Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Animal Planet Makes me Cry

Good Tuesday Morning,

Am I wishing the week away, heck ya I am! Honestly I can't tell y'all enough how much I love having Jason home on weekends! Even though this weekend was a bust and we stayed inside all weekend I love it, I look forward to planning what the next weekend may hold and what day we will do what, I just love it! I know you shouldn't wish your life away.. and if you think its bad that I wish away the weeks until Jason has the weekend off you would think its terrible I am wishing this whole damn year away so I can go home.. but you probably already knew that.

Anyways lets talk about the animal channel shall we?

This channel is awful! Do people watch this stuff? The circle of life, food chain, whatever you want to call it is depressing!! Over the weekend because we were stuck in the house Jason turned on some Animal Planet show about lord knows what and when I finished doing whatever I was doing when he turned it on and came out to join him in the front room I walked into a murder scene!! A buffalo and her baby being chased by two wolves, they were separated from their herd somehow and apparently when that happens the herd keeps going? Anyways these wolves were trying to get the baby buffalo and the Mama was trying to do everything she could to protect her baby but against two wolves she could only do so much! The wolves kept biting her baby, one would attack while she deflected the other.. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 

Can you imagine being a mother and someone was trying to hurt your baby and you were helpless? Doing everything you could and yet someone knowing your efforts were fruitless, in the end someone would going to drag your baby off and there was nothing you could do? Cue hysterics! 

I was beyond horrified that this was on the television and more so that Jason had chosen to watch it! This wasn't educational it was horror! 

Apparently I had landed in the front room near the end of the show, thank the lord! So as I saw Jason start to flip through the shows I was incredibly relieved! Turns out he was on Netflix and chose another show not to far off from the last one. 

We started watching about bears, brown bears in particular and truthfully as you all know Alaska has the largest population of brown bears and so I figured the show would be more about Alaska than anything else. NEGATIVE! This time it wasn't about things killing bears it was about bears dying because there wasn't enough to sustain them.. WHAT? The fish runs were bad that year and the bears were so hungry they made bad decisions.. they lead their cubs into the open and therefore they were killed (I swear I absolutely hate wolves), they became more brazen out of hunger and put themselves in dangerous situation on other bears territory which naturally lead to a fight, to the death. Seriously, bears are so smart but when times get rough god forbid they work together, they kill each other! 

At this point I was in tears! WHO WATCHES THIS SHIT! 

I love to learn about wildlife and the circle of life and all that jazz but good lord is it depressing!! Do you know that tigers kill elephants in the night while they migrate to find water! Who would have thought anything could take down an elephant! But in all fairness if they aren't killed by a tiger they may be too young or too old to make the trek for water anyways so they just lay down and die and then the tiger gets them.  

I avoid watching the news, I prefer to read the paper because then I can choose what I read and what I don't... not that much in the paper is any less depressing than whats in the news but you don't have to hear someone talk about what a terrible place this world is becoming. No seriously, I'm not jaded at all. 

Who would have freakin' thought that watching ANIMAL PLANET would be more depressing than the news!!! Am I alone in this? Do you guys actually turn this on to watch for fun? I know its educational, I learn a lot too but I learn things from the news too, most of it stuff I don't want to know.. ditto for Animal Planet. 

So after show number two and tears it had to go away! I insisted Jason turn it off and I think he was happy to do it on account that he was questioning my sanity and my sniffling was a little irritating. Consider this your warning, Animal Planet is depressing.. its sad and it will make you cry. Besides that I encourage you to go out and adopt and elephant and keep it away from tigers.. or get a bear and keep fish on hand so it will be nice to you and not die. You know what they say, don't bite the hand that feeds you (or something like that).. bears must know that too, they are apparently really smart when well fed. 

If you were thinking about curling up with popcorn and Animal Planet tonight, you're welcome! Now you might actually sleep tonight!

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