Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America!!

Happy 4th of July y'all!

We arrived in Raleigh yesterday morning around 10:00am and let me tell you I couldn't be happier to be here! The house is fine, the grass needs to be cut but we expected that! We spent our whole day yesterday touring around and getting all the things we needed for our time here and what we plan to accomplish! We ended up getting a new patio table as well and that was just a bonus.

Prior to leaving we were concerned about how Hurricane Arthur may have effected our drive and time here but I have to tell you, we caught a little bit of rain heading out of New Jersey around 3am and then we had a little bit of rain on and off throughout the day yesterday but that was it.

I'm not exactly sure what took place here in Raleigh over night because we went to bed super early but I will tell you that we woke up to sunny sky's all over the state! It seems from the news that thankfully Arthur left North Carolina in tact and is working its way up the coast with a ton of rain. I checked the weather this morning in Jersey City and not only because they are due to get a ton of rain today.. I am glad I am not there.

As I'm sure you know I am over the freakin' moon to be home. I spent a lot of yesterday trying not to cry when thinking about leaving. There is a part of me that thinks coming back here was a bad idea because I already know I am going to be a mess leaving. This is where my heart it, where I want to be and plain and simple I freakin' hate New Jersey. But I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it Monday.

Sadly I am super sick, I woke up this morning much worse than I was yesterday and I can barely speak at all. I swear I don't know what is going on.. who gets sick in the summer? I got a lot of sleep last night, more than I have since we left I swear so I am going to mosey on over to Target and look for something a little bit stronger to take.. plus spend the day there (but really).

So that's our scoop, I am going to get dressed and head out for awhile and Jason has a few things he wants to do around here. Jason got a lobster for his dinner tonight, although he almost had a stroke paying $15 a pound for the ugly little bugger! We are planning on heading downtown around 6pm to scope out House of Swank (I came across them on Instagram awhile ago, its all NC swag and I now much see it) and then we are going to stay put for fireworks at 9:30pm. I might need a nap before then because I feel like hell but we are going to make it happen!

I hope you are all either celebrating the 4th today in the biggest and best way possible or getting ready for your weekend!!


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