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High Five for Friday 9.25.14

Good Morning!!

I'm not going to lie I felt like this week was completely dragging on and I was totally wishing it away because I was so looking forward to Thursday night TV! Sad I know, but I have a feeling I was not the only one doing so as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal were due to make their much awaited return! I debated watching the new show by Shonda Rhimes, How to get away with Murder and in the end decided to. I will give my opinion on all the Thursday night shows later in the week.

Anyways I am once again participating in the blog link up, High Five for Friday so here are the top five things of my week.

1. Sunday morning Jason and I decided to walk around the corner to get a breakfast sandwich and Starbucks. Sadly we forgot there was a 10k going on right outside our building and the finish line was right outside of Starbucks!! We knew we would get breakfast but figured Starbucks would be packed, after grabbing breakfast we decided to change it anyways and somehow there was no one in there? We got to the cashier and before we could order the barrista was asking Jason if he was from Massachusetts as he was in his Patriots jersey. Anyways after some chit chat we moved down to the end of the bar to wait for our drinks.. this is how Jason's came... he said it made his Pumpkin spice latte that much better.

Note the thousands of runners in the background. The whole two blocks from our apartment to Starbucks looked like this. 

2. The first day of fall rolled around on Tuesday and so when Lindsey, the girls and I were in Hoboken on Wednesday to order my glasses we naturally had to make a stop at Caffe Bene for a warm fall drink. I decided on the Maple Macchiato with no regrets. I like trying different hot beverages and I think this one may just have to be a new staple. I have to get Jason down there for coffee one morning, I think he would love it too. 

It doesn't hurt either that it was chilly that morning and we spent the rest of the morning in a gorgeous park in the middle of the city overlooking the Hudson river and Manhattan skyline. There are days when I would give anything to just go home but sometimes when I look around it isn't all that bad here. 

3. These two girls. 

I am totally smitten with these little ladies, I look so forward to seeing them everyday! First of all how cute is Ava in her little polka dot jacket? All week I kept telling Lindsey how CUTE this jacket is, I mean so much so I almost want one for myself.. however I don't think I could pull it off like she could. Lily bird right there in the middle is a ball of energy and I cant help but be envious! She has such a zest for life, she is interested in everything and has the sunniest disposition! They are absolutely awesome and I will miss them terribly when they move next month! 

4. As we all know Fall is officially here and as much as I have been resisting it I do love warm comfy clothes, boots, chilly weather that smells so crisp and clean, warms coffees and all the other things that come along with fall, minus pumpkin stuff.. I am not at all a fan of pumpkin things.. shoot me! So this week while touring around Bed Bath & Beyond I came across some decor that not only reminded me of home because I bought the same decor for the house last year but I just plain loved, so I decided for the price ($1.99) why not jazz up this place for fall. 

Apparently blogger is changing some pictures and wont let you turn them around.. I've read it on a few blogs this week and I guess its happening to me. Last year I bought a few of these colorful leaves for the coffee table at home but they didn't have this burnt orange color, so I bought it and thought if we get to be home next year I could use the four I have total now on the dining room table, you see I am good at planning ahead! I have it on the coffee table right now with a candle on it, I like it. 


I tried to do a collage of all of these pictures but I'm not technically savvy and I have no patience so I gave in. Anyways I waited all summer for Grey's and Scandal to come back and therefore this week dragged because I was so anxious. As I also mentioned I had debated watching the new show, How to get away with Murder and on Wednesday night I set it to record the series. I will be back later in the week to let you know what I thought about them all. 

I hope you guys had a great week, feel free to share the highlights of your week as I would love to hear what you are all up to! 

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