Thursday, August 14, 2014

Places We Need to Try in Hoboken

Good Thursday Morning!!

In the last couple of weeks Tanya and I have spent a bit of time walking around Hoboken and let me tell you there are a TON of restaurants there! With a little research it is also easy to find how acclaimed and highly recommended some of these restaurants are!

I cant say that Jason and I eat out a ton but when Football season rolls around we tend to make it out a little more for an appetizer and beers while we watch the came. Being on the East coast right now should ensure they play more of the Patriots games on TV but none the less I am sure we will get out with people to watch the games if the guys aren't working Sundays!

Hoboken is close enough that heading down there for a bite to eat or a beer is by no means a trek! So last week while talking to Jason about all the places Tanya and I had come across he suggested I make a list of places I would like to try (so I don't forget) and maybe we could check some off when we get a chance! In all my list making I thought what better thing to share with all of you if you are thinking about visiting New Jersey and Carlos Bakery was the only thing on your list!

Lets get started!!

1. Girmaldi's Pizzeria
133 Clinton St. (at 2nd Street) Hoboken, NJ

Its exactly what you are thinking.. famous pizza places in NYC, Grimaldi's brick oven pizza would be on that list! The original one is under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York but they also have a location in Hoboken and because we have never been to the one in Brooklyn this one is on my list! Jason and I both love pizza and Jason especially is a fan of New York Style thin crust so this would be right up his alley! Although there is a lot of pizza to be had in this city, this is a must try!

79 Hudson St. Hoboken, NK

OK so this might be on our list of places to try but its a list for Jason and I to try because truth be told Tanya and I already have! We stopped here on our last trip to Hoboken after stumbling upon it. Up until this moment I didn't realize it was quite a large chain but let me tell you I can see why! This place is very rustic looking inside, they make all their own fresh pastries and seem to be known for their gelato and waffles.. but honestly their yogurt parfaits look pretty amazing too. We just got drinks, Tanya had an ice coffee and I had a green tea frappucino that was fantastic! We are definitely talking about going back and I Jason and I have talked about going for brunch one morning. If you are anywhere near a location (click above on the name to view their website) I highly recommend going! 

622 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

Home of the largest slice!!! Apparently you get a slice of pizza here the size of a baby, if that isn't enough to entice you then I don't know what is! For a large 18" pizza its only $13.75!!! CRAZY! They don't just have pizza, this is a classic Italian joint that I would say you must try!! I told Jason it was the biggest slice in the state and he was sold!! I wont be offended if you stop reading to go there immediately... but come back and finish when you're done. 

1118 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

OK again, Tanya and I have eaten here and I'm not sure why its only been once because its AMAZING! The family that owns this awesome place began the business with a gentlemen who learned the business from the people who run the famous Lombardi's in Soho, New York! When Tanya and I went we were shocked to find out that for two huge slices of pizza and a drink it was only $7! The woman who served us was engaged to the owner who was also there and they were beyond friendly and constantly checking to make sure everything was good and if we needed anything else, the service was FANTASTIC and so was the food! This place feels like going to a friends for some amazing and unbelievably priced food! I would highly recommend putting this on your list of places to try if you ever come to New Jersey, I promise you wont be disappointed.. that's what I keep telling Jason! 

1313 Willow Ave. Hoboken, NJ

(Sadly there is no picture as it is a new establishment)

This place is new and from what I can find I am not sure it is even open yet, but from what I can find their grand opening is due to happen mid-August which is right around the corner. This place is authentic Texas BBQ and although I am partial to Carolina BBQ when you are in the North you will take what you can get! I think its going to be worth trying, there is a lot of hype and its going to be unique to the area. If its set up like their other locations (see Washington, DC location) it looks like it will be a great place to get some good BBQ and a beer while watching the game! I will keep you posted on when this is open and if we make it there!

110 1st Street. Hoboken, NJ

A good ol' Irish pub.. need I say more? How about.. $5 all you can eat wings on Monday nights.. 2 for 1 Budlights on Thursdays.. feeling better about this place? I know I am!! On my little list I have stars beside this place because I feel like it would be a place we would really enjoy. Their have a vast menus and great happy hour specials. They seem to be all about football season and nothing makes me happier so I feel like we could potentially spend a lot of time here in the future! They are part of the Hoboken Pub Crawl, you can throw parties here (I'm sure you need to talk to someone there before throwing it) and they do your Irish classics. You are planning a trip to New Jersey now aren't you? and all you're planning on doing is eating, I know it! 

159 1st. Street. Hoboken, NJ

This is another heavily starred place on my list of places to try. This reminds me a lot of Daly's where we spent majority of our time in New York. Its full of TV's and beer taps, what more could you ask for during football season?? Haha apparently we aren't fussy right? Maybe the food sucks or something but I don't get that feeling by all that I have read online and therefore I am anxious to try it! Come the fall and winter we don't get out a ton but to watch football so having a list of places to try and potentially find a favorite is really important to us! 

506 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

The smokehouse thing must be something new because its not on the sign but it is on the website! We generally don't go out a ton for breakfast, I don't like a lot of breakfast food but occasionally Jason gets a hankering and we find somewhere to try. I think the next time breakfast is in order this will be the place we try, the pancakes look AMAZING and they offer multiple other options! New York & New Jersey are totally about their bagels and I'm not complaining because the bagels here are truly amazing.. but sometimes a girl just needs some pancakes!

205 Washington St. Hoboken, NJ

OK so technically I have been here too, BUT just for drinks therefore it doesn't totally count! Not only am I mentioning this place as a football season go to because its a pub with lots of taps and TVs but they have Sunday brunch bloody mary bars.. WIN! I love nothing more then a good bloody mary bar and therefore this place is at the top of my list. In my experience it can get really busy so if planning to venture there fore game day you might want to get there early. They have outdoor seating like most places in Hoboken but as the weather gets colder I am going to be less inclined to sit outside! This place is worth checking out, its actually huge and always packed.. that has to say something!!

70 Hudson St. Hoboken, NJ

Well this gem is known at a staple in the downtown scene since 2002, their website advertises it as a place for good friends, good food and good times.. I like it! Its located in the Historical Terminal building extremely close to the Hoboken Path station making it a convenient stop of the way home from a long day at the office! They have a good variety of beers on tap, a great pub food menu and of course the wonderful outdoor seating! They advertise via pictures as a sports venue and therefore its up my alley and a place to try! 

As you can see there is a running theme here, most of these places for the most part are aimed towards those of you who like to go out to catch the game on a Sunday! With summer coming to a close they are still places to check out for a beer on the patio and something good to eat as well! But with football season coming priorities people!

I hope if you're in New Jersey you will check out one or all of these places, one thing this place does have is good food! Possibly in the future we will do a post on places to eat in Jersey City! Stay Tuned!

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  1. We've been to the one under the Brooklyn Bridge & it was fabulous! We always stay in Brooklyn when we've gone to NYC as it's a bit cheaper. Still only takes 15 minutes to get to Manhattan. On a side note, the beer (I don't drink it, but hubby does) in NC was DIRT CHEAP!! Even outside Biltmore the most he paid was $3.50!!! My son says it's a good thing he doesn't live there otherwise he'd become an alcoholic! LOL

  2. Haha Cathy it is totally true! Everything is cheaper in the States but especially in the South! I really miss being able to buy beer and wine at Target! I miss a lot about the south but trying to get out as much as I can and see the good here too! When you visit NYC next time you should definitely check out Hoboken! Maybe we'll still be here and we can get together!!!!