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Products I'm Crushing On... 02

Good Morning,

I was thinking about making this a regular post around here because there are always products I am swooning over and wanting to try and sharing them here and possibly getting an opinion or two before putting out the money is never a bad thing.

I get my Ulta catalog sent here even though we don't have an Ulta here (damn shame) and so I am always keeping a list of things I am interested in trying when we go home. Not to mention with the change of season and what not different products can become more dominant in your daily routine and therefore finding the right one for you is important, or at least it is to me!

So what products am I crushing on right now and hoping will make it into my shopping cart sometime soon?

Benefit Cosmetics - Hoola Bronzer

I'm not going to lie having not tried this puts me way behind in the times! People have been raving about this baby for quite some time and now that I am getting low on my own I am thinking this will be my next purchase! As fall is coming to an end and my fantastic tan will inevitably fade I feel like a little bronzer in your daily makeup routine is a must if you are as naturally fair skinned as I am. I have read rave reviews about this for a very long time, all the popular beauty vloggers (that I follow) mention it often and because bronzer really does last me a long time I don't feel too bad spending $28.00 for this product. As you can see it also comes a long with a contouring brush (which I haven't heard much about) but would be very interested to try out. 

If you are looking to get a little extra color this fall as your summer color fades I would recommend trying this, not everyone can be wrong about it? Right? If you are interested you can find it HERE at Sephora. 

Benefit Cosmetics - POREfessional

This baby has been on my list for awhile, but because I wear significantly less makeup in the summer it has taken a back burner on the priority list! If the name doesn't speak for itself this product is meant to minimize the appearance of your pores! You put it on before your makeup and voila.. pores? where? You can apply this product with a brush (when viewing the product online at they give suggestions of appropriate brushes to use for application) although I have noticed most people apply the product with their fingers. Whatever works, right! 0.75oz of this product is $31.00 and truthfully I don't know if I think that is reasonable or not! If it works fantastic, I have always heard a little of this product goes a long way! 

I would really like to give this a try and if you would too you can find it HERE online at

Mario Badescu - Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

This bad boy targets T-zone shine control and overall deep cleansing of the face. If you are looking for something to really rid your pores of built up make up and dirty this might be something of interest to you as well. After washing your face morning and night you would apply this product to a cotton ball or pad, apply the product to the cotton applicator and then dab on skin, when finished apply moisturizer and go about your day! I will say I have tried many Mario Badescu products and not only are they super reasonably priced but they really work. I plan to pick this up while I am home and at Ulta!!

You can purchase these products at Ulta in store or HERE online. I believe you can also purchase these products at Sephora or online at the Mario Badescu website. This product in particular is $15.00 for an 8oz bottle.

TARTE - The Slenderizer Bamboo Contouring Brush

My Ulta magazine came the other night and this baby was in it and I have been swooning over it ever since. I firmly believe a good makeup brush is essential, I use quite a few makeup brushes everyday that range is quality and brands and you can definitely tell the difference. Sadly makeup brushes are extremely expensive, but having said that if you take care of them properly then can literally last forever (years!), I have had most of mine for a very long time! I feel like this would be a wonderful addition to my makeup brush collection (small collection) and I think although it is $32.00 it would last me forever and be the best brush I have ever owned (and most expensive).. this is going on my Christmas wishlist, a which point Jason's boy brain will cause him to have a meltdown about spending $32.00 for one small insignificant brush.. because he has NO IDEA! 

If you think this brush is fantastic and want to give it a try.. Sephora sells it in store and online HERE

Philosophy - Purity Made Simple Mask

I know, another mask. As I mentioned before I am more into taking care of my skin then I ever have been before and as I am aging I think making sure you use the right products is just as important now as it will be in 20 years from now. I really love Philosophy products, I use their face wash daily and couldn't love it anymore. I also just recently purchased their perfume in Loveswept and love that as well, therefore in my search for another great face mask this is at the top of my list. When you love a certain brand and their products work for you I think its inevitable that trying more and more will happen. The list of Philosophy products I would like to try is lengthy but this is the next on the list. It is a deep cleaning mask which is necessary at least once a week in my opinion, this product is $25.00 for 4oz. 

You can purchase this product at Ulta HERE or online at Sephora HERE

Bed Head - Rockaholic Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner

I am the biggest fan ever of dry shampoo, I have tried a bunch of different kinds. I tend to lean towards certain ones when I need to replenish but recently in my Ulta catalog I came across these bad boys! I cant say that I have ever tried Dry conditioner but I think as a combo it might be a really good thing! I am running out of my current dry shampoo and am tempted to try this duo but I will be honest its a little more pricey then most. I found this duo on Amazon for $21.62 HERE and free shipping which is a great deal, but it generally runs $21.99 each bottle HERE at Ulta. I suppose like anything else it is always worth it to search for deals, so I think if I decide to give this a whirl I will go to Amazon first! You should too!

Maybelline - The Nudes Eye Shadow Palette 

Pretty right? As I have mentioned before because of my skin tone and hair color I tend to stick to earth tones for my makeup colors, especially eye shadow. I am always on the hunt for a great eye shadow and recently I have really been enjoying NYX shadows. This palette recently came to my attention and I was really impressed with the colors and variety. Its hard to find a palette where you may actually use all the colors but I think I could do a lot with this one. Maybelline is well known, their products are generally really great and the color pay off make their products worth every penny. This bad boy goes for $9.99 at Target HERE but I am sure you could find it at any local drug store as well. As of right now it is not in my local Target so I plan to take a look when I am home at the end of the month!

Boots No7 - Pampering Dry Oil

I love the idea of anything that moisturizers you skin while rejuvenating it. I have never tried No7 products but Tanya has and absolutely loves them. This caught my attention online some time ago and not only does it have great reviews, it smells like vanilla and white florals all while moisturizing your skin. The thing is, its hard to find something other then lotion to moisturize and often lotions can leave you feeling greasy! I use Mac Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy which I love but I do think this would give a different result I am interested to try. I believe you can find it in your local Target in the No7 section (generally near cosmetics). Unfortunately it is not coming up online so you will just have to Google it for a store near you! 

That is it for a the products I am swooning over at this moment, really its just as much as I am going to share today, sometimes I think the list is endless but that works out well for making this kind of post a regular around here! 

I hope you are all having a less rainy Wednesday then we are! Have a wonderful day!! 

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