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Hoboken... Gorgeous Walks & Good Pizza

Good Monday Morning,

I skipped the weekend with good reason, its the weekend and summer is almost here so I suspect that most people aren't sitting around at their computers reading blogs they are out there enjoying every last second of the nice weather before the cold weather rolls around, and let me tell y'all... that isn't too far off!

Last Thursday Tanya and I set out to complete the second half of the Hoboken walking tour we started a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you it was the most gorgeous day! There was a cool breeze off the water so we weren't sweltering like the last time, it was really great. Having said that we came across a park where the leaves were changing and leaves were falling, it was like one small park in Hoboken reached fall before everywhere else! It kind of shook me, as much as I love fall and dare I say I am looking forward to it seeing it live in person made me feel like I want to hold onto the rest of summer a little tighter.

We really had a great day, we found a great little spot by the University called Castle Point that had the most amazing views of the Hudson and New York City.. naturally we took a ton of pictures that I am going to share with you. I'm not going to lie this is not going to be at all like the last part of the walking tour, part two is just not going to exist. Reason one I forgot all the things that corresponded with the pictures which made posting a lot harder and the post a lot crappier. Reason two I didn't take pictures of everything because I didn't plan on doing part two. So this is more of a photo dump with some descriptions.. there are some that are part of the tour but you'll have to find the info on your own, unless I start to feel generous and look up the information for the ones I remember.

I will say that we finished at the Hoboken Historical Museum which is where the walking tour actually has you starting and I wasn't overly impressed. I know its not really a big place and I wasn't expecting the Natural History Museum or anything like that, but there wasn't much at all and they wanted to charge for information pamphlets, not cool. However the girl that worked there was super nice and chatty so that helped.

Ok pictures..

Summer morning pick me up! Caffe Bene.. my new favorite coffee place! This is a large french vanilla ice coffee, believe it or not even better then Dunkin Donuts and this baby is a heck of a lot cheaper then Starbucks. 

Disclaimer: This information is from the Hoboken walking tour website. 
701 Washington Street, 1856. Richard Upjohn, designer, Deutsche & Dietz, Hoboken architects. Gothic. 
All Saints was originally consecrated as Trinity Episcopal. It was enlarged and reconsecrated as All Saints in 1882. The church is notable for its vaulted interior and fine stained glass. It serves an active congregation today, hosting a school, a book fair, and many other activities.

I can't remember if this is on the tour or not but I thought the the place was beautiful. There are actually a ton of beautiful homes in Hoboken, a lot of them so beautiful that I would assume they would go for over a million dollars.. lots of stairs though, I suppose you would stay in shape. 

My thoughts exactly.

This was not on the tour either but honestly I love some of the architecture! 

The random park in Hoboken somehow already experiencing fall? A little early. Quit it. 

Stopped to pee at the baseball field and this is the view! This place is actually really neat, its in the middle of the city, but a really great field. They have an announcers booth and when a game is going on you can hear it for blocks. Probably not appreciated by the neighbors but hey!

Part of the Stevens Institute of Technolgy. University of Innovation. This campus is absolutely gorgeous and right on the water, we actually arrived during orientation so the place was pretty busy but it is a must see.

This is part of the tour.. let me see if I can find out what it is exactly... I believe this is the corresponding information. Disclaimer: This information was taken from Hoboken walking tour website.
 Sixth Street off River Street, circa 1856.

The oldest structure of the Stevens estate is constructed of the same serpentine rock mentioned in Henry Hudson’s log. It was the grand entrance through which all guests approached the castle. Nearby a flight of wooden steps descends through the rocks to the River Walk below.

The entrance into the university campus, its pretty amazing. Ignore the cop car, no one was even in there. 

Panoramic's from Castle Point which is part of the campus.

It was such a gorgeous place! 

All of these photos were taking from different parts of the campus! 

Disclaimer: This information is from the Hoboken Walking tour website. 
1005 Washington Street, 1906. G.B. McIntyre, designer. 

Lodge #74 was founded in Hoboken in 1888 in the Gayety Theatre building at 1015 Washington Street. The edifice at 1005 Washington was designed      especially for the Elks, and is the oldest lodge in New Jersey, designated as the Mother Lodge. Many of the original     features remain, although the bowling lanes built in the basement are gone. The Lodge hosts  a wide variety of community  gatherings. 

Disclaimer: This information was taken from the Hoboken walking tour website. 
1041 Bloomfield Street. 

This four-storied 19th-century brownstone with period awnings is the childhood home of socially-concerned   photographer Dorothea Lange (1895-1965). Her photos are among the most memorable images documenting the plight of farmers and their  families during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. 

Disclaimer: This information was taken from the Hoboken walking tour website. 
1313 Washington Street, 1880. 
Charles Fall, architect. Neo-Romanesque.
Hoboken’s firehouses  provide distinctive examples of 19th-Century architecture: seven are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This firehouse was restored outside and modernized within following a severe fire in the 1980’s. Consult the map for additional  historic fire stations in Hoboken.

This was pretty cool, as we were almost finishing the tour we came across these sky writers! We don't know entirely what was being written but none the less it was pretty cool. I will attach a short video at the end if it will work to show it in progress. 

New Jersey and New York ports actually played a huge role in World War I and World War II, its something worth reading up on!

And after many miles of walking we were obviously hungry, so why not stop at Benny Tudino's and get the largest slice in the State!! This baby was $3.50.. how in the world do you beat that? It was divine too!! 

So that was our day and it was fantastic! I'm not going to lie I love the days we spend out walking around, seeing new things and taking in all the wonderful things this place has to offer, it makes being here and away from home a heck of a lot easier, not to mention the days FLY by!!

That's a wrap!! I hope y'all had a fantastic Monday and I really hope I can stay productive this week and be around here.. I'm sure going to try!!

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