Friday, July 18, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

Happy Friday Y'all!

I have meant to post more this week and it has gotten away from me, I need to start just writing posts and then scheduling them to be posted so I don't seem to be slacking so bad.. haha but I say that now. Honestly its summer and I am out during the day and then Jason is home early and we have dinner and usually get out for a walk or whatever in the evening.. last night we did just that and didn't get home until after 9:00pm and at that point I want to get Jason's lunch stuff ready for the next day, have a shower and go to bed. I'm not a morning person and getting up early makes me want to go to bed early.

Anyways this weekend we are headed to Long Island for the weekend, Jason worked with Chris in New York and I got to know his fiance Samantha in Alaska.. they live on Long Island and had invited us out for the July 4th weekend but we had already made the plan to head home so Chris invited us for this weekend. I really looking forward to it, the weather is suppose to be fantastic and as far as I'm told we will spend most of the weekend out on the boat and eating yummy food, I think its going to be fabulous! Besides I love a change of scenery at any point in time!

So I have to get ready for my day, we are actually leaving tonight and I have some running around and stuff to do before Jason gets home, hence my early rising! I truly think a picture is worth a thousand words... so here is 20 of them telling you whats been going on in my part of the world lately!

I burnt my arm last week and believe it or not it looks worse then this now.. its disgusting! Burns are gross and last forever!

Miss Ava, I am quite smitten with her truth be told! She is such a little doll. She is just learning to walk and constantly bobbing around like a drunken sailor, I love it!

Jason's breakfast last Sunday.. enough said. 

Wednesday morning this week was a bit chilly, we headed down to Hoboken for a walk where they have an island built out of the boardwalk to represent the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, its pretty cool!

The kids found a little sand pit with a water table and were in love!

Ava included, this was the time of her life!

Lily & Ava

Yesterday this brazen little bugger introduced himself!

He wanted in whether I liked it or not. 

Last night we headed out around 7:30pm for a walk.. it was gorgeous out!

That big cement thing at the end of the pier is the right above the Holland Tunnel, we walk over it every time on the way to Hoboken.

The clock tower to the left is part of the Hoboken train station.

The night was great, we stayed out for quite some time, we are really taking advantage of all the nice weather we can although Jason is completely over summer! I know.. he's nuts! Jason is more of a cold climate person and with living in the south, being in Peru and then summer starting he has had enough! 

Well I'm off to get ready and meet Mel and Myles for an early outing and then I will get back here and do what I need to do! I am taking my actual camera this weekend so hopefully I will have some good pictures for you all. Also stay tuned for the great burrito debate as Lindsey and I went to Chipotle this weekend and it was my first experience!

Check out this bad boy! I am seriously addicted to burritos!

Alright, I'm really outta here! Have a fantastic weekend!!! 

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