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Book Review: Winners by Danielle Steel

My computer is acting extremely wonky so I am really hoping I can get this done without it kicking me out of deleting everything I have written! Wouldn't that be nice?

I have been doing a ton of reading lately, I go through bouts of reading book after book after book and then I wont read anything for a couple of weeks. I suppose part of my reading lately is that I didn't realize there were so many Danielle Steel books out that I haven't read and I love them so I figured why not. So bare with me this is the last Danielle Steel book review for awhile and then we will move on to others.

 So as I said I have been on a Danielle Steel book tear and I will say this one was a little bit different the what I am use to reading from her. If you would like to read an synopsis of the book you can do so HERE at, I can't promise that I won't give something away in my review so if you have not read the book and would like to do so I may suggest you stop reading and come back when you have finished. 

As I began this book I almost felt that there was so much tragedy and depression that I wasn't sure there was anything that could make my feelings of this book recover. I am a firm believer that we have to experience the bad in order to truly appreciate the good but this book took that a little far. I suppose in essence they are real life tragedies that people face everyday but reading them all at once left me a little overwhelmed to say the least. 

Due to the circumstances of the beginning of the novel your feelings for each character were almost fierce and the idea that they would change and develop throughout the read seemed extremely unlikely. However you felt the need to read and find out how the developments at the beginning of the book would affect their lives throughout. 

Its interesting how people deal with tragedy and unexpected life events, throughout my reading I almost wished I could have spoke to some (mostly one) of the characters and understand their point of view and unwillingness to adjust, find common ground and be reasonable. 

This book had many characters who were so involved that they all appeared to be main characters which I enjoy, I like being able to follow one main story but little side stories that make it all the more enticing! Most of the smaller stories that only tied into the major plot were heart warming, exciting and left me with a smile on my face, that in the face a tragedy good things happen, good things come that if even for a second makes you forget the bad and cherish the good. Sometimes in the thick of things its really hard to the positive possibilities. 

I really enjoyed this book start to finish, I have great admiration for Lily one of the main characters and her perseverance through a terrible situation. She fought, she fought hard and in such a short time she learned a lesson that some of us never learn, no matter what cards you are dealt in life, no matter how awful it is your job to play it out the best you can, find the good and cope with the bad. She never gave up and adapted her dreams before the accident to fit her new life. She set goals, she worked hard and accomplished things she may have never thought possible regardless of her circumstances. Nothing short of admirable. 

I will say the events that arose at the end of the book shocked me just a little, maybe I was oblivious to the build up or maybe I was too busy enthralled with the rest of the story but it was nice to end with a surprise, a good surprise. Although I suppose in a way it was a typical Danielle Steel happy ending, there was a little shock, a little twist and I appreciated it. 

So I am going to toss Danielle Steel aside for awhile and have already moved on to other books. Stay tuned for some more book reviews, by other authors but inevitably, down the road mostly likely some more Danielle Steel. 

I hope all is well with all of you, I know I haven't been updating much about life lately but truly there isn't much to talk about, therefore instead of just not posting at all I figured I would fill in with some other exciting stuff. I hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it. 

I have also noticed that I have some new followers recently and I just want to say thank you so much for stopping by, I am always excited for new readers and I really hope you'll stick around as I have a lot of great things planned for this place of mine! 

Hopefully you are all enjoying the last bit of summer, can you believe this upcoming weekend is Labor Day? Where did August go?

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