Monday, July 28, 2014

Products I'm Crushing On.. 01

Good Afternoon!

After a boring weekend due to crumby weather I really wanted to stop by and chit chat about something exciting! I gave it a lot of thought and truthfully what could be more exciting then NEW PRODUCTS! I have an ongoing list on my cell phone notepad of all the products I feel are a must try, that list is about 1000 items long... I kid you not! So today I thought I would stop by and share a few with you that I feel may soon enter my cabinet of goods (literally I have a cabinet in my bedroom full of goods, and a basket in my closet.. and some things that have made their way under the bathroom sink... basically I have shit everywhere!).

So where shall we start...

Bobbi Brown Long Lasting Eye Shadow - Sunlight Gold

This product is available in a pot I believe and in the form of a crayon like pen! I feel like the color is so warm and cozy and in my experience with my skin tone and eye color these types or warm colors work really well. I have fallen in love with cream shadows, they seem to be longer lasting and thus far in my experimenting I have been lucky that I haven't encountered one that creases. Cream shadows also work extremely well as a base color that you can use with a powder shadow over top that works to set it. I have been swooning over this perfect champagne color for quite some time, it has been easier to avoid on account that we don't have a Bobbi Brown here but we do have a Sephora. I really love Bobbi Brown products, their under eye concealer is a life saver! 

If you are interested in checking out this product you can view it on the Bobbi Brown website HERE, it runs you about $28.00 which is pricey for eye shadow but like anything else you get what you pay for! 

Lime Crime Lipstick - Coquette

Who doesn't need the perfect nude lipstick? I would have thought originally that nudes would make me look extremely washed out because of my skin tone but I was completely wrong. Not only do I love to rock a nude lip but when I find a lipstick that I love but might be a shade too dark, a swipe of a nude lipstick over it can be a perfect way to balance it out. As I have mentioned before I watch a lot of beauty vlogs and this lipstick is raved about! This is an opaque lipstick which not all nudes are and with fall coming up I feel like a warm color would be great. 

Lime Crime is not overly advertised from what I can see but having heard such great things about the products I really don't think I would be disappointed with this product! You can order online HERE for $18.00, and peruse the other colors they offer and I also believe you can purchase their products at certain Sephora locations. 

Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator

I have extremely sensitive skin and therefore choose an exfoliator that works can be a tough task! I use Lush's Mask of Magnaminty which technically isn't an exfoliator but works as such if when removing it you use a warm wash cloth and massage your skin with it. Exfoliating is important but finding a good one can be a challenge for anyone. I have heard rave reviews about this beauty and let me tell you I swoon over most of their products on account that they smell FANTASTIC! This has been highly recommended for sensitive skin as it is that of a light exfoliator. With a change of season around the corner (really its almost August, wtf?) it is that much more important to spend a little extra time on your skin because if it is anything like mine a change in weather can make it act out! 

You can purchase this product HERE at Sephora for $35.00 which yes is quite pricey! I swear I never know if these products are truly worth the money we spend but the fact that everyone raves about it makes me believe there must be something to it! If you have it or have tried it, please let me know!

Lorac - Unzipped Eye Shadow Palette 

So here's the thing, palettes are expensive and most likely you don't like all the colors and therefore won't use them! I am generally not much for sparkly eye shadows but in all of my beauty vlogger watching I have seem some really amazing looks done with this palette. I only wear warm earth tone colors on my eyes because that is what works best with my skin tone, you will never see me with blue eye shadow or anything of the sort, it just isn't me. I have been swooning over the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay for a long time but didn't want to spend the money and this is a really great alternative. 

I don't own a palette at all and I feel like its time I get with the times and I feel like this is the one to get. This guy is going to run you $40.00 on the Lorac website HERE and I do believe it is in select Sephora locations. 

Fresh - Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex

This is my current must have! People say often that you can never start too young with anti aging cream and let me tell you I agree with this! Right now whenever anyone talks about face cream this is the beauty they rave about and naturally that leaves me feeling its a must have! I have read so many reviews and watched so many videos on this I honestly cant wait to try it. Here's the thing, believe it or not I am a little cheap.. a little and spending $42.00 on this little jar makes me a little anxious! I have been assured that it truly lasts forever and let me just say, I should hope so! 

I am currently finishing up my current face cream and I do believe this will be next on my list! Once I find something I like I usually stick with it but I swear sometimes I cant help but wonder if there is something better out there. If there is, I am convinced this is it and it will change my life! Notice how I did that? Made it irresistible to make it easier to spend the money!

If you haven't already tried this bad boy then you can purchase at your local Sephora or HERE online. 

KMS California - Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

Who doesn't want something that is going to cut down your blow dry time? I DO! Honestly I have a lot of crazy, wild, curly hair and although I will admit I have a crappy blow dryer to dry my hair completely after getting out of the shower it takes me a good hair hour! That's without straightening it, products, make up or anything else! And you wonder why I don't wash my hair every single day? Anything that will speed that up is a hit in my book! 

I have looked at a million products like this and none really get fantastic reviews, but let me tell you when I heard KMS California had an option I knew it would be aces! I use their Anti Humidity Seal Spray and I swear by it, their products are extremely reasonably priced compared to how much some people pay for products and best of all they actually do what they say they are suppose to! WINNING! 

My trip to Ulta will have this babe in my bag! If you don't have an Utla near you.. well then I am sad for you, but I suppose you could order it online HERE as well for $19.99. DO IT!

So that's a peak into my must have product list, if you have products you are swooning about please do tell, I love to try new things! I think I will make this a regular post here on the blog because truth be told I crush on A LOT more products then I actually buy! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday, the weather seems to finally be looking up around here so I am going to go and take advantage!

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