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Products I Love - July 2014

Well I survived grocery shopping last night and therefore here I am, it was a close one I'm not going to lie but I made it and therefore I am here today to give update y'all on some products I am currently loving!

I wish I could say this was a regular monthly post but sadly its not, with my Birch Box subscription having expired and sadly not renewed I am not longer getting a ton of little products to try and haven't purchased all that many. As I have mentioned previously new products aren't cheap and although someone may recommend something and love it, it may not work for someone else. Everyone's hair and skin are different so I am anxious about buying things and spending the money not knowing if they will work and not wanting them to go to waste. Besides, have I mentioned how expensive the North is? I mean its kind of outrageous!

So these are the products I am currently loving and I really want to share them with you in hopes that you will love them too!!

EOS Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom. 

I am a pretty big fan of hand lotion and for some reason my eczema has been pretty bad on my hands lately so I am always looking for a none greasy lotion to have on hand. As I really love the EOS medicated lip balm (in tangerine) while at Bed Bath & Beyond one day I decided to pick up this baby and give it a whirl. I am pretty in love with it, this little beauty resides on my night table and every night after I finish my business on my phone I lather up my hands and arms before going to sleep! I will say that the small is intoxicating and fresh and the lotion is creamy and smooth but not in the least bit greasy... all of these requirements for a top notch lotion!

As I mentioned I got this in the travel products section at Bed Bath & Beyond (if you're wondering why your Bed Bath & Beyond doesn't have an extravagant section of travel/ sample sized products its a great question, mine at home doesn't either and its sad because its freakin' fabulous!). Although that is where I got mine I see them everywhere and they are $1.99 which is next to nothing. I know its a small size but its perfect for your nightstand, purse, diaper bag, etc. I highly recommend this lotion for nurses who are constantly hand washing and using hand sanitizer which will dry you out.. or if you're just like me and hate germs and therefore you wash your hands constantly and you hand sanitizer religiously! This will keep you moisturized and smelling fantastic!

CHI 44 Iron Guard - Thermal Protection Spray

I have been pretty loyal to my heat protector from the Regis Salon for years, it smells tropical and works great so why change something that works right? Well when you run out and don't have a place to get it, you try something new whether you want to or not! So I took to the high end hair product section in Target and opened every option... I had to smell it, then made the decision to read the back from there. Well let me tell you what, as soon as I opened this baby I didn't care what the back said it was a keeper! 

This stuff smells like those amazing products they use in the salons, when I spray my hair and then flat iron it I can still smell it all day! Its better then having been to the salon! It doesn't leave my hair greasy or decrease the length of time I can go without washing my hair (I have a dry scalp and in combination with hard water I try and go as long as I can). I find that although I use my flat iron and blow dryer a decent amount my hair is still extremely healthy and I truly believe that is due to a combination of a great conditioner and a good heat protector. 

This stuff is a little pricey, apparently you can buy it HERE at Target for $14.99 (must be a southern Target that came up because I paid $18.00 for mine). Hair products are one thing that I will shell out a decent amount of money for because I have a lot of it and anything that will help me maintain it is worth the money as far as I am concerned. Not to mention I feel like my hair products generally last me a great deal of time and therefore I can justify it as I am getting my money worth. If I had to purchase this every week I may look for a cheaper option, but most likely I would give up a Starbucks coffee a week and call it even! 

If you use a lot of heat on your locks, check this out! 

Philosophy Love swept Perfume

I have been swooning over this since it came out, but at the time I still had perfume left and unfortunately I am just not the person that has more than one perfume at a time, sadly. Either way at the time I had been using Dolce & Gabana's Light Blue for years and was looking for a change. Because I have been loving the Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Face Cleanser when Philosophy came out with this perfume I was really excited to try it. On one of my usual trips to Ulta I happened to try it out and fell completely in love! 

I am really into fresh scents and this one is perfection! It is very summery and I love a scent that is long lasting and this one definitely fits the bill. I honestly can't say enough good things about it, and its a reasonable price I think! I purchased mine HERE at Ulta for $46.00, perfume can be pricey so I feel this is totally reasonable and of course pretty long lasting as not much is needed to smell great all day! It is my intention to splurge and purchase the shower gel, because why not right?

Next time you are at your local Ulta or Sephora, just try it out.. it might not be for you but it just might!

The Healthy Deodorant - Fresh Vanilla Lemon

OK guys, this is my new favorite of all the products I am currently loving! In case you didn't know, I absolutely HATE deodorant. First of all most of the drug store brands are full of crappy ingredients.. not good! I don't like the way that any of them smell that's for sure and when you get sweaty they smell worse and I hate that even more! For years I have only used Dove the powder fresh scent only because its the only one that I can find tolerable. Over the years I have tried a ton and I just really hated them all so I stuck with the best of the worst and called it even. 

Until... Do any of you follow Jacyln Hill? She is a beauty Blogger/Vlogger, you can check out her blog by clicking on her name above and from there you can view her Youtube channel viewing her plethora of videos. Well I was checking out one of her monthly favorites video and she mentioned the healthy deodorant and I was intrigued! She agreed that she wasn't a huge fan of deodorants and this is one that she couldn't live without and would never use another, so obviously I had to try it!

I made my way over to Sephora the day after we returned from Raleigh because I accidentally forgot my deodorant at home, seriously I didn't mean to. I wasn't too keen on spending $14.00 on a deodorant but honestly desperate times call for desperate measures! This summer has been somewhat of a scorcher, especially with all the humidity and so deodorant is important, especially this one! 

So I tried this baby out and may I say.. HALLELUJAH!!!!! This stuff is AMAZING! It goes on smoothly, it smells fantastic all day. It doesn't feel like its clogging your pores, nor does it get all over your clothes. I spend the day feeling fresh, clean and smelling great! I honestly cant say enough good things about this deodorant it is absolutely fantastic!

If you are in the need for a new deodorant, head on over to Sephora and check out all the different scents they offer in this amazing product, click HERE if you would like to take a peak now because you just cant contain your excitement! 

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep - Lavender Vanilla Body Cream

Surprise surprise right? I am all about the body creams!! You know that I couldn't be more in love with the stress relief body cream in eucalyptus spearmint and I purchase it all the time, but when it went on sale for $5.00 each I decided I might as well try another kind, insert the sleep body cream! 

Again I will pretty much chew my cabbage twice (odd expression that one is) and tell y'all the same things I love about the stress body cream! Its thick and luxurious but not at all greasy! As I have said before its very rare that I will absolutely LOVE something and stick with it going through bottles and bottles but this one is it! I go through one every couple of weeks (which hurts when they are regularly $13.00 a bottle) and I cannot live without it! I lather myself in it every single day after the shower! I love to have a shower and coat my feet in it and wear socks until I go to bed! The smell is too die for with this cream as well and so aromatic! 

If you are looking for a lotion that is super moisturizing this baby is calling your name! Naturally the smell is suppose to be soothing and put you to sleep but I use them all the time! Although its not a small size I often have one in my purse, I like to be prepared!

Have I convinced you? If so hop on over to Bath and Body Works RIGHT NOW because all the body creams are on sale for $8.00! It's also only $1.00 for shipping on any orders $25.00 and up! You're welcome!!

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy - Intense Hydration/ Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask

Well that was a mouthful! 

As I mentioned before I have an extremely dry scalp and hair sometimes, I find it happens when I am dealing with hard water or when I change locations and the water is different. Once I get use to it I just use a really good conditioner and I seem to be all set but New Jersey water (like many other things here) is freakin' terrible! If I let it go and don't jump on the dry scalp thing right away my head will start to bleed, I kid you not! 

When we arrived here I knew that I would need to get something but wasn't looking to change out my regular conditioner because I really like how it makes my actual hair feel on a daily basis so I thought it might be a good idea to look into a hair mask because I have never tried them but heard good things. I didn't make it over to Sephora to look around because I can be forgetful so I wrote it on a grocery list and when we were at Target one night I started my search. 

As I said I don't really like to spend a fortune on something I am not sure works! Why go out and spend $35.00 on a product and it makes your hair break off and you'll never use it again. I have only heard one or two recommendations so I just thought I would give something a try. I grabbed this at Target one night for $4.99 and absolutely love it. I found that it made a noticeable difference after one use which is always a bonus and as long as I use it once weekly I have been super happy with its results. The product itself smells great, its thick and creamy but does not leave any residue on your scalp or in your hair. Not only did it clear up my dry scalp but it left my hair silkly soft! 

I'm sure there are other fantastic masks out there that I haven't tried but for picking something up for $4.99 and never having tried it before I am very happy with it! Check it out HERE at Target if you are interested!

Method Hand Soap - Waterfall 

The germaphobe in me is dying to tell you guys about this hand soap! We are usually a soft soap family on account that Jason likes the fish on the front of the bottle, I kid.. kind of. Regardless we usually buy Soft Soap and there is nothing wrong with it but I was really looking for something else. I like the scent variety with Soft Soap and all that jazz but my main concern is the germ killing power! 

Last time we were at Target I fought Jason on our usual bathroom soap (I use Dial antibacterial in the kitchen, I have quirks ok.. let it go) and finally got him to agree to try Method. I naturally opened a bunch and smelled them before deciding that waterfall was the way we were going to go. They as well have a huge scent variety but for the options we had at the time this was the one I wanted to try. 

I truly feel like you get a little more bang for your buck with this baby, you get more then you would with Soft Soap and I feel like when I use it (same amount) I walk away with my hands feeling cleaner yet still hydrated and that right there is what sold me. We go through a lot of hand soap around here and I would like to know the one I am using is doing the job I want and this one definitely is! 

Try it guys, its awesome and you can get it at any grocery store or Target!

So that's my favorites for right now, I think I am going to follow this post (maybe not this weekend) with products I'm swooning over right now, if you've tried them you can let me know what you think of them so I don't go around wasting my money! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, we don't have a lot of plans so we'll probably just hang around the apartment, maybe have dinner out on Saturday and Sunday they are calling for rain so I think we are making BURRITOS! HAPPY DANCE!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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