Friday, September 27, 2013

On the Road...Yet Again!

We are back on the road again today!

My afternoon of packing went well, mostly..  As I was packing and getting things ready I opened the tote that we usually use for bedding, assuming it was empty and I could start putting the linens in it.. negative! I opened it up and found this...

Ya it was full, honestly at first I didn't even know what to do.. so I laughed. It was actually full of a bunch of my winter clothes, sweaters in particular. Four Lulu's, a couple Bench sweaters, some Abercrombie.. totally forgot I even had it.... Jason thinks this is a problem! I mean I made room for it all and everything fit in the truck and that it what is most important right? I don't need to 'purge' (Cringes) until things don't fit in the truck?

Jason got home last night with pizza for dinner and then we headed over to the post office and to return the cable stuff. That turned out to be an experience in itself.. you know I feel bad when someone is new at something and trying their best and just not accomplishing what they set out to do, but when I am in a rush and their superior is sitting in the back room doing dick all and not helping that pisses me off. This poor guy was struggling and he kept going back and asking questions which was getting him no where, and the place was full of people wanting to pay their bills and stuff including these young kids acting like morons, falling all over each other, making out, being stupid.. I hate that! So in the end we paid the bill and cancelled our service but he had no idea how to enter a U.S address and therefore I have to call the 1800 number to get shit done! On our way out I took a final picture of a beautiful SK sunset.. its the only thing I am going to miss about that place.

We got the truck pretty much completely packed last night which was great, this was probably out easiest move! Minus the fact that it was freezing out I thought things went really well. This morning we got up early and got on the move. God love Jason he went straight to Tim Hortons for coffee... PRIORITIES... while I started getting the last of things put together. We cleaned and waited.. go figure Trunchbull was late! She knew we had to be on the road so I swear she was screwing with us, Jason called her and she said she would be 5 minutes. The walk thru was seamless, it lasted all of 5 minutes and we were out of there. 

We got on the road and crossed the border into North Dakota - First and only time change of the day, 1 hour ahead of SK time, 1 hour behind east coast time. From North Portal to Minot (2 hours) we encountered an unusual amount of wide loads.. literally.. houses, silos, etc.. weird otherwise things were OK... there was a pretty big upset, for me at least. I saw a dead horse... ugh.. it hurts me to even type that.. its true though.. and there was 3 other horses standing around it, almost guarding it.. looking so horrifically sad! I could have sobbed.. I begged Jason to go back as he INSISTED it was probably sleeping.. I wish I could have believed that.. kind of ruined my day!

We made it through North Dakota and into Minnesota, In Minnesota we encountered rain and an accident that put off our time just a little but then the sun came out and it was 80 degrees and amazing!!

We considered stopping in St. Cloud, Minnesota but we felt like we could drive further so we did. We ended up in Hudson, Wisconsin and just grabbed pizza to bring back to the hotel. As I have joked before (but am very serious at the same time) Jason is a bit of a tight wad and so we decided on Little Cesar's for a hot and ready.. well he was out the door in less than two minutes and with free bread sticks.. he was a happy camper... until! 

Ya there is a catch.. there is an art show going on is Hudson and therefore EVERY hotel is booked SOLID! FUCK! Honestly at this point I was really tired, I didn't want to drive another hour or more until we found something else and truth be told driving after dark makes me nervous in regards to hitting wildlife. So we started going to every hotel and finally, THANKFULLY we found a room at the Holiday Inn Express!! 

So that is where we are now Hudson, Wisconsin! Tomorrow we are thinking we will make it to Dayton, Ohio it is looking to be a 12 hour day which I am not looking forward to, however today really didn't feel to bad! I am off to bed, the morning is going to come quickly... I just know it!

Happy Friday all!!

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