Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photo Dump

Happy Labor Day weekend!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, taking advantage of all summer has to offer because after this everyone is back to school and it seems as though summer antics will slowly come to an end. I think that's crap by the way, summer has flown by as usual. I will say though this has been an awesome summer, we had last year in Estevan and the year before in Alaska.. I couldn't have been happier to be with friends and really get outside (I have an awesome tan by the way!) and just have fun! I hate to see all of that come to an end but it is inevitable.

So as you know we are home and soo happy to be here. Summer here is by no means coming to an end as it is a nice balmy 90 degrees today with 100% humidity or something crazy like that. Poor Jason is dying, you literally go outside and drip sweat! I don't really care, I have been loving sitting on the deck and the heat is a good excuse to drink beer.. and I found my Shipyard Pumpkin Head here which makes me super excited!!

Anyways I plan to enjoy every second but I wanted to stop in and photo dump my last week in pictures for you as I do plan on talking about our first year of home ownership tomorrow or Tuesday and getting on with all my other posts, so instead of pushing it all a day back I thought I would stop in today and share, then I am off to drink strawberry margaritas outside!

I took this picture from a magazine I was reading, I really need to try these! I have tried the raspberry ones I think and didn't care much for them but I love everything apple! 

Tanya and I spent a very hot Wednesday by the pool last week with trashy magazines and it was fantastic!! Oddly there was absolutely no one there most of the time so we swam and read magazines, then Lindsey and the girls came and we played with them.. it was a great day for most likely our last chance to swim. 

I don't shop at Aeropostale really but I saw this jacket the other day and was pretty in love, I think I need it and its 50% off.. I reminded Jason I have a birthday coming. ;)

Friday we all walked to Hoboken for the day. I got up super early with the intention of being exhausted that night to go to bed early for our 2am wake up all and let me tell you the day was beautiful!

We stopped at the park, which apparently had water....

The kids loved it, naturally.

This little miss wanted to get right in there.

Girlfriend makes her own rules!

My sidekick!

Grainy picture. We went to the Goodwin's on Friday night to give Myles his birthday gift before heading out of town, as his birthday is today ( HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY MYLES!!) and Jason wouldn't leave, I don't know who had more fun, him or Myles!

This is happening in Raleigh.. I kid you not! We actually bought some Christmas stuff, haha!

The Halloween stuff didn't even get as big of a display as Christmas!

WE FOUND MY BEER!!! I was sooooo excited to see this!!!

We went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner last night.. TOO.GOOD!!!

Followed by beers on the deck.. I cant get enough of being out there. A million degrees or not. 

Tried these bad boys, I like it. 

Had Moe's for lunch today, without protest for Jason. I left the restaurant barely being able to walk I was so full but it was totally worth it. I could live in burritos!

We bought a new fall wreath for the front door and we absolutely love it! Thinking of painting the front door a different color though!

So that's my scoop.. my margarita is melting, so I have to run! I'll be back tomorrow! 


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