Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Book Review: The Sins of the Mother

Good Morning,

I did it, last night I finally finished the book I have been talking about! As I have previously mentioned I am a book junkie, there isn't much that I wont read and truthfully enjoy a variety of genres. Sadly New Jersey doesn't seem to be as big of a fan of books as I seeings how they don't seem to have any book stores, therefore my Nook is coming in handy lately.

I go through reading phases, sometimes I read a ton and sometimes I wont pick up a book for awhile. Generally when I get into a groove though I will go through multiple books over a short period of time! I often like fluff reads if I am going through multiple books at a time, I get so into them that most often I will finish them in a day therefore I like it to be a light read.

I have always read Danielle Steele and being so familiar with her books I always enjoy them and fly right through them hoping another one is waiting. Recently when I was flipping through my Nook library I came across The Sins of the Mother (you can check out the synopsis from Goodreads HERE) and I wasn't sure if I had read it or not as I usually clean up my library after I am done reading the books.

As I said I always enjoy Danielle Steele books, I can count on one hand the number of her books that I didn't like. This book definitely did not make that list, I really enjoyed it. I love a book with a good story line and tales that continuously keep you interested.

The book had an excellent story based on a successful business woman and her life as both a business tycoon and mother. Each character in the book seemed to have a distinguished and interesting story lines that all took a turn in the middle of book that kept you intrigued and eager to read on. I will say Danielle Steele has a knack for doing that with her characters in all her books. I appreciate that she also leaves you believing that more than one outcome is possible and likely expected therefore the ending leaves you surprised and throughout you were never feeling like you know what was to come. 

This was an excellent book, I would definitely recommend it and thankfully before I could finish it today my Momma sent me her newest one and I cannot wait to start reading it! There are definitely benefits to these Ereaders as you don't have to wait for someone to finish a book and give it to you, you can all read along at once! I plan to start that baby tonight or tomorrow. 

***Disclaimer: I wrote this last night while trying to help Jason with out warranty survey for our house, therefore I think now rereading this it kind of sucks and sadly I am not going to rewrite it because I didn't get much sleep last night and I don't want to. I will do better next time, I promise!***

Now I will tell you quickly that last night Jason and I went for a walk to see the fireworks show they were putting on at Ellis Island and as we were walking along the beautiful boardwalk on an unusually hot and humid summer night out comes a HUGE RAT!!! I'm not even kidding you, I had a minor heart attack! At first I thought it was an over sized chipmunk or something, I refused to believe what I was seeing. We lived in New York City for a year and I saw less than a handful of rats and ALWAYS on the subway tracks.. what the hell was this thing doing ON THE BOARDWALK? It seriously ran out and was looking for somewhere to go because there were people everywhere (and somehow I was the only one losing my shit!). I think birds are so dirty, you can imagine what I think of rats.. ugh! The whole rest of our outing I was so on edge waiting for one of those little buggers to run out and bite me or something. 

On a good note though the fireworks were good, naturally Jason loved every second of it. I did not take my phone and therefore no pictures, but I figured y'all have had enough of fireworks pictures in the last month!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Happy hump day!!

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