Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Sickness at its Finest!

Well I don't know exactly what is going on with me but if I had to venture a guess I would say strep throat maybe. When I woke up yesterday feeling awful I made to go out and get cold medicine and a pair of shorts (they were on sale). I drank tea and honey all day yesterday, I took as much medicine as the box allowed without risk of liver damage and I went to bed early. Although I did not sleep well last night I managed to sleep this morning for awhile, I didn't even hear Jason get up and go to work which has never happened here. Having said all that I woke up feeling way worse, I don't think I have had an ear ache like this since I was a kid and whats worse is its both of my ears.

Today has consisted of tea with honey, lots of cold meds and rest. We are getting up at 2am to get on the road to go home and as much as I cant wait to blow this pop stand I am dreading the drive a little now feeling so awful. I generally don't sleep on a road trip because I feel like its unfair to Jason who drives, but this trip may be an exception.. I'm taking my pillow I know that much.

We are hoping leaving at that time we will get home by 10am and have a ton of stuff to do, or so Jason says. I just want to go to Target, by myself, for the day. Ha! But seriously. I can't wait to be at home, the idea of sleeping in our own bed tomorrow night makes me happier than happy!

So sue me but this post is going to suck because typing this has taken about all of the little energy I had. I just want to feel better for tomorrow, and just in general. Who gets sick in the summer anyways? I mean what the hell.

I will let y'all know that we made it back to the south tomorrow.. if I am not to jittery from excitement to type! We're going to be home tomorrow... best feeling ever!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy you vacation in your own home. Take photos to look at when you miss it.