Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Week in Pictures

Good Sunday Afternoon,

I can't say this is my week entirely but its tids & bits from my week! I didn't have anything planned for today but we are getting some really crumby weather around these parts so I thought why not continue my blogging streak and stop by and share some pictures.

Sadly our weekend had kind of been a bust, its been SUPER humid and rained off and on. Today they are calling for thunderstorms and its so unbearably humid out there I would be shocked if we didn't get one.. which I would love because there is nothing better then a good storm! I foresee my day including the start of The Fault in our Stars, I have been dying to read this book forever and am obviously way behind in the times just starting it now.. but I am fine with that. I think an afternoon coffee may be needed as well.

The other night we made our weekly trip to the grocery store, which I obviously HATE but when we got out of the grocery store on the way home the sunset was absolutely gorgeous it really reminded me of home. I will say that we are fortunate to get beautiful sunsets here, especially over the water and from I hear from Mel beautiful sunrises.. those however I don't mind missing!

Friday Mel, Lindsey all the kiddos and I went into Hoboken for kiddie haircuts and then walked back. It was really warm out but I really love the walk along Washington Street in Hoboken and then along the boardwalk back to the apartment and it was really a gorgeous day. 

On the way back we made a stop at a park in Newport and Ava was sleeping so her and I tucked away in the shade while everyone else played. She woke up while we were sitting there and let me tell you how much I love post nap times with little ones. I wondered would she be unsure of her surroundings and anxious for her Mama but she came out and cuddled with me before doing inventory on my purse and then taking selfies. This girl, I tell ya.. she warms my heart!

Selfies are so much fun, grabbing for the phone is too!

As I mentioned the weekend has kind of been a busy, with the crap weather we really haven't been doing much. Yesterday afternoon we made our way over to the grocery store (for someone who hates that place I seem to go there a lot right?) and got a few things for dinner and a Dunkin Donuts coffee! We got home and hung out for awhile and then all the sudden we heard this strange noise.. said strange noise turned out to be the fire alarm... fabulous! Turns out there was actually a small fire of sorts I guess! 

When this guy first turned on this hydrant the water was like chocolate milk.. DISGUSTING!

The worst part about this whole fire thing was we were in the middle of cooking dinner and were starving! Jason's pizza was basically finished but I had yet to start mine and was not happy about having to wait!

Clearly Jason was ravenous when we came in and his pizza took the brunt of it!

My pizza was fantastic!! We have been buying this artisan pizza crusts at BJ's and they are more then big enough for a personal size pizza. I like this idea because one it cooks really quickly, two you get to choose what you want on it because Jason and I would definitely put different things on and three its a nice change for dinner besides ordering pizza.. and let me tell you I love pizza. 

So that's really our scoop, I was hoping to go to Target or something today just to get out of the house but I didn't get a very encouraging response when I talked to Jason about it so I don't plan on getting dressed today if I am not leaving to go anywhere. 

I hope you are all having a great weekend, I have high hopes the weather will be better this week and I have more blog posts planned!! 

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