Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Favorite iPhone Apps

Come on, you know you are addicted to you phone we all are.. honestly I don't think its anything to be ashamed of. I think part of our addiction or attachment lets say is the convenience. How often are you somewhere and need an answer to something and pull up an app that leaves the unknown right at your finger tips.

I really have limited my phone as previously mentioned because I never want someone in my presence to think that whatever I am doing on my phone is more important than they are. Don't get me wrong while out during the day I will check my email because that is how Jason and I communicate during the day, and generally plan any dinner or outings, etc. If Jason and I are laying around at home I will be on Pinterest or text people but I try to make it less of a go to then it use to be.. not meaning that it isn't in my hand most of the time, I mean hey I use it for picture!

I do have some favorite apps though and I thought I would stop by today and share them with you just in case you don't have them and want something else to be addicted to. Maybe one of these will change your life, or make it easier.. that is what they are all about after all.

1. Pinterest

I might dare to say Pinterest is my favorite app! I usually lay in bed at night a peruse the endless ideas, clothing options, shoes and recipes that this GENIUS website has to offer. Honestly I cant for the life of me tell you who came up with this idea but they deserve a medal and a lot of money.. and maybe even a Nobel Prize! I mean this is the most clever and addicting app I have ever used, literally everything is at your finger tips! EVERYTHING! If you don't have a Pinterest account GET ONE, trust me.. this one really will change your life. You will spend countless hours on here because above all else its interesting, and creative and makes you want to be creative. You try new recipes to things you never thought you would like, you do crafts because it makes you believe you can and need said completed craft in your life, it gifts you outfit ideas and closet envy! It will give you just about anything you ask of it. Who wouldn't want to be apart of that? I'm so thankful to my Momma for making me realize my life wouldn't be complete without it, as always.. she was right!

2. Bloglovin'

Do you follow me on Bloglovin? If not please slide on over to the right side and do so! Honestly if you are a follower of multiple blogs or would like to be Bloglovin' is really the way to do it, it allows you to get all the blogs you follow into one place and much easier to read. Every morning when I wake up before I even get out of bed I open up my Bloglovin' and read all the new blogs that have been published that day, how convenient right? I love blogs, I look forward to seeing what everyone is going to write about everyday and that is exactly how I start my day, pretty much everyday! As a blogger associated with Bloglovin' once a week I get an email from them letting me know what blogs of mine were liked, how many people read them via bloglovin' and anytime someone new follows me I get to know them just a little because their profile will appear. This is a app that makes my life easier, it makes following multiple blogs possible and I love that. 

I am probably most interested/ obsessed with Instagram, its basically the only form of social media that involves keeping up with peoples lives (besides blogs but those are mostly people I don't actually know in real life) that I don't get to see everyday. I like sharing my pictures and the fact that the app allows for filters that only enhance your pictures, I really enjoy seeing what other people are up too and wanting to share. I would say this may be my favorite app.. but I cant be sure! I will say its a great way for me to stay in touch with people and I love that. 

4. Shazam

How many times have you been in the car or in a store and a song comes and you either really like it and wish you knew the name of it or know the song and cant think of the name of it... well Shazam is going to solve all your problems. This was the one app I was really looking forward to getting when I got my iPhone and truth be told I use it a lot. I really like as well when I use it and the song comes up that it tags it for it me and makes a list because otherwise I would forget. Plus you can listen to an excerpt from the song, what more could you ask for?

Was there any doubt? This stays on my phone all year long because I like to read whats going on during the off season, draft, training, etc. During the on season I like to know what games are coming, what time they are playing, I like to check the scores of the games we are not getting on TV and if I can't have access to a TV with the game I want to see I can watch it on my phone via NFL mobile. I mean its basically a necessity for any football fan! I don't use it as much during the off season but I also don't bet during the off season. I feel like this app speaks for itself, if you don't have it go and get it! ITS FREE! 

Let me just say that this is one of many weather apps and I am told this is an American app so you may get more of accurate Canadian weather using another one. I will also say that I think all weather apps, stations and people lie, they pull the weather out of their ass because half the time what the app says isn't what is going on outside, I swear last week they called for rain all week and we got it once. The weather is a crap shoot, we can predict mother nature but this app tells me more then I would know about the day on my own so I cant help but rely on it. So every morning I decide my outfit based on what this bad boy tells me the say is going to be like. Sometimes it lies and I end up freezing my ass off.. such is life, we have to rely on something right?

This is one of my newest apps and I love it, I currently have the regular one but it is my intention to purchase the pro one for $4.99 because I love it that much. When I turn this baby on (although it drains my battery a little faster) and head out, when I get back it tells me how far I went in miles and shows me on a map, it tells me how many calories I burned and how long it took me! I can use it when I go out for a leisurely walk or a run and it keeps track! I will be honest I am actually addicted to this app and because of it I am dying for a GPS watch that does the same so I can use it no matter what kind of work out I am doing and not have to have my phone in my pocket. The only complaint I have and its only because I don't have facebook is because it constantly wants me to link to facebook so I can share my workout with everyone.. it annoys me, is nothing in this world sacred? But that is so minor compared so all the fantastic things it does! For me its actually motivating and that's aces in my books!

This is another new app that brings the greatest convenience to my life and possibly savings! With this app it allows you to take a picture of the barcodes on all of your points cards and savings card associated with stores you shop at. It allows you take store a picture of the front and back of the cards as well so instead of having 5000 cards in your purse like I usually do you have ZERO! Tanya brought this to my attention awhile ago and I seriously was able to scan in all my cards plus the pictures of front and back of all the cards in less than 20 minutes. It lists them in alphabetical order on the app and therefore easy to locate when in line at any store. I took all the cards out of my wallet and couldn't be happier about that. You still get your points or savings, you don't have to dig through your purse and hold anyone up or walk away without the savings because you couldn't find the card you were looking for, you always have your phone! I love anything that makes my life easier. 

The app store on your phone is really something to be explored, I won't list all the apps on my phone although I bet I have a lot less than most people as I seriously hate clutter anywhere in my life. I have a folder on my phone for all of our apps that correspond with our home, such as..

  • My D Link Lite - We have cameras in our house so we can check on things when we aren't there and it has a convenient app that allows me to view the camera and move it all around to see whatever I want, its absolutely fantastic. It is associated with our camera so although the app is free you have to buy the camera. 
  • We have an alarm app as well, I am not going to link that here because I don't think I need to advertise our alarm company and what not but none the less it allows us to go in and turn the alarm on and off as well as adjust the settings. We can view all the alarm activity as in when it was turned on and off and by who, etc. Its extremely convenient if we want to turn the alarm off because someone is coming to check on the house and then turn it back on. 
  • Honeywell Thermostat - This allows us to view the temperature of our home at all times from afar, we can adjust the heat or air at our leisure. When viewing this app it allows shows you the temperature outside your home as well at the percentage of humidity. We can set the thermostat to send us an alarm when the house reaches a certain temperature so we can turn on the heat or air as well. Being away from the house at different times this allows us to maintain a healthy climate within the house and prevent damages that could be caused. 
At this point pretty much all banks have apps that allow you to do all your banking right from your phone, every TV network has an app that allows you to watch you favorite shows if you miss them. I mean if someone is addicted to their phone can you blame them??

Tell me what are some of your favorite apps and why? Maybe I could use them in my life!! 

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