Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Frenchtown, New Jersey & Tubing the Delaware River

Good Even all,

I know I broke my streak, I had intended to let this weekend slide by and be back on Monday but good lord let me tell you.. this girl is SICK! I swear Peru screwed with my immune system because I never got sick until I went there and since coming home this is the third horrific cold I have had. Just last month at this very same time I was miserably sick and here I am again not in much better shape!

I haven't done anything the last two days at all.. literally. I made some homemade cream of chicken and wild rice soup..

I added broccoli to mine but Jason was without, I had intended to follow a specific recipe but that didn't happen, I like to do my own thing. But because of that I also cannot share the recipe with you! Next time I will write down what I do so I can share because it was excellent. 

So I thought I would stop in today, due to popular demand (Fiona, haha) and tell y'all about our awesome trip to Frenchtown, New Jersey where the McMann's, Jason and I went tubing down the Delaware River. We had intended to go on Saturday but the weather wasn't suppose to be fantastic so we decided to hold off until Sunday. Well we woke up Saturday to rain but we said screw it by the time we got there the weather was suppose to be better and we really wanted to go! 

We left the city and headed to farm country ready to hit the water! I will say it was absolutely gorgeous out there, the smell of clean air and just absolutely gorgeous scenery! By the time we arrived it had finished raining thankfully so we got our tubes and headed towards the river!

**Disclaimer: All off the following pictures of the tubing and on the water are courtesy of Tanya and her camera. I didn't trust myself to take my phone or camera, but Tanya was smart enough to have a dry bag and got picture! So thank you to her for sharing them with me so I could then share them with you!**

When we arrived we had to sign a waiver.. you know, if we died they weren't responsible. We selected tubes and life jackets and headed to the bus. We were bused to the drop off location where we were to get into the water. 

I mean would it kill him to take a decent picture? I actually didn't even know he made a face until Tanya sent me the pictures yesterday, I almost died. 

At least someone got a decent picture!

I was a little anxious when we arrived at the river to get it.. lets be honest I am not much of an outdoors girls and have spent VERY LITTLE time in lake water, I mean very little! We had purchased water shoes because it was mandatory that we wear them and that gave me a little peace of mind, but when my ass hit that cold water I tell ya I had second thoughts!

It actually wasn't all that busy which was great, the weather stayed overcast but it was still really nice. 

The river itself was gorgeous, there were beautiful homes surrounding and tons of scenery! I really enjoyed being out there and relaxing! 

As adults we were required to take life jackets but didn't have to wear them.. and we didn't... although Jason warned us on the way our possibilities of drowning. 

The water was pretty clean, for the most part we could always see the bottom of the river.. that as far as I saw had no fish!

There were rough parts of the water but nothing dangerous. I swear if only you could have heard Jason while this picture was being taken, he was having such a good time!

Halfway down the river there was a place to stop for lunch which was included in our fee. We had a few options of meals, snack and drinks! It was a nice little pit stop to get out and stretch and have a snack. 

You couldn't really miss it but if you wanted to you could have floated on by! 

When we got to the end of the river we hopped out and there was a bus waiting to take us back to the truck. When we arrived back we all changed into dry clothes and cleaned up before heading into Frenchtown. Naturally it was a quaint little town and Tanya and I wanted to tour around the shops and obviously Josh and Jason didn't feel the same. We encouraged them to get a drink and we wouldn't be long but they insisted on joining us.. they lasted about three stores and decided maybe we knew what we were talking about and headed for that drink!

Typical small town America.. SO CUTE!

Below this bridge is the Delaware River.

Cute little coffee shop with homemade pie. I could never live in a small town but boy do I love to visit them!

This place was a bookstore in a house! All the rooms were themed, it was amazing! I honestly could have lived there and bought one of everything. This little place was so unique and full of my favorite things!

Needless to say most of the shops were unique and had wonderful little trinkets as well as odd larger items. 

I got a kick out of this guy, Jason LOVED those little green army men as a kid and talks about them on occasion so when I saw this bottle opener I almost died. I kick myself for not getting it for Christmas or something. 

The Canadian girl in me had to take a picture of this Maple Leaf shaped table! It was made out of a birch tree and absolutely gorgeous! This was one of many gorgeous tables in this little shop that I would have loved to take home. Jason was so lucky I didn't have my wallet with me! 

After Tanya and I finished exploring we found the guys and decided to find somewhere for dinner. We toured through the town a little more on the way out and then before getting back on the interstate we stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner. The McMann's had never been there and you know how much I love it and I hope they did too! The food was excellent as always and so was the atmosphere, it was a great dinner! 

I'm not going to lie I was sad to come back, we had such a great day and it was so nice to be out there away from the city and seeing something new and different. I look forward to our weekends and the exploring we do that's for sure. 

So that was our weekend, sadly I am feeling miserable and sick but hoping that with the amount of sleep I am getting (I haven't had much choice, I have had zero energy), cold meds, vitamins and lots of fluids I have high hopes to feel better tomorrow. I probably would have ventured out today but it was HORRIFICALLY hot and humid today and with feeling so crumby I just didn't think it was a good idea. God bless my hubby, he came home and asked about dinner.. I really had no answer, I could have cooked something but I really just didn't feel like it so he saved the day and ordered pizza! 

He is just off getting a haircut so I thought I would stop by here! My mom is face timing so I am going to head out! I will be back tomorrow.. maybe, haha with more! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! If you are thinking about tubing the Delaware River you can check out the company we used HERE

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