Friday, August 22, 2014

Canadian Restaurants I Miss

Sure nothing compares to southern BBQ other than Mexican burritos but sometimes I miss the restaurants I grew up with that aren't just around the corner anymore. Most often its a certain thing about each restaurant I miss and when we go for a visit I try to get to at least one of these restaurants to fix my cravings. You're curious now aren't you? If you don't live in Canada I suggest you just stop reading.. you don't want to not be able to have what I'm about to share when it looks sooooo good!

Consider yourself warned.

1. Swiss Chalet

What do I miss most about Swiss Chalet? Probably the chicken, maybe the hand cut fries, definitely the chalet sauce. I probably miss the gravy for the fries (you American's don't know what you are missing on the fries and gravy front), although it could be the chicken spring rolls. I pretty much miss it all, I absolutely love this place and so does my Mom so luckily I pretty much get here every single time I visit. If you are ever in Canada I highly recommend this place, they have a nutritional menu as well so you can healthy options which is always a plus, but trust me.. GET THE CHICKEN! Quarter chicken white. Enough said. 

That is what I miss... right there above, that picture that is making your mouth water.. THAT IS WHAT I MISS! Jack Astors Garlic pan bread, I would get mine with cheese because I mean go big or go home but I would take what I could get. That stuff is worth being fat for, it will change your life! This might just be my favorite Canadian restaurant, there isn't anything that I have tried that I don't love! The drinks are FANTASTIC, the food is always fresh and mouth watering. Try their hand battered chicken strips, pad thai, they are known for their burgers, try it all! I really want to go there, like now. 

I absolutely love Italian food, not just pizza but all of it. I feel like Italian food is comfort food, the restaurants are always so cozy and inviting. When we eat out Italian tends to be a go to if we aren't going out to watch a game. A glass of wine with warm breads and a fresh pasta dinner, does anything sound better than that? I really love Alice Fazooli's, the restaurants are always super nice, the food is delicious! I love their appetizers and that there is something for everyone on the menu, children included. This would be a top recommendation for a nice meal, give it a whirl.. you won't be sorry. 

What doesn't look good about that right? Montana's Cookhouse has a rustic feel and rustic good food, all the drinks come in mason jars and let me tell you they are GOOD! The food is reliable, you know every time you go there its going to taste good, if you've been there more than once most likely you know what you are getting before you even arrive. When we lived in Canada Jason and I ate out here quite a bit, they have a great bar and tons of TVs for game day but the dining room is a lot of fun and the staff are always friendly and quick about things! If you are looking for some good home cooking while on a trip to Canada or because you live there I would highly recommend Montana's! 

Never in my life have I had better Chinese food.. EVER! Its a little pricey but if you can really eat than I think its worth every penny, actually I think regardless the food is soooo darn good its worth every penny! The fresh fruit bar, extensive salad bar, Chinese food, American food, breads, seafood, desserts.. my mouths watering. When we were in Canada last summer I was dying for Mandarin, so we decided to order some but the one closest to my parents was under renovation so it didn't happen.. I was beyond disappointed! You honestly cannot beat this food, there is something for everyone without a doubt and the food is always fresh, it never sits out long because its gone or they replace it with hot fresh stuff. I cant say enough good things about this place, I would go back today just to eat here. Thinking about it this much next time we are in Canada I am absolutely going here. Period. 

Ha.. funny side story. Last time we actually went into a Mandarin restaurant was with my parents and Jason was sooo hung over from the night before. He spent most of the meal in the bathroom, and let me tell you Jason never misses out on a good buffet so you know he was sick. But I specifically remember he was basically laying on the front of the truck when we were leaving and ended asking my Dad to drive home because he just couldn't do it. HAHA! Good times!

OK this technically isn't a restaurant, I know this.. but none the less its a place in Canada to buy food that I miss so I included it anyways. Jason and I are addicted to Booster Juice, I can honestly say that we have never tried any of their actual food we only get the smoothies but they are sooo good! Me being the creature of habit I am I get the same thing every time.. the Pineapple Freeze I believe! It is seriously amazing, all fresh fruit, low fat yogurt and you can add boosters. If you are wondering what the heck a booster is let me explain, you can get vitamins, proteins, etc put into your smoothie! I get the 'Go Girl' booster.. because its a combination of all of the above. If you are looking for something tasty after a work out, or maybe a meal replacement on the go, this is your go to! They are often in gyms or close to them... how clever are they? They sadly don't have drive thru's but are worth the wait. Jamba Juice in the States sadly just doesn't compare. 

Who doesn't want some part of that picture above? I swear I know they have other food but I have only ever had their fries! Their amazing hand cut cooked in front of you french fries.. they are good enough to eat on your own but why would you when you can get them all dressed up? I am really not a lover of poutine but New York Fries poutine is in a league of their own and recently I have been told they have added pulled pork poutines to their repertoire! TO. DIE. FOR. If you are not sure what poutine is, top left. French fries with cheese curds (traditionally) and gravy.. gooey, cheesy, goodness! Stop reading and go, I won't hold it against you. 

Right there.. those potatoes wedges are why I love Boston Pizza so much! They put this awesome BBQ sauce on them and this white sauce that is similar to ranch.. AMAZING! I won't lie I once had a bad experience at Boston Pizza where they served cold pizza and a pitcher of flat beer.. totally unacceptable! But they have really awesome food and some of it totally innovative. The pizza burger (click link and see picture on the left) who clever is that? Their spicy perogy pizza, pulled pork pizza, the kung pow chicken pizza.. need I go on? The desserts are pretty good too! When we lived in Estevan this was basically the only restaurant there and therefore we went there a decent amount and tried a bunch of different things.. I would recommend their pasta as well. 

So that's it.. I am officially starving and craving all things I cant have, gotta love when that happens! If you are planning a trip to Canada I highly recommend trying one of these spots, I honestly don't think you would leave disappointed, if you live in Canada.. well lucky you! 

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