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Places to Eat in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Well because you all now know the places you need to eat at in Hoboken I thought why not continue on and tell you all the places you should eat in Jersey City as well.

Lets now waste time..

1. Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory
426 Jersey Ave. Jersey City, NJ

Although I can't say I have been here myself Guy Fieri featured it on TRIPLE D.. so how can it be bad? Not to mention many of our friends here have been here and have raved about its greatness! This place has been in business for over 25 years, it is family owned and loved. The MENU is extensive and reasonably priced, they are not just a breakfast place although pancakes appear to be their thing! Jason and I don't tend to go out to breakfast a ton but this place seems to be a must visit and I am actually excited about it!

560 Washington Blvd. Jersey City, NJ

Mmmm... Bertucci's! Brick over pizza and classic Italian food! I have visited this place a few times, I am told it is a chain and let me tell you if you are lucky enough to have one around you.. GO! Everything is fresh and incredible! I have nothing bad to say about any experience I have had here, everything I have tried was absolutely incredible, drinks included! We are planning on going back very soon because Jason is drying to try their lobster risotto and I am dying to try their pasta with their amazingly fresh sauce! Get up and go.. just do it. 

564 Washington Blvd. Jersey City, NJ

I kid you not this is Bertucci's neighbor.. good deal right? Now you all know how I love Mexican food, especially burritos but Jason isn't the biggest fan so sadly we have not been here yet. But seeings how Josh and Tanya recently went and said the food was fantastic I feel like I need to go, like now. The menu has a great variety and they also do take out.. I think with Jason's late nights a work he might come home to some Mexican one night! 

475 Washington Blvd. Jersey City, NJ

Can I just say all these pictures with snow.. ICK! 
Anyways we love pizza, that's all there is too it and when we arrived here and started unpacking we figured our best bet that night was take out while unpacking and something that didn't require plates or utensils.. yay pizza and its wonderful simplicity! We ordered a pizza and it was excellent, good price, quick delivery.. no complaints! On another location we happened to have a later lunch so we didn't plan dinner.. we were out for a walk and decided we would share a personal size pizza later that night and stopped in at VB3, we got pizza to go.. we tried something new and let me tell you it was soo good! We haven't actually been into the restaurant but I would really like to try it one night, we know the food is good so why not check out the atmosphere! If you are just swimming by though attached to the restaurant is a to go part where you can get a slice or order a pizza to go! 

611 Jersey Ave. Jersey City, NJ

Why not stick with the theme right? We love pizza as I said. Again this was a recommendation from Josh & Tanya, those two are so adventurous and try so many places that I love their recommendations! Tanya had mentioned how absolutely fantastic this pizza was so last week when I was super sick Jason came home one night and suggested instead of cooking we just ordered pizza and said we could try this place! Now I will say this pizza was different then your usual New York/ New Jersey pizza, they used very fresh ingredients including the mozzarella and if you know Jason at all you know he doesn't like change, therefore he really didn't like it. Let me just say though, it didn't stop him from eating almost the whole pizza. I however really enjoyed it, it was something different, everything tasted really fresh! I will say I wasn't too impressed with the wait for it but when I called to inquire and order both people I spoke with were beyond polite and apologetic for the wait, wanting to help.. overall it was a really good experience and I would absolutely have it again. 

97 Green St. Jersey City, NJ

This is on the to try list but I have done my research and this really is a place to try! First of all they have a gorgeous roof top patio that I wish we would have taken advantage of more this summer with the beautiful weather we have had. They have a really great menu that has everything from brunch to late night goods. They have a variety of food as well, nachos to duck confit! Jason wants to get there just to try to chocolate peanut butter pie but I think we could manage to have an actual meal before dessert. The prices are really reasonable and the place is unique! I cant wait to stop in for a drink and a bite to eat!

15 Exchange Place. Jersey City, NJ

Who doesn't love a good sandwich? Honestly for me a sandwich out is just better out than a sandwich at home because of the shredded lettuce, I swear I don't know what it is but I just love shredded lettuce on a sandwich. Now that you all think I'm nuts.. lets move on. We walk by this place all the time and I have always wanted to try it but Jason felt like it was a crappy ol' sandwich shop so we never have.. Mr. Sunshine right? Well Mel said that they tried it last weekend and it was excellent.. so now we have to try it! Sometimes when you're out walking around in the afternoon a sandwich is a good idea, this place is conveniently located right outside the PATH station, a block up from the NYC water taxi and right by our apartment! Not only do they have sandwiches, they have soups and shakes, malts, etc! They offer a variety of breads and sandwiches in different styles all at reasonable prices. If you are touring around the city this may be a place that interests you if you are looking for something quick! They have an outdoor patio with a beautiful view of the Hudson River and the Freedom tower! 

25 River Dr. S. Jersey City, NJ

You cant see it in this picture but this place has a gorgeous patio outside and sits in a quaint little part of the city with not a lot of traffic. I will say this recommendation is entirely for you as Jason and I have looked at the menu and haven't really seen anything that appeals to us, however many of our friends have tried it and rave. Its a little nicer dining, with more specialty items but at a very reasonable price. They don't deliver but you can order and run over and pick it up, however I think the atmosphere is too nice to miss out on. If you are looking for something a little fancier this may be right up your alley! Give it a try! 

Alright I am sure there are many more places to recommend but truth be told after all this talk about food I am getting a little hungry so I am going to go make dinner (you will see this post in the morning because I am writing ahead of time and then scheduling it to post, so I am less inclined to slack). 

Before I go check out THIS link with 30 things about Jersey City.. interesting stuff!!

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