Monday, July 14, 2014

Clothing Today... or Lack Of!

Well hello there,

I bet you didn't think I was going to make it here today.. well neither did I. Although we are not having great weather I take advantage of being able to get outside every chance I get! I look forward to summer all year and although we live in the South and see a lot more of it then most people I still feel like it is never enough.. I am already dreading a northern winter so I am taking advantage of every bit of warm weather I can. Truth be told I am seriously considering going home for winter, otherwise I might be EXTREMELY cranky!

Speaking of summer part of what I love about it is the warmth which tends to mean less clothing which is a double edged sword.

True story! I love flip flops and summer dresses but this year being a size that I am not happy with it has been really hard to get comfortable with myself in summer clothes. Having said that just as much of an issue has come from the fact that apparently this year under dressing is the way to go! A couple of weeks ago I was at the mall and stopped at quite a few stores to try on some denim shorts... WELL, let me tell you! I will be the first to admit that my ass is on the larger side, girlfriend has more junk in the trunk then she cares to admit but I have purchased denim shorts before that my ass cheeks didn't completely hang out of, where did they go? (The ones I bought before don't fit anymore, I'm talking about this years version). Apparently purchasing denim shorts means flaunting what your Mama gave you... is that really appropriate? Am I too old to be shopping in these stores? Is it appropriate at any age to walk down the street ass out? What am I missing here? 

I have a problem with this because I feel like regardless of your shape or size, this has a lot more to do with level of self respect. I know this is more geared towards young girls, and to be honest that is probably worse! 

Crop tops? OK fine, when you are petite and can rock them.. please do so!! It is a trend that I wish I could partake in but I am just not the right size. I mean there is a difference between the cute appropriate little crop tops that are sported with high waist jeans or skirts and then there are the crop tops that you want to bring to the owners attention in case they didn't know.. that you can see their boobs. 

I seriously considered posting a picture to represent my idea of appropriate and inappropriate versions of crop tops but the pictures available are exactly what my problem is with them and I just couldn't bring myself to post them. Crop tops are a HUGE thing here in Jersey and let me tell you they are NEVER worn in the cute fashionable way.. they are often worn in the PUT ON A REAL SHIRT way! I tell ya!

Why are clothes getting smaller? Why are we encouraging females to wear less and less? It hurts my heart where we are in regards to self respect and I guess I feel the general idea of what it takes to get a man? I have a hard time believing one would barely dress for themselves? Don't get me wrong, I'm really not bitter because I'm not a size 0 and can wear whatever I want because when I was a lot smaller I didn't wear stuff like that than either. 

I guess I just feel like tops are see through or short so your belly shows, shorts are so short your hooha is not much of a mystery.. why wear clothes at all?

Do you know if you go into places like La Senza Girl (Canadian version of Victoria Secret for young girls) you can get padded bras and thongs for 10 year olds? I mean really? 

I'm not going to jump into the big debate about having self respect, but I think its something to consider. Instead of focusing on how we look why not focus on our health, because I promise you if that is a priority the body shape will come. 

I know sex and nudity has become appropriate on TV and in magazines but can we please keep it off the streets? Just sayin'.. 

Having said all that I will say, for those of you who wear what you want and feel comfortable in whatever you put on no matter what shape or size you are, I may not think its always appropriate but I envy your appreciation for your body and the fact that you don't care what anyone thinks. I wish I could wear a bathing suit and feel comfortable and not care what anyone else at the pool thought, but I cant. I wish I could get dressed everyday and where the first thing I put on because I'm comfortable and don't care what anyone thinks but I fear that will never happen! Be yourself, own it and love it.. I respect it! 

So for all of you that are proud of your body and rock it.. I encourage you to check out Shop Mucci on Etsy and purchase one of these!

That's my rant for the day! Hope y'all had a fantastic Monday that was a little less rainy then ours!


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