Monday, September 16, 2013

Week Two... In it to Win it!

As week two of regular season NFL is winding down I will tell you one thing, I am in it to win it! I am writing now to take my attention of the Monday night game as my nerves are getting the better of me! I need the Bengals to win for me to take the win in both pools I play in! There's been no smack talk, from me anyway which is the way I like it when I'm in the running!

Pittsburgh just scored a touch down...

This week has been productive, we are starting to tie up loose ends here although truthfully the time doesn't feel like its winding down (yes I am going to complain until we leave). We managed to decide on a coffee table and end table and actually get it ordered. I swear it was seeming like we were never going to pick something let alone get it ordered so we will actually have furniture in the house while we are there. We went with the same furniture company we ordered our bedroom set from, actually its a table I have shared with ya'll before! Check it out.

We are super happy with this decision! Now this decision was a little tougher to make as Jason is insisting on white plates as he claims he needs contrast with his ketchup? WE. ARE. NOT. GETTING. WHITE. PLATES!!!!! So he finally said he didn't care and I picked these.. WOOHOO!! I love when he gives in, which rarely happens so I'm taking full advantage! This is what I picked... it goes with out color scheme in the kitchen, its square and I love it. 

So we have that settled and my parents are so wonderful and buying us the Rachel Ray pots and pan set as a house warming gift.. WOOHOO! So I plan to order all of this stuff probably the day before we leave or the morning we are leaving because I don't want something to come before we get home. 

I went down today and talked to Trunchbull about getting our carpets cleaned, I looked in our contract and it says we have to pay $170.00 to have our carpets cleaned which I think is bullshit because only two small rooms are carpeted and our whole apartment in Alaska was carpeted and we paid $70.00. So I went down to ask her if we needed to have a professional do the carpets and provide a receipt or could we just rent a machine and do it ourselves. She said neither were an option, they do it and charge $170.00.. period. The more I thought about it I remember when we first got here and I hated this place and refused to live here and part of that was the carpets in the bedrooms were awful, she they had them cleaned... funny how shes charging people to clean their carpets and yet I have to pitch a fit before she cleaned these ones.. when it sat empty for 2 months while the company was paying for it and no one was living here. 

Jason and I have been discussing our trip home we know that we are planning to cross into North Dakota and then into Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and FINALLY North Carolina! We will leave here on Monday morning and don't plan to be back in North Carolina until Thursday afternoon! We have no real reason to rush and we love Kentucky and Tennessee so we are going to see if there is anything we want to do on our way! Jason wants to swing through some place in Tennessee and get some LEGAL moonshine, but we'll see where we end up! When we made the trip from North Carolina to Seattle we went from Raleigh to Knoxville the first night and stayed there which was great. We would like to make the drive through the mountains during the day as well so we can enjoy it! 

Tonight is our night off from the gym so Jason got home and then we headed to Walmart to just wander around! We made a quick stop for froyo on our way... they switched up their flavors and we both indulged in New York cheesecake... oh how I miss New York!! Walmart is torn apart as they are making it a Super Center so our outing didn't last long! 

I'm off to watch the game and snuggle with my honey as he has it on meat locker in here! I swear fall weather rolling around here has not been a good thing, Jason has had this apartment so super cold! However I slept marvelously last night. I don't think I have mentioned it but the last week or so my right hip has been killing me! When we lived in Saskatoon years ago I dislocated it running and suffered from pretty bad bursitis. Since then I have bouts off and on when its really painful and the last week or so its been AWFUL, seemingly worse as night so I took a painkiller they gave me for my shoulder and it completely knocks me out! I went to bed last night and was OUT! I woke up in severe pain but nothing seems as bad with a good nights sleep under your belt! 

I've got a to-do list tomorrow and blogging is definitely on it. 


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  1. I am pleased to see you went with my choice on the old coffee table. I knew I was right, I have good taste. No need to thank me.

  2. Love both your tables & the dishes! SCORE!!