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Nail Polish

Good Saturday Morning,

Who would have thought I could even make it here on a weekend? NOT ME!! I have been trying really hard to plan posts and if possible write them the day before when I have time and then just post them the next morning. Its a little harder to manage on weekends but so far writing in the day during the week has been working out great.

Today I thought I would pop in and talk about nail polish, kind of random I suppose but none the less worth mentioning as I think in some way, shape or form we can all relate or at least have an opinion! The women that is.

I will start off by saying I only wear nail polish on my toes, for years I have tried getting manicures and even painting my own finger nails (which I am not good at) and I just hate it. It makes my hands feel dirty, my fingers feel heavy, it never lasts more then a day.. if that. I gave up on it a long time ago, its a waste of time and money because I know I don't like it so why bother!

Honestly I never use to wear polish no my toes either, I absolutely hated feet and odds were you didn't even know what my feet looked like because I ALWAYS had socks on. Thankfully I turned that around and now have a love for pedicures! Naturally I love to go and get them but I also like to do them myself!

I don't have many do's and don'ts when it comes to nail polish as I am by no means an expert.. except, I hate blue nail polish. I'm sorry but its true, I don't know why but I have always despised blue nail polish! You will never catch me wearing it.. ever, I (shoot me, I'm sorry) don't think it looks good on anyone really.. its just not my thing.

I do have a problem with the price of nail polish honestly! I suppose it ranges anywhere for $1.00 to $10.00 and latter being absolutely ridiculous! I would like to say that although some bottles are $10.00 they last forever because who has ever finished a bottle of nail polish (has anyone ever done this? and if so who are you?) but it still seems a little outrageous! I mean $10.00 for that itty bitty bottle?

I will tell you what I have learned and someone who is a nail polish expert/ hoarder may disagree but I honestly don't think it matters how much you spend on nail polish as long as you have a good top coat!

I use the OPI top coat, I got a little one in my Birch Box once and I absolutely love it! I can say without a doubt that when I use it my nail polish will not chip and can last weeks without any issues. When I wear it for weeks I still notice its harder to get off with regular nail polish remover. 

I have a variety of nail polishes that vary in price and therefore I am sure quality but as long as I use the top coat I truthfully don't notice a difference. Keep that in mind next time you want to shell out $10.00 for a bottle of nail polish! 

Having said that I won't lie, I like the expensive nail polish (go figure) because I truly do think they have the best colors. I have a few favorites and a few I am crushing on and so I thought today I would share those with you as well. 

One of my all time favorites right now is OPI Cajun Shrimp. 

I don't really wear a variety of colors, mostly reds, pinks and things like that! I really like bright colors for the summer and awhile ago when I was at home I came across this one and fell in love! I bought mine HERE at Ulta for $9.50 but I know they can run a little more expensive! This is a color I would use all year round but its fabulous for summer. I am happy with two coats and a top coat! 

OPI - Elephantastic Pink

This is another OPI color that I really loved in the store and although I love it when its on it really does take some effort to get the look you see above. Sadly this color seems to take multiple coats to get it opaque and without streaking, I'm not really sure why that is. This is another fantastic color for summer although sadly I can't find a link for you to purchase it! Maybe that's a sign, should we move on?

Nicole by OPI - Razzle Dazzler

This one has a little bit of a story behind it. I do like black nail polish, I don't think it looks gothic or anything on your feet in fact I think its great for fall and winter! It reflects my mood when winter rolls around! Anyways I must have said something because this bad boy (literally) appeared in my stocking one year at Christmas and boy was Jason proud of himself. He not only did good with the nail polish color he was thrilled that my name was on the bottle! WINNING! Honestly I love it, this is definitely one of my favorite nail polishes I own!

This guy is an OPI product but a heck of a lot cheaper! You can buy it HERE at Ulta for $1.99. Score!

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant - Wine to Five

I think this might be my all time favorite fall nail polish cover! I don't know what color you would call it exactly but to describe it exactly as they do, wine colored. I am really impressed with the Cover Girl nail polishes not by surprise or anything but this is the first one that I have tried and I felt the price was extremely reasonable! I found it HERE on the Cover Girl website for $5.49 but I do believe I bought mine at Target. The above link will also allow you to peruse the plethora of colors they offer. I truly do not believe you would be disappointed with this purchase!

Onto colors I would love to own, shall we?

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant - My Papaya

To me this color seems very much of a coral and I don't have any in that shade and therefore I want to try it. I don't care much for the idea of something light in the skin tone color family but I believe this has the perfect amount of pink and orange to set it off. I like things that are bright but not tacky and I think this would totally fit the bill, plus its not outrageously price. Check it out HERE on the Cover Girl website!

OPI - Lincoln Park after Dark

I have been swooning over this color for too long! Its not a tacky purple but its not black either which I like! Again I am leaning int fall shades with the season approaching as I feel I currently have my fill of summer colors anyways! I will be buying this color VERY soon because I feel like my life is not complete without it, sadly there is a chance that I might be getting my hopes up for nothing and it may suck.. but I don't think so! Lauren over at the Lauren Elizabeth has talked about loving it and lets be honest, how often do we disagree with her? They have it HERE at Ulta and I am going to bed its the same price at Target!

OPI - Do you Lilac it?

This would be a little out of my comfort zone in regards to colors but I really have fallen in love with it. I LOVE LOVE lilacs, the color is so simple and gorgeous! Although I am not a huge fan of purples I do believe this is soft enough to not be tacky. Agree? If you do buy it HERE for $9.50. 

Essie - Haute in the Heat

This is so my color! Jason makes fun of me every time I go for a pedicure because he says I always get the same colors, he may not be wrong about this! While Tanya and I were at Target on Wednesday I saw this baby and she was callin' my name!! I somehow think this may appear in my basket next time I am there, who knows though.. that's just a prediction! They are $8.49 at my local Target and you can purchase them online HERE for the same price!

So that is my scoop on nail polishes, I do not branch out from my comfort zone very often and I am by no means an expert of any sort so this is just my take on things! I experiment with color most often while I am getting a pedicure because if I hate it I still got a foot rub out of the deal and know not to buy it! Nail polish truly lasts forever therefore I don't see it necessary to own 6000 but if you have 6000 I am up to share? 

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, its suppose to be nice out... have a beer! 

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