Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!

I'd like to tell you I am in red and white somewhere on a lake drinking beer and enjoying this fantastic day, anxiously awaiting tonight's fireworks.. but that is just not the case. I am at home on the couch with a terrible awful cold! Yesterday I started to feel like I was getting a scratchy throat but I absolutely never get sick (minus the plague I caught on the plane on the way home from Peru) but as the night went on it got worse and worse! While we were at the grocery store last night I looked for a small pack of halls at the check out, and apparently they don't make those anymore.. wtf? So this morning I woke up with a fever, body aching terribly, horrible sore throat and both ears aching.. FANTASTIC! Sadly I had no choice but to go over to the pharmacy and stock up on cold meds because I refuse to be sick to go home! I tell ya!

I did however plan to post today about Canada today in honor of Canada Day and sick of not I am here to do it! I definitely miss home, mostly my family but there are a few things that just remind me of home and make me nostalgic. Canadian money is way better.. come on..

Awhile ago on Pinterest I started a board "Canada Eh" because I definitely come across things that remind me of home that I think are worth pinning, some of them really crack me up to be honest and some give me a little bit of an education. For the record.. just so we get it out of the way right now as well, I do not say "eh", on a rare occasion when I am basically turning a statement into a question I may end a sentence with "eh" but it is very rare. Having said that having not lived in Canada for a long time I notice other peoples Canadian accent and use of the term. Even when my parents visit, I notice their Canadian accent, haha!

Living in the States you hear a lot of jokes about Canada or me being Canadian and truth be told I use to get offended, pissed off even because one most often the stuff people were saying was their own ignorance, not even true and I would usually retort with something like... "I'd be jealous if I were you too.." I still mean that! But now I just laugh, and really I hear it less often! I'm proud to be Canadian, there are so many wonderful things about that country and I plan to share a few of them with you right now.. just in case you didn't know!

Oh Ontario and your fabulous selection of wines.. how grateful I am for thee! For quite some time it has been on my to do list when we go home to visit a Niagara vineyard, sadly we just haven't gotten there at the right time of year for awhile. 

Take that Maine, I believe we rule the world of Maple Syrup! Basketball, the snow blower (naturally), the snowmobile (naturally), The Avro Arrow, the light bulb, Anne of Green Gables.. do I even need to go on? Yahtzee!! 

I miss milk in a bag! American's totally don't get it but I once lived in a world that didn't have little crusty pieces of milk on the container because it wasn't a container it was a bag.. genius! I don't drink milk anyways but its just the principle! 

My childhood was that of a typical Canadian, I grew up on Toronto so we got winter that lasted forever.. however when you're a kid it doesn't seem all that bad. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are playing outside with my Dad in the snow, or sitting by the wood stove making crafts. You pretty much had to bet that whatever you were going to be for Halloween you had to buy the costume a size bigger because likely you would have to wear it over your snow suit. You were most likely addicted to Tim Hortons at a very young age and your car would generally have a cup holder dedicated strictly to change for coffee. Its pronounced ZED not ZEE.. get over it! I don't know if its just American's or what but Canadians invented Smarties and they are not in a little plastic rolls.. THOSE ARE ROCKETS! 

This one cracks me up. Maybe its because I am from Toronto but I have never really understood the whole, people from Ontario think they are the center of the universe. I remember the first time we lived in Saskatchewan being treated badly by people who saw my Ontario license plate and being absolutely horrified, they didn't even know me. I'm from a city, I am use to city conveniences and I like it.. that doesn't make me a bad person. I bet if you grew up in a city and that was all you knew you would feel the same way! I suppose not all Canadians are nice!

Speaking of being nice, Canadians are definitely some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I mean I now live in the south and so I am a little bias because southerners would give you the shirt off their back, I think you would be hard pressed not to find Canadian that would do the same. Growing up in that environment was amazing, but it kind of makes it hard to realize and accept not everyone is like that.. people don't always use their manners and hold doors, etc. Canadians... the friendliest of the friendly. 

But seriously. 

Now like I said, I grew up in Toronto so I went to Blue Jay & Argonauts games growing up, I love Swiss Chalet and ketchup chips! The Skydome will always be the Skydome, I will forever refuse to call it "The Rogers Center", I've been to Wonderland countless times although I don't go on rides, Nathan Phillips Square and Toronto's own version of Time Square, Young & Dundas Square! 

Here are some pictures from my neck of the woods. 

The Marilyn Monroe buildings across from Square One. 

Sam the Record Man on Young Street!

Oh how I miss reading the Toronto Newspapers.


I'm not going to lie I miss the city lights, its probably one of the things I miss the most. 

This post was probably mostly rambling.. tidbits of information that remind me of home but on days like today that's what I think of. All the things I miss about home, that reminds me of home.. because I'm not there, and really its not my home anymore but big piece of my heart will always be in Canada, without a doubt.

So for all of you not working this fine Tuesday because you have a country totally worth celebrating, have a beer for me! Make the most of it, enjoy the fireworks and be thankful you live somewhere so amazing! 

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