Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Etsy Finds

I love Etsy but I go in spurts as to when I will sign on and actually look around. I always think that it would be the best place to find unique gifts but I generally leave my shopping so late that I either don't have the time to sit down and actually peruse to find the best, most appropriate gifts and then wait for shipping. I suck, I know. In my defense though I still manage to get pretty good gifts.

When I haven't been on Etsy for awhile I sign back on and instantly wonder why I haven't made the effort to be on there more. So this year I think I will utilize Etsy a little more and start my Christmas shopping early. In the meantime I thought I would stop by here and share some of my favorite Etsy finds as they might appeal to you as well .

1. Arrow Blouse

This beaut is from the feather4arrow shop and I am swooning over it! I am really into the arrow tee's as they seem to be appearing everywhere. This shirt is unique and looks super comfy to sport with jeans or even a cute pair of black sweat pants. I love summer, but as the end nears I am thinking of fall approaching and the outfits that will ensue and printed tee's will be making an appearance in my wardrobe without a doubt, maybe this one in particular. 

I am sure you see these all over Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest all the time but I have never seen the personalized ones and Swirl Studio Designs has upped its game! You all know how much I love North Carolina and representing it on my neck only seems right. I love these necklaces but truth be told finding one that doesn't look 'cheap' (sorry!!) is hard to do! This one however looks nothing of the sort which is probably why it runs you $55.00. You get what you pay for don't ya! Check them out, rep your state! 

I seriously need this bad boy in my life. Jason is a little more for the traditional adirondak chairs but I couldn't be more in love with this! The gentlemen who owns the 2DWoodcraft shop is a genius craftsman! These are original which makes me want them all the more, they are no less comfortable than a regular adirondak chair and they will hold my wine glass! You know whats also great.. Tanya is reading this right now thinking she needs one too. I kid you not we have been looking for chairs for our front porch and back deck, place your vote.. these are it right? If you guys take my side what choice will Jason have?

I own one clutch, its a travesty I know. I mean I have a lot of purses but not a lot of clutches so I was thinking if I was going to add to my pathetic "collection" if you even want to call it that than this is where I would start. First of all I am IN LOVE with the material, IN LOVE! Second of all its super adorable and classic all at the same time, you really cant beat that. This little beauty is pretty and would make me happy, what else do you need?

I actually think this is too nice to go outside and it would match the floors in our downstairs PERFECTLY! UniquePrimtiques shop has created a real gem here! We are always looking for unique pieces for the house and although I really don't have anywhere to put it I would really like to have it! You know how I feel about handmade things that tell a story and I am so grateful we have been able to find those kind of items for our home and I think this would be a great piece for anyone's home. I feel the bench is extremely reasonably priced and let me tell you that's based on a lot of bench shopping. Check out their shop!

I love this, it makes me sappy! Not only would I love to have this in my home because I love it but I think it would make a fantastic gift for a wedding or even an anniversary. When we think about the things we hang on our walls at home our first priority is that it represents us, although we don't have any trinkets really (we both hate clutter) we do have quite a few pictures of us around the house and I love that. Our pictures tell a story, our love story (mushy I know) and every time I go up or down the stairs I look at our wedding pictures, when I walk by the table behind the couch I see us in Hawaii, in our living room here we have a wedding picture and a picture of us from when we were first dating at a football game. If you had this hanging in your house your guests would know just a little more about your story. 

Listen JOD Clothing, you out did yourself but man do you want a lot of money for this baby. I really want this jacket, I have wanted a leather jacket for a really long time and if I wasn't cheap this would be the one that I would have. Finding the perfect leather jacket is hard, and you cant order one online because you absolutely have to try them and they are expensive. I wanted to go to Danier Leather at home because they have a great selection and an outlet near my parents house but I never made it there. I think I will watch and see if these guys ever have a 50% off sale. 

I don't like plants and no I don't grow herbs but if I did I think these are the cutest things ever, so because I don't I think they would also make a great gift. I don't even know how I came across the Spiffing Jewelry Shop but they have the cutest little things. I use a lot of herbs but I tend to just buy them and they are really crappy here to be honest so really what I should be doing is growing my own.. but I don't know if I dare, I cant say I have a green thumb, maybe these babies would be a good omen! 

So there are my recent Etsy finds! I highly recommend starting your Christmas shopping early and exploring all the wonderful shops Etsy offers! Sometimes receiving a unique thought out gift is the absolute best kind, why not be the giver of that gift! 

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  1. Hi Nicole...just wanted to pass on a site to you. The people we rented from in North Carolina own a chair making business. I believe he makes other furniture as well. While I know Asheville and Raleigh are not exactly next door, it would give you an excuse to visit Asheville again!

    Give it a look. He's got some nice stuff.

  2. Thanks Cathy this is great! We haven't really found anyone who does this type of thing in Raleigh as we generally come across people at random and know we love them and will eventually get some. This guy does some beautiful work, thanks for sharing. Hoping all is well with you!! :)