Monday, July 7, 2014

Quick Update

Good afternoon all,

I haven't been around this weekend because we have been home and I have been deathly ill, let me tell you this cold hasn't gone anywhere and as the days went on and I had no voice and things just got progressively worse I finally said to Jason I needed to see a doctor. For some reason my doctor wasn't open this weekend so I made a mad dash for the Target clinic first thing Sunday morning! Turns out I have a double ear infection as well as an upper respiratory infection, yay me! I tell you, yesterday and today have just been the worst!

I can't even tell you how uber pissed I am that I couldn't have looked forward to coming home anymore then I was and this whole damn time I have been sick, I suppose though if you are going to be sick you would want your own bed and what not.. and I have.

We are heading out in a couple of hours, I plan to cry, kick and scream.. you think I am kidding. I have strategically been unpacking stuff Jason has packed and hiding it all over the house so we will have to come home again sooner. Again.. you think I kid.

I knew it would play out that I miss home now more than ever, being sick or not we went downtown for fireworks and all that for the 4th of July which I will recap all that jazz for you this week. We have a beautiful deck to enjoy, washing the truck in the driveway, just in general having this amazing house and having to live in a crappy apartment.. what the hell are we doing? Ugh!

Anyways I've got a few things to do before I pitch my massive "I'm not leaving and you cant make me" fit (I've tried once already and it seems like I'm really not being given much of a choice). I will catch y'all on the flip side and fill you in on our weekend home!

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  1. You poor thing...I hope you feel better soon. Crappy to be so sick in summer. HUGS xoxo