn't make it here to fill ya'll in!

I cant tell you how happy I will be to be sitting on Hawaii Friday night drinking a fruity cocktail!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Packing = Meltdown

Well last night packing did not go so well let me tell you, I really thought that once we got in a groove we would be in a really great place but I just couldn't get myself in a place where I wanted to get things going, I didn't want to part with anything.. having to pack suitcases for Hawaii with summer clothes that we wont be able to use back in the lower 48 is hard too.. it just didn't go well. So I proceeded to sit on the floor in cry.. in the middle of a huge mess.

Pretty much this is what the apartment looked like last night. We really got the whole kitchen done which was great, cleaned out all the cupboards, Anna got a bunch of stuff we couldn't take and picked it up last night, I cleaned the stove and everything so as for the kitchen we just need to wipe out the fridge and we will be good to go.

Jason has been so beyond helpful, usually he is working and therefore I have to do everything for moving but this time he has had more time off than me so he has really stepped up and done so much, I am so grateful!

After my meltdown I seriously considered sitting down and drinking the rest of this wine, I thought it would make things look up a little but I had to get up super early this morning for a girls breakfast and today is my last day at work, plus we are I'm sure going to be up late packing so I figured I better no.. haha Anna took this too!

Jason is only working until 1pm today and then he has some running around to do, get a hair cut, etc and then he is going to head home to get a head start on things. When I get home we are going to order pizza and finish everything up. Tomorrow we are doing our move out walk thru of the apartment at 1:00pm and then Jason is dropping me off at the hotel before heading to the docks to drop off the truck! We plan to just walk to the Cattle Company for dinner tomorrow night and then back to the hotel. I'm not kidding you I have never been so excited to stay in a hotel just because I want to sleep in a real bed again! I am too old to sleep on a air mattress, no kidding our apartment right now is a bad college movie of air mattresses and camp chairs! Although I shouldn't complain because Tanya came to breakfast this morning and said last night was there first night on the air mattress and they just got in bed and the cat put a hole in it.. LOL!
Hopefully we will have Internet at the hotel tomorrow night and I will be able to tell you that everything is fine and dandy and we are heading to Hawaii worry free.. but if not I will make sure to blog as soon as we get back to the lower 48!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Well this is how packing is going...

I'm avoiding it at all costs really.. I absolutely hate packing and knowing when I put things in a box I might now see them again for who knows how long. So I am carefully packing.. truth be told I have no idea where anything is going and its a lot harder this time to pack because we need to pack summer stuff that we usually wouldn't use right now for Hawaii.

I have this box of clothes that if I HAD to part with for a couple of months I would be OK with it.. but that's truthfully not my intention.

Last night the girls went out for a goodbye dinner but we decided we didn't want to say goodbye so were going for breakfast tomorrow.. haha! We had a great time though, its always great to get in a little girl time!
Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm off to work.. tomorrow is my last day!!! YAY!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fur Rondy Weekend- AKA - Our last weekend in Alaska

Good Evening all,

Well its official, our last weekend in Anchorage if officially coming to an end and what a weekend it has been! As I'm sure you can imagine now that we are down to the crunch we are really trying to get things organized, boxes packed to ship and take... but truth be told this weekend all I wanted to do was everything we love doing here because after today I don't know when we'll ever get to do it again.

Saturday I worked so Jason, god love him did a lot of cleaning and organizing around the apartment which is always a huge help. He dropped me off at work in the morning to get some things done and then picked me up at 11:30am to go finish up with our taxes which turned out better than we had hoped! Friggin' Obama! After taxes I went back to work for what was a long boring Saturday.. but the last one so I'm trying not to complain to much!!

Saturday night we planned to go and catch the Fur Rondy festivities downtown, what was left of them as this is a huge weekend long event. Last year we went for the fire works at night and it was MISERABLE! It was absolutely FREEZING and just outright miserable, all the bars/restaurants were PACKED and we couldn't find anywhere to eat, it was awful... truth be told I have absolutely no fond memories of that evening whatsoever!

Anyways we went better prepared this time, Jason made dinner so we ate before we went and then we layered up before heading downtown. It wasn't nearly as cold this year thankfully and parking really wasn't bad at all, but let me tell you it was snowing like crazy! When we got down there and started to walk around I didn't think we would be able to see the fireworks at all the way it was snowing, and truthfully as we stood and watched we were getting barried.. literally! I sent some pictures in my album on Snapfish earlier and I posted some that Tammy took because the fireworks in her pictures are incredible! The snow was just unbelievable but so majestic.. as much as I hate winter the last week every time it snows I smile because if I have to deal with snow its most beautiful here!

After fireworks were didn't hang around very long because we really had stuff that we have to get done and most of the things that we would have enjoyed were over anyways. So we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things, where Jason seemed to find more than what we were looking for....

Too funny, he likes these glasses better than his prescription ones he says!
After that we came home to our, what seems like a bad college movie life! I tell you this living on an air mattress is SHIT! Neither of us slept at all last night, but Jason enjoys it for TV watching...
This morning we were up early, thanks to the shitty air mattress.. but either way we got up and headed out the door early! First stop of Harley's Old Thyme Cafe for our favorite breakfast! If you ever have the chance to try sourdough pancake, do! Its not just their sourdough pancakes though.. their honey maple syrup is pretty brilliant too! Jason gets a plethora of options with his little piggy omelet, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, etc. Let me tell you Harley's is good but I cant wait to go back to the south for some biscuits and gravy!
Anyways we left breakfast and headed down to the Portage Valley, Jason didn't seem to keen but its my absolute most favorite place here and I wanted to go just one last time! All was fine until we got to the Portage Valley where we his TONS of snow.. last time we were there it was snowing but there was nothing on the ground, this time.. winter wonderland! It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately there was no chance of seeing the glaciers! We left there and drove Turnagain arm headed back to Anchorage, with the intention of going downtown for some festivities and to get a few last souvenirs for ourselves.
We made it in good time for the sled dog races which was great, we got to see them finish downtown (see snapfish pictures) and get a few souvenirs.. INCLUDING... we saw this for Brianne and Evan's new baby and HAD to get it! Truth be told they had them in my size and I REALLY regret not getting myself some.

I mean how cute is this?? I cant wait to see the new little miss in it!!!
After all our running around we headed back to the apartment to get more things done. Honestly because we are still working and living its making it really hard to actually pack and organize when we still need stuff. But we need to be out of the apartment by Thursday at 1pm so we need to get it together.
Tomorrow night we are having a girls goodbye dinner and Jason and going to go to the post office to send out the last of the stuff. After tomorrow I think he will be able to pack most of his work stuff and Jason already has his suitcase packed for Hawaii! I think I will plan to pack my suitcase for Hawaii tomorrow and that is one last thing.
Thursday night we are in a hotel, which at this point with this stupid air mattress I absolutely cant wait! We are going to go to the Cattle Company for dinner and then our flight leaves Anchorage at 2:10pm on Friday the 1st!
I plan to blog again at least once more before we head out, so keep a look out!!
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Great Escape!

Well we are almost there, one week today and we will be laying on a beach in Hawaii!!!

I know Ive been slacking on blogging but honestly things have been so crazy! We have absolutely no furniture left, haha the last thing to go which is amazing and has totally worked in our favor is the girl who bought our bed! She paid us in full but wasn't able to get it until tomorrow which is stellar! We are both DREADING sleeping on the air mattress until we leave.

We have done no packing at all, which is hilarious but at the same time really in the end we wont have much to pack and we do it so much that I'm really not concerned that we wont get it done. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that its that time again!!

So what have we been up to..... Well last weekend we went to dinner with the guys at Bear's Tooth because Rob and Zach were leaving and really that's all we did, the weekend was a complete bust! However that wasn't the worst thing because we are not going to have a lot of down time so I might as well take advantage while we can.

Monday night I went and got my hair and eyebrows done while Jason was at the gym in preparation for Hawaii. I have such a hair cutting phobia and I have had all great experiences at the salon I go to here so I just wanted to do it here before we leave. Plus my hair was getting soooooo thick again and I just kept thinking about Hawaii and the heat and humidity and what it would do to my hair. The girl did an awesome job, she thinned it soooo much and I absolutely love it!

On Tuesday morning Jason wrote me an email and said that he had talked to his mother and we got our letter for our biometrics in the mail and I had to be in Portland Maine for the appointment on March 5th, we naturally we are going to be in Hawaii... I sobbed. Really on the form it has a section that says if you need to reschedule... needless to say I have sobbed all week. The lawyer was useless and couldn't do anything and we don't have the paperwork so Jason's Aunt took care of it for us.. THANK GOD! I'm still a hot mess about the whole thing but there is nothing we can do and I'm sure it will be fine.

It really put a kink in my last Tuesday off though let me tell you, I got in the truck with Tanya and SOBBED! So we went and got pedicures which was amazing.. honestly I think that everyone should pamper themselves like that once in awhile.. it just felt so great to relax and drink coffee and have someone rub my feet! Then we had an amazing lunch! Well amazing and overpriced! We have been wanting to try this cafe in town called Terra Bella and we went on Tuesday and check it out.. I really wish they sold these cups because I NEED one!!

We really did do much else on Tuesday, funny because we are both flying out next Friday and I'm sure there is a million things we should have been doing but whatever.

So this week has been pretty boring, we had to get a few more groceries to hold us over until we leave and we've been trying to go the gym as much as possible but see everyone as much as possible too.

Last night we went bowling with Josh, Tanya and Goodwin. I haven't bowled in years due to a traumatic childhood incident with bowling and Jason has never bowled ever which is just crazy to me so we went and had a really great time!

Tonight Jason is getting the taxes finished up and then we are heading to the gym, I was hoping to tan again but I'm not sure we will be able to fit that in. Tomorrow I am working and I think Jason is going to start doing a few things around the apartment.

Fur Rondy starts here this weekend which I missed last year because I was working so I'm thinking we might head downtown on Sunday and see whats going on there. I would really like to go to the Portage Glacier again because that's my absolute favorite place here and then Jason wants to go to Flattop, then we were thinking of heading downtown to maybe get a sweater and then be done!

Monday we are having a girls dinner before we all head out on Friday! Tuesday I have to work because in order to have Thursday off.. the last day of the month and the day we have to be out of the apartment I had to switch days! So Jason and I both work until Wednesday and then Thursday we plan to be out of the apartment at 1pm and then Jason is going to drop me off at the hotel and take the truck down to the docks to put it on the barge. We've already booked a hotel for Thursday night and we'll go to dinner with Josh and Tanya probably Thursday night.

Josh and Tanya are flying out on Friday morning at 7am.. and our flight to Honolulu leaves Anchorage at 2:10pm!! Truthfully with everything going on, and this week being such a mess I really haven't had a chance to be excited about Hawaii which I'm sure seems crazy to everyone else! We are packing and moving, both working, dealing with immigration.. with everything going on although Hawaii is a week away I feel like its a lifetime away and I hate to get my hopes up for things until they are happening.

We still don't even know when our next job is or when we will be going which is fine in a big way because we want to deal with all our immigration stuff before we have to be somewhere because as of right now none of our options are in the States.

So that's whats going on in our lives, I will absolutely make a point to blog before we leave. As for Hawaii I don't know if we will be taking the laptop or not we haven't decided but I will have a TON of pictures to share when we get back.

While we are traveling this time it is not my intention to send out travel emails like last time I am planning to just blog. So definitely make sure to watch for updates!

Hope everyone has a warm happy weekend and you will be hearing from me again soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pictures I forgot to share!

Hey guys.. first of all I'm lucky to be here writing this. I almost bled to death tonight, no kidding I nicked myself with my razor in the tub and I seriously bled everywhere!! Filled the tub, all over the bath mat and bathroom flood, came out to ask Jason to get me a band aid and he saw all the blood and freaked out! Note to self, brand new razors are dangerous as hell!

Anyways I meant to share a few pictures the other night and I was going through my phone and found them so I thought I would pop in and share them now!

First off you've probably never heard me talk about Dennis who works with Jason.. he's kind of a grumpy old bugger and for the record not the best driver in the world either. HE is forever hitting the wall in the garage and literally ripping out the drywall, its ridiculous.. and he thinks its hilarious. Really I suppose to truck shouldn't even be in there but I guess its a judgement call and he doesn't really care about his truck. I stopped asking the maintenance guys to fix the wall because he just kept doing it. Well the other night I was out putting out notices and I went through the garage and look what I came across....

Ya that's right, resting nicely against the wall.. friggin' guy!
As you all know Jason's job is winding down and therefore they are working a lot less hours. He is also not working weekends, so with me still working Saturday's he is a little bored. This weekend that just passed he decided to try his hand at making whoopie pie's for the very first time! I personally think he NAILED IT! Haha!

I'm really not a fan of whoopie pie's to begin with but these ones were actually from a box and tasted like crap.. haha however Jason REALLY enjoyed them.. I still think he put alcohol in the cream!
For those of you who are on my facebook you might have noticed that I liked Alaska Life just because I really enjoy seeing the different things that go on around the State, especially in regards to the wildlife and Northern Lights. This is a picture that was recently posted and I thought was amazing! This was taken this past weekend in Homer, Alaska.
This last picture I might have actually already shared, I'm not sure and I figured if I have its good enough to share again! This was taken the night Jason and I were driving back from Seward at the end of January I believe and the sun was setting over Turnagain Arm.. and MY CAMERA DIED! But I got this on my cell phone.. better than nothing.
Well I'm off to watch my DVR shows because tomorrow is my day off and I can sleep in. Truth be told Ive been sleeping later and later everyday!
Alright hope everyone is having a great week!! I will be back before the weeks out to tell you all the fun things going on.. haha!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dog sledding Extravaganza!!!

Although I haven't been here in a week I think you will find it was worth the wait!!

Honestly I have meant to get here, not that I have had anything so pressing that I needed to share but we are getting closer to Hawaii which means going to the gym every night and they hired someone to replace me at work and with her around its really hard to make time for personal Internet use!

Yes you read right, they have FINALLY hired someone to replace me which is actually great news on account that I don't have to work my Tuesday's that I should have off and I don't have to be on call on weekends which is always bonus. They hired her last week I believe and she started on February 1st and now she is with me full time. Tom and Deanna left on Wednesday for a month long vacation in California so naturally it is my job to train the girl. I was told she has 10 years experience and knows all the Alaska land lord and tenant act laws, etc but let me tell you she isn't showing her strengths. I don't know if she feels like she doesn't have to impress me because I'm leaving.. which she doesn't but shes not really doing anything at all. She doesn't do anything unless I ask her too, even if I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So finally after showing her everything now I am asking her to do it. We're having a hard time with some of our residents though because they don't want to deal with her, I guess they are use to me and so they prefer to deal with me.. so I'm trying to direct them to her and when anyone comes in I introduce her and tell them she will be replacing me, hopefully that will help.

Nothing really exciting happened all week, Jason and I went to the gym every night which doesn't always feel great on the way but once we get there I am ready to go. I'm trying really hard to lose weight, working really hard at it so I wont feel like a porker in my bathing suit the whole time we are in Hawaii... however that went out the window this morning.

This morning Jason and I got up and headed out for breakfast before out Sunday adventure. We decided to go to Harley's Old Thyme Cafe because Josh and Tanya have gone a couple times and raved about it. Jason and I are both fussy about breakfast and honestly most often if we ever go out we go to City Diner because their breakfast is amazing and its our favorite place... until now. This morning we had the most AMAZING breakfast! I had Sourdough pancakes with honey maple syrup.. too die for!!!! Jason had the little piggy omelet with hash browns, biscuits and gravy and bacon.. plus he got a free Harley's cake which is a maple glazed pecan pancake.. unreal! The breakfast was unreal, and the coffee was incredible!!! We couldn't have been happier with it!

We left there and naturally hit Starbucks before getting on the Glen Highway and heading towards Wasilla. We decided that we would go down to Wasilla before our sled dog ride because Jason was dying to see the snow mobile races. The weather was shit to be honest, when we got down there it was raining then snowing and it was windy as all hell! We stood outside and watched an hour worth of races and then had to go. It was alright, mostly the sleds were pieces of crap.. haha although they called them "vintage" which cracked me up.. not really something I am into but Jason loved it.

We left there and headed back to Eagle River for our sled dog extravaganza! The whole way back it was pouring rain and I was soooo disappointed! I wondered if they would cancel them all together or if we would just have to do it in the rain... either way I figured it was at least warm. We got there though and the rained stopped and it was amazing!!

When we first got there I saw the dogs in the truck and thought.. maybe this isn't a good idea.. maybe they are mean to them.. but that was until they were attached to the sled. These dogs absolutely love it.. they hate to stop.. they hop around and bark like crazy.. they want to run. They are all Alaskan Huskies owned by Dallas Seavey who has wont the Alaskan Iditarod! The dogs are specifically bread for this, our tour guide gave us a ton of information on how the dogs are cared for, who cares for them, what they are capable of and how well they are taken care of. Just watching them run was so incredible... they actually sweat, along the way they eat a ton of snow and when we stopped they would lay in the snow to cool off.. it was crazy!

I think I would have enjoyed this amazing experience anywhere but how beautiful to do so in the middle of Alaska along a beautiful river surrounded by mountains! I kind of wish we would have taken more pictures but we were having such a good time that we kind of slacked there! Absolutely amazing!!

So Jason is suppose to help move our dresser tonight, I sold it to a guy who lives at one of our properties for $50.00 more than we paid for it when we got here... SCORE!! Although this is the first thing we've sold and now we have a ton of clothes in suitcases which sucks.. makes the reality of moving that much more real.

That's it for us though, still don't know where the hell we are going after this job.. besides Hawaii of course. I feel like I haven't been able to be excited for Hawaii yet because there is just so much more going on! As the time gets closer though and we check things off of our to do list I know we will be counting down the days.

Jason could potentially be done work this week which is good and bad, he will be extremely bored but it will also be a great chance to get stuff done as well. Usually Jason is working right until the end and I do all the packing but this time its the opposite! My last day is the 27th and then we will do our move out on the 28th, take the truck to the docks and fly out on March 1st!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, now that you have all survived snow storm Nemo!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Morning Sun!

I should always carry my camera because my cell phone just doesn't do justice to the amazing things we see around here. Again.. another reason why I need an Iphone - SOON! Another reason I am excited to head back to the lower 48!!

Anyways this morning I was getting ready to walk to work and I walked out the door and the sky was just amazing so instead of coming back into the apartment and getting my camera like I should have I snapped a few pictures on my cell phone! Take a look!

Well the new girl started today with me, her name is Crystal and she is super nice! Truth be told I really don't think she will last on account of how they do things and she is super over qualified, she has a ton of experience at a variety of different properties and she knows the laws and how things are suppose to be done and she doesn't really seem like someone who will take shit.. so it should be interesting. Not to mention she is a smoker and Deanna HATES smoking, when a resident comes in that is a smoker she always chokes and coughs and loses her voice.. so that too should be quite interesting.
Tomorrow is Superbowl and naturally this household is not at all excited, but Rob and Jason are coming over I think to have a few snacks and watch the game. We plan to get up in the morning and head to the mall in search of some new attire for Hawaii and then I would like to go tanning before coming home for the game. I should be going to bed now but last night I took a sleeping pill because I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in longer than I can even tell you and I slept amazing.. so amazing that I'm not nearly as tired as I should be.
Jason got his new glasses yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them.. they look so good on him!! He of course absolutely hates them and doesn't want to wear them. He doesn't wear them like he should, but I think once he gets use to them he will. He came into work today and was wearing them and had gotten his hair cut and so he wasn't wearing a hat but had gel in his hair and he looked HOT!
So nothing exciting planned for our weekend, this apartment really needs to be cleaned but honestly I keep putting it off because I know we are going to have to do a super clean very soon.
I cant even believe that in less than a month we will be leaving Alaska. If I haven't mentioned it before Jason and I both are not at all excited about Saskatchewan, I mean lets be honest I greatly disliked it there before but Jason never said that he did until now. Whatever its a job though and hopefully we'll get a chance to go home for a visit and this puts us in an even better place to buy a house.. so we keep calm and smile on :)
Happy best football weekend of the year to y'all!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Paula you're a genius!

I'm not going to lie Ive been at my wits end with this whole blog thing and not being able to upload pictures like I usually do, I take pictures all the time on my cell phone that really aren't worth uploading into a snapfish album obviously but I think they are totally worth sharing and I haven't been able to upload them because this damn thing wont work. Well Paula told me that she was having the same problem and that by downloading Google Chrome it solved the problem.. and TADA.. WORKS!! THANK YOU!

So besides me not sleeping in days there are quite a few other things going on, we've been trying to get out as much as possible to see and do everything we can before we leave, and although I am sure I sent the pictures from last Sunday's driving here is a picture I can now share that I had to take on my cell phone because the camera died right when I really needed it!

Amazing isn't it? Go figure before we rounded the corner the camera died.. wouldn't even turn on. I have an extra battery that we just pulled out for Hawaii, I'm going to have to start carrying it all the time!

This week has been really busy so far actually, we finally got all of our immigration stuff taken care of and sent in so now we wait. Everything will be sent to the USCIS on Monday or Tuesday and then hopefully immediately I will get my extension and Ideally I will have to go for biometrics in Maine in the next 4-6 weeks and we could take care of my license and that all at once.

Jason had to go back to the doctors yesterday because after he got his stitches out on Monday I was putting cream on it and noticed that there was still black string in his back.. good ol' American health care for you. I thought there was potential for it to come out on his own as your body should naturally reject and foreign objects and it was pretty superficial but Jason wasn't having it! So he went back yesterday and had that taken care of which is great and didn't hurt half as much as I had expected.

Still waiting on Jason's glasses, hoping they come in soon as he really needs them.. his driving is getting worse and with the strange crap weather we've been having I don't think an eye issue is wise.

Well they finally hired someone at work to do my job and they hired a new maintenance guy. The new maintenance is a little punk truth be told... the first time we met he kept making fun of the way I talk and Canada.. Great first impression dick. Now yesterday he seemed to be on his best behavior and was working away and keeping his mouth shut which at this point until he says something nice is preferable! That place is a joke as is I really cant deal with him on top of it all... if he makes fun of the way I talk again he is going to be shocked as to what can come out of my mouth!

The new girls seems nice, I have only met her once for about 2 minutes but Ive heard good things. They have decided to move her, her husband and her two kids into one of the apartments here and I assume because she has kids they gave her a TERRIBLE unit when we really had a million better ones to choose from. I went in yesterday to do a walk thru before we gave her the keys and I couldn't believe it. The carpets in every room had black traffic marks, big red stains, bleach stains.. it was unreal! The counter tops are extremely discolored, the grout in the bathrooms is disgusting and completely discolored, the list goes on and on. Chipped appliances, etc. Anyways the cleaners also did a shit job and naturally Clayton did and yet when she gets her keys she had already seen it and said it was great!! Weird.

So this morning is the beginning of the month so I have a ton of things to do and then Deanna calls my cell phone last night and asks me to do a move out this morning that Tom was suppose to do because he will be working with the new girl.. of course it doesn't at all make sense for him to teach her to do a move out because she will never have to do one of those. Its fine, I have all the time in the world to do everyone elses job.

Last night we went to dinner at Glacier Brewhouse with a bunch of the guys Jason works with. We have been wanting to go there for a long time, Mel and I went in the summer for lunch and it was amazing and I really thought Jason would love it but we haven't made it until last night. Anyways Chris and Samantha are heading back to NYC today and they got engaged last week so it was kind of a goodbye/congratulations dinner! I had the herb crusted Alaskan halibut with garlic mashed potatoes, and a spinach with roasted tomato side, all with a balsamic reduction.. INCREDIBLE! After dinner Jason and I were going to share a piece of peanut butter pie.. well we were sharing it until the first bite than Jason totally took over the plate.. he just kept saying "I Hope this never ends.. I really hope this never ends." haha it was amazing!

Well I better head to the spare bedroom to work out for a bit and then get ready for work. We are heading to the gym tonight, light dinner. I have to work tomorrow but Jason no longer works weekend... while he's still here... I will keep you posted on that.

Oh.. well let me tell you about this too before I head out. Jason wrote me an email yesterday and told me that he already got my Valentines gift but I cant have it on Valentines Day itself so he said he would tell me about it if I wanted to.. what kind of question is that.. I need to know everything! Since we got here Ive wanted to go dog sledding and Jason really didn't.. so he booked up a dog sledding trip with the Iditarod Champ Dallas Seavey!!!! IM SO EXCITED! I really want to go dog sledding and who better to go with!!! I honestly cant wait. I use to think it was really mean but I read a ton about these dogs and this is what they are bread for, it has something to do with the protein in their muscle fibers that make the amazing at what they do! I absolutely CANNOT wait!

OK I really have to go.. but first let me also tell you this! I'm not biting my nails anymore *applause* - I have been biting my nails since I could chew, this is the first time Ive had nails! I can paint them and everything.. its amazing. Even with all the stress right now I don't feel like biting them.. most of you who know me would be shocked! Its so great to not bleed from biting them to short and be able to stick my hands in hot water and not want to cry.. its so great. Haha lets see how long it lasts!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!