Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life in the Country

Good Morning,

I know I have sucked at blogging lately, I blame summer just a little because I want to be out in the beautiful weather as much as I can before it inevitably ends and for some reason I have been sick more this summer then I have in years and its totally kicking my ass! I cant seem to shake this sickness, I get it and then it seems to last forever, goes away ad comes back... its just miserable!

As I mentioned before we were planning on going kayaking on Saturday but Jason ended up having to work, its the nature of his job so I understand that but I will admit I was a little disappointed that we had reservations to go and we had to move it to Sunday. In the haste of the things changing Jason just called and changed the date and we headed down to meet everyone for dinner.. when we got to talking about the changes with everyone's work schedules changing I realized sadly that we would miss Ava's birthday party.

I suppose its the nature of the beast and all the guys working together and the schedules changing it just happens. I ended up being really sick on Saturday so I suppose it worked out for the best.

We got up first thing on Sunday morning and were so excited to hit the road and get out of the city! The weather was much better this weekend and the drive was absolutely gorgeous out there! This weekend we were heading to the Delaware River again but this time about 60 miles south of where we were last weekend.

We had made reservations to kayak with Kittatinny Canoes & Kayaks, we chose the trip from Milford to Dingmans which was 8 miles, 3.5 hours. I was a little bit anxious about 8 miles, I wasn't sure how I would feel after paddling 8 miles but let me tell you we had the BEST time! Sadly I did not take my camera or phone, I seriously thought about it but was afraid not knowing the river and what the traffic would be like, if I flipped the kayak or something I would be in big trouble. I know for next time though to invest in a dry pack and take a camera because the day was beyond gorgeous!

We had packed a lunch and stopped along the way to swim and eat. It was a really hot day so swimming along the way was a must! It was such an amazing time, I cant stress that enough! Kayaking was so much fun, we saw bald eagles, deer along the river, crazy huge fish in the water.. it was incredible! 8 miles didn't feel like 8 miles until 7.5 miles in and my arms were definitely feeling it!

The whole second half of the trip we talked about how we absolutely needed to buy our own kayaks and make this a regular thing! Although my arms were tired I was so sad to be finished on the water! Having said that our day did not end with kayaking and the second half included the camera.

Although hiking is really not my thing Jason had planned a few hikes and let me tell you the end result was amazing! Our first stop was my kind of a hike.. a boardwalk! Haha! Lets look at some pictures, shall we?

Some of the places we saw reminded me so much of Hawaii, the waterfalls and the lush green surrounding them!

Ya we were both a little burnt from kayaking! Turned out later we were both a lot burnt! 

If I am correct this is Dingman Falls... I am pretty sure I am right about that. It was a really gorgeous place, you could get a guided tour if you wanted to. I don't know if you can really even consider it a hike, I wore flip flops! 

The second place we landed I honestly don't remember the name and I cant ask Jason because hes at work, so if you are really interested leave a message in the comments and I will find out for you! This was about a 10 or 15 minute drive from Dingman Falls and a little more of a trek. By a trek I mean I had to put on real shoes.. its been a hot minute since I have worn real shoes outside and I didn't care much for it! 

A bears den!

There were people actually down in the water, at this point we were wishing we hadn't changed back into our regular clothes because it was so hot and a dip would have been awesome! 

This place was gorgeous, the amount of places in this area to hike and see waterfalls and just gorgeous scenery is amazing! You can actually hike the Appalachian Trail up there which extends from Georgia all the way to Maine I believe. 

After we finished hiking we stopped at the smallest little pizza place in Layton, NJ which turned out to be a local watering hole. The towns baseball team was in there doing shots, but there were also families having dinner.. it was kind of quaint.. very small town and cute! Whenever we are in a small town Jason and I have the same conversation...

Me: "This is the cutest town ever"
Jason: "I know, wouldn't it be nice to live here?"
Me: "No."

End conversation. 

We have had the most amazing weekends getting out of the city and enjoying summer and the outdoors! As much as I have wished that we could be at home I am so enjoying our time! Jason and I are just in the best place and even after almost 4 years of marriage I feel like we cant get enough time together! I know as the job goes on like all other our time together will be less and less as he works more and more so I am just eating up every second we have! We are already planning out next trip to kayak, possibly before we got home but if not definitely after. 

The next two days around here are suppose to be super crumby, thunderstorms and what not so I plan to do some blog planning and post writing so I have posts ready! 

I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend!! 


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