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Book Review: A Perfect Life By Danielle Steel

Say what you want but I love Danielle Steel novels and have since I was a kid. Growing up both my parents were readers and so I too was always looking to get my hands on something and therefore started reading Danielle Steel at an early age. Most people would argue that her books have no substance and maybe that is true, but she has published almost 100 books so that has to say something right? They are not biographies or factual books but they are epic in their own right. Truth be told one of my all time favorite books ever is her book Lone Eagle, I've read it a million times and thinking about it now I want to read it again.

I look forward to Danielle Steel putting out new books, because let me tell you my Mom has them pre-ordered and ALWAYS shares! Can I just say although I prefer an actual book there are huge benefits to e-readers when it comes to distance, sharing books is so fantastic and cost efficient. I know that as soon as I get it I will start it and not be able to put it down, its how it always goes down. I don't know what it is about her writing style that sucks you right in and leaves you wondering what will happen next, so much so that you cant imagine putting it down. Jason says its a waste for me to buy them because I read them in one day or two at max.. oh the words of a non-reader!

As I have said I read a variety of books on a regular basis but hers are always something I can know I will love, breeze right through it and be happy with it when I am done.. I like that her books are reliable and always worthy of my time, without a doubt.

So should we dive into A Perfect Life?

If you are interested in reading this book you can view an synopsis HERE on or put it on your list of books to read. 

I will say this book was a little different than her usual writing style. Without giving anything away the beginning of the book begins in tragedy and you believe at that point those specific characters will have great relevance in the book and this tragedy is the beginning of the story line, that isn't exactly how the book plays out which I believe kept you wanting to read to find out who was going to lead the story line and how the grand opening played into their life.

Reading along certain parts of the story line came as a surprise, characters set a precedence as to who they would portray and as the book went on aspects of their lives were revealed that really changed your perception of who they would play through the book and almost of the purpose of their character was meant to teach you.

The novel is centered around the main character Blaise McCarthy, strong successful woman middle aged woman whose life is centered around her job as a prominent News Anchor who travels extensively for all the important worldly stories and interviews. Her life seems to have one face, career driven and nothing more... but as you read on aspects of Blaise's life are revealed that lead you to wonder why she has made the choices she has and how her life has ended up so one track and seemingly lonely.

You can guarantee a happy ending from Danielle Steel which you can call cliche but truthfully I appreciate it, although I love to read pretty much anything sometimes you want that happy ending. Maybe its a woman's prerogative but reading of hardships and real life tribulations being able to count on a happy ending is comforting. Danielle Steel novels provide that, comfort and reliability.

Each character in this novel is unique and carries a great relevance throughout, you find yourself somehow relating to them all in a different way and liking them, wishing them the best. I have to say being able to relate to a character, like them and be sad the book is over because you are attached to the character and want to know how their life plays out and a staple in a good book for me and Danielle Steel always delivers.

This book was fantastic, not what I would have necessarily expected when I read the title (and with her books I never read the synopsis prior to reading the book) and therefore I kept wanting to read more. I highly recommend this book, it was a little different then her usual style but none the less still a fantastic read!

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