Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I am really trying to get here every single day this week because I feel like its been a long time since I have done though. It was my intention to get here this afternoon and talk about some products that I am absolutely loving lately but after running errands this morning I ended up scrubbing this apartment top to bottom, getting things ready for dinner and then the day just got away from me and I don't have time as those post kind of require a bit of it, besides I can't stay long.. I need to lotion my hands desperately after submerging them in Ajax and various other cleaning products today.

Let me tell you, I hate this apartment. Our bathroom is awful.. not totally awful but to my standards awful. Mostly its just old and I feel like everything is rusting and every time I call maintenance and complain about it they just say that the water is hard here and suck it up. Well I am over that and plan to make a trip to the office tomorrow to see if I have any other options besides said sucking it up, because well... I don't do that well and I'm sick of scrubbing the bathroom.. its a disgusting job in case you weren't sure!

Last night we had a pretty wicked storm! After dinner we met Jason, Mel and Myles outside to give Jason his birthday card (the big 4-0 yesterday) and of course run around with Myles for awhile. Once we parted ways Jason and I headed to the mall because he has been looking for shorts and his inner penny pincher (sp?) has been waiting for a sale. We toured around the whole mall and he ended up getting a pair at Hollister because they are generally better quality and picked up a t-shirt while he was there. Well because the line up for the change room was a mile and a half long he just brought them home.. and of course they didn't fit! This morning I went to take them back and while returning them I was only half paying attention because I was texting Jason's Dad and when I left I realized they reimbursed me for both the shorts and the shirt.. when I only returned the shorts. I then went to Foot Locker to get the other shorts he wanted and they were buy one get one free.. how in the hell do I not get deals like this? I feel like Jason should buy a lottery ticket! I hit up Duane Reade and made my way to Morton Williams (the tolerable grocery store) before heading home!

I thought I would stop by here and share a few photos from the last few days before Jason gets home and dinner must commence. I am feeling pretty accomplished today and therefore I really needed to stop here to continue my streak!

Here are a few pictures from our week...

I so enjoy our nightly walks, its been super hot this week but we have managed to still get out every night and walk around which I love. Our view really never gets old and the water is just so peaceful which is really refreshing in the city! Although I would much rather be at home I will say that when we leave a place there is always something I miss and I think here it will be the water, I love being by the water. 

Why am men's basketball shoe? Well please, let me tell you. We have a basketball court here at the apartment and Jason is all about it! He plays often, we play (I'm not that good so I don't know if its considered playing when I go, but none the less I try) and since Jason G moved in and has basketball shoes it has just gotten real. Well last week Jason and Josh were playing and Jason sprained his ankle, it was swollen for a few days and he feels it is because his shoes don't have high enough support.. he could very well just want new shoes but I'll go with it. He said that he really needed high tops (I laughed too..) and asked me to take a look at prices yesterday while I was at the mall. Well this is the only shoe I could find that I wouldn't make considerable fun of Jason for wearing.. we went last night and he tried it on and apparently its just not a good fit. So he is going with some other colorful pair that are way more comical and my humorous side is really looking forward to the laughs I will get out of them. HA! 

Jason grilled ribs last night for dinner! We were pretty thrilled the rain had held of that long and as much as I am not crazy about ribs these turned out better then they look! It was so hot being out there, especially with the grill going... the last few days have been absolutely incredibly humid that as soon as you go outside you are dripping in sweat but man were these ribs worth it! 

Mel was gracious enough to provide Jason with a wonderful dessert of birthday cupcakes so I was off the hook on that front! All in all it was a great night that ended with a fabulous lightening show and me sleeping better then I have in a very long time! Winning!

So that's my scoop, I will be working on tomorrows blog tonight after we spend our evening at the grocery store, I will probably drink at dinner in preparation for my time there! 

Hope you're all having at fantastic Thursday, but if not tomorrow is Friday.. so at least your week is almost over! Silver lining people.. silver lining! 


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