Friday, October 24, 2014

High Five for Friday 10.24.14

Good Morning Everyone!!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, you know everyone has those days where they just have nothing to day and that was me yesterday! But I am back today for High Five for Friday to share all the highlights of my week! So lets get started!!

1. Tuesday Tanya and I made our way into the city, honestly this isn't something I do much and forgot how much I actually enjoyed it! We jumped on the subway here at Newport and were where we needed to be in all of 5 minutes which was great! It was an absolutely gorgeous day to start (they were calling for bad rain) and we thoroughly enjoyed the day! We are actually planning on going back next week just to wonder a little more! I really enjoy a change of scenery every once in awhile and New York City really is beautiful!
(Photo courtesy of Tanya) 

2. As I just mentioned Tanya and I went into the city, we actually had a direct purpose besides wandering and enjoying the city. For my birthday Tanya so graciously said we would go to the Birch Box store in Soho and I could make my own box. I had never actually been to the Birch Box store and let me tell you it is AMAZING! The people there are so friendly and helpful, the store is super clean and organized. The whole place just blew me away, we perused products for such a long time and I still think we could have spent more time there. I plan to post on our day there so stay tuned for that! 

3. As you know last Friday was my birthday and I couldn't be more excited about my new watch Jason bought me. I have a really nice more dressy watch that I love but I was looking for something that was more about everyday use and this was exactly it. I couldn't be more in love with it, I have been wearing it every day and I just cant get enough. Its perfect for fall too, the colors go with everything. Jason spoiled me this year!

4.Y'all know how I love pizza and this week we got a BJ's Wholesale membership and they have the best premade pizza crusts! Jason ended up working late last night and pizzas are a great and easy thing to throw together and have ready when he gets home. I like they are almost personal size so Jason and I can have our own kinds because naturally we like different things, and that they literally bake for 15 minutes and its ready to go! 

5. As I mentioned we headed to the Birch Box store and because I have and have had a subscription in the past I always get their emails. They have recently introduced Amika products and I was extremely interested in checking them out while we were there. While I was wondering around I came across this Bombshell Blowout Spray that amongst other things was said to cut blow dry time. While I was looking at it one of the associates came over and we chatted about the product and she really encouraged, so I got it! Let me tell you there is absolutely no regrets, I am in love with it. I am planning a full review this week!!

My week has been pretty quiet to be honest, Tuesday night it started to rain and I swear it poured until last night. I made it over to mall yesterday to drop my rings off at the jewelers and wander around with Tanya, just to get out and walking home I almost blew into the Hudson! The weather was absolutely ridiculous!! 

On another good note my arm is feeling a lot better this week. I feel like I can move it a lot more and although I am still being careful I think its a really good sign. I knew it would feel better, it took a little longer this time but it also hurt a lot worse this time. I cannot wait for it to feel good enough that I can actually lay on my right side, oh how I miss being able to roll over at night!! 

So that is basically my week, nothing exciting.. the weather I swear! Tanya and I are heading to Hoboken this morning as I have a gift card for my favorite boutique there burning a hole in my pocket! Not to mention we have been stuck inside all week and a walk is exactly what I need! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! 

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  1. Is that arch at NYU? I'm pretty sure we sat there one day as it was so HOT out! Love the watch. Have your shoulder looked at. My Mom just had an x-ray and MRI and was told she has a bone spur on her muscle and there is some fluid in there. She is doing physio now. She waited too long, thinking it would get better, but it didn't.