Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Great Burrito Debate

Hello All,

Good lord is it HOT out today!!!! You know I love the heat but today I went out to meet everyone outside and I was literally dripping sweat.. attractive I know! It was literally intolerable out there today, the humidity is WICKED! When we parted ways at the park and I had to force myself to go to the grocery store.. I swear if I could avoid that place I would at any cost and when I got there I remembered why!

I hate grocery shopping, always have sadly its just not my cup of tea. I hate that its always freezing cold in there and most often I feel like I am in everyone's way, having said that since we have gotten here I feel like everyone is in my way and who would have thought that was way worse. Today I had an altercation if you want to call it that because I'm pretty sure this gentlemen had absolutely no idea what I was saying. I made my way through the grocery store, got to the cash and put my items on the conveyor belt thing. Well as I am waiting to pay some older man comes up behind me, places his reusable bag full of groceries on mine and is less then a foot away from me yelling over me to his friend on the other side. First of all, need we review personal space and breath mints? Second of all how rude to put your things on mine, and yell in my ear. He wasn't reading my evil looks apparently so I had to tell him to back the hell up and stop yelling in my ear.. GOOD LORD! Who does that? I kept my hands to myself, I consider this a personal victory.

Anyways my time at the store and outside were over for the day, or until tonight when we make our way towards Ellis Island to watch fireworks. You know how Jason feels about fireworks so he looked up where he could see some next and we are heading over there tonight for 9:15pm. Thankfully its close enough that we can walk down the boardwalk and should be able to see them, Jason is so looking forward to it.

I really wanted to come by today and chit chat about burritos, random? negative. I absolutely LOVE burritos! I have always had a thing for them but going to Peru and eating at the Burrito Bar turned my life upside down, since then I have been on a mission to find one that is comparable and enjoying all the tasting along the way.

In the blog world everyone raves about Chipotle.. and as I just went to the website to link it to y'all I am finding out they have margaritas? I know I've only been once but how did I not know this? I think this post may have just taken a turn. Give me a minute here.

How true is that pretty little banner??

OK I've gotten it together! See that about.. amazing right? Well last weekend Lindsey and I were walking around Hoboken with the girls and I mentioned to her that they had a Chipotle and just as I said it we came around the corner there it was.. so we had to stop. Lindsey knowing what is good for her was all for it and in we went!! 

My order went something like this.. Burrito (because although y'all are all about the burrito bowls, I just cant do it.. I'm loyal and all. Anyways I got the carintas (pork), cilantro lime rice, black beans, mild salsa, cheese, guacamole (always splurge for the guac) and some lettuce! This is pretty much my standard burrito. Once at Moe's Jason had the chicken and it looked dry.. I stick with old faithful. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed my burrito, it was fantastic! Having said that, there is a 'But'... they don't give you chips? I mean what gives? When you go to Moe's you get free chips and they have a salsa bar with multiple options to compliment those warm chips! They give them when you stay or get it to go, and their salsa bar had to go cups for the salsa.. winning! I will say that the Chipotle margarita are a bonus but they aren't free chips!

Now shall we talk about Moe's Southwest Grill? I think so!

I'm not going to lie, I live for the homewrecker burrito! I get basically the exact same thing I mentioned above from my Chipotle order and I don't know what it is but they are just so much better! I swear its not because of the free chips, but I am definitely not complaining about those at all. I just feel like Moe's is better, the meat has better flavor, the ingredients are all fresh and beyond tasty.. it is just better! I'm sorry for all you Chipotle lovers, feel free to unfollow me now I will totally understand. If you haven't tried Moe's I will warn you, your life will never be the same, make sure you are ready for that! 

Go to Moe's get the Homewrecker burrito, eat the free chips and enjoy all the different kinds of salsa they offer. GO TO MOE'S, if I could I would be there everyday! With that said, if you have the option hit up Barranco, Peru and go to the burrito bar.. it may convince you to never leave! 

There you have it, burritos are heaven, Moe's is my happy place and man do I wish Jason shared my affinity for Mexican food.. I'm workin' on him!

I hope you are all having a great Tuesday, and a less humid one then I am! I made a chicken and rice casserole for dinner and am just hanging out this afternoon. I didn't manage to finish my book last night because my Nook died while I was in bed and I didn't know where the charger was so I didn't bother to get out of bed that late and dig through the apartment all while praying I actually brought the thing! It has officially charged though and therefore the reading may commence. 

Book review tomorrow? Good chance!

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  1. Well, what do you know?? We went to Moe's in North Carolina! I had no idea this was your dream place to eat! LOL I actually ordered the junior home wrecker which was HUGE - can't imagine how big the regular one would be! It was amazing. The guacamole just made it!! Jeff was not thrilled - he's not much for anything other than a burger or club sandwich, but he ate most of it.

  2. Ahh!!! Cathy you already went to North Carolina?? Details!!! I want to hear all about your trip!
    Moe's is absolutely FANTASTIC.. I would say its the best burrito you can get stateside! I know at home they have Burrito Boys which is pretty fantastic as well. Jason isn't a lover of burritos either but I am working on him, hes a burger guy too but he had to learn to like them due to my obsession.